tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 2

Castleton Ch. 2


Chapter 2: The Novices

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* * * * *

Jon awoke to the sound of knocking at the door. He was naked, but not bound. The restraints were gone and there was no evidence of any sexual activity, other than the occasional spot of semen staining the bedclothes. He was aware of a very painful ache in his groin. His balls were purple from being beaten with the leather paddle. Each movement was a torment for him, but he managed to drag himself off the bed and move towards the door. Steadying himself along the wall, he grasped the doorknob for support. With great effort he unlocked the door and opened it. Mistress Lea stood impatiently at the door tapping her booted toe while she waited.

"Hurry." she said, "You have only a few minutes before your next appointment." She shook her head with exasperation, placed a collar on his neck, and attached a guide chain around his balls. Ignoring his aching balls, she pulled roughly on the chain as she led him down the hall to his next appointment. Mistress Lea brought him into a small lecture room with a stage and bed at the front. There were six rows of elevated seats in the room. Eight women sat in the first two rows, each with a dark hooded robe over their heads.

Jon felt humiliated at his nakedness and the swelling in his balls. He could not see the women clearly, as the lights were shining on the stage, where he would soon be performing perverted sexual acts. He could hear them softly discussing his nakedness, the size of his cock and the obviously swollen balls, hanging beneath the massive cock, in a flaccid state. Judging by the sound of their voices, he figured that the women were young. His instincts were correct. Mistress Lea bade them all welcome, then asked them to remove their hoods. Jon judged them to be somewhere between their early twenties and thirty years old. The young women were well shaped with firm bodies.

"As you already know, I am Mistress Lea," she began, "and this pathetic creature's Slave name is Jon. By the colorful condition of his balls, you can see, a Mistress has recently disciplined him. No matter, there is no rest for the wicked." She said with a laugh. "Each of you ladies has been widowed, divorced or otherwise without a rewarding sexual relationship for at least one year or more. Some of you have done without rewarding sex for up to three years. This orientation class will allow you to re-acquaint yourselves with the world of both dominant, and submissive, sexual pleasures." Lea grasped Jon's cock and began to fondle it as she spoke to the ladies about their opportunity to awaken their sexual urges again. "You were selected because most of you were judged to be capable of eventually becoming stern and loving Mistresses. That will serve our cause and yours as well. Some of you will remain submissives until you are ready to become Mistresses. Some others of you will remain submissives for the rest of your lives."

Jon's cock began to swell in rhythm with the soft strokes of Mistress Lea's attentiveness. He winced as she hefted his balls and presented them to the assembled ladies. "Before we get started, I want each of you in turn, to stand, drop your robe, state your Novice name, tell us why you are enrolled in this class and then sit down. This way we get to know something about each other and begin to grow our friendships. Lets begin with you." Mistress said, pointing to the lady nearest her.

The woman got up, hesitated a moment, then dropped her robe and stood naked. She was tall, with washed out blond hair, a well-shaped body. She had large breasts that swung nicely under their weight, large areolas and hard upright nipples. "I am Ella, I'm twenty eight years old and I've been widowed four years. I've always felt that submission and dominance was for me." She stated and sat down. Mistress Lea thanked her and thought that Ella would do well as a Novice.

"My name is June. I'm twenty-three, and my lover jilted me for another girl. I'm never going to be in that position again. This seems the way to gain that assurance." June was of medium height, with small perky breasts, small pink nipples, long brunette hair and a heavy black bush about her cunt. Lea thanked her and looked to the next woman. "I'm Myrna, twenty-five, and a widow for two years. My husband and I enjoyed dominance and bondage games. I miss him, and the games, very much. Perhaps this way I can re-live some of those good times." Her body was well shaped, like a model, with average size breasts and inverted nipples. She was shorter than the first two women and had closely cropped light brown hair.

"Hello, my name is Ruth and I'm twenty six. I'm here because I don't have a current relationship and my most intimate fantasy has always been domination. I'm finally going to find out if this lifestyle is for me." Lea smiled, remembering her own beginnings with domination. Ruth was a real blonde with soft cunt hair, average sized breasts, that needed no bra to hold them up and well shaped large nipples.

