tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 4

Castleton Ch. 4


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The morning sunlight was streaming through the windows at Castleton. Helpers were busy knocking at the Novices doors, awakening them to the day's activities. "Hurry, breakfast in fifteen minutes," shouted a male helper, going from room to room with his announcement. Soon, the Novices, wearing white terrycloth robes and naked beneath them, were assembled in the hallway and led to the dining room. The dining room was brightly lit with few furnishings. A large oak table, that could seat perhaps thirty, if needed, chairs and a serving table against the wall. Servants appeared from the kitchen, placed food and drinks on the table and disappeared again. No one spoke during the morning meal. June opened her mouth, to speak, but a Helper put his finger on her lips and shook his head, indicating that no speech was permitted. Quietly they ate their food, drank the juice, tea or coffee offered them and waited.

Mistress Lea entered the room and moved to the head of the table. She wore a white satin hooded robe with only her nipple rings and silver cuntlips bell, beneath it. "Good morning," she began, "I trust you slept well. You may place additional disinfectant on your recently pierced nipples, and I strongly suggest that you do. You'll find it on the table that held the breakfast foods," Lea said. "Ladies," began Lea, "this is Mistress Lira. She will begin your instruction during the morning hours and I will provide your afternoon training. The evenings are reserved for the Masters and Mistresses in the Great Hall. I leave you now to your lessons." Lea departed, and all attention was riveted on Mistress Lira.

Lira inspected each Novice's nipples to see if any infection may be starting. Her manner was not gentle and the ladies all stifled little moans as Lira grasped and twisted their nipple rings to complete her inspection. "Good. No problems from the piercing. Here is a bottle of disinfectant and some cotton balls for your use. Rub the disinfectant into the ring holes to be sure they stay clean. Ignore the sting." Mistress Lira covered the history of the Order of the Marquis. "It began long ago in England as a religious sect, which eventually became secular, as the emphasis focused on sexuality, corrections and discipline. The complete name of the Order is, 'Our Order of the Marquis'. Over the years the name was shortened, and now it is generally referred to as the Order.

"In the early twenties a very wealthy man was elected Grand Master. Castleton was the family dwelling of that Grand Master. He was the last of his lineage, with no heirs. He moved the Order to its permanent home here, at Castleton. This is the home of all elected Grand Masters or Mistress's. Castleton may not be sold, nor partitioned. The Grand Masters live here in accord with the will and ownership passes to the next Grand Master/Mistress of the Order."

"I will begin with the Rules of the Order. Any breech or infraction of the Rules automatically carries a penalty of correction, discipline or punishment. The Rules are few, but extremely important. Listen carefully.

"First; request permission to speak.

"Second; you will respond with Yes Master, or Yes Mistress, to all commands.

"Third; you will not cum, nor participate in activities that lead to orgasm, without permission.

"Fourth; semen will never be wasted, it must always be consumed.

"Fifth; you will be naked under your robe at all times.

"These are the Rules. One would be wise to obey them. At times, other rules may be added as it may please a Master or Mistress," concluded Lira. Finally, Lira began the instruction of the arts of sexual pleasures practiced within the Order. "During the coming weeks you will be taught the arts of masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, sodomy, use of sexual aids, such as dildos and butt plugs, and the most pleasurable ways to fondle, kiss, lick, nurse and stimulate cocks, cunts, assholes, tits, nipples, lips and mouths. In class, you will practice your newly acquired arts on each other and, where necessary, with male or female Helpers. Occasionally, a Master or Mistress may visit and decide to participate in your training."

After lunch, the Novices assembled back in Mistress Lea's classroom. Lea began instructing them on the use of various instruments that administer correction, discipline or punishment. They were shown wrist and ankle restraints, neck collars, waistbands and all manner of chains, ropes, ball gags, cock sheaths, nipple clamps, butt plugs, dildos and other instruments or appliances. Their uses and method of application were explained. Next, Lea brought out an assortment of whips, straps, canes, switches, paddles and special devices such as cock rings, cock and ball restraints, and other genital torture devices. She described situations that required the use of those instruments and showed them how to apply the articles to a Slave, Helper or Novice. The Novices were taught the proper techniques that would prolong the pain and pleasure for both the receiver, and the provider, of the correction, discipline or punishment. To demonstrate and illustrate the lessons, Mistress Lea said she would use a male and female Helper that had broken the rules.

