Casting Chair


CAUTION: Almost all of my stories are about men and women enjoying mutually consensual sex. This one is not. This is about a repulsive man forcing a vulnerable young woman to do something she very much doesn't want to do. It is strictly a work of fiction but, if this kind of thing bothers you, which is understandable, you are advised to refrain from reading the story.


"That's the offer, Sweetie. Take it or leave it."

The lecherous functionary of the major movie studio hoped the young, pretty screen hopeful would take it, but he didn't really care all that much. If she gave him a blow job, and he was sure the bitch had sucked off plenty of men already, she would get the part. If she didn't come across, some other good-looking cunt would, and the slut who was willing would be the one chosen for the role.

Elroy Blight loved his job at the studio as the second assistant casting director, because he was the person who hired people for some of the minor movie roles. If a man happened to be needed, or an unattractive woman for a small character part, he hired the person who bribed him the best or could do him the most favors. If a good looking woman was needed, the required favors were sexual ones. What that usually meant was that he would sit in his comfortable swivel chair while some young hotty knelt on the carpet and sucked him off, swallowing all his cum and licking off his cock. The blow job would be followed by signing a contract for the part she had just earned.

He looked again at Cindy Carson, who was very easy to look at. She was tall, with shoulder length blonde hair, a cute pug nose and big blue eyes. Her tits were big too, and she also had a slender waist and a nice curvy ass. According to her biography sheet, she was 18 years old, which was also good, because Elroy wanted no trouble with the law about sex with underage girls. The young actress was easily pretty enough to fill the part, and old enough, and she had passed her screen tests so he knew she would be otherwise adequate to handle it.

That was one of the things that made his job so great; he could never make a serious mistake. Applicants who got as far as his desk were all capable of doing what they were asking to be hired to do, and he benefited from what they were willing to do. In the case of the girl in his office then, she would have to be willing to take off all her clothes and suck him off if she badly enough wanted the part she was trying for.

Cindy was almost crying and filled with revulsion at the thought of what she had just been told she would have to do to get the minor part in an upcoming film. Elroy Blight had been correct in surmising that she was not a virgin, not even an oral one. Cindy had indulged in sex, including giving head, a couple of times, but only with a few boyfriends of long standing. She hated even the thought of getting to her knees in front of the ugly cretin in front of her and doing something so intimate with him.

Ugly was a good word to use, because the man was short and bald and had big ears, a mottled red and white and purple complexion and a big, red nose. He was not just fat, but obese, with gross rolls of lard bulging through his loud Hawaiian shirt, which was stained from the big lunch he had just eaten. Cindy could hardly stand to even look at him, but she also believed Mr. Blight had control of a good part of her acting career.

"Ya don't hafta do it if ya don't wanna but, like I said, if ya don't, I'll spread the word that yer uncooperative. Yuh'll never work anywhere in this town," was what he had said to her after demanding that she suck him off in exchange for his signing a contract for the role she wanted.

There was a lot of truth to what he said, and Cindy knew it. He wouldn't be able to single-handedly blackball her, but he could start a rumor, and other studios would be reluctant to hire her. After all, there were plenty of other girls, just as pretty, who would be competing with her for parts, so why should any studio be willing to take a chance with somebody who had a reputation as a troublemaker?

The alternative was disgusting in the extreme, but it would probably be tolerable. Foul and repulsive as the toad in the swivel chair was, she would only have to abase herself one time, and she would have the part and be on her way, hopefully to stardom, and that was the most important thing to her. Cindy decided to try one more time to appeal to the man's sense of decency, but she feared it was a losing battle.

"Please Mr. Blight, I'm a good actress and I deserve this part on my own. I don't think I should have to do what you're telling me I have to do to get it. I passed my screen test and the people giving it said I was a natural and should go a long way. It's just not fair for you to make me do something like that."

Elroy Blight just laughed. "I don't give a shit if yer gonna win a fuckin' academy award. If ya don't take off all yer clothes and get on yer knees and suck me off, yuh'll never git a chance ta do it. Yuh've heard of casting couches. Well, this here chair I'm sittin' on is a casting chair."

