tagMatureCastaways Ch. 03

Castaways Ch. 03


After burying the three apparent drug runners, Em and John now felt safe enough to explore the rest of the island. They had been basically living on the western third and leaving most of the rest to the three guys. They strolled down the beach and John was pleased when Em took his hand. Sure they had worries, plenty of them like would they ever be rescued, have enough food and water, but now at least they weren't threatened with daily peril.

John's right hand was still swollen, his one calf had an ugly bruise, and his back had required Em to use the medical kit to dress the wound, but all in all, at least they were relatively safe now. They even had lighters to make fires. More clothes would have been nice, since they only had those on their backs, but other needs were more pressing than that on a tropical island.

They walked the whole way around the east end of the island. They found an old sea turtle shell John thought they could use, so he carried that back. It would make a decent wash basin or something to collect rainwater in, if it ever rained. After going most of the way around the eastern side of the island, they headed inland to try to find where the other three guys had been camping. It wasn't long before they found it.

John had thought those guys lazy but was surprised to find they had actually done a few things. Somehow they had managed to carry a twelve foot section of the broken wing from the plane up into the palms. They had braced it against a couple of palms and used it to create a lean-to. It had driftwood walls and palm fronds to break the wind. It wasn't huge but the three guys would have fit inside.

They left the structure intact in case they ever needed a quick replacement to their own and searched the rest of their camp. John found around the fireplace they had used a lot of evidence of where they had made the spears and sharpened shells. He found cut lengths of bamboo which he hadn't seen so far on the island. He told Em they should search for where the guys found that on the way back to camp. They found a lot of empty, eaten coconuts, which told some of how the guys were getting nourishment.

They walked back through the palms and over the rocks. It was slower going than on the beach but offered commanding views of parts of the island and other potential camp sites. They found the crops of bamboo the guys had been cutting to make their spears. It was a small patch but might come in handy. Bamboo was incredibly strong and the straight shoots could be used for many things.

Em found a spot near the bamboo where one particular big rock had a natural large basin on top of it. There was a small amount of dirty water pooled in the bottom and evidence there had been more. Bird droppings around the rock suggested they knew of it too. With the proper cage built over top to keep the birds out, the basin might actually collect enough clean rain water to help sustain them. They were down to about half a case of water and three six packs of Pepsi. The peanuts were half gone but fortunately the island still had lots of coconuts.

"We're going to need more protein to survive," John was telling Em as they returned to camp.

"Where're we going to get that?" Em asked.

"From the sea," John claimed. "We need to start fishing and catching crabs, finding clams too.

"I was never big on seafood," Em complained with a frown.

"Well, babe, I think you better start now," John said jokingly.

"Babe, huh," Em retorted smiling.

"What? Is that not okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine, John," Em replied kissing him sweetly.

When they broke the kiss, John said, "Well, we better get ..."

"How about we try out one of those condoms first," Em offered with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, you want to go again?" John queried with a big smile.

"Let's just say my boyfriend never had to ask me twice," Em claimed giggling.

John laughed, but kissed her, and then pulled her by the hand into the hut. They both stripped quickly. Em pushed him flat and kissed his still soft cock while looking up into his eyes. Hers twinkled as she watched him watch her kiss and fondle his cock until it was hard. John had her move around and sit on his chest. They 69'd each other until both were ready to explode.

Em crawled off him to grab a condom. She smiled at him as she adeptly placed the thing on his dick.

"Now I can feel you cum inside me," Em said, climbing back over him and positioning his cock at her entrance.

"I'd rather it be without one of those," John claimed.

"Me too, but we might not like dealing with my pregnancy on this island," Em astutely claimed.

She settled down on his cock until it seated in her pussy. She cooed as it reached up into her depths and spread her wide. It took a few moments to make the whole delicious descent onto his cock. Em reveled in the wonderful feelings of being stuffed full of John's cock. When she bottomed out, she just stayed there momentarily letting the blissful sensations wash over her body.

John moaned softly as Em settled completely down on his cock. Her nipples had hardened on their own but now his fingers teased the beautiful pink buds. He was so glad to be able to finally see her charms in the daylight. She was even more beautiful than he had conceived in the dark the night before. Her pert tits barely moved as she slowly took him into her body.

