tagBDSMCasual Acquaintances Ch. 04

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 04


For a short moment I dare to hope the worst part of the trip might be over, but I soon find out that this was really was just wishful thinking. As soon as I've gotten off the car - still naked from the waist down and almost panicking in fear that strangers might see me like this - I'm being pulled through the back door into a black van by the redhead. I pretend to struggle a bit, but, truth to be told, I can't vanish into the safety of the windowless back of the vehicle fast enough. The little one is stronger than she seems. One of her hands has my wrist in a vice-like grip and pulls me forward, while the other has grabbed one of my butt cheeks and pushes, burying her nails deep in my soft skin. Before I have time to look around, I'm an all fours on the floor of the van, which, heaven be thanked, is cushioned. In front of me is a very low table-like construction built from metal and black plastic, which appears to be hard mounted to the van, and about two feet above I can see criss-crossing chrome tubing. The car hi-fi plays a dark electronic instrumental tune. Things look foreboding.

The redhead takes off my t-shirt, though she takes her time with it and brushes her fingers over every inch of my newly uncovered skin. "It's a wonder your nipples haven't pierced holes into your top yet!" I blush under the casual comment. "Now scuttle forward, slut, until your tits are over the table."

Being ordered around by someone so much younger than me is something I still haven't gotten accustomed to, and my skin feels like being wrapped in a tingling blanket. I move forward, a little awkward, and thread my upper body between the table and the tubing. Two handles are set into the floor behind it, about shoulder width apart, and as soon I recognize the leather cuffs attached to them I don't need an invitation to wrap my hands around them. A cool fingertip traces through my butt crack and circles my sphincter, and I shudder and moan quietly.

"You can hardly wait until we start, can't you?" The comment is dry. "If you knew..."

In the meantime, my Mistress has taken up residence on the passenger seat and is now watching us with a mix of interest and amusement. Her eyes regularly stray to my breasts which, dangling freely, appear much larger than if I was standing upright. I know she loves that sight, and I lightly wiggle my upper body for her. The short twitching in the corners of her eyes tells me that she has understood my gesture. She smiles and licks her lips.

Smack. I gasp as a painful hot spot appears on my butt. "Hold still, hussy, or we'll never get going."

The girl walks around the car to the side door, from where she fixates the cuffs around my wrists, then she threads additional straps through d-rings on each cuff and knots those to the handles. As hard as I try, I can't move my hands even a fracture of an inch. My Mistress smiles, and the redhead vanishes from my view again.

Well, I tell myself, spending the drive kneeling and naked should be a walk in the park compared to the exciting drive here, bound hands or not. I should have known better. New leather straps wrap around my thighs just above my knees, then my legs are pushed apart until I can no longer suppress a shriek because it hurts so much. I hear a loud clicking noise, and then my knees won't move at all. The minx has attached a spreader bar between them and pushed my thighs so far outward that my pussy almost touches the floor. The muscles in my hip begin to tremble, and I try to breath deep and slowly and will my body to relax, just barely avoiding a cramp.

"Comfortable?" The girl asks, and I only snort, exasperated, though that is a mistake. There are two loud smacks, and were it not for the binds holding my hands and keeping me in place, I'd have toppled over. Again she asks, this time with a hissing voice: "Comfortable?"

I lower my head and quietly tell her "yes, Madame!"

She accepts that with a satisfied giggle and softly strokes my pussy, which is stretched open so vulgarly right in front of her. "It's got to be comfortable, otherwise your little snatch here wouldn't be leaking in torrents. Perhaps we should put a bowl under it while we drive."

Her fingernails dance up and down my back softly, and I'm torn by her cynical description and the wonderful touches. I moan very quietly, arch my back and feel my pussy grow constantly moister.

"Do you think she'd like it," the girl asks my Mistress, "if we collected her cunt slime in bowl for a whole day and have her lick it all up?"

The image alone ignites a blazing fire between my legs, and I gasp. Loudly. My Mistress' grin is wide. "I'm really sure she would. Hmmm..." She tilts her head and spears my eyes with her gaze, I can almost hear the wheels turning in her head. "Though that is something that should be celebrated in front of a bigger audience."

My heart starts to beat like a drum. Bigger audience? Until now our games had almost always been limited to the two of us, with the exception of the redhead as a new occasional player.

"You already got someone specific in mind?" A rough note of excitement resonates in the redhead's voice.

