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Casting Couch


Romeo Jeffries looked at the actress and asked, "Have you done any nudity?"

"Not yet, but..."


Nya Tanner said, "But I'm not opposed to it, you know, if it isn't just gratuitous, or whatever."

"O.K. then, why don't we read the script? You will play the ingenue, Lady Lovelee."

"Lady Lovelee?"

He said, "It's a period piece. We'll be filming in the Nottingdale Forest."

She said, "Oh, it's beautiful there! I was there last weekend for the Renaissance Festival."

"Yes, exactly. Now then, I'll be Sir Herold. Lady Lovelee, how good of you to join me."

"Sir Herold, I presume?"

"That was wonderful. Now, would you mind doing it again? But this time without your top."

"Without my top?"

"Indeed. As I mentioned, there will be nudity in this piece."

Nya looked at the handsome director and smiled shyly. Romeo Jeffries! She couldn't believe she was sitting across from him, reading for a part in his next film. Nya knew this could be her lucky break and she didn't want to blow it. It wasn't that she was ashamed of her body, rather she worried that her tits might be deemed too large for an ingenue. Shit!

"Well, Miss Tanner?"

Nya needed this part. Romeo Jeffries was the go-to director in the industry. He practically created Julie Forth, her favorite actress, and OK magazine just announced his split from starlet It girl Zanda Lol. Standing in front of him contemplating her nudity Nya envisioned becoming his lover. And so Nya slid the sleeve of her peasant blouse down in a sultry fashion. She kept her eyes on Mr. Jeffries and said the line again as she shimmied out of the top.

"Sir Herold, I presume?"

"Oh," he sighed.

Nya asked, "Is something wrong?"

"No, Miss Tanner. It is quite the opposite. I think we've found our Lady Lovelee. Would you be so kind as to remove your skirt as well?"

Nya rose and stood in the middle of the small office. He'd notice her wet panties the instant she'd remove her denim skirt. She didn't want him to know how turned on she was. A business meeting, that's all this was, and Nya needed to get a grip. She shouldn't expect a big time director to fall in lust with her. Nya reached up under her skirt and placed her fingers under the elastic, lowering her pink silk panties. Quickly she snatched them into her fist and tossed them into her slouch bag. Then she tugged the elastic of her skirt down and kicked it across the floor. Now standing with only the Ferragamo fuck-mes on her feet to keep her warm Nya repeated the line.

"Sir Herold, I presume?"

Nya walked tentatively towards Mr. Jeffries. She waited. An awkward silence ensued.

She said, "Are there any other lines?"

"Lady Lovelee, how good of you to join me," Mr. Jeffries said. He stood and walked towards Nya. He kissed her hand.

"Sir Herold, I presume?"

"Indeed," he said with the type of inflection that spelled innuendo.

Nya's eyes traveled the room. She saw the wall of windows framed by contemporary neutral shades, their view of the Paramount Studio grounds bathed in California sunshine. Bookshelves filled with DVDs and photographs of Mr. Jeffries with various celebrities devoured the right side of the room, a 50" plasma screen at the center. His antique wooden desk, more like a farmhouse diningroom table, sat virtually empty -- just a pen and legal pad on which he'd scrawled her name.

The sensation of floating up into a netherworld - Shirley MacLane's version of leaving her physical body and following its silver cord through space and time - riveted to Nya's being. This feeling presented itself whenever the opportunity for sex beckoned. Within the framework of this self induced slow motion Mr. Jeffries' face was in sharp focus now. Not young like Nya, he looked at least forty, but he was the kind of forty-year-old who took care of himself. His nails were manicured, even the toes of his bare feet for Christ's sake! Mr. Jeffries wore his brown hair rather long for a man his age, not unlike the 1970s Mick Jagger. He placed his hand through those dark locks as he stared into Nya's baby blues through long black eyelashes with his clear green eyes.

This was indeed lust. Nya knew what to do as soon as the tingle of excitement showered her loins. She reached for the button to his linen trousers. Then the sound of the zipper sent a shiver through her as it always did pre blow-job. Out popped a semi-erect rod. Nya felt the challenge. Was he a visual learner? Because he surely would have been further along with just her naked body as stimulus. Nya's twenty-five-year-old nubile shape, the result of twenty years of primping, first for kiddie beauty pageants and then with the addition of a diet and exercise regimen, for future superstardom thanks to her mother's stage-mom voracity, was clearly enough to get any man's whistle wet. The state-of-the-art saline tits, the twenty-four inch waist, the model thin thighs, all should have been enough to get one forty-year-old cock at the ready. But Mr. Jeffries fucked Zanda Lol, the eighteen-year-old starlet with the preternatural ass and the ability to contort with the certainty of licking said ass with her own tongue. Perhaps he responded to auditory commands?