Em started very slow. They had both been close to cumming from the oral attentions, but the slowness of her descent on his cock had allowed both of them to recover slightly. She wanted to enjoy every precious moment of their coupling and feel every inch of his cock as it stretched and reached deep inside her. She groaned quietly as her pussy clung to his dick up and down. His fingers on her nipples added to her bliss.

"God, you feel so good," John extolled.

"I love your long thick cock," Em expressed, smiling down on him. "I could ride you like this forever."

"Be my guest," John quipped back, also smiling at her.

Em sped up a little, "Oh, god, I think you're going to make me cum soon."

"Just go slow, babe, and I'll last longer," John claimed.

"I don't know if I can," Em implored. "My body is crying to cum on your big dick."

"Do it then," John stated.

Em couldn't hold back as her tight pussy took over for her brain and urged her on. John's hands were still on her beautiful tits, kneading the resilient flesh and watching her mounds bounce erotically. He started to push up into her as well and that was enough for Em. She gasped and bucked on his hips. She ground her cunt down hard on his pubic bone getting the much desired stimulation to her clit.

"Oh, god," Em groaned as she came on his cock.

John could feel more of her wetness on his balls as he fucked up into her. His own orgasm starting to brew like a caldron. Em's pussy clamped hard on his cock, restricting the movement inside her. It helped John hold off but the tightness was so exquisite it made him groan loudly too. He waited for Em to recover before starting to fuck her again. He rolled her over to fuck her from on top this time. Em ended up in the sand but didn't care.

John started slowly to allow her time to catch up. He tried holding back as long as he could but his body screamed for release. Soon he was fucking her with hard pounding thrusts, driving her cute ass into the sand. Em's only reaction was to wrap her long legs around his hips and urge him to pound her even more, which he did. Time seemed to stand still for both of them. The only thing that mattered at that moment was the wonderful pleasures each felt as John's cock fucked relentlessly into Em's depths. He was careful not to pound her cervix as he increased his thrusts.

"Oh, fuck!" Em screamed. "Mmmm ... make me cum again, lover. Make me your woman."

"Oh, shit, Em! I'm almost there," John yelled.

"Do it! Cum inside me! Let me feel you shoot off in my pussy," Em barked.

"Oh, fuck, here it comes," John cried out.

"Ahh ... fuck me, John," Em implored as her own orgasm hit simultaneously with his.

John continued to pound his cock into Em's tightly clenching cunt. His seed poured from his cock, filling the reservoir end of the condom. She bucked beneath him, using her legs to pull him into her. Her orgasmic bliss rippling through her body deliciously. He made her cum better than any of her younger lovers ever had. She climaxed along with him until they both were spent.

John lay on top of Em, supporting himself on his elbows until he felt the condom start to slip on his deflating cock. He pulled back in time to take the condom with him. He rolled to the side, onto the lifejackets. Em leaned over against his heaving chest, her soft naked tits pressing wonderfully into his arm. She kissed the nipple on his chest and licked around it. As their breathing slowly returned, they looked into each other's eyes.

"That was wonderful," Em said, with a big smile on her face.

"You're unbelievable," John exclaimed.

"You're not so bad yourself," Em quipped.

They kissed passionately. Breaking the kiss, Em cast her eyes down to his flaccid cock. The condom was hanging loosely. John had not removed it yet. Em reached out and pulled it off him. His cock was covered with cum and so was the inside of the condom. Em held it up to examine it with a smile on her face.

"What?" he queried.

"You made quite a deposit," Em joked, chuckling and holding up the used condom.

"Thanks to you," John stated.

"Maybe so but I think those big balls of yours had something to do with it too," Em expressed with a laugh.

"Well, that too," John allowed, chuckling with her.

"Good bit of protein in here, right?" Em asked with a devilish smile.

"True," John agreed.

"Maybe I shouldn't let it go to waste," Em proclaimed, giggling.

"Maybe not," John replied, thinking the same nasty thought.

Em laughed, "You'd like to watch that, wouldn't ya?"

"It's up to you," John explained.

