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Steam started pouring from the hood of my car. Just my luck the engine was hot again. I pulled over to the side of the country road I was on and opened the hood. Steam came rolling out at me at once. I kicked the front bumper. Damnit! I called my friend Ken, to see if he could help.

"Hon, I'm at work and two hours to go. Let it cool and see if you can make it home, better yet, there is a garage a mile up the hill from where you are, go there and ask for Dave. My cousins own the place. I can meet you there."

"Sure, I can try that. Call ya back in a few."

I waited about 30 minutes to allow the engine to cool a bit and started towards the garage. As I pulled in the parking lot it seemed empty and the thermostat was hot again. The garage parking lot was empty, and they appeared closed. I went to the door, and found it locked. Shit! I looked over at my car and the steam rolling out, the sun was bearing down. How hot is going to get today? Sigh. I took a seat on the step to stay in the shade, and waited again for the car to cool off. After another half an hour wasted, I got up to leave towards home.

As I started my car up, a tall man came walking out of the building. He waved and headed towards the car.

"Can I help you?" He asked smiling. He had to hold his hands up to shade his eyes from the glaring sunlight. "My name is Bill."

I turned off the car, and asked if Dave was there. Everyone had already left and he had been closing up.

"Nope, I'm hot and headed to the tavern up the road for some ac and a beer. What seems to be the problem?"

I explained about the car getting hot, and he had me start it. I popped the hood, and he looked at a few things, and had me turn it off as it started to get hot again.

"Probably need a new sensor." He pointed to the part, "The car needs to cool down, and then I can add more water to the radiator for you. Don't want to open it up when its this hot. Why don't you come down to the tavern with me, have something to drink and give you and your car a chance to cool off?"

"Kenny was going to meet me here after work. Let me call him real quick, and see if he is already on his way." I pulled out my phone and dialed. Yes he was on his way, and assured me that he knew Bill, that he had worked at his cousin's shop many years. He agreed to meet us both at the bar.

"I'll go around back and get the van. Lock up your car and I'll be right back."

"Thank you, I know you didn't have to stay and help. I appreciate it."

"You're welcome." He smiled and went off to finish locking up. I grabbed my purse and keys, waiting on him to pull around front. As he pulled up, he jumped out and ran around the van to open the door for me. He had to jiggle the handle a bit.

"Trick door handle." He laughed. "I fix cars all day for work, no time to fix my own."

"I can imagine." I hopped in the van, and we drove a mile to the local tavern.

He was right the air felt wonderful! Cool, icy and quickly cooled me down from the heat I had been out in so long. Bill bought us both drinks, and we sat and talked until Kenny arrived. He seemed like a very nice man, with gentle eyes that I could not stop looking into. He seemed so intense, with long hair and tattoos, that the gentle look to his eyes was almost a total unexpected contrast. He worked at the garage during the week and rode and repaired motorcycles on the weekend. He told me the part I needed wasn't much to do, and he would be happy to do it for me. We exchanged numbers just as Kenny arrived. I said thank you again, and then Kenny helped me get my car home for the evening.

It was a hot sticky Saturday morning, and I had slept in till almost noon. I stumbled through the house and started making coffee at the kitchen sink. As I looked out the window I almost dropped the coffee pot in the sink. There was something colorful on the hood of my car. I walked outside, barefoot and wearing only a t-shirt, tip toed through the gravel to reach my car.

It was a bouquet of flowers, and a note.

Good morning Sunshine! I hope you don't mind, I replaced the sensor in your car. Enjoy the flowers! Bill

I smiled, and could not believe that he took the time to fix my car first thing while I was still asleep. I stepped happily back inside, to put the flowers in water, and started on my day. Later that afternoon, Bill called to ask if I could meet him for lunch on Monday. I thanked him for the flowers, and since I wasn't sure of my schedule, I asked if he would call me on Monday morning.

It started raining...and rained till Sunday afternoon. Monday morning the sun was up again, and the overdue yard was drying out, needing to be mowed. I managed half a pot of coffee, and started mowing. I had a lot of yard-work, trimming and 6 acres of just lawn area to mow. Bill hadn't called, so I forgot and just kept mowing till I run out of gas. I was wearing cargo shorts and an old white tank, which I managed to get grease on from the mower engine. My shirt was so wet I could almost wring it out. My ponytail was falling down, sweat making the pieces curl up around my face and neck. I really needed a break, and some more gas to finish up.

