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Castaway Siblings


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It was horrible. From the moment they saw the flames and smoke through the window of the small aircraft, Beth and Brad's life had been a continuous series of one horrific moment after another. First there was the violent splash down into the ocean, the frantic struggle to get the door over the wing open before the plane sank, and finally the draining hours spent in panic and confusion as they made their way to a small island off in the distance.

As soon as they had arrived at the beach and crawled out of the reach of the waves, they had both collapsed. They lay there completely spent and unable to move. Beth had no idea how long she and her brother had lain there. They had both actually fallen asleep; the physical and emotional trauma taking its toll on them.

Beth sat up looking over at her still sleeping brother, Brad. He had saved their lives with his strength and swift actions during the crash. The only other people on the plane, the pilot and co-pilot, had perished upon impact leaving Beth and her brother alone. She had seen the Island from up in the air. The pilot had circled it as he tried to keep control of the aircraft.

She knew that they were miles away from anywhere, and that this was one of hundreds of atolls in the Pacific Ocean, uninhabited and probably nothing more than a dot on the map. Beth heard Brad stirring and walked over to him.

"Brad? Can you hear me? Are you ok?" She asked quietly kneeling down at his side. She adored him and couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to her hero.

"I think so, sis." He answered groggily. "Just a little banged up is all. How are you?"

"I'll live. I'm really ok. How long do you think before they send someone out, and before they find us?" Beth asked. "I'm sure the pilots sent out an SOS didn't they? Are we really going to be ok?"

"Do you trust me?" He asked her.

"I trust you completely," she responded.

"Then everything will be ok," he said reassuringly, smiling at his sister.

"I'm sure that there is a search party headed our way right now." Brad tried to look hopeful. "But everything happened so fast, I just don't know and we're pretty far out here," he continued, "Let's just assume, that it will take them a few days to find and reach us."

"In that case, we'll need some shelter and some water and some food." Beth replied, trying her best to remain positive.

"Hey I see I'm not the only one who watches the Discovery Channel!" Brad laughed, the tension already starting to melt away as they formed a plan of action. "Let's head into the jungle a little bit and over towards that ridge, I want to see if we can't find some water first," he said.

Brad and Beth moved into the interior of the island and away from the beach, until they came across a small stream of water that was coming from the general direction of the ridge that Brad had seen earlier. They had found some fresh water, at least, and that was the most pressing issue. They could survive with water. They continued towards the ridge, discovering that it was easily accessible with a flat clearing under an outcropping of rocks. This would provide plenty of shelter for the next couple of days if needed; they had also noticed some coconut trees by the beach. It wasn't the Hilton but they would manage.

Brad and Beth had always been close. They were the best of friends growing up; this flight down to American Samoa to visit their parents was going to be the longest that they had seen each other since going off to separate colleges. Brad was two years older than Beth and she had always adored him. She missed him terribly when he went off to college. Their parents were professors at the University of Michigan and had been working their summers in Samoa for few years. Brad and Beth had never been there and this was supposed to have been an amazing vacation for the whole family. The best part was that she finally got to spend some time with her brother. She would never admit to anyone, but she had always had a crush on him.

"Well I have my wish now don't I?" Beth thought to herself. "Quality time with my brother at last."

The weather was beautiful and they had found enough shelter, food and water to make the time go by in comfort. Neither of them had been injured in the crash and despite the grief they felt for the two pilots, they were in pretty good spirits.

As the second day started turning into night, Beth was starting to get concerned. "Brad, are you sure they will be able to find us?" she asked.

"Of course they will sis," he answered her confidently. "This isn't the movies. They knew our flight path and they have sophisticated tracking equipment these days. It will just take a little longer than I thought at first. Remember there are a lot of islands out here, we'll just have to be patient."

"Ok, if you insist," Beth responded, "you know I trust you completely. " She smiled at him as they made their way up to the ridge and the shelter they had made for themselves. It was actually pretty comfortable.

Brad had been wrong about a quick rescue, and two days quickly turned into two weeks. They had found some other food besides coconuts and Brad had even caught a few fish for them to eat. They were both a little tense and unsure of their situation but they were holding on pretty well.

It was in the middle of the night near the end of the third week when Beth awoke from a very erotic dream. As in every one of the erotic dreams of the last few nights, her brother was playing the starring role. She was embarrassed that she couldn't get him out of her mind. Sure she had always had a crush on him, but he was still her brother.

She was feeling pretty needy. She had a very active sex life with her boyfriend at college and for the vacation she had packed a vibrator to keep her satisfied, but these three weeks without sex were starting to take a toll on her. She looked over at the other side of the clearing where Brad usually slept but he wasn't there. He probably had to relieve himself, she thought, but when he didn't return for a few minutes Beth decided to go and investigate.

She walked silently down the path toward the beach. As Beth got closer, she heard the relaxing sound of the ocean, and something else. It sounded like grunting and someone quietly calling her name. When Beth finally stood at the threshold of the beach, she could see her brother standing there naked and facing the ocean. There was no mistaking what he was doing. He was stroking his cock with his head leaning back. Beth wondered who he was thinking about. She knew it was wrong to watch him there on the beach but, she was unable to take her eyes off of the intensely erotic sight before her.

"Oh Beth," he moaned quietly, "I've always wanted you. Yeah...that's it."

Beth couldn't believe her ears. Her own brother was masturbating and thinking about her and expressing that he'd felt this way for a long time. A tear streamed down Beth's cheek. She quietly removed all of her clothes and then walked silently over to her brother, gently touching his shoulder.

