tagBDSMCasual Acquaintances Ch. 03

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 03


* * * Part Three * * *

I'm standing in front of the mirror and feeling rather ridiculous, wearing nothing but a skin tight, dark red pair of cycling shorts, a t-shirt in the same colour at least as tight, and girlish pink trainers with silver bows. My eyes critically roam up and down my mirror image, take in how noticeable my labia and nipples stand out through the thin fabric, and I'm feeling less and less secure. I take up the slip of paper once more and sigh, my mistress knew why she underlined the words "nothing else" twice.

My eyes search for the wall clock. Five minutes still - unless she wants me to make me wait longer, it's her right as my mistress, and sometimes she does just that, knowing that while I'm waiting for her all kinds of erotic fantasies run through my head, exciting me, mixed with fearful imaginations of painful punishments. The muted clanging of keys can be heard through the closed front door, and I drop to my knees, spread my legs apart as far as I can, arch my back to make my breasts jut out more and look at the floor. "Welcome home, Mistress!"

She comes closer, and I have to fight to keep my eyes down, because I can barely hear her steps. Normally, the clacking of her heels tells me exactly where she is at any given moment, but not today. A strange feeling runs through my stomach while she slowly circles me.

"You've gained weight." A cold, clinical assessment that hits me completely unprepared. My head twitches in the direction of her voice.

"Eyes to the floor!" Suddenly, fingers roughly grab the hints of puppy fat on my hips, and I pull in the air with a hiss while the fingers press harder and harder.

"Is that how you thank me for taking you in and keeping you? By being lazy when I'm away and stuffing sweets into your no-good mouth instead of keeping your body - my property - nice and fit?"

I feel the blood rushing into my cheeks and my eyes grow moist. "But Mistress..."

It's all I manage to say before her hand lands in my face with a loud smack and leaves a burning mark on my cheek. I whimper.

"I did not allow you to speak!" She hisses at me, and I close my eyes for a moment. Something rustles behind me, and then I feel her breasts press into my back and fingers closing around my throat. My heart starts to beat like mad, it's such a simple touch, but she couldn't express our roles more explicitly.

"You got lucky," she whispers into my ear, while her other hand roams between my legs and adept fingers caress my nether lips through the fabric, "I should punish you, but instead I have decided to give your fitness a leg up." Her fingers rub and pinch my labia even harder, and I can't stop my excited moans. "How do you like that?" she asks and nibbles on my ear lobe.

I moan louder and mumble "thank you, Mistress" and my hips move rhythmically to meet her fingers. Suddenly she stands up, slightly pulling me backwards, and I loose my balance and find myself lying on the floor like a helpless turtle, looking up to her with a startled expression. The corners of her mouth twitch upwards, she raises a leg and presses down on my right nipple with the tip of her foot. She looks deeply into my eyes and rotates her foot.

"We are going to spend some time out in the fresh air today, my little klutz," she tells me brightly, "and I'm sure you will love it. So get up, don't lie around on the floor so lazy, hurry out into the car and get onto the passenger seat!" Relieved, I jump up and say dutifully "yes, Mistress" and am quickly on my way outside towards the car, yet I'm too slow, as I can still hear her instruction: "Take off your shorts before you sit down!"

Arriving at the car, a magnificent, obscenely expensive black convertible, I look at the passenger seat with a frown. The seating is covered with a black, shiny coating of black rubber that has two rounded bumps in the middle, each roughly two inches high and equally as wide. While I climb into the car I stealthily look around to see if there is anybody watching me, but to my relief the street is deserted. Quickly, and with dark red cheeks, I push down the shorts and seat myself in the car, pull in my legs, close the door and gasp. I stare at the seat with wide eyes, where the two knobs that now push directly at my pussy and anus have started to vibrate.

It seems like ages until my Mistress finally arrives too, long minutes in which it gets exceedingly harder to restrain myself. The vibrating balls massage my pussy, tickle my bum hole, get me more and more excited, and I feel my snatch growing wetter each second. I breath deeper and pray that no neighbour gets the idea to amble down the the walkway right now. I moan quietly as my mistress opens the door on the driver's side and throws a scrutinizing glance between my legs.

She lick her lips and grins at me while she enters the car. "Very nice, you will have lots of fun while we drive."

The door snaps shut and the motor roars to life, then I'm pressed into the seat and the vibrations on my lust centers increase. "By the way," her voice gloats over the driving noise, "you'll be sorry if you dare to cum while we are driving!"

The drive lasts quite long, a lot longer than I expected. At first I am content to sit on the passenger seat with a dreamy expression, enjoying the stimulation. She forbids me to close my eyes, and the stronger my excitement grows, the harder it becomes to follow this instruction. I start to sweat, my legs tremble, my slick juice poors from my pussy in streams and fills the interior of the car with the smell of my horniness. I'm constantly moaning now, and it takes all of my power to keep my body in check.

We suddenly come to a stop, but the hope that we might have arrived at our destination instantly goes out the window as I see a red traffic light next to us. We're on the left track, and to our right, next to me, another car stops. The driver, a respectable looking woman around forty, looks over. Her eyes meet mine and I look down at the floor feeling caught. I don't want to see what she thinks about my sweaty appearance, my reddened cheeks and my glassy eyes.