I went to the store, picked up a few things, some gas for the mower and headed back towards the house. As I drove down the windy road towards my home, I noticed a friend of mine was home from work, and pulled in. They were a couple that I often helped out with their kids. Julie hugged me at the door, and as I started to go inside, a van pulled in the driveway behind my car. It was Bill.

"Well, well, look who it is!" Julie exclaimed.

"You know him?" I asked.

"For a long while, just haven't seen him in forever. Hello Bill!"

He reached over and hugged Julie as they met on the steps. I wasn't too surprised, Julie knew most everyone in town. He looked over at me and smiled. As his eyes looked me over, I became aware of how sweaty and dirty I was. Bits of grass were on my clothes and in my hair.

"Come on in and cool off! Have a glass of tea!"

We went inside, Bill said hello to James, and turned back to Julie.

"I'm sorry Julie, the reason I stopped was this girl here." He looked over at me.

"Oh, you two have met?" Julie gave me a look, and I just gave a twisted smile back. And looked at Bill, who was still staring at me intently.

"I think I got your number down wrong, I dialed again this morning, and got a confused elderly man. Will you please have lunch with me?" He pulled out the paper he had written my number one and sure enough the seven looked like a one.

"Well, I'd like to, but as you see, I'm working." I said looking down again at my grease ruined tank top.

Julie interjected, "Lenore, you should go. You deserve a break and Bill has lived around here for years." James had to add in his two cents. "Yeah, you should."

"Well okay. I do have to get back to finishing the yard maybe we can just go to the café down the street."

"Sure." Bills eyes lit up as he smiled.

As we sat out at the picnic tables that were outside, the waitress brought out our milkshakes and cheeseburgers. We talked a little, I asked how long he knew my other friends. He said years, but that he didn't see them very often because he had his own business in another town repairing bikes. All seemed well, until he slipped up, and said "we" when he talked of working on his house. I asked him if he had a girlfriend.

He looked away, then said, "Yes, I do. We live together and raise our kids. I stay because of my son. We just don't get along anymore."

"Then why would you ask me to lunch?" I queried on. "Why bring me flowers?"

"W-well..." he stammered, stalling for an excuse. I stood up, and looked right at him.

"Well, thanks for the lunch, but maybe we should get back to Julie's. I'm not interested in breaking up families." I was point blank and matter of fact.

He sighed, "I will take you back. I have to drop these parts off at Danny's on my lunch break, which is why I seen your car and pulled in."

"Small world. I know Danny too. His son hangs out with Julie's kids." Our conversation turned to polite small talk as we headed back.

He pulled in the road before Julie's driveway and drove past a few houses towards Danny's place. Suddenly he pulled into a clearing in the wooded area before reaching our destination.

I looked over at him, just as he lunged across the front passenger section and bearing his lips down on mine. I pushed back, terrified.

"Get off me!" I was pushing, trying to get my leg free to knee him. He pulled my shirt open and rough hands grabbed at my bra. I continued to put up a fight, as he reached up with one hand pushing me back and covering my mouth. His other hand forced its way down my shorts and into the front of my panties. I pushed to get free, but his weight and force kept me from moving. As his fingers started pulling and rubbing my clit very hard, he whispered into my ears, "I've got to have you." I was terrified, and his hand slid from my mouth back to my breasts, squeezing and pulling. "Get off me! Asshole!" I managed to pull an arm free enough to get a good grip and pushed with all I had, kicking him in the process. I pushed the door open and ran back towards the road, and down to Julie's.

I didn't even knock on the door, just jumped in my car and left. I was still shaking in fear, ran into my house and locking the bolt behind me. I slid down the door, collapsing in tears.