Brad lurched forward and then spun around releasing his cock as he did so almost falling over in the process. He was so surprised and embarrassed that he couldn't say a word. Standing there with his mouth open, his eyes roamed over his sister's naked body in the moonlight.

Beth closed the distance between them.

"I. . .I didn't mean anything it's. . ." Brad sputtered; he tried to cover his uncooperative cock with his hands as his face turned red.

"Don't say anything." Beth reassured him as she placed her lips on his and pressed her body against him. Brad responded passionately and moaned as his sister placed her hands on his cock.

Beth pulled back, breaking their passionate embrace and they both stared at each other hungrily, panting hard. That's when Beth dropped to her knees in the sand and took her brother into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his shaft as she bobbed her head up and down the length of his cock. She could feel him tense up and pulled away. She wanted him to cum inside her tonight.

She pulled him down on top of her as she lay back on the beach; only the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and their breathing interrupted the night. "I want you to cum inside of me," she said, "I've never wanted anything so badly in my life."

Brad pushed the tip of his head into his sister's pussy. She was so warm and so wet. Beth gasped as Brad entered her. He was so large. Brad leaned forward mashing his mouth against Beth's as he started to fuck her. He thrust into her with long hard strokes. She wrapped her legs around Brad's waist as she started to cum. Her whole body shook and she was afraid she would crush him with her legs since she was squeezing so hard. Brad's own orgasm wasn't far behind. Beth felt his body tense and heard him groan just before he shot his entire load inside of her.

He kept his cock inside of her after cumming and the siblings gazed into each other's eyes.

"I love you." Beth said, almost apologetically as a tear once again made its way down her face.

"I can't believe we did this," Brad responded. "I'm not ashamed; I don't know what I feel. I love you too."

Brad started sliding his still hard cock in and out of his sister's pussy again. She couldn't believe that he didn't need to recover after that. With the waves lapping at their feet, brother and sister started fucking again. It was primitive and urgent. Brad leaned his head down and sucked one of his sister's nipples into his mouth, clamping down hard with his teeth. Beth moaned in pleasure. She had very sensitive nipples and this was driving her over the edge as she started to cum again around his cock. Brad never stopped fucking her as she came in waves. When her orgasm had subsided, Brad pulled his cock out with a wet plop and offered it to Beth. She leaned forward letting him slide it into her mouth as she sucked him off, tasting herself on his magnificent cock. He started to cum and she swallowed it all.

Brad collapsed beside her and they held each other on the beach.

The next morning Beth awoke to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach. They had slept together on the beach all night. She was in love with her brother. She didn't care if they ever got rescued.

Beth looked around and saw Brad swimming in the ocean. It was his favorite way to wake up in the morning. He had done that the first morning on the island and every day afterward. All Beth could think of was how much she wanted to please him. Nothing else mattered.

She stood up and walked into the water to be with her brother. Brad saw her approaching and came further into shore, meeting up with Beth and pulling her close to him. The kissed passionately and Beth felt his cock harden between their bodies.

"I'm ready for you. I need you now," she whispered into his ear.

Brad lifted his sister up and impaled her onto his now erect cock. Beth hadn't been lying when she said she was ready. She was sopping wet and he entered her with ease, using his heavily muscled arms to hold her up. The made love like that until they both came in unison half submerged in the ocean.

After that first night and morning of making love, Brad and Beth were insatiable. The weeks had turned into months, and all thoughts of a rescue had been put out of their minds. All they wanted to do was rut like animals.

It was a morning like any other. Beth had awoken first in the morning. She usually did. She sat up and reaching over to her naked brother, she grasped his semi hard cock in her hand, gently stroking him. He moaned as his eyes opened.

"Good Morning bro," Beth said leaning towards his cock. She took his hardening member into her mouth and started to suck his cock. She loved the feel of his hard shaft in her mouth and the taste of his precum as it leaked out of the tip. She hungrily lapped it up and continued worshipping her brother's cock with her mouth. She moaned as her lips slid all the way down his cock until her nose was buried in his thick pubic hair, then she pulled back up to coat his swelling cock with her saliva.

She could always sense when he was about to cum and she loved the taste of his ejaculate. He started to erupt into her mouth, filling it with is salty cum. Beth let it pool in her mouth before swallowing it. After swallowing it all, she took her time cleaning his cock thoroughly with her tongue.

Suddenly, Beth's heart jumped as she realized they were not alone!

Beth pulled her mouth off of her brother's cock and tried to cover herself up with her hands. Her brother's sperm was dribbling down her chin as she opened her mouth in astonishment. "Dad? Mom?" She asked, though her mind had no doubt about the identity of the people on the edge of the clearing.

They both gasped and paled before turning heading back down the path to the beach.

Picturing her parents watching her with Brad's cock buried to the hilt in her mouth, she was horrified.

The two siblings could hear other voices down by the beach. It was the long awaited rescue. Brad and Beth gathered up their clothes as fast as they could and quickly got dressed.

"Beth," Brad approached his sobbing sister, "no matter what happens, or what is said, know that I love you and that I'm not going anywhere. You have nothing to be ashamed of," he stated. "Do you trust me?" he asked as he had that first day on the island.

She did and reached out to hold his hand. Together they walked down toward the beach not knowing what the future would hold only knowing that they had each other and fuck the world or anyone who couldn't understand.

The End

Sethp 2008

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2 1/2 at best.

2 1/2 stars at best. Nothing really exciting about this one. Bare bones basic. more could have been done. The premise is the best thing about this one.

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