"Forgive me but I have never been naked before with more than one person." The next lady said shyly. "I'm---I'm ------Florence. I am twenty-three. I'm here because I need something more than the usual sexual relationship. I think this is it, but we'll know soon enough. I was hoping that---that--." She stammered.

"That's fine, Florence." The Mistress interrupted. "You'll do very nicely. We're all glad you're here." She reassured her. "I don't know about others, but I like a shy Dominatrix. It's like a paradox or an oxymoron. I'm positive our Members will just love it. You'll love too, after your submissive phase ends." Florence was outwardly shy, her cunt was clean-shaven, firm small, but not tiny, tits with hard erect nipples. She was a small woman with light brown hair and a deliciously hard body. Lea sensed that Florence might surprise them all.

The next two women stood jointly and dropped their robes. It was obvious that they were twins. Tall, slim, very white skin, green eyes, with dark red hair on both their heads and cunts. "I'm Dixie, and my twin sister is Tricia. Yes, they do like to call us Dixie and Trixie. We're twenty-seven, as of yesterday, unattached except to each other, and we just love to fuck, suck and do anything sexual. The more unusual the better." She confessed with a grin. Their tits were large, but gravity was not taking its toll and their breasts were very firm. Their nipples were outrageously extended and thick.

"Well, ladies, I guess that says it all." Lea said with a laugh. The last lady stood very tall, nearly six feet without shoes. She removed her robe revealing a beautiful light chocolate body with near perfect tits, large dark areolas and perfectly shaped hard nipples. Her hair was done in a short Afro and her cunt was clean-shaven.

"My name is Alteisha. I love to make love to women, fuck men and whip-ass on wimps!" She declared. "I am thirty years young and can out fuck the lot of you. I'm here to fuck, eat cunts and cocks, whip and get whipped!" She said and sat down.

"Well, Alteisha, succinctly stated." Said Lea. "Thank you for those introductions, ladies. Now that I know just a bit about each of you, we'll continue. As you may know," Lea continued, "each male has five major erogenous zones from which you may take your pleasure. They are his cock, balls, nipples, asshole and mouth. Each of these are designed to provide you with enjoyment. There is, however, a sixth zone, which will please you to the utmost, even as it causes Slaves pleasure mixed with pain.

The sixth zone is their skin. The skin on their ass, legs, thighs, back, arms, hands feet, balls and cock. When you apply the whip, cane or paddle to these areas the pleasure is mostly yours, but with training the Slave also learns to be pleased through corrections of their behavior. We will deal more with corrections and disciplines later in your education. Today, I want you to become reacquainted with the five erogenous zones you once knew so well. I want each of you to come forward and fondle Jon's cock, balls and nipples."

One by one the women approached Jon and fondled him. Jon's cock had now become engorged with blood and was rock hard to their touch. He winced tenderly as they played with his balls, but all of them took extra care to avoid aggressive fondling. Mistress Lea bade them masturbate him and play with, or suck his nipples. Their hands and fingers felt good on Jon's cock and chest. He especially liked it when they sucked and rubbed his nipples, or rolled them between their thumbs and forefingers.

The ladies became excited as they played with him and he could see their cunts becoming wet with desire. One of the ladies, Ella, grasped his cock dropped to her knees and kissed the swollen cockhead. She licked over the cock head and behind the rim, then took it into her mouth and sucked it, while running her tongue all about the head. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at the other women watching her and exclaimed, "God that tastes good! I haven't done that for so fucking long!"

"Don't take all the goodies, Ella." The Mistress told her. "The others need to get some too." Mistress Lea sensed that the ladies sexual appetites were aroused enough to lead them into more adventurous territory. "It's for the Slave to pleasure you until you are all completely sated, then perhaps, we may see to his needs." She continued and commanded Jon to lay down on the bed. " Ella, I want you to mount him and sit on his face." She told the woman that had briefly sucked Jon's cock. The woman, completely naked, mounted Jon's face. The lust glowed vividly in her eyes, as she straddled Jon's chest and pushed her wet cunt onto his waiting mouth.

Jon began by running his tongue along each side of her outer cuntlips. She moaned in pleasure as he continued to lick and gently bite her cuntlips. He reached up and started to rub and tweak her nipples, which had become hard and protruded outward nearly a half an inch. He parted her cuntlips with his tongue and ran it several times the full length of her cunt, but avoided her swelling clitoris.