"I'm not completely sure... perhaps there is someone."

"It should be someone who knows our little slut here, she'd appreciate it all the more then."

I start to feel light headed. Someone familiar? The though that one of my girl friends or colleagues might see me like that is almost unbearable, and I try to tell myself that those waves of heat shooting through my cunt aren't there at all. It would be so humiliating! "By no means!"

Before I even realize that I have expressed my protest out loud the redhead's flat hand rains down new blows on my already sore butt. "Did anyone allow you to talk?" She hisses at me while she pulls painfully on my hair, making my tip my head back and look directly into my Mistress' displeased face.

It takes me a few seconds to gather my thoughts and control the urge to sob, and only as I whimper "I'm so sorry Madame, please, I'm sorry" does she stop. My backside feels like it is a burning torch.

Through my slightly misty eyes I see my mistress nod, then I hear a metallic rustling behind me. Something snaps into place with a click, and suddenly my legs are pulled upwards, accompanied by renewed rustling. My body swings back and forth, and I let loose a startled shriek, which the redhead comments on with a dry "no self control, the slut!" The swinging slows down, and a glance behind my shoulder shows me that my legs are held a foot above the floor by a chain attached to the spreader bar. A good part of my weight now rests on my outstretched arms, and I pray that the drive won't last too long.

Satisfied with her work, she gives me a final slap on the butt and smiles as my body begins to swing again.

"Perfect." She grins, and my mistress first nods at her, then lifts a questioning eyebrow. Both stare at me in thought, and I blush.

Suddenly the corner of my mistress' mouth twitches, and she starts to rummage through something in front of her, hidden from my sight by the backrest. Triumphantly she holds up a black item with straps. I gulp audibly.

"We wouldn't want her to babble all the time while we drive, now would we, Chrissie," her gaze challenges me, "with all the problems with self control we know she has."

I mutter a submissive "of course, Mistress" and try not to stare at the mean looking gag. It has a tube in middle, a good two inches in diameter and equally as long, which is certainly supposed to go in mouth, and is sealed in the front with a plate bearing lots of small holes.

The minx once more comes to the front part of the loading space and smiles. One hand takes the gag, the other is put under my chin and draws the lines of slightly opened lips. Then she leans really close to me, and I can feel her hot, sweet breath against my cheek. It's getting so hard to suppress the moan rising in my throat. She sticks her thumb into my mouth and I begin to suckle, which she honours by nibbling on my ear lobe. I finally moan, and she giggles.

"Oh Lord, you are one horny little piggy! You'd probably cum if I only let you suckle my fingers long enough, wouldn't you? Or my toes, mmmmhhh," she smiles with a dreamy look, "I love that image, you kneeling nude in front of me and cleaning my dirty, sweaty feet with your tongue." After the gentle touches, her words feel like a slap in the face. My pussy twitches and my skin burns. She can read my eyes like a book and laughs loud. "You're incredible! Open wide!"

My mouth opens willingly for her, and I look up at her with wide eyes as she puts the gag between my lips. I have to stretch my jaw uncomfortably. My tongue gets enclosed by the tube, which is distinctly narrower on the inside, and when she fastens the the straps behind my back with a yank, I breath out sharply through the holes in the gag. My effort to tell her that the straps are cutting into my cheeks and hurting only produces an incomprehensible, half hissing, half gurgling noise, and to keep myself from slobbering through the gag I stop my protests.

I have enough time to get accustomed to my awkward situation while she leans into the passenger side and whispers to Mistress about something or other. The manner in which she has bound me is in fact rather mean. As soon as I bend my body a bit it is pulled back into its original position by the chain on the spreader bar. My arms are barely more than two rods that hold my body away from the table, and the gag thoroughly prevents any articulation. I have to control the speed of my breath and make sure to keep my head in the correct position to avoid drooling through it. Both women whisper on and fiddle with something I can't see, and over the music I can't hear a single noise from them. My shoulders are already getting stiff, and a queasy feeling settles in my stomach as I think about the upcoming drive.

Finally, after endless minutes, the girl comes back and caresses my cheek. "Were you a good girl, sweetie?"

I grunt through the gag because that is such a dumb question, and this amuses her. Her lips touch my forehead with a soft, warm breath, and I close my eyes for a short moment. And open them instantly, wide and questioning, as her fingers do something to my ears. She sticks something soft into both ear cups and the sounds become muted.

