Castle Hotel


Faye was a businesswoman, successful, for her age, and was enduring the yearly family Christmas gathering. At a humble 26 years of age, she had a good salary, a stable position, and no ties. Apart from this annual hell.

Each year it was held at the same Tudor castle close to the Welsh border. The room, as always, was spacious and comfortable; a gas fire flickered in the fireplace underneath an intricately carved mantelpiece. The wood in the room was all dark mahogany, pockmarked with age and smoothed with time, and two red armchairs waited invitingly. The large four-poster bed promised a good night's sleep.

The family meet would happen mostly the next day, so Faye decided to make use of the gloriously lavish bathroom adjoined to her room. After stripping off her travel clothes, she gathered herself into one of the plush white bathrobes that hung from a hook in the bathroom and turned on the hot water to fill the tub. While waiting, she poured herself some of the complimentary sherry, and selected a book to read.

The bathwater was divine. As she sunk into it, she let out a moan of satisfaction, closing her eyes in ecstasy as the hot water swirled around her. Her nipples stuck up above the water, floating up as if to catch a breath. While her breasts weren't obscenely large, they were definitely big enough so that their tips wouldn't be covered by water in anything but the deepest bath. Faye sighed and shrugged, causing the water to ripple around her, then reached out to immerse herself in a literary world.

After a while, the words on the page began to bore her, so she tossed the book onto the pile of her clothes and closed her eyes. She moved her hands to cover her breasts. It had been so long since she had been with a man. The last time was a far from satisfying encounter with a student she had picked up from the local pub. Instead of the virile young man she had been hoping for, it was wham, bam, thank you ma'am, couldn't even get it up a second time. Useless. Her hands travelled down, skimming the flat plane of her stomach, pressing her hip-bones and down lower to tug at the neatly kept landing strip of hair between her legs. Being immersed in fragrant water was extremely sensual, so she decided to continue, her eyes tightly shut and her fingers excited. She pushed through her folds to tease at her clit, and just as she was really getting into the rhythm of things, the shout of a rough male voice startled her, and she jerked her hand away.

It was some of the staff at the castle, working outside, moving some supplies. Their voices, deep and informal could be heard through the thin windows outside her room. Embarrassed, she pulled the plug on her delving and clambered out, dripping water. Still listening to their muffled conversation, she worked lotion into her skin, massaging it into her long legs, kept athletic by frequent visits to the swimming pool. The more she listened, the more she imagined the raw masculinity that the men she could hear might have; in her mind, she saw them as broad-shouldered, toned and hard, their skins with a slight sheen of exhaustion from their labour. Her fingers slipped back into her groin. They would be tall, with loutish grins on their lips, ready to give her exactly what she wanted, mmm...

Once again, she was rudely interrupted by a knock on the door. She hurriedly pulled on a robe and hurried to open it. It was her aunt. After a couple of meaningless pleasantries, the old biddy left, but by this time any arousal Faye had had was gone. Relatives tend to do that.

Instead, she poured herself another sherry and settled in an armchair with a magazine. It was already dark outside, and the men's work had become silent. They must have finished, she thought, crossing her legs. The robe loosened, revealing her crossed legs and the top of her generous cleavage, but Faye didn't mind – the room was very warm.

However, not ten minutes into her reading, there was another knock at the door. Frustrated, she adjusted her bathrobe, synching it tightly around her thin waist and pulled open the door, expecting the smiling, wrinkled face of another aunt or uncle.

What she got was altogether different.

Two men burst into the room, one gripping her mouth and jaw and pushing her back, the other locking the door behind them. Faye tried to scream, but there was nothing she could do through the first one's hand. She tried to beat him off, but by this time the second had grabbed her arms and was holding them tightly behind her, pressing his body to her back. She whimpered and struggled but their strength overwhelmed her. With frantic eyes, she looked upon her two assailants.

The first, the one with his hand on her mouth, was taller than her by a foot, broad-shouldered, like in her fantasy, and with a mess of wet brown ringlets swept back with a careless hand. His brown eyes were wicked, his chin covered with stubble and his hand huge against her face. The second was shorter, her head coming to about the height of his nose, and, from what she had seen, lighter-haired. Both were toned and fit from work, t-shirts not being able to hide the raw power beneath them.

