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Cat Tales Ch. 01


This is the first installment in what will hopefully be a series of action/adventure stories involving yours truly as the heroine. These are obviously fictional tales and none of the characters, other than me of course, are real people. This is not my usual type of story; I'm trying something new here, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy it; I certainly had fun writing it. A big thank you to all my fans that have supported me thus far in my endeavors as a writer. I owe all of you a big sloppy gang bang. Love ya! Cat

* * * * *

Jesus, that guy is big, I thought to myself. Sitting in a saloon in the middle of Wyoming somewhere, I was sipping a Coors Lite long neck, glad to be out of the heat. Bellied up to the bar were two good old boys downing shots of something, whiskey no doubt. One of them was 6'5" at least, and no less than 250 lbs. The other was scrawnier looking, like a junk yard dog.

I was on my way to Yellowstone National Park to meet my husband and his partner Joe. They were taking a group of wealthy Japanese businessmen into the backcountry of the park to see wolves and grizzly bears in the wild. Joe and my husband, both wildlife biologists, run a wildlife viewing business. My husband thought I might like to join them, but I think he wanted me there to charm the Japs, a sort of western flavored arm candy. Good for business and all.

I had just spent six weeks at my Uncle Shane's horse and bison ranch outside Laramie, Wyoming, helping him to take care of his terminally-ill wife. When the inevitable happened, Uncle Shane buried his wife of 40 something years in the family cemetery at the back end of his 1000 acre spread.

While I was there, I had a desire to learn how to ride a horse, something I had always wanted to do. One of Uncle Shane's ranch hands, a 20 year old kid named Jesse James (for real), took a liking to me and showed me the ropes, so to speak. Needless to say, I'm no pro, but I can now ride a horse well enough to pass for a local "cowgirl". And Jesse has some "why-older-women-are-better" stories to tell his buddies next time they get together for a few cold ones.

Uncle Shane loaned me an old pickup truck to use to get from Laramie to Yellowstone. Being from the South, I was under the impression states like Wyoming and Montana were cold all year long. I didn't know it got hot here in the summer, like 95 degrees hot! The truck didn't have air conditioning, so I was cooking. I was wearing a sleeveless checkered shirt with no bra, tight Levi's and Frye western boots. I even had my own Stetson.

The cowboys at the bar were getting louder and more obnoxious by the minute. I just wanted to finish my beer, eat my hamburger and fries and then get the hell out. I almost made it. Then, a young Native American girl walked in, probably Shoshone or Lakota. She couldn't have been more than 18, if that. She was pretty, like Hilary Swank pretty. She walked up to the bar and asked the bartender if she could use the phone. Apparently her car had broken down and she wanted to call her brother.

"Well, looky what we got here," said big dude. "What are you doing off the reservation honey? You got permission to be here?"

"It's a free country, I don't need permission. May I use the phone please?"

Before the barkeep could hand her the phone, scrawny dude backhanded the girl across the face and said, "Don't you sass my friend here, you mind your place. Now what's an injun doing in a white man's bar?"

Injun? What century is this? I'm wondering if I'd been magically transported into a John Wayne movie or something; I was hoping the Duke himself would show up soon. Then scrawny dude pushed the girl to the floor and tried to get between her legs. I thought to myself, this can't be happening, I must be dreaming this shit. When the girl smacked scrawny dude across the face, he punched her in the jaw, then big dude grabbed her arms and held them above her head.

Spreading open the top of my shirt to maximize my cleavage, I walked up to the bar and said, "Can I get another whiskey? It's so hot in here I'm about to strip my clothes off."

Somehow, that got scrawny dude's attention. The girl looked to be unconscious; I'm betting he prefers the women he's raping to fight back. The big dude stood up too, leaving the girl lying motionless on the floor.

"Well hey darlin, ain't you a purty thing. Maybe we can buy you that drink."

"Sure thing cowboy. So what's with the little girl there? You don't like women your own age?"

"I like all women honey, young or old."

"Well she's looking as useless as tits on a bull right now. Hey bartender, can you get rid of Pocahontas here, she's blocking the dance floor."

Looking frightened, the bartender took the hint, and came around and, grabbing the girl under her arms, dragged her to a back room, closing the door.

"Speaking of tits, that's a mighty fine lookin set you got on you honey."

"Oh these things? They just get in the way most of the time. Well I'll have that drink, and then be on my way."

"What's the rush? You don't want to sit awhile and talk? You too good for us or something?"

"Now boys, I have to be somewhere before dark, I'll catch you on the return trip next week, how's that?"

Big dude said, "I don't think so, we want to talk now."

Taking scrawny dude's shot glass, I downed the contents in one gulp, then said, "Till next week guys. See ya."

As I turned from the bar to walk away, big dude grabbed the lower half of my shirt and with my momentum still carrying me forward, the buttons popped off, pulling my shirt wide open. I was standing there bare chested, my tits fully exposed to the cowboys.

"Whoa, you were right Travis, those are mighty fine lookin titties. I wonder if they're as firm as they look."

Scrawny dude reached for my left breast and grabbed it, squeezing tightly. I'd had enough of this shit. I knocked his arm away with one hand, and karate punched him in the nose with the other. I heard a crunching sound immediately followed by a scream, and then holding his nose, scrawny fell to the floor, writhing in pain. Blood was spraying everywhere. Big dude looked stunned, like he wasn't expecting a 5'4", 116 lb woman to fight back.

Right after I met my husband, I found out he not only served in the Army during the Viet Nam war, he was a Master Sergeant in the Green Berets. He taught me some self defense moves, but encouraged me to take martial arts classes. I signed up for karate-do lessons with a Japanese master by the name of Masatoshi Nakayama, studying both the Shotokan and Goju-ryu styles of fighting and, 15 years later, I hold a 6th degree black belt in both.

While he was staring at his friend on the floor, bleeding like a stuck pig, I started back peddling toward the door. I silently mouthed to the bartender I wanted him to bring the girl to my truck and he shook his head in the affirmative pointing to a back door. Big dude looked up with rage on his face, and started walking in my direction. I think he may have been growling like a rabid dog too.

"You fucking bitch, we were just gonna have a little fun with you is all. Now you're gonna pay," he said.

I was almost at the doorway when he charged me, like a mad bull. Taking a fighting stance, I waited until the last possible moment, then sidestepped him as he was about to tackle me, roundhouse kicking him on the side of the head. Fortunately it's true what they say about the bigger they are the harder they fall. He hit the counter by the door, knocking it and all its contents, including the cash register, to the floor. He fell on top of the glass and wooden counter, smashing it to pieces.

I took this opportunity to run out the door to my truck. Unlike his friend, I knew big dude wasn't out of the fight yet. I jumped in the truck and cranked it up. Thank god it started right away, because sure enough, big dude was staggering out the saloon door, looking madder than a hornet. Spinning the wheels in reverse, I backed up all the way around the building to the rear, where the bartender was standing with the girl. Fortunately she was awake and alert.

"GET IN!" I shouted.

The girl got in on the passenger side, just as big dude came around the corner. He was running full throttle, and didn't have far to go.

I said to the bartender, "You gonna be okay?"

He pulled a large handgun out of his back pocket and said, "I'll be okay, you better git. By the way, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you do have a nice rack there. You might want to cover them up though."

I looked down and saw my boobs were still exposed. There were more pressing needs at the moment, so I decided to take the barkