tagBDSMCassy's Game Ch. 2

Cassy's Game Ch. 2


Copyright2001 Wormwood

I awoke in the morning to a dull throbbing pain in my hands that were still tied behind my back. During my sleep I must have tried to pull my hands from their restraints and tightened the ropes, cutting off circulation. The tingling was almost unbearable. I managed to look at the alarm clock next to me and saw that I had neglected to set the alarm last night and frankly, hadn't even thought of it, and now I was at the very least going to be 45 minutes late for work if I skipped my shower, did a quick shave and drove like a maniac.

The possibility of calling in sick crossed my mind but I knew I would certainly garner the wrath of my boss if I didn't give at least 2 hours notice, and that time had long since passed.

"Cassy," no answer. "Cassy please you've got to untie me, I'm late for work!"

"Hmmm", was the only response as she rolled on her other side and covered her head with her pillow.

"Come on Cassy, I'm not kidding. I'm gonna be late for work now untie me. COME ON!"

She looked at me with one sleepy eye and a scowl on her face. " Why didn't you set the alarm?"

"Cassy please untie me, I'm gonna be late for work and my hands are killing me"

Thankfully she started to untie my hands but the going was slow and I was impatient.

"Come on, come on."

"Stop struggling, you're only making this harder. The knot is so tight I can't get it undone. You must have been trying to get loose, like a bad little boy, and now it's so tight I can't get it off. Why don't you go get me a knife and I'll try to cut it off?"

My initial reaction would have led me to tell her to get the knife herself as I was tied up at the moment but my response was tempered by the events of last night and I scrambled out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

I entered the kitchen and had to turn around to open the knife drawer. As I rummaged for the knife I realized that I was totally exposed by our patio door to the view of our next door neighbor Grady as he was getting in to his car to head out for work. I didn't see him look my way but it dawned on me that I would have some explaining to do if he had seen me standing there in my red ruffled panties with my hands tied behind my back.

I dropped the knife on my way back to the bedroom and found out you can't pick something up from the floor with your hands tied behind your back, so I returned to the kitchen for another. Finally I made it back to the bedroom and urged my wife to be quick about it. This only seemed to slow her down, saying, "You don't want me to slip and cut you, do you?"

When my hands were free I pulled them in front of me and the pain shot right through me as the blood rushed into them. "Damn Cassy, I think you've fucked up my hands."

She looked at me coldly and said, "I thought you were late for work."

I went to push the panties down my legs as I headed to the bathroom for a quick shave.

"Leave those on" she said imperiously. Looking down her nose at me.

I wanted to tell her to shove it all, that she was crazy if she thought that I would take this kind of abuse. That she had no right to endanger my health, mess with my job or play with my emotions. I pulled them back on and went into the bathroom.

"What a mess." I thought to myself as I tried to navigate the razor over my weekend growth. Frankly I was commenting on the difficulty of shaving my three day beard with painfully numb hands and a razor I couldn't keep a grip on. But the general condition my fucked up life was in at the moment certainly was in the back of my mind.

I made a poor practice of removing my beard, cutting myself three times in the process and leaving many unshaved patches. As I was running out the door I asked Cassy to call my supervisor and explain that I was running late and would be in shortly. She smiled sweetly and said, "I'll tell him that you were tied up."

I finally made it in to work about an hour late. Rather than being angry my boss seemed quite concerned about me saying that it was unlike me to not call and that he was worried that I might have gotten into an accident or something. I asked him if Cassy had called him to let him know Id be late but he said "No, maybe she had trouble getting through."

Now, I'm well thought of at work and am considered an asset I believe by my superiors and my co-workers. My production rates have always been at the highest level. I take great pride in my accuracy and the level of skill I bring to the job. Because of this I wasn't overly concerned about being late other than for reasons of personal pride and the fact this was the first time it had happened. None the less, I did take a bit of, I thought, good natured ribbing when I finally made it into the shop from my fellow workers.

I thought it would all blow over in my first hour of being there but I found my still numb hands a liability. I couldn't get a firm grip on anything and it took me almost until lunch to set up the machinery for a first run on a special order of parts that we were contracted for.

After running the first twenty parts it was obvious that I had screwed up and I had to halt production until I could reset the run. This left five workers standing around idle while I fumbled and stumbled through the set-up a second time.

Word went quickly upstairs through the grapevine that I had wasted the entire morning and was likely to blow the afternoon also. I came under the scrutiny of my supervisor once again as he visited the floor to "see about the problem". As he asked me questions about the difficulty I could feel his eyes assessing me, his attention was obviously on my botched shaving job, the undeniable fact that I hadn't bathed all weekend and my generally rattled demeanor.

"Jason," he started, "Is everything okay with you?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I just didn't get much sleep last night and being late this morning kind of rattled me."

The look on his face was telling me he thought there was more than what I was telling him but his position as an employer wouldn't allow him to call my weak bluff. To be frank his instincts were dead on, Between the numbness in my hands, the confusion of my indeterminate status as my wife's slave and the soft silky feeling of my ruffled panties under my jeans, (which caused more than one embarrassing erection) I really didn't feel up to the job today.

"Listen Jason," his use of my first name again along with his pseudo- concerned tone raised my apprehension, "Why don't you take the rest of the day off, I'll have one of the other guys set this all up, and you can take care of whatever is bothering you and we can get a fresh start tomorrow. How's that sound."

To be sure I didn't like it but I could see arguing wasn't going to win me any points today. I made a lame attempt at composing myself, left work and headed home.

I was physically exhausted but determined to try to reason with Cassy when I got home. I had to let her know the toll her "punishment" had taken and try to dissuade her from letting it affect my job. I rehearsed some pretty lame speeches on the drive home and felt even more unsure of myself as I pulled in the drive.

Cassy's car was gone so I entered the house, double checked on her absence, took a long hot shower, discarded my panties in the hamper, put on my robe and lay down on the couch to see what daytime television was like these days.

I woke to the most pleasant sensation of lips sliding up and down my cock. I hadn't come in over a week and my dick responded like a column of steel. This was the first sexual attention I had received in a while and I just lay back and enjoyed the quickly mounting pleasure.

"My baby is so hard." I heard Cassy say between slurps. " Look at how swollen and purple the head is."

I opened my eyes to view my engorged penis in Cassy's long slim fingers, stroking up and down on my hard cock. The head was indeed swollen and several shades beyond red. I also saw that Cassy was dressed much sexier than was normal for her. She would usually go about her day to day errands in jeans or slacks and a nondescript blouse. Here she was wearing her denim mini skirt, no stockings with a pair of high heeled fuck-me pumps and a low cut, very tight red top that showed a lot of cleavage. I thought it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were very pronounced, but I could see the straps of a bra through the back of her top.

"I've been shopping and picked up a few things," she said as she pulled the sash from my robe and started to tie it around my balls very gently until she tightened the knot with a jerk that made me gasp in pain. "Come with me and I'll show you."

"Cassy we need to talk." I said, mustering my resolve as she pulled me off the couch by her improvised leash and headed for our bedroom.

"Okay honey, why don't you tell me what's on your mind." she finally replied once she had sat me down on the bed.

I started to tell her about my day at work and how I thought she was to blame for the problems that I encountered. It wasn't easy to keep my mind focused as she started disrobing before me to reveal a red lacy half cup bra that fully supported her beautiful tits while still revealing her nipples and a matching thong. She must have bought them today as I had never seen them on her before.

"Do you like these?" I wasn't sure if she was talking about her new undies or the breasts she was cupping in her hands. "I got them today."

"They're very nice," I replied, trying to re-direct the conversation to my original point. I started to tell her that I wanted to go along with her new rules and was very willing to please her in any way she wanted but we couldn't do anything to jeopardize our position in the community or my career. I was the only bread winner in the house and if we wanted to continue our lifestyle and maintain our home then my paycheck was very important.

"I know honey. I'm very sorry that you were late for work but you can't blame that on me. After all you didn't even set your alarm."

I had to admit she was right on that point but the red ruffled panties she made me wear had contributed to my distraction at work.

She laughed and said, "Nonsense honey, the fact that they gave you a hard on proves that you liked it. There are some things that you're just going to have to get used to." With that she reached for my still stiff boner and gave it a few strokes that made me throw back my head and groan.

I then argued that since my hands were numb from being tied overnight, maybe we ought to forgo that aspect of my punishment.

"Let me show you what else I got today." She ignored my argument as she pulled out some bags and rummaged through them. She revealed some padded wrist restraints that buckled and attached with some sturdy looking clasps. "Here, lets see how these fit you."

When they were in place she described how utilitarian they were. They could be attached in front or behind or they could clip to anything that was fastened down. There were also a pair of ankle restraints that quickly found their way onto me.

"Now we don't have to worry about cutting off your circulation."

"Where did you get this stuff?" I asked.

"At that big store on the interstate with the huge sign that says magazines. These weren't on display but the sales uh, girl was very helpful once I told her what I was looking for. They have a whole back room devoted to the kinkier stuff. I could have, well I did spend hours there looking at all the neat stuff they had. You've got to come with me some time and check it out."

I found myself once again spread eagle on the bed with my wrists clipped to the head of our brass headboard. I asked her if that was where she got the nice bra and panty set and she said yes. When I said you wouldn't think a place like that would have a changing room she replied. "Oh they do, it's in the back too."

Her demeanor changed rapidly as she finished securing my legs. The bitch in her came out as she walked out of the room and came back in with another bag.

"I've got some things I want to talk about too." She began as she started to remove items from the bag. "You were very rude to me this morning. I didn't appreciate that." She turned to me holding a riding crop in her hand and approached the bed. "Now I'm going to have to teach you a lesson, SLAVE!"

She began to strike me on the inner thighs with her crop. "Does that hurt?"

"Oh God Cassy, yes."

"Remember I said I would be making the rules?" I nodded through my pain. "My new rule is that you will only call me Mistress Cassandra. Is that clear?


"Yes what? She said as she resumed striking my inner thighs.

"Yes Mistress Cassandra."

"Not only were you rude to me this morning, you also removed the panties that I ordered you to wear. That will not be tolerated. When I tell you to do something, you will do it."

She went back to the bag and removed a package of clothespins and started to open it. She placed two on each of my nipples, taking care to make sure they pinched only a small amount of skin. Now I can't even handle having my nipples being played with as they are extremely sensitive, this was excruciating. She then started to center on my penis, placing a clothespin on the underside of my shaft just under the crown and continuing down the length. Removing the robe sash from my balls she started to apply them to my scrotum as I writhed in pain.

"You don't like that do you? Well I don't like being disrespected. Maybe now you'll think twice before you try to order me around."

I couldn't believe the pain I was experiencing. My nipples were on fire, my inner thighs ached from the assault and I felt as though I might never use my cock again. Where did she learn to be so sadistic?

As if reading my thoughts she said, "I've been studying your perverted little magazines and I think I've picked up a few useful things. Don't you? The clothespins do the same job as the more expensive clamps and since I have so many more I can use them wherever I like. They give me options, I like that."

I didn't recall anything in the magazines specific to clothespins.

"Now I know I said that I couldn't imagine beating or whipping you but it seems that's the only way to keep an unruly slave in line. "As she said this she was releasing the bonds that held my legs. "Roll over." When I hesitated she began striking me on the stomach with her crop. "Do it slave, now."

I guess I spun over more to escape the blows from her crop than in any act of compliance. I found myself on my knees with my arms crossed, still attached to the original positions. The pain in all the spots with clothespins renewed with force as my chest contacted the bed. My legs coming together moved the unrelenting little scraps of wood against my scrotum. I scrambled to my knees and spread my legs to relieve the pressure. This left my ass poised high in the air with my chest closer to the bed.