I told Julie, but asked her to keep it to herself. I just wanted to put it behind me. The next weekend came, and I looked out again making coffee to see another bouquet of flowers on my car with a note.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Bill

I stomped back into the house and threw the flowers in the trash. What the fuck is this guy's problem? I did not answer the note or make any attempt to call Bill. I did not need any guys with drama in my busy life. A few days later, again I woke up to find more flowers on my car. This continued every few days for a couple weeks. Each time I would throw them out, and curse the fact I went to lunch with him at all. Each time, I had to remember what happened, and a flood of emotions returned. I could not get the thought of his rough hands on me, how it felt as he rubbed my clit so forcefully, out of my head. I began to have dreams. Geez what is my problem? How could I dream about him? I kept this to myself, and went on to enroll in classes that fall. Summer went by quickly and soon my classes started. I did not hear from Bill anymore, and my thoughts were otherwise occupied.

I stopped to get gas on my way home from class one evening. I stood in line waiting to pay and pick up a pack of smokes. My mind was on the paper I had to write that evening.

There was a sharp pain in my arm, as a hand encircled it forcefully. As I started to look, I froze in place. His breath was hot as he pulled me towards him and whispered in my ear.

"Where have you been hiding, little girl?" I was stunned, and instantly cumming in my panties. The physical and emotional reaction was overwhelming and I took a step away, yanking my arm away from him.

"Anywhere you aren't." I retorted, handing the attendant the money for my gas, completely forgetting smokes. I glared at him and stomped away to my car and left. Angry and embarrassed of my reaction to him, I went home.

The following week I had gone to the video store to pick up some new movies. I was wandering around, dazedly reading the backs of movie cases. I heard his rough voice close behind me.

"I still want you."

I jumped, dropping the cases to the floor. I twirled around quickly, somehow already knowing who was there. Bill stood there, with his arms crossed, grinning wide.

"I will have you." He said with a smile and a wink. My mouth dropped in astonishment at his assumptions.

"Drop dead." I glared at him, and left him standing there with the cases I dropped at his feet. Fucking asshole! It's bent. He's bent! Sneaking up on people. What the fuck? Why me? Aack! What the hell is wrong with me? I was angry, and yet somehow I was angry because he had such an effect on me, and worse, he was making me hot.

Living in a small community allows for plenty of opportunity to run into each other. Running into Bill became a more frequent event. He was turning me on with these cat and mouse games, and he could sense it. Worse yet, my friends began to notice and voice both concern and some teasing at the same time. My girlfriend giggled and described the "sparks" flying when she seen him try to talk to me. I did my best to ignore the good-natured ribbing, and was somewhat relieved to talk about it in the open.

The ac went out, and the heat was sweltering. Temperatures were reaching in the high 90's and the air was still, almost weighted with heat. I arranged to have a repairman come, and met some friends at the bar. The heat was getting to everyone, and we sat playing cards at a back table, soaking up the ice-cold air and beer.

Kenny looked up from his cards and winked at me, "Your man is here." He snickered.

"What? Who?" I spun around to see who had walked in. It was Bill. He took a seat at the bar right in my line of site. He was sipping his drink, and watching me carefully which made me squirm in my chair.

Mary come over with a drink, "This is from Bill. What's going on between you two?"

"Absolutely nothing." I said to her while looking over at Bill, "Thanks Mary."

"That sure is a lot of nothing!" She teased and went back to the bar.

The night wore on and I did my best to ignore him while chilling out over a game of cards. We were getting ready to leave and I walked back to the bathrooms, while Kenny got himself some cold beer to go. It was locked, so I knocked and waited. As I waited in the dark corner area, I looked up, and Bill was standing there. He quickly took a few steps and had me literally cornered. I tried to step around, yet he moved to block me in further. Backing away from his closeness had backed me against the wall. He bent forward and kissed me lightly on the lips and said. "Goodnight Lenore." My lips burned.

It had been just over a year since that first meeting. I fell asleep that night, with my fingers touching my lips, still burning from thinking of his kiss. I dreamed of him fucking me, till I woke up, soaked in sweat and gasping for air. Ohh God! What is wrong with me?

I walked to the grocery store the following day, and noticed Bill sitting out at the café's picnic tables having lunch. He waved hello, I ignored him and went inside, half-knowing he would follow me. Sure enough he met me in line, asking me if I would just sit and have lunch with him and talk. I declined, and told him that I was moving soon and spending the day moving some things into storage. My insides were screaming, just rip my clothes off and fuck me! On the outside, I politely told him I had to go. I took my bags and walked back to the house, half expecting him to try to give me a ride.