Ella ground her sex into his mouth trying to get him to place his tongue on her clit. The more she would gyrate to force him onto her clit, the more Jon avoided it. "Suck my clit, god damn you!" she cried, as her gyrations continued. Jon persisted in building her desire, by sucking at her labia and avoiding her fully swollen clitoris. An ever so slight nod from the Mistress told Jon to go after her clit and he obeyed, instantly.

The moment his tongue flicked across her clit, she groaned loudly and grasped his head pulling him hard against her cunt. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she closed her eyelids to privately enjoy the pleasure of his tongue on her throbbing clitoris. She swayed with his servicing rhythm and strained to avoid coming, thus enjoying the pleasure all the more. The others watching, were beginning to feel their cunts getting wetter and aching for the same service being administered to Ella. Mistress Lea read their minds, as she too felt a pang of desire, watching Ella receive her pleasure.

"Ladies, help yourselves!" As she guided one of the ladies to her knees and gently pushed her face into the crotch of another. "Don't deny yourselves. This why you're here. Do it now" she commanded. The two women she had joined together quickly disrobed and fell to the floor. The one on her back swiftly pulled her classmate's head onto her cunt. Without further instruction, her lover thrust a tongue into the waiting and throbbing cunt.

The others began to couple and fondle each other's sex. Some dropped to their knees to suck the cunt offered them. Others lay down and inverted themselves into the sixty-nine position to mutually enjoy sucking each other's cunts. One woman was left without a partner. Mistress Lea felt sorry for her and motioned her to come to her.

She guided the woman to her knees and selflessly permitted her to worship and suck, her wet cunt. The Mistress looked about the room at the women sucking each other's cunts and tits. The woman on Jon's mouth was nearing climax, and she exploded in a mind rendering orgasm, punctuated by her screams, as she savored her first great cum in years. The others were joining her in climaxing from the tongues lapping at their clitorises.

The ladies continued to pleasure one another to multiple orgasms, including the one riding Jon's face. Lea too enjoyed several orgasms from her pupil dutifully sucking at her clitoris. She was pleased at her pupil's accomplishments and applauded them. All had come except the lady sucking her cunt. Lea laid her down and directed each of the ladies to put their tongues on her clitoris until each of them made her cum. " See," she told the reclining woman, "I've saved the best for last! You get to enjoy them all." The woman smiled her thanks, threw her head back and enjoyed the first of many orgasms.

When all the ladies had been satisfied, Mistress Lea returned them to their seats. "Now that you have been reacquainted with lust and pleasure, it's time to move on to newer pleasures. One of you tasted our male Slave for just a few moments," she reminded them, "now it's time, among other things, for each of you to suck this magnificent cock we have at our disposal." She took Jon by his cock and roughly pulled him to a standing position. She placed two pedestals about a yard apart and locked them into place on the stage. Jon was ordered to stand with a foot on each pedestal. Next, she lowered a chain from the ceiling and clasped Jon's wrists into the leather restraints attached to the chain.

She tested the restraints and was satisfied that Jon could not escape, and pulled the chain taut, until Jon was fully extended with a foot on each pedestal. Mistress Lea then tightly fastened Jon's ankles to the pedestals. Jon lowered his head to accommodate his Mistress, knowing that a gag would come next. Lea sneered slightly as she acknowledged Jon's submission and abject helplessness. She placed a ball gag on his mouth and fastened the buckle tightly behind his head. Now, Jon could not cry out, but only groan, moan and endure the torments, and pleasures, to come.

"Novices," began Mistress Lea, "we have before us our miserable Slave who exists, and is here solely, to serve us for our pleasure. The Slave is totally helpless. Although we will visit many torments on his body, rest assured that he craves the pain and lust we shall provide him. He has suffered much today, at the hands of another Mistress, yet he has more discipline and corrections to receive. Intertwined with the torments, will be pleasures, which both he and we, shall enjoy.

"You may pity him, if you must, but be assured he is here to receive these corrections and disciplines of his own free will." She reached out to clasp his balls cruelly in her hand. "Yes," she continued, "these male ornaments have been administered to and are visibly sore, but no matter, they shall ache much more before we are pleased and satisfied." Jon winced with pain as Lea squeezed and twisted his balls while smiling at both his torment, and her students.