The hand was removed from her mouth, and the first replaced it with his tongue, kissing her roughly, stubble scratching her chin. At first, her knees buckled... but then she regained her senses and, biting his tongue as hard as she could, began to scream.

A sharp blow quickly silenced this, her cheek burning with the pain of his slap.

"Now, bitch, you are going to pay for that." Said the first, "You think you can just show off those pretty little legs of yours for all the world to see, without consequences?" He and his pal chuckled at Faye's bewilderment, "Oh, you didn't realise you were such a cocktease? Well. We'll have to show you what we mean..." He grabbed the lapels of her robe and yanked them apart, exposing her ripe breasts to them both. Her traitorous nipples had begun to harden, and she drew breath for a louder scream for help.

This too was cut off as the viciously slapped her second cheek. "Scream, you whore, and I'll make sure you regret it. I'll mess up that pretty face of yours 'till your own mother wouldn't recognise you. Got it?"

Faye nodded, her face burning. Something in the man's voice gave the impression that he meant it.

"Good." He brought his mouth down to ravage her tits, first sucking, biting, twisting one nipple, then the other. Terrified, Faye tried not to whimper. She could feel the second's cock getting harder in his trousers, feeling the weight of it resting on her ass. It felt huge.

Without warning, the first man grabbed both her breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard, eliciting a sharp gasp from her. The second man let go of her hands and pulled the robe from her to fling it to the other side of the room, pressing himself closer to her naked back and bringing his hands around to slide down her stomach to her tingling pussy.

"Heh, she's already wet." He growled, slipping calloused fingers into her tender folds, causing her to buck backwards into his hard cock. The first man, still mauling her tits with his hands kissed her again, a feral growl all the warning she needed against biting him again. On his tongue, she tasted the metallic tinge of blood.

Their hands on her skin were driving her wild. While her mind still refused to accept their assault, her body was whole-heartedly enjoying their roughness. However, her mind still had control over her mouth, so she kept whimpering pitifully for them to let her go. This, however, seemed to excite the pair even more.

Pausing in their ministrations, they pushed her backwards onto the bed. The second man ground his groin into her mound, wetting the front of his jeans with her rebellious juices, which had begun to flow freely for them. She gasped at the sensation of friction. Suddenly, the other, who had stripped naked, was straddling her neck, his legs pinning down her arms and his almost-hard cock at her mouth. Gripping her blonde hair and pulling her head back, he leaned close to Faye and growled, "Suck me."

Later, she would tell herself it was fear that made her do it, but in that moment, something perverse inside her wanted to take that long tool in her mouth and pleasure this beast of a man. She opened wide to accommodate his thick cock and was rewarded with a hiss of satisfaction from him. She worked her tongue around the tip, tracing the veins and trying to suck as much of it into her cavity without the use of her hands. Soon enough, he began thrusting his hips, pushing his rapidly hardening cock further and further to her throat, until she was almost choking.

Just then, she felt the second's penis resting on her mound. It was almost completely hard and felt weighty, resting on the folds of her wet pussy. He slid it up and down, grinding into her, but not entering her. Her moans caused delicious vibrations along the cock in her mouth. It wasn't long before both men were unflinchingly hard and ready to fuck her.

"Please..." she lied, "No more..."

The two just grinned, not believing her, "Look how wet you are, whore." "Don't tell us you're not enjoying this." She tried to shake her head, but they were having none of it. The dark-haired one got onto the bed and lay on his back, pulling her flush against him. The second held her arms behind her back again as the first guided his fat cock into her willing entrance. As he eased in the head, Faye let out a guttural groan. God, was he ever thick! It was like being impaled on a rod of hot steel as he allowed gravity to help her sink onto him. Soon, she was gasping as her cunt tried to accommodate such a thick visitor, all her muscles stretching around his girth. He flexed his hips and she let out a quiet squeal that made the corners of his mouth turn upwards. "Yeah, this bitch loves it. Come join us, mate."