"Oh look at you with your ass in the air, it looks like you either want to get fucked or spanked. Which is it?"

This forced me to think about my position not only literally but figuratively. If she kept giving me options like this I would have to be very careful to pick the right one. If I picked the wrong one it could wind up being very painful. If I picked the right one it could give me the pleasure I was seeking. Mainly to be able to cum.

"I want to get fucked."

"You want to get fucked what." She said as she began to strike me on my upturned ass with the riding crop.

"I want to get fucked please Mistress Cassandra" I screamed out as her blows forced my legs together and my nipples back in contact with the bed, twisting the clothespins on my body into new, painful positions.

"I don't think I have the right equipment to fuck you little slave. I would need a cock to do that, wouldn't I?" She kept striking me with the crop on my ass and the back of my legs.

"Okay, the spanking." I blurted out in desperation and confusion, just to get the whipping to stop.

"Since you can't make up your mind I guess I'll just have to give you a spanking and a fucking, won't I?"

She quit beating me and went back to her bag and pulled out a long, slim vibrator. She took her time getting it out of the packaging and putting the batteries in. When she had it reassembled she approached me on the bed, still in my contorted position and twisted the base to turn it on.

"I didn't buy any jelly or oil to make this easier on you, so this might hurt." She said this with a strong hint of sarcasm in her voice. "But I guess that's what turns you on is the pain. Right?"

I pleaded with her not to use the vibrator on my ass, telling her that I had never had anything up there before and I didn't think it would fit without some kind of lube. If she would give me this one break I would do anything for her.

"Oh, you'll do anything for me anyway. Won't you?"

I replied the only way I could by saying that she was right and I was wrong. I knew that's what she wanted to hear.

"That's right little slave, I am always right and you are always wrong. Maybe if you get some of your spit on it, it will go in asier. Come on little slave, suck on mommy's cock and get it nice and wet for your ass."

I opened my mouth as she slid the still humming vibrator into my pursed lips. It made contact with my teeth and sent chills down my spine.

"Good boy." she said, running the shaft in and out of my mouth. "You seem like such a natural at cocksucking, did you ever consider that it might be the one thing you're really talented at. I mean besides jerking off."

She removed it from my mouth and positioned it at my anus, slowly pushing the tapered end past my sphincter and into my bowels. The pain was exquisite. As the vibrations reached my prostate my cock hardened beyond my imagined limits and I thought I would cum right there. I started to push back at her as she tried to shove it into me. I was truly in agony and yet my feelings of pleasure were overwhelming. I felt as if I would beg her to put me through all of this pain again just to feel this moment of pleasure.

"My goodness, look at the little slut you are. You shouldn't be so greedy for cock honey, it's not ladylike to act as if you enjoy it too much." She said this as she withdrew the plastic phallus from my ass, leaving me groaning and empty. I missed the fake cock in my ass before it was all the way out, my hard cock missed it even more.

"I think you enjoyed that too much. Are you ready for your spanking now?"

"Yes Mistress Cassandra."

She reached back into her bag to reveal a cat o' nine tails. I'd never seen anything so beautiful yet so menacing at the same time.

"I thought it might be a little extravagant to buy this, I wasn't even sure I would use it but it was so wicked looking I just had to have it and he did promise I could return it if it didn't suit my purposes."

"Who is He?"

"My new rule is NO MORE QUESTIONS. You got that? I'm going to have to punish you for impertinence as well as not using my correct name in addressing me."

The first blow on my ass from the cat left me literally breathless. No sharp sting like with the crop but a more encompassing, skin searing shock that moved me with it's force. My erection had flagged after the vibrator was removed from my ass but it soon regained it's length and girth when she applied the cat to my ass. I must have endured about ten blows from her when she threw it down in disgust.

"You're a hopeless sick pervert. I can't believe you're enjoying this." Her eyes went from my engorged cock to my face. The look of contempt in her eyes was embarrassing to say the least. "Is this what you wanted all along? Here I was trying to be a loving tender wife to you and all I had to do was treat you like shit and your in heaven."

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