"Well, I'd do it if you really wanted me too but I've done it before and hate the latex taste it gets from these things," Em said, making a funny face.

"Okay, you silly girl," John answered.

Em put it aside and looked back down at John's soft wet cock. That too would have the taste of latex on it. Em could feel sand in her hair and on her back. She suddenly realized a bath would be nice.

"How about a swim to clean off?" Em asked.

"Good idea," John said.

He watched her turn and scamper naked out the door, her glistening pussy evident as she ducked to exit. He chased after her but she was fast and reached the beach first. He wished he had been in front to watch her run. She ran right to the water's edge and into the surf. He followed close behind. She appeared to be a strong swimmer but stopped just after clearing the breaking waves. He caught up with her. It was low tide and they were only in chest deep water, her tits breaking the surface erotically with each mini wave that passed. The nipples were distended and tight. John knew he'd get hard again just from watching this beauty if he kept staring.

"You like what you see?" Em said, breaking his concentration on her tits.

"Absolutely. Too much in fact. I think I could start again," John allowed.

"Nothing wrong with that," Em said, maneuvering into his arms and wrapping her incredible legs around his waist just so his cock rested in the hollow of her ass.

"God, I could spend all day making love to you," John claimed.

"Why don't you," Em offered with a snicker.

"We've got things we should be doing," John proclaimed. "We should start fishing for dinner."

"You know I just thought of something," Em said.

"What's that?"

"If you fuck me in the salt water it would act as a natural douche. You could cum inside me and the salt water would take care of everything," Em avowed.

"It's risky but you might be right," John agreed.

"Care to try it," Em said giggling and wiggling her ass on his cock.

"You're insatiably," John professed but with a smile.

"I know it," Em said. "I don't understand girls that treat sex like a job. I love it."

Em kissed him deeply. Her ass wiggling on his cock was having the desired effect. The waves made it hard for John to hold her still but they weren't powerful enough to cause too much trouble. Her tongue was teasing the inside of his mouth and making his cock stiff. He let her slide down his body a little. Em knew what he wanted and helped him enter her. He slid inside her warm wet hole easily.

"Oh, my god. I love your magnificent cock," Em mused.

They fucked in the light surf, going slowly at first, and then building to an aggressive pace. Em came quickly, cooing in his ear. She was easy to hold up with the buoyancy of the salt water. He pumped into her wet cunt as the warm tropical water caressed their bodies. Having cum recently, John fucked her for a good while making her cum again before he deposited his seed deep inside her. They clung tightly together, finally enjoying the feel of his discharge inside her.

Em kissed him affectionately until his cock softened inside her and dropped free. He let her down and she reached between her legs to open herself to the salt water. She spread her legs, hoping the water would enter her all the way.

They frolicked in the water for a little while and tried to get the sand and sweat from their bodies. Soap and shampoo would have been nice but they had neither.

After bathing and drying in the sun, they started thinking about food. Both were starved. They drank a Pepsi each, downed some peanuts, and opened another coconut. They ate but longed for something more substantial to eat.

John took one of the spears they had from the attack and went down to the beach. Em offered to find driftwood and palm fronds for a fire. They had several empty coconut shells too. Both were glad they had little to fear of Em being attacked as before.

John had seen crabs many times in the surf but they proved hard to catch bare handed. He found a few clams by digging down at the water's edge. He wished he had a knife to pry them open. Next he tried his hand at spear fishing but that proven as hard as crabbing. He could see plenty of fish swimming around him, even some big ones, but stabbing them was a whole other matter. He tried for a good half hour and could feel the hot sun starting to burn his bare shoulders. He only had his boxers on. Finally, he stabbed a nice size one by holding the spear just above the water and waiting patiently for one to get right in front of him. He yelled his success to Em as he ran from the beach.

"Oh, wow," Em said when she saw his catch.

He used pointed shells to force open the clams and cut the head and tail off the fish. He cleaned out the insides and skewered it on a piece of bamboo. Using salt water, and the turtle shell, he put the clams in the water and suspended the shell with more bamboo and rocks over the fire Em had made. He made a crude spit for the fish and put that over the fire too. It took a while to see any results but soon they could smell the fish cooking and the water beginning to cook the clams into a soup.