Mistress Lea opened a curtain revealing two 'X' frames equipped with several restraints for wrists, ankles, necks and heads. She paused for effect then summoned Helpers to bring in the male and female that would be 'Corrected' for rules violations. They were naked. Each was placed upon an 'X' frame and restrained securely by their wrists and ankles. Each wore a ball gag and the fear in their eyes was amply evident. "These two rogue Helpers are Helga and Michael, they were caught engaging in sexual activities without permission," said Lea. "They were found naked, in the basement of the Carriage House engaged in an uncompleted act of mutual oral sex, a sixty nine, if you will," she continued. "You ladies will provide the corrective actions necessary to ensure that such behavior will not happen again!" Lea paused for a moment then continued. "Michael swears that Helga was an unwilling participant, hence, he will receive the brunt of the Correction. Helga will receive a reminder that will help her to avoid getting into such compromising situations in the future. Although I'm not really sure that Helga was an unwilling participant, however, I'll take Michael's word for it."

Lea picked up a small, two-inch wide, leather paddle whip. She stood next to Michael and fondled his now flaccid cock. "Myrna, please come here and service this worthless cock," Lea commanded. Myrna rose swiftly, kneeled in front of Michael and took his cock into her mouth. She worked her tongue all over his velvety cockhead as Michael squirmed in his restraints. As his cock became fully erect, Lea moved Myrna away from the bound Helper. Michael's eyes were closed, enjoying the pleasure of Myrna's tongue, as Lea raised the paddle whip high in the air and delivered a cruel blow to his vulnerable cockhead. The Helper screamed in pain, as Mistress Lea harshly struck his cock again. She smiled at the Helpers discomfort and handed the whip to Myrna. "You may bestow five harsh strokes, Myrna, then pass the whip to the next Novice," Lea told her.

Myrna grinned as she took the whip and swung it hard against Michael's cock. She applied the five strokes to his cockhead then passed the whip to Ella, to the accompaniment of Michael's sobs and cries. Ella stung Michael's cockshaft with five hard blows and gave the whip to Altiesha. She watched the throbbing cock swelling from the torment then she savagely struck him on his ball sack. The scream emitted from the Helper was blood curdling! He slumped in his restraints as Alteisha ravaged his exposed balls until they swelled and turned a deep purple shade. She passed the paddle to the next Novice who pummeled Michael's cock and balls with her five strokes. One by one all the Novices took a turn whipping, beating and scourging Michael's genitals until they were a swollen bleeding mass of purple flesh hanging between his legs. He hung his head down, hanging limply from his restraints, moaning, sobbing and blubbering into his ball gag, barely conscious.

Attention now turned to Helga, whimpering in her restraints at the expected 'Correction' she would soon receive. Lea reached out to gently rub Helga's nipple, as she called Florence to come stand beside her. Helga's whimpering, soon became moans of pleasure as Lea's fingertips rubbed the sensitive nipple. When Helga closed her eyes to enjoy the delight at her nipple, Lea gripped the nipple tightly with her thumb and forefinger and pulled, twisted and pinched harshly at the tender flesh. Helga squealed with the pleasure/pain at her nipple, but she could feel her cunt becoming moist. Lea motioned for Florence to grasp both of Helga's nipples and continue the torment. Florence grabbed the soft rosy nipples and continued pulling and twisting them harshly. Lea brought forth two five-foot chains with a grim clamp on each end. She placed the chains through a steel ring hanging down from a ceiling chain and fastened a clamp on each of Helga's nipples, tightening them securely. Helga winced as the clamps bit into her nipples.

Next, Lea attached the clamps on the other ends, tightly, to Michael's nipples. She pulled the ceiling chain up until it was taut, pulling both Helga's and Michael's nipples brutally upward. Both Helpers groaned loudly from the pain at their nipples. Mistress Lea selected a two-inch wide leather strap and gave it to Florence. "You may award her five very hard strokes. One to each asscheek, one to each tit and a final blow upward into her cunt! Begin now!" Lea commanded. Florence struck at Helga's asscheeks and she winced as her soft white skin turned a bright pink. Helga bucked and jerked as the blows landed, pulling the nipple chains savagely on both her and Michael's nipples. Both screamed into their ball gags from the pain. Next, Florence struck hard blows on Helga's tits and watched excitedly as the Helpers nipple clamps pulled and bit brutally at both their nipples. Tears ran freely from the Helpers eyes, as the pain became unbearable. Florence took aim at Helga's soft, tender cunt and brought the strap upward, brutalizing the girls' cuntlips and swollen clit.