"Smile at her!" My mistress barks at me, and I gulp, my hands beginning to tremble. I look at her again and curl my lips to form what I hope to be a convincing smile. One of mistress' determined fingers finds my clit, applies light pressure on it and, involuntarily, I arch my back and moan. The stranger's eyes widen, and the shame pumps fresh blood into my cheeks - but my pussy, traitorous as ever, loves this humiliation, it shivers and spits out even more nectar. I hoarsely whisper "oh my god" and pray that the traffic lights turn green soon, but for now they are red and the finger starts to draw small circles on my clit.

I'm a defenceless victim of my own body, a body that reacts with boundless arousal to the situation, and my nipples, trying to poke through the t-shirt's fabric like small spearheads, give away how horny I am. I moan louder and louder and stare at the woman with glassy eyes, and she looks back at me with a mix of shock and fascination written in her face.

"Pinch your nipples, pull them, show her how randy you are" whispers my mistress's voice. Without thinking my hands fly to my tits, gripping my pulsating nipples with their fingers and squeeze them, twirl them, pull them outward. I pant as waves of shame and lust roll over me, I'm only fractions from cumming, I can feel the orgasm building.

"Stop!" My mistress orders me, and I'm once more pressed into my seat by the speed up and we're driving again. I gasp for breath and lower my hands to my thighs. My whole body is shivering and I have to concentrate with all my power to keep myself from climaxing.

"So it makes you horny to show off yourself in front of complete strangers, to let them see what a little slut you are." My mistress' voice is sober, which heightens the shame coursing through my body even more. "What are you?" She asks me, and it takes a moment until I can sort my thoughts enough to answer.

Two fingers quickly grab hold of one of my nipples and squeeze it painfully. I whimper and quickly shout my answer. "A slut, Mistress!"

The pressure increases, and her fingernails dig painfully into my erect nipple. "Whose little slut?"

"Yours, your little slut, Mistress!" I answer while I fight for breath and against the pain. It burns like fire.

The pain recedes a bit, but she doesn't completely let go of my teat, instead she starts to twirl it around and pulls on it. "You can do better than that. Try a little harder!"

"I - I'm your little cunt-craving slut, Mistress, who gets incredibly aroused by showing off and humiliating herself in front of women she doesn't even know!" I manage to respond between little moans, and I squirm on the seat like a bitch in heat, pressing my pussy hard onto the vibrating rubber. With a jolt I become aware that it is too quiet around me, that we aren't moving any more, that cool air brushes over my naked, wet pussy, and I look to the driver's side with a startled expression. The window is open, and I recognize a young woman who is leaning on the door and looking at me with a sardonic grin.

It's the little redheaded minx from the sex shop, and she has heard every single word of my shameful declaration. She lifts an eyebrow, and my mistress' finger once more presses down on my clit, rubs and pinches it.

"Come!" my mistress orders.

Her finger increases its pressure on my clit, and while my eyes widen in shock and my eyes travel to the redhead, who stares at me with unrestrained hunger, I ask myself for a short moment how she always manages to wash away all my inhibitions with a few words. The redhead's eyes lock with mine, I can't look away, I feel frozen like a deer in the headlights, and I gasp. My mistress' fingernails pinch my clit and a giant wave of hot lust shoots through my pussy. I can not suppress a scream and start to pant, I cum like crazy, shaking and twitching all over from horniness, one minute, two, I can't say how long. Finally the orgasm lets me out of its grasp, and, my skin still tingling, I slump against the backrest and struggle for air.

"Sweet, she really obeys you to the letter," the redhead comments.

"Well, at least if it concerns that one thing," my mistress observes with a smug grin. I look at the floor, feeling ashamed, and become more and more conscious of my nudity.

The redhead sniggers. "Have you brought everything with you?" My mistress affirms we have, and the minx states: "You can't leave the car like that, though."

"Right..." my mistress regards me pensively, "Chrissie?"

My head snaps upwards. "Yes, Mistress?" I look at her questioningly, and she glanzes slightly impatient between my legs. I follow her eyes and have to think what she might intend me to do, then I become aware of my swollen pussy and my moist thighs. I lift my butt from the seat and look below, where the rubber knobs protrude like little islands from puddles of my lust juices. "Oh!" I remark quietly and wring my hands, then I ask cautiously: "What should I wipe it up with, Mistress?"

The little minx sniggers louder. "She's absolutely hilarious!"

As I look at my mistress, about to express my indignation with the redhead, when she demonstratively sticks out her tongue and taps her finger to it, and I slowly gulp and nod. In slow motion I slide down on my knees in the foot space, my cheeks glowing from the humiliation that is about to come. I bend forward and take a deep breath, then I begin to lap up my musky love nectar from the slick rubber. From the corners of my eyes I can see my mistress smiling and the redhead fondling her own tits. One of my mistress' hands strokes over my hair, and her voice whispers: "You love that, don't you, my little ever-horny slut girl?"

It isn't really a question, and I nod and lick and slurp with abandon, perform a play for them, I'm trying with all I have to be exactly that ever-horny little slut they want to see, and my pussy is once more all hot and moist.

* * * To be continued * * *

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