"J-join? Wh.. what?" Faye didn't understand what he meant, still dizzy from the penetration, but a slick finger rubbing against her ass made it clear, "N-no!" She squirmed, trying to get away, but every movement sent a mouth-watering beat through her pussy around the cock already in her. The light-haired one worked his finger completely into her asshole, twisting it around, causing her to lean over to allow him access, pressing her full breasts and hard nipples firmly into the other's chest. Her fingers clawed at the sheets as a second finger was added, then a third. With every thrust of his fingers, she moaned "No... no... no..." but she couldn't deny the electrifying jolts of pleasure that were pulsing through her. It wasn't like she was an anal virgin, but if she had anything to go by, he was huge too. She would be skewered, like a wild boar.

But his fingers were loosening her up, opening her insides and melting her protests until it was just a continuous moan of pleasure. The first man was getting quite the cock massage, as every time the second dug particularly deep, her cunt would spasm in response around the first intruder. "Nnnnnn...." She groaned, "Nnnnn...yes..."

They both stopped.

"What did you say?" The second asked, the grin in his voice apparent.

Faye shook her head, "I – I said—Ngh!" he had pushed his fingers deep again, "Yesss!" She hissed.

"Better, slut." The first growled from under her, bucking from beneath her and causing her to cry out, "Yes!"

The fingers in her ass were removed, almost viciously. She moaned, moving her ass to try to regain them, bur froze when she felt something altogether new at her rear entrance.

She had been right. It was indeed huge.

"N-no way!" She squealed as he pressed forward, "It's not gonna--"

Smack! He brought his hand down on her ass cheek, leaving an angry red print, and pushed sharply forward until the head popped through the tight ring of muscle. Never before had Faye felt this stretched – the size of the first cock was novelty enough, but the second... She writhed between them as the one in her ass burrowed further into it with his hot cock, not understanding whether her brain was telling her she was in extreme pain or in sexual ecstasy. It seemed an age of orgasmic torture until she felt his groin press against her ass as he filled her completely.

Without a pause, they moved. It was only a tiny movement, but it was enough to send her spiralling into orgasm, shuddering between them.

They didn't let her recover. The one in her ass pulled out, then slammed back in, again, again, again, and she was screaming, screaming, screaming in pleasure as he pummelled her, forcing her body onto the still rock solid rod beneath her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuh – Fuck me!" she heard herself groan, revelling in the sweaty slap of flesh that their fucking was producing. The men's grunts turned her on even more and she dug her nails hard into the shoulders of the one under her, "G-God!"

The one in her ass had gotten into a rhythm of relentless pounding. She moaned and thrashed underneath him, feeling his cock pressing against his friend's with only a thin membrane between the two, sliding past it and pushing in again with an animal grunt.

They pounded her pussy and ass together, stuffing her, filling and fulfilling her completely. It was after what seemed like an eternity of relentless animal sex that she began to feel signs of their imminent orgasm. Their rhythm lost, the two simply pounded into her, making her eyes roll back into her head in the sensation of two rock hard cocks thrusting into her holes like there was no tomorrow.

"Yes... yes... fuck me... fuck... fuck... fuck!"

"Such a hot fucking bitch... ngh, take this, take this, take my fucking cock up your ass, whore!" He grunted, pushing in deeper than ever and grinding into her ass as he came hard into her, his hot cum pulsing along her. The feeling of his spunk in her ass triggered her own orgasm, and she howled as she came again, contracting around the hard dick in her cunt and milking an orgasm out of the man beneath her. He grabbed her breasts and held on as he emptied his balls into her bruised and stretched pussy.

For a moment, they lay there, Faye sandwiched in between them. Then, the first pulled out of her ass and the second pushed her off him and to the side. Silently, they started to reach for their clothes.

"Hey!" Faye objected angrily, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

The two men stared at her, perplexed and somewhat sheepish, as she stood up and shakily approached them. Faye grinned, "If you can recover quickly enough, I want you two to swap this time round."

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