The strap was passed to the next Novice and Helga's 'correction' was resumed. Again and again the cruel strap pummeled the girls' asscheeks, tits, cunt and clit. Helga's tits and genitals were welted and becoming a deep crimson shade from the beating they were receiving. Both Michael's, and Helga's, nipples were bruised, scratched and bleeding from the jerking nipple clamps, as the girl bucked with each stroke of the strap. Both of the Helpers were crying openly as they moaned and sobbed in pain from their 'Correction'. When the last of the Novices finished with Helga's 'Correction', Mistress Lea returned them to their seats. The curtain was drawn closed again to the agonizing sounds of the tormented Helpers, and of people removing the 'corrected' Helpers from their 'X' frames. Mistress Lea precluded any further discussion of the 'Corrections' and resumed instructing the Novices.

Time and the days progressed swiftly at Castleton. The Novices spent two months learning the ways of training, corrections, discipline, and punishment. The time was spent honing their skills to please the Masters and Mistresses. They learned all known sexual techniques by practicing them on each other, and with Slaves or Helpers brought in expressly for that purpose. Evenings normally involved performing services in the Great Hall, for the various Masters and Mistresses that lived at Castleton, or had come to visit. Usually, there were eight to ten Masters and Mistresses available each night. Occasionally, a Novice would be summoned to the private chambers of a Member for solitary personal services, dwelling mainly on sex, bondage and discipline. Mistress Lea had told them, that each would eventually be selected to perform individual service, called Ordeals, at an assembly of the Masters and Mistresses. The reward, following the Ordeal, would be the achievement of Slave status. Each of the Novices wondered, with some fear, when it would be their turn. They did not have long to wait!

Mistress Lea called the class to order. "Ladies," she began, "I have wonderful news. Our Grand Master has declared that the individual training Ordeals will commence this very night! One of you has been selected to serve the Order this evening, in the Great Hall before the Members, Slaves, Helpers and the other Novices. The individual Novice, chosen by the Grand Master, will prepare for her Ordeal. Following the Ordeal, the Grand Master will award her to a Master or Mistress as their Slave." Mistress Lea gazed over the Novices until her eyes rested on Ruth. She smiled at her, "Ruth, you will be the first."

Ruth was surprised at being selected first. She asked for permission to speak and it was granted, "Why was I selected first, Mistress Lea?"

"I don't know," Lea replied. "It was the Grand Masters decision. We do not ask the why of his decisions. We merely obey. Come let us prepare." The rest of the Novices were dismissed except for Ruth who followed Mistress Lea to a bedroom on the third floor of the Great House. Once there, Mistress Lea selected a blue satin robe from the wardrobe and placed it near the bed. "You will wear this tonight, Ruth," Lea told her. "Lie down and rest. When it's time, a Helper will come to you, shave your cunt smooth, help you bathe and perfume you. Later, at the appointed time, four Slaves will come for you and escort you to the Great Hall." Mistress Lea kissed Ruth's cheek and smiled, "Congratulations. I'm sure you will serve the Order well."

Lea cupped Ruth's chin momentarily, smiled and left, closing the door behind her. Ruth heard the key turn in the lock as she lay down to rest, and to mentally prepare for her ordeal as best as she could. She tried, but could not sleep. Her mind was racing as she wondered how she would fare as the first Novice selected. Would she be able to withstand the pain? Would there be a sexual segment to the ceremony? Would she cry, scream or moan? These thoughts, and others, kept her from getting the rest she knew that she needed. There was no clock to tell the time. There was only the waiting, which seemed to be endless. After a while, Ruth anxiously hoped that the Helper would arrive to commence her service. After what seemed to be eons, Ruth heard a key in the lock. A Helper entered carrying a pitcher and a large bowl.