An hour later, I moved some heavy boxes out of my truck and into my friends shed, further down the street. He was letting me store things there, while I moved and could return for them. As I tried to maneuver some things around inside, I heard a vehicle outside. I continued trying to put a box in a place obviously tight for storage, but was trying to make the most room. A shadow appeared in the door, and I turned to see not my friend returning home, but Bill holding one of my boxes.

"I took the afternoon off to help you."

"I didn't need any, thanks." His assumptions annoyed me greatly, though I really could use a hand.

"OK." He smiled and set the box down, turned and walked back to my truck for another.

What the? Grrrrr... I was standing in the doorway, hands on hips and glaring at his boldness. He walked up to me and just brushing past me, set the box down with the others. His closeness as he walked by, interrupted my thoughts about being angry. I wanted him as much as he wanted me, and it had been obvious to everyone for over a year. My desire to fuck him was almost equal to my desire to scratch his eyes out. He brushed past me again on his way out, and continued to unload my truck.

He brought the boxes in quickly, brushing past me each time, his arm touching mine, as I tried to stack them against the back corner. His being so close to me in the confined darkened quarters was making it hard to breathe. It was harder even due to the heat, poor air circulation in the shed and physical labor of moving boxes. Everything around me was steaming. I paused in the doorway trying to catch the smallest breeze, falling back against the doorframe and closing my eyes.

He stopped, on his last trip to the truck, and stood in the doorway looking down at me. My rapid breathing, and pounding heartbeat became dizzying. My hand reached out, touching his chest as I steadied myself. His skin, wet with sweat, shining in the light that shone through the door. I shocked myself more than anything, as my hand continued up and around the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine. His kiss was gentle, salty with the mix of our sweat, and he pulled away.

He grabbed my hand, and placed it on the front of his jeans. "Are you sure?"

I could feel how hard he was through his jeans, and could not pull my hand away. I nodded my head to him, never taking my eyes from his crotch, and whispered. "Please?" My voice trembling as I continued to touch him through his pants.

"Now look who's begging." He mocked me, undoing his belt and loosening his jeans. "I want your lips on it."

I fell to my knees and curled my hands around his swollen cock. My lips and tongue wet in anticipation, and sheer hunger for him. Cum glistened at its tip, and I leaned forward gingerly tasting him with my tongue. His fingers slid through my hair and he shoved my head down on his cock, pressing against my throat. A shudder of orgasmic bliss swept through my body causing me to curl my fingers around his cheeks, pulling him to me even more, as if I could not get enough.

I dug my fingernails into his flesh before pulling back and gasping for air. My need to tear at him, mixing with my need to have him for so long, filled me all at once. I pushed back forward, my mouth engulfing his hard delicious cock. I was overwhelmed with a primal need, to consume him. My nails dug at his flesh, tearing at his skin and clothes, my mouth never leaving him. He removed his belt while helping me remove his clothes and mine. I was hungrily sucking him as he did so.

He ran his fingers through my hair, softly, filling his hands, tightening his control. I shuddered, and almost losing my grip on him, I dug into his skin pulling him further into my throat. He moaned loudly. Keeping a firm grip on my hair, he stepped back, slowly pulling me up from the floor.

"Hold up girl. I've got an answer for those nails of yours." He used his hand holding the belt to grab onto my wrist, and pulled it upright. In one motion, he shoved me back against the unfinished wall of the shed, a 2x4 pressing into my back. He held my hand against the side of the board as I kissed him, pulling towards him, like a wild animal. His belt seemed to come from nowhere, and in one motion he gripped both hands to the wall above my head, pressing his lips harder against mine. He took a step back, the cool air reaching the sweat of my body, opened my eyes as I pulled forward, unable to go anywhere. His belt was pulled firmly around both wrists, pinning me to the wall with my hands above my head.

I pulled and lunged towards him, mixed emotions flooding my head. Flashbacks of our first date, and anxiety over my present situation filled my mind. I pulled hard at my hands, bound firmly in place. A primal sound escaped my lips as I twisted forward. His strong hands grabbed between my legs, forcefully shoving me back and my legs both open and off the ground. His hard cock was pressing up against my throbbing wet pussy.

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