Cindy was still extremely reluctant, but Elroy thought she was wavering, so he pushed harder.

"Look here, Sweetie. I ain't got all day. Ya got thirty seconds ta start strippin', or get the fuck outa here. There's another girl awaitin' outside who'll do it." He didn't know that for sure, but he did know there would always be some other girl or young woman who was anxious enough to get into acting that she would do whatever he demanded. He meant what he said about hiring the willing one too.

After steeling her resolve for most of the thirty seconds being allowed her, Cindy started slowly unbuttoning her blue silk blouse, which she had decided to wear that day because it went so well with her eyes. With all the buttons unfastened, she stopped, and Elroy chided her reluctance.

"Hurry up, Sweetie. I ain't got all day."

Still moving slowly, Cindy removed the blouse and hung it on the back of the chair where she had sat before being ordered to stand up to be inspected, and where her purse was still sitting. Both arms reached up behind her back as if to unhook her bra, but they dropped back to her sides before the task was completed. Instead, she reached down to unbuckle and pull off her white pumps, before straightening up and continuing to stand with her arms hanging at her sides.

"C'mon, c'mon, let's see yer tits."

After taking a deep breath, Cindy reached behind her back again, but this time she reluctantly went through with something she hated doing but felt she had to give in. After unhooking her bra, she pulled it off, subjecting her big breasts to being ogled by Mr. Blight.

"Nice tits. C'mere; lemme see if they're real." Elroy wheeled his chair out from behind his desks so Cindy could approach and so she would have a place to kneel when she finally gave in all the way, which he was now sure she would do.

Walking up and standing in front of what Mr. Blight had called a "casting chair," Cindy closed her eyes and leaned forward when his fat, greasy paws reached for her. Although she would do what seemed to be necessary, the young actress would try to minimize the degradation of it. Even though she couldn't see them, she was very aware of the hands squeezing her breasts, and she just hoped to get it over with as quickly as she could.

Despite his pretended impatience, Elroy was really in no hurry to finish his fun, and he took his time to really enjoy fondling Cindy's tits. Even while his hands were playing with them, they were surprisingly gentle. He wasn't trying to be nice; Elroy just didn't want to leave any evidence if she happened to complain, which he was sure she wouldn't do. Besides that, he didn't want her to have bruises on her tits that would be visible when she was on camera. Having gone that far already, he was quite sure the slut would go all the way and do what he wanted.

After a few minutes of hefting and caressing Cindy's breasts and tweaking her nipples, he released her and gave her further orders. "Okay, now take off everythin'. I wanna see yer cunt."

Cindy stepped back again and, after taking another deep breath, her hands went to the side of her skirt's waistband and unbuttoned and unzipped it. She pushed the tight blue linen garment down, raised her feet to step out of it and hung it over the back of the chair with her other clothing. Wearing just stockings and the nylon panties that matched her bra, she stood again in front of her tormenter.

"C'mon, take off them skivvies. I wanna see if yer a real blonde." As he spoke, the lecher unbuttoned his pants and prepared to pull them down so he could get the blow job he considered to be his right. His cock was pushing against the fly, almost ready for the slut to start sucking it, and the sight of her cunt would stiffen it the rest of the way.

Once again, she was almost crying, and Cindy had to take two deep breaths, and think again about how she had always dreamed of being an actress. She knew she had the looks, and everybody, from her family to her high school drama coach to the people who ran the screen test, told her she had the talent too. "Just do it!" she told herself. "Just do it, and get it over with. It'll be worth it when I'm a big star." After the silent pep talk to herself, Cindy slipped her hands into the waistband of her panties and pushed the garment down around her hips and her luscious ass and let it slither down her legs to the floor. She was still wearing her stockings, but the lecherous creep apparently didn't mind that.

Elroy looked at her with pure lust in her eyes. She was a natural blonde, as he had thought. "Turn around and bend over," he told her. "Lemme see yer ass."

After what she had already done, that was simple, and she didn't have to look at the scumball's ugly face for a few seconds. While her back was to him, Elroy got the rest of the way ready by pulling his jeans and boxer shorts down past his knees. As he looked at the sexy actress's lovely nakedness and thought about what she was about to do for him, his cock became as fully erect as it ever got.