An hour later, they were eating the fish and using the coffee can to drink the soup. They shared a pointed stick to stab the clams inside the can. Em had to admit it was the best tasting fish she had ever eaten. They joked about that as they ate.

After dinner, John examined the plastic covered map but couldn't determine much other than there were only a few small islands shown in the area he believed them to be in. They had not seen any signs of a search plane or boat. He wondered if they were concentrating the search more south of them, believing they had stayed close to the original course. Maybe they were starting to widen the search now. He hoped they hadn't given up, thinking them at the bottom of the sea.

John watched Em, sitting on the beach from near the high water line, as she stood naked in the surf and cleaned the turtle shell and coffee can out with seawater. His thoughts were of his son back home, probably thinking him dead. As he watched the beautiful girl that was his only companion on this deserted island, he was sad thinking about his son, but had to admit his circumstances could be far worse.

When she was finished, Em walked back towards him carrying the shell and can. Her firm breasts bounced exotically making his cock stir despite two good bouts of sex already that day and one the night before. He smiled to himself thinking if he had the stamina to keep up with his young lover. She saw his smile as she neared and smiled back.

"Like the view, sailor," Em quipped.

"None better," John avowed.

"That kind of talk might get you lucky again, old man," Em said chuckling. "Think you can handle it?"

"I was just wondering the same thing, young lady," John retorted.

Em laughed standing before him and he loved watching her tits jiggle as she did. Her flat stomach and flared hips seemed to focus his gaze right to the center of her charms. He could make out the top of her labia just below the water-dripping patch of blonde pubic hair. 'God, she's a sight,' John thought.

"Still hungry?" Em said, as she thrust her hips forward giving him the idea of want she intended to feed him.

"I'm always up for dessert," John mused.

"I'm afraid it might be a little salty tasting," Em replied, referring to the drops clinging to her patch of fur.

"I don't mind," John answered, standing up with the beginnings of an erection.

"Nice," Em quipped.

He picked her up and she squealed as he did. He carried her back the short distance to their camp. She held his head down and kissed him as he walked. Her tongue was like a wicked serpent as it danced over his lips, sought his tongue, and probed into his mouth. While he had fished earlier, Em had made an outside bed of palm fronds on the opposite side of the fire from the hut. They had sat there when they ate but also now he realized she might have had another purpose in mind. They no longer had to be secretive of their lovemaking. He set her down on the mat and took the shell and can from her.

Em watched with rapt interest as he climbed between her parted legs. He pushed them open further and reveled in the sight of her pussy all wet and pink and calling to him. John settled between her legs but glanced up into her eyes; their blueness couldn't hide the wanton lust she was feeling at that moment. She remembered the first and only other time she had been eaten, by him the previous night, and the thoughts of the pleasures he could provide with his tongue and lips made her pussy moisten.

John kissed the insides of her splayed thighs. They were soft and still white, mostly untanned as of yet. He focused his attention in smaller and smaller circles around her pussy which made Em moan lightly waiting for the delicious contact.

"Please don't tease me, John," Em grunted. "You're driving me crazy."

"That's the idea," John stated with a chuckle.

"Oh, god," Em gasped as he relented and kissed right on her covered clit.

John licked all around her outer labia, tasting the salt from the seawater on her flesh. He moved slowly inward and licked her parted gash. He chewed lightly on the inner lips, before finally boring his tongue into her cunt. Em stiffened and groaned with pleasure as his tongue invaded the rim of her twat and licked repeatedly around it. The nerve endings tingled deliciously as John licked and sucked on her cunt. Em's hands curled in his hair and pressed him to her.

He worked upwards, parted her lips more, and pushed up with his fingers on the hood protecting her little knob. He looked at it as it appeared in the late day sun, all pink and moist. He dragged his tongue across it and Em growled with lust. John worked her into a fevered pitch as he inserted a finger in her tight hole. Em pushed harder on his head and her legs closed instinctively around his ears. He sucked on her clit, teased it with his tongue, and fucked her with his finger. Em couldn't hold back anymore and exploded with a powerful orgasm. John shifted down and licked up her nectar.

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