Without speaking he began drawing the bath water, then filled a bowl with hot water and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed. A large towel was placed on the bed and the Helper motioned Ruth to slide onto the towel. Ruth lifted the bed covers and slid onto the towel. She was naked, but the Helper appeared not to notice. He removed his white robe and stood naked next to the bed, obviously aroused by Ruth's nakedness and the beauty of her body. He placed a hand towel into the hot water, withdrew it then placed it on Ruth's crotch to soften the slight growth of hair surrounding her cunt. Next he placed a shaving mug, brush and razor next to Ruth. His cock grew large and hard as he began to shave Ruth's cunt hair. Silently, he completed this task and helped Ruth into the bathtub. He perfumed the bath water and helped her to wash her hair, lather her body and rinse clean. The Helper assisted Ruth from the tub to dry her hair and body. He perfumed her underarms, cunt, tits and between the cheeks of her ass. Finally, he placed the blue satin robe over Ruth's shoulders, put on his robe, bowed and left the room closing the door behind him.

Soon, the door opened again revealing four hooded figures waiting to escort Ruth to the ceremony in the Great Hall. They were dressed in the white robes trimmed with red satin. Ruth knew these were the markings of a Slaves' robe. A Slave motioned for her to join them and Ruth obeyed instantly. It was night, as the escorts marched her silently down the stairs to the closed door of the Great Hall. A Slave knocked once on the door and it opened. A Mistress, in the red satin robe of a Member, bade them enter. Ruth could hear the Mistress's silver cunt lip bell softly ringing under her robe. Ruth was quickly taken into the Great Hall, which was illuminated by a spotlight over the stage. On the stage, she could see a bed, chair, stool and the spot where the post would rise from the center of the stage. Chains were hanging from the ceiling with manacles suspended from them. Ruth shuddered as she climbed the steps onto the stage and was turned to face the assembled Members. The Grand Master sat regally on the Phallic Throne, dressed as before, in a black leather hood, G-string, and a black and red satin robe draped over his otherwise naked body. He rose to speak.

"Ruth, you have been selected this night to suffer your conversion from Novice to Slave. You may, at your discretion, cry out, scream or beg, but be aware that the ceremony will not stop until it is completed!" he stated in a booming voice. "Upon suffering your conversion, you will become the property of Mistress Endora, who will perform the Rite of Conversion. There are three mandatory portions to the ritual. One, suffer and enjoy the whip. Two, be securely bound. Three suffer or enjoy sexual torments to be visited upon your lovely body. Of course Mistress Endora may employ additional instruments or activities for her pleasure and ours, at her discretion. Time is not involved, nor measured. Your Mistress decides all." The Grand Master returned to his Phallic Throne and gestured for the ceremony to begin.

When the Helpers removed the blue satin robe, the Members gasped at the beauty of Ruth's body. Her tits were firm and thrust out. The nipples were taut, extended and erect. They seemed to grow even harder as Endora gently rubbed her fingers over the rose colored little peaks, pulling playfully at the rings embedded through her nipples. Ruth shuddered momentarily and thrust her chest outward even more, to receive the delightful caresses. Endora's hands explored Ruth's body, lightly passed over her clean-shaven cunt, scarcely touching her upright clitoris. The fingers paused momentarily on the tip of her clit as Ruth felt her passion and lust begin to build. Endora quickly noticed that Ruth's clit was fully engorged and projected outward so that its tip could be seen protruding above her outer cuntlips. She smiled as Ruth buckled slightly when her finger passed over her throbbing clit. Ruth was fully aroused and breathing heavily as Mistress Endora motioned to the Helpers to bind Ruth in the manacles.

Ruth's arms were raised over her head and her wrists placed in the manacles. The devices were cushioned on the inside to prevent the metal from cutting into her flesh. Her feet were spread wide apart, manacles placed on her ankles and fastened to rings on the stage. The chains were pulled taut until Ruth could barely touch the stage floor with her feet. Her arms were spread wide apart and she stood spread-eagled before the assembled Members. Mistress Endora wrapped a wide leather strap, studded with steel rings, about Ruth's waist. Next she hung tiny-weighted silver bells on the rings in Ruth's nipples. The weights, suspended from the tiny bell clappers, had additional small hook eyes at their ends, and Ruth quivered at the thought of more weights being attached to them to increase her pain, but also her joy.

Endora nodded to the Helpers and they rushed to remove her red satin robe revealing a magnificently shaped body, with shapely upright tits and protruding nipples. She wore tiny silver bells on both her nipple rings and in the ring through her cuntlips. The little bells peeled crisply as she moved like a predator around her bound and helpless victim.

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