"Okay, Sweetie, turn around and see what I got for ya."

When Cindy turned around, she was repulsed by one of the ugliest sights she had ever seen. Mr. Blight, with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants and underwear down around his ankles, had slid forward in his chair and spread his legs. His cock, big and hard and purple, was sticking up from his dark pubic hair. One of his hands was holding it steady in preparation for her to do what was expected of her, and the other arm was holding back a hairy apron of fat. Shuddering, Cindy got to her knees between his legs and prepared to pay the price that she knew was necessary if she were ever to have the career in Hollywood she wanted and felt she deserved.

The cock that would be in her mouth in seconds was so repulsive that she couldn't bear to look at it, so Cindy closed her eyes and reached her hand out until she touched it and lightly wrapped her fingers around the thick cylinder. Besides being ugly, Mr. Blight's cock felt unpleasant in her hand, nothing like the hard virile shafts of her boyfriends, but almost mushy feeling. So far, she had been just barely brave or ambitious enough to control herself, but Cindy knew the worst part of the whole disgusting episode was still before her.

Even if she hadn't, the slime in his casting chair reminded her. "That's it, Sweetie. Now stick it in yer mouth."

As Cindy lowered her head, prepared to do what she had to, she was assailed by more vileness. The man stunk. He smelled like a combination of urine and dried sweat, but she put these things out of her mind and lowered her face until she felt the head of his cock against her lips. Cindy opened her mouth as wide as she could and started to envelop it. Slowly, and with great revulsion, she felt the ridge pass between her lips and the slit brush against her tongue.

That was when the next offense to her senses occurred. Cindy had never drunk urine, of course, but she had smelled it, and she knew that was what she tasted at the slit of his cock. She shuddered again, but kept lowering her mouth until she felt the big, purple head against the back of her throat. Cindy had already gone to such revolting lengths that she was certainly not going to let a little thing like the foul taste of pee stop her. When Cindy raised her head until she felt the ridge of the scumball's cock against her lips, she quickly lowered her face again, being sure she was squeezing the shaft between her lips. Wanting to get the ordeal over as soon as possible, she stroked it a few more times with her mouth, moving her head up and down as rapidly as she could.

"Slow down, Slut. Let's take our time and enjoy it."

As he spoke to her, Elroy Blight grabbed Cindy's head and held it in place for a few seconds. When he moved his hands, the apron of blubber that he had been holding out of her way rolled down and pressed against her face. It felt so disgusting she had to use one arm and push it out of her way and, while she was doing that, he pushed down on her head and rammed his cock up into her mouth.

When it touched the back of her throat and kept going until it squashed up against her there, Cindy fought off the gag reflex and was able to stop herself from retching, although it was a struggle. Mr. Blight kept his hands on the back of her head, but didn't stop her from raising her face, as long as her movements were as slow as he wanted them. When her mouth reached the point where just the ugly purple tip was enfolded within her lips, he held her in place.

"C'mon, Sweetie. Use yer tongue. Lick the head."

Cindy did as she was ordered, and it wasn't as bad as she would have expected. Her saliva had apparently washed away the traces of dried urine, and she could no longer taste it. The head of Mr. Blight's cock was quite soft, and felt unpleasant to her tongue, but that wasn't as bad as having it rammed against the back of her throat. When she felt him pushing on the back of her head again, Cindy lowered her face, taking his cock in until it brushed against the back of her mouth, and there she stopped. Squeezing the shaft tightly with her lips again, she raised her head until only the end remained inside her mouth.

The forced blow job continued for a long time. Mr. Blight wouldn't let her suck as fast as she wanted, but she was able to keep her lips clamped tightly on his shaft. Cindy was reasonably sure that the tightness would make him ejaculate sooner, and that was what she wanted -- to end the ordeal.

Elroy, on the other hand, was enjoying it immensely. He kept his hands on her, and sometimes he held her in place and demanded she use her tongue again. He loved the sensation of the sexy blonde's mouth stroking his cock for the carnal fun it was giving him. He also loved the sight of his thick shaft sliding in and out of her pretty face. Maybe more than anything else, he loved being able to make the young beauty suck him off, even though she was obviously repulsed by him.

"Serves the bitch right," he said to himself. "Prolly thinks she's better'n me and everbody else."

He kept his hands on the back of Cindy's head but, as long as she didn't try to rush him through his blow job, he would just leave them there passively. Elroy wanted to make his fun to last as long as he could, and he succeeded. After almost half an hour of having his cock sucked by the pretty girl, he knew he was getting close to cumming. He would fill her mouth with his sticky juices and make her swallow them, and then he would make her lick off everything that was left on his cock and swallow that. Once he had been thoroughly blown, he would sign the contract.

Cindy didn't know how long she had been sucking off the repulsive man. She had started counting the strokes a few times, but always lost track sometime after the count reached 100. Her mouth was sore from the unaccustomed stretching it was being subjected to by the thick shaft, and her knees were sore from supporting all her weight for so long. Even the arm that was keeping the rolls of belly fat away from her face was growing tired. Cindy thought she felt his cock starting to throb inside her mouth, and hoped that would mean he would soon cum. That would be the worst part of the whole ordeal, having him squirt his vile fluids into her mouth, but at least it would mean she was almost through with the degradation.

After another few minutes of slow sucking, the cock in her mouth began jerking, and she heard the cretin who was forcing her start to pant and wheeze. The wish that he might have a heart attack was interrupted when she felt a sudden gush of a viscous fluid into her mouth. It tasted terrible, like chlorine bleach flavored with fish and garlic, but the taste buds on her tongue couldn't avoid it. Abruptly, the vile man on the casting chair squeezed her more tightly and started pumping her head up and down on his cock, as if he were masturbating by using her mouth as a sex toy. Cindy kept her lips compressed tightly enough to provide resistance, but not so tightly as to bruise them.

Elroy felt great about the way he was cumming. After the first big gob, he kept a tight grip on the blonde's head while he moved it up and down, forcing her to keep his cock in her mouth. He ejaculated twice more before he knew for sure he was done and, for about a minute after that, he held her in place, forcing her to continue tasting his cum, before allowing her to raise her head.

"Make sure you swallow it all," he commanded her.

He watched her face and, after it looked as if Cindy had swallowed, he ordered her to open her mouth so he could make sure. Satisfied, he told her to lick everything off the outside, and watched with satisfaction while her pink tongue laved the head and his rapidly softening shaft.

Finally, it was done, and Mr. Blight's hands released Cindy. She leaned back on her heels, and covered her bare breasts with one arm, not wanting to give the beast any more of a show than he had already gotten. As he was pulling his underwear and pants back on, she scuttled away, concealing her nakedness from him as well as she could, picked up her clothing and moved in front of the desk, out of his sight, so she could put them on without her private parts being subjected to his stares anymore.

All he could see of the slut was her head and one shoulder, but Elroy watched amusedly until she stood up, fully dressed. He reached into the desk drawer and extracted two copies of the standard contract the studio used when filling small roles such as the one the cocksucker had just earned. He quickly filled in the necessary information and signed both copies.

"Here ya are, Sweetie. Come over here and sign these and the job's yers. Be sure to take yer copy."

Cindy stepped over to the side of the desk and signed without reading. She already knew what they said, and wanted to get away from the place of her abasement as quickly as she could. With the signing done, Cindy picked up one copy, folded it and stuffed it into her purse. She had no reason to stay in that awful place any longer than she had to, and she was in a hurry to buy a bottle of strong mouthwash to clear the foul taste of the man's cum from her mouth. She knew she could do that; she just hoped she would be able to wash from her mind the memories of what she had done that day for the acting career she wanted so badly.


Thank you for reading this story. It was not as much fun to write as most of them are, but I like to do a variety of stories, sometimes even about men that I find personally repellant. Without letting your opinion of the characters, who are not real people, color your opinion, I would also like to know what you thought of the story, by voting and by leaving a personal comment.

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