" First, he is not to cum until I wish him to!" she declared. "We will bring him to the brink of cumming an infinite number of times before I consent, if at all, to his miserable orgasm. His coming," she explained, "is incidental. Our coming is the only priority! If he comes it is only for our pleasure, not his!"

Lea brought her pupils onto the stage and formed them in a semi-circle behind Jon. She pulled apart Jon's asscheeks, revealing his wrinkled pinkish brown asshole. Instinctively Jon drew his asshole in tight for just a second, then relaxed submissively to await his fate. Lea told two of the ladies to each pull open and hold an asscheek, so she may gain access to Jon's rear orifice. They readily complied and eagerly awaited their Mistress's next action. Lea produced a long thick, strong rubber band. She tied a knot in the rubber band and placed one end of the rubber band on Jon's asshole.

Lea stretched the other end back as far as it would go, smiled wickedly at her pupils and released it to smartly strike Jon's asshole. He groaned in pain as it stung his asshole and braced for the next assault he knew was coming. Lea drew back and released the band again and again, raining stinging blows unmercifully on Jon's asshole. She continued as the moans streamed forth from her gagged victim. When tears began to roll down her Slaves cheeks she stopped and grinned with satisfaction at her handiwork. Her pupils applauded as Jon hung painfully from his restraints.

"There was no specific reason for my beating his asshole with this rubber band," Lea explained, "I just thought of it and wanted to do it, so I did! It was not a planned part of this session. But that is a great part of the pleasure for both the Slave and myself. Not knowing what comes next, only that it will bring pain, but also bring pleasure." The Mistress opened a cabinet at the rear of the stage and withdrew a leather dildo butt plug.

It was about ten inches in length and nearly two and a half inches in diameter. "Guess where this will go, ladies." She said as she began to rub the phallic object with a perfumed lubricant. When she was satisfied with the state of lubrication on the dildo, she placed the tip gently at Jon's asshole, paused a moment for effect, then cruelly drove the instrument deep into Jon's asshole. He groaned and winced with both pain and pleasure. "Whatever you might think," she told the ladies, "he really likes this butt plug phallus. In fact he wears it often while he is here at this facility each weekend."

Lea separated the Novices in pairs and instructed them on how each of them would suck Jon's cock, play with his balls and tweak and twist his nipples, while preventing him from cumming. Those not servicing Jon would service one another, and she encouraged to cum. "Florence, on your knees before the Slave." Commanded Lea. "Play roughly with his balls while you suck his miserable root." Alteisha was assigned to lick, suck, tweak, bite and twist his nipples. Alteisha fell eagerly to her task . Florence knelt uneasily in front of the massive cock before her and seemed hesitant to begin. Under Lea's understanding insistence she opened wide and received the huge cockhead into her mouth. Instantly she relished placing her tongue on its smooth and satiny surface. The cocks' musk was fragrant and overpowering her with desire. She ran her tongue over and around the cockhead and wanted eagerly to envelop it all.

Florence grasped his swollen balls and tickled and squeezed them harshly. Florence marveled at how wonderful it felt to provide such obvious pleasure to her bound Slave, yet with a squeeze here and a bite there, also cause such humiliating pain. Jon writhed under the ministrations of both women sexually molesting, pleasing and tormenting his nipples, cock and balls. Florence, was prodded by Lea and her classmates to deep throat Jon's cock, but try as she might, the cock was too massive to easily fit down her throat.

Jon's could feel his juices stirring deep in his balls, and strain to be released into the majestic staff of his aching cock. He wanted desperately to cum, but knew full well that he must pace himself, to avoid embarrassing his Mistress by coming too soon, thus revealing a flaw in his training. He steeled himself to the task of avoiding an orgasm through trying to discipline his mind to ignore the sucking. His nipples were joyfully receiving both the pain and pleasure of Alteisha's mouth and fingers.

They constantly sent signals to his cock to explode cum throughout Florence's mouth, but he fought hard against releasing his thick milky fluids. His gyrations and moans evidenced to his Mistress that her pupils were performing excellently, their oral and manual stimulation. Lea was visibly pleased at their efforts and ordered them to switch places and continue bestowing their services on the Slave.

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