"We wouldn't want you getting bored." There it is again, that smile that doesn't bode well.

A soft swoosh fills my ears as she pushes the door shut and walks around the car. Then a clicking noise, and while the van starts to move and I stiffen my arms to avoid swaying like mad, I can hear my own voice.

"I - I'm your little cunt-craving slut, Mistress, who gets incredibly aroused by showing off and humiliating herself in front of women she doesn't even know!" It sounds so foreign, dirty and humiliating, but the words leave no doubt to me that it was me who said them. My Mistress looks at me over the backrest of her seat and laughs, and my pussy gushes. Now it is her voice that came from the ear plugs. "You love that, don't you, my little ever-horny slut girl?" And then the redhead's. "Do you think she'd like it if we collected her cunt slime in bowl for a whole day and have her lick it all up?" A short pause. "Oh Lord, you are one horny little piggy...I love that image, you kneeling nude in front of me and cleaning my dirty, sweaty feet with your tongue."

We turn into the main street and I sway to the side, which causes a heave pull in my shoulder. I can hear my own voice again, my declaration of horniness and shameless exhibitionism. They assembled the fragments into an endless tape, or whatever one calls that nowadays with that digital stuff. The front windows show me the trees rushing by, and I have to shut my eyes to avoid getting sick from the motion.

I sway from side to side, and after a few minutes my arms start to feel like lead, so I finally decide to rest my upper body on the small table - after all, the minx never forbade me to do so. For a short moment I let out a relieved breath as the weight on my arms vanishes and the swaying diminishes, but suddenly thousands of small painful needle prick my tits. Startled and breathing heavily I shoot back up, spittle running down my chin. I didn't see it in the semi darkness, but the table's surface isn't smooth. It must be made from something rough, like a spiked sanding paper. I try to relax my body a bit, but the voices from the earphones send me obscene images of myself. "Do you think she'd like it if we collected her cunt slime in bowl for a whole day and have her lick it all up?" My pussy spasms.

I curse the redhead. How long will the drive last? The road gets more bumpy as we go, and my arms start to tremble. Time and time again they buckle a bit, but as soon as my nipples grind over the rough table surface I jerk upwards and grunt and drool through the gag. "...kneeling nude in front of me and cleaning my dirty, sweaty feet with your tongue..." Slowly my whole body starts to tremble and to hurt, but my depraved conscious distracts itself by concentrating on the words from the tape. Every sentence sends fresh horny waves pulsating through my cunt. My thighs feel soppy, as does my chin. I imagine what I must look like to my Mistress and the girl, and I get even more randy.

We must have turned into a gravel road at some point, because the swaying doesn't slow down any more, and every movement makes my nipples grind across the torturous table. It hurts worse now, like being electrocuted there, but in my state between horny bliss and total exhaustion my body has decided to accept it as something unbelievably exciting. I sweat and tremble and grunt and spittle while I imagine myself kneeling before the redhead, worshipping her feet with my tongue, or being watched by all my girl friends as I lap up my cunt juice. Coloured lights start to dance before my eyes, and I can't endure it any more, my arm bend, my tits slap on the table and my legs jerk around in futile attempts to rub against my pulsating pussy. Suddenly, through the haze, I sense that it is too quiet. As I open my eyes I see the redhead kneel on the driver's seat, watching me. While she looks deep into my eyes something thick and hard is shoved into my pussy. A shock wave of lust travels through me, and as a finger presses mercilessly into my pucker, another one. I cum like mad, wave after wave, as my Mistress fucks me with a dildo, I cum harder and harder, and I believe I'm flying.

It takes an eternity full of wonderful bliss until the tremors subside, and I'm quite sure I must have passed out at one point.

My breath is still laboured and occasional twitches shake my body, while I register through a fog that my Mistress releases the chain and spreader bar so my feet settle back on the floor. The girl frees my hands and takes off the gag, and my Mistress pulls me back to her body and wraps her arms around me. That feels so good, so secure. I sigh contently, turn my head and kiss her full of love. Then I kiss the girl and think how different she takes. I giggle.

The redhead hands me a bottle of lemonade and winks at me. "You need to drink a lot," she tells me, "looks like you lost at least ten quarts of fluid."

Aghast I stare at the two puddles on the floor where my pussy and head had rested, and my face takes on a deep crimson hue. Then I start to chuckle, and after a second all three of us are laughing.

* * * To be continued * * *

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