"Mr. Jeff...."

Mr. Jeffries interrupted Nya and took control. He skillfully clutched Nya's head like one would hold a basketball and guided it to his cock. He pulled on her long blonde hair, nearly dismissing the curls her hairdresser had spent nearly an hour perfecting first with hot rollers and then with a curling iron. No matter, Nya thought, she is still Lady Lovelee, or will be, no matter the condition of her hair. Hadn't she always been told she was beautiful, even that time when she was three and she'd cut her own bangs so she could look like Barbie's friend Skipper only she accidentally cut one side too short and nearly lost her eye in the process?

Nya took his perpendicular cock into her mouth, deep throating immediately. While she wasn't exactly Sasha Grey, Mr. Jeffries' cock seemed to sidle in comfortably down the wet recess of her throat. It felt like a corn dog from the Mason County fair, you know, hard in the center but melt in your mouth soft on the outside. Perhaps a ball or two would fit in there as well?

Nya hadn't much choice as Mr. Jeffries had pinned her in position having not released her head from his tight grasp. She moved slightly and felt him tug her luxurious tresses. Her annoyance with his lack of decorum made her gag suddenly and she thought she might choke until she felt him ease in and out of her mouth as though he controlled the blow-job. He was fucking her face and the rhythm of it felt dirty. It felt rather disrespectful but sexy.

Nya relaxed her mouth and tried to keep her teeth out of the equation. She thought, is this the way it's done in London, (or where ever he's from)? Nya gripped his buttocks with her sinewy fingers. She attempted to nestle a finger or two inside his asshole. It was a sort of sign language, she thought, you know, he's being an ass-hole right now. The tingle she administered must have worked because now Mr. Jeffries unloaded a smidgen of cum-juice into her mouth. It smelled like the kind guy's who drink a lot of vegetable juice squirt, slightly spunky but not much different than Keith's. Do not think about Keith for Christ's sake, she thought, this is business. And Keith's no Mr. Jeffries.

"Lady Lovelee, how good of you to join me," Mr. Jeffries whispered.

He released her head and offered Nya his hand, evidently he planned to help her up. He yanked rather suddenly and Nya felt herself catapult up over his shoulder. She was then unceremoniously lowered onto the large desk. He removed his dark shirt and straddled her.

Nya wasn't expecting another go-around. Didn't her mother explain this correctly?

"A blow-job will suffice, Nya, if done properly," she'd said.

"Uh, I uh...."

Mr. Jeffries' perfectly shaped lips covered hers as though their lips were two magnets of opposite polarity forced together. There was going to be more sex and yet.... Shit, her period! What to do? Nya needed to get to the facilities and remove her tampon pronto before Mr. Jeffries investigated her privates.

But this man certainly knew how to kiss her and she was enjoying it. The pressure was magnificently well balanced like, Nya suspected, a kiss from one's true love. His tongue eased into her mouth and licked the remnants of his own cum from her soiled tongue, which Nya thought erotically un-American. Her past and current conquests (Keith)never kissed after a blow-job, as if the idea existed as complete repugnance.

Mr. Jeffries slowly moved his kisses towards her cunt, stopping on her perfectly placed tits. He fondled them playfully and Nya appreciated his tender touch. He burrowed his face between them and lingered for longer than Nya thought prudent. She didn't want this A-lister suffocating in there consequently denying her ultimate stardom. She suddenly envisioned a scenario involving a newspaper headline too gruesome to bear.


Nya did not want to kill Mr. Jeffries, she just wanted to fuck him.

"I have my period!" Nya blurted to expel the vision.

Mr. Jeffries froze momentarily. What did she say? He separated her giant breasts and held one in each hand. He'd become intoxicated by her scent, a green note perfume, possibly Chanel. This coupled with her stunning beauty had ignited the fire in his sword once again. And now an admission of menstruation? How utterly remarkable.

Lolly had wanted nothing to do with sex while on the rag even though he revealed his penchant for driving into her with his bloodied cock-sword. The blood on his cock made him feel like the ultimate warrior. He fantasized that he was a crusader raping a non-Christian whore until she bled to death (or ultimately, until she came) and then he'd lick up every last blood clot from the "wound". Lolly left him. She called him a freak. Bloody hell, he'd let her piss on him that one time, didn't he? So what if the circumstances involved a jellyfish sting. He would have let her shit on him if she desired it.

Romeo wasn't going to let this opportunity slip away even if the consequences resulted in a one-time fuck. She won't refuse the offer, he convinced himself. Romeo ventured down Miss Tanner's voluptuous breasts past her tiny waistline to her little blonde landing strip, shorn to Brazilian perfection. He kissed her sweet mons and then tampered with her labia lips. Romeo wasn't sure whether or not Miss Tanner could tolerate his weight on her. He chose to proceed and lay on top of her with his cock near her lips. He expected her to take it again; after all, she'd obliged him so far with well-mannered obedience.

"I ought to go use the ladies, sir, I wasn't expecting...."

He asked, "What have we here, Miss Tanner?" He retrieved the clot filled tampon. Romeo smelled her cunt juices as they mingled with the odorous and most decadently delicious blood.

"Please, sir, just let me up a minute. It's really not a big deal."

Romeo moved off the girl. He looked at his cock swelling up the way it used to when he was a younger man. He stood enthralled at the site, that is, until he felt her try to maneuver herself off the desk.

Quickly Romeo set about fulfilling his fantasy. He took her tampon from her cunt and shoved it into her surprised mouth. The sound of gagging against the intrusion unleashed a spot of pre-cum that resembled the entire wad he'd drained into her mouth earlier. This threatened to be a powerful tsunami if allowed to unleash, like a titan among ejaculates.

He held her hands by the wrists, moving his head to her cunt. He positioned his face so that his tongue could slither into her engorged clit. He felt her buck and struggle and yet her cunt was on fire for him. Of that he was certain. She was dripping wet, more with cum than blood. Alas, no doubt she used birth control, which he knew created minimal blood flow during menstruation. A pity, really.

He felt her contract her kegel muscles and push forth more savory juice. He stopped and gazed at Nya Tanner's contorted face, the look of unbridled rapture upon it. He rose and pulled her towards the edge of the desk. He fingered her so that he could enjoy evidencing the orgasm he was about to administer. First one finger, then easily three. Romeo ventured his fist into the tight hole, imagining it a tiny baby searching for its womb. This continued in sequence: one finger, three fingers, fist while Romeo watched Miss Tanner wiggle and squirm. Then he felt the reverberation of her cunt, the multiple spasms that continued even after he removed his hand.

Quickly he slipped his cock in; knowing his relief would come in relative succession. The slapping of his balls against her bikini line, the squishy slither of the wet, wet sex, the popping sound of the air entering her cervix with each thrust, all played roles in creating a phenomenological encounter of the brilliantly nasty kind. He felt the powerful explosion approaching.

Romeo yanked the tampon from Miss Tanner's mouth and at the moment of his massive orgasm they both screamed gutturally.

She cried, "Oh, fuck!"

Romeo cried, "You're hired!"

"I'm hired?"

Romeo kissed Miss Tanner on her delicate lips. Even with the sweat beading her skin and puddling under her massive mammaries she remained breathtakingly beautiful and unmistakably ingenue. It was the correct decision. In his head he counted all the vile and naughty things he'd just done to his Lady Lovelee.

1.He held her tightly by the hair forcing her to deep throat his ample cock. 2.He fucked her face, a favored position and one he'd frequented on Julie Forth during her casting couch session. 3.He extricated her tampon and then gagged her with it. 4.He went down on her. 5.And fisted her. 6.And then he fucked her cunt with the fury of a powerful tsunami.

"Miss Tanner, I'd like to offer you the role of Lady Lovelee, for which you will receive a stipend of six million."

"Six million? Dollars?"

"Indeed. One million for each indiscretion. I will have the contract messengered to you. Please arrive on the set at 6am for hair and makeup tomorrow morning."

"Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. You won't regret this."

Her orgasm snapped the imaginary silver thread separating Nya's mind from her body and refocusing her vision. Sex always seemed so surreal to her, especially when mixed with her deepest desires. Not only did Romeo Jeffries give her the lead in his Nude Day blockbuster but he also just granted her the best orgasm of her life. That tampon thing was pretty fucking gross but for six million dollars she'd have licked the shit out of his ass if he'd asked her to.

Nya marveled at Mr. Jeffries' firm handshake. He was so professional; he didn't even try to cop another feel! She confidently redressed and grabbed her slouch bag.

"Thanks again, Mr. Jeffries," she said.

She reached for her still damp panties crumpled inside her bag. She placed them into the director's hand before exiting his office.

Romeo Jeffries watched his new starlet leave his office. As he sniffed her silky pink knickers he became aroused again. Miss Nya Tanner was worth every penny. Indeed.

Nya rushed to the gym and then to the nail salon for a quick mani/pedi. Only twelve hours to her 6am call and there was still lots to do. When Keith called she let it go to voice mail. She'd deal with him later. There was only one thing on her mind. Fucking Romeo. Wait, what? Superstardom, that's it. Nya was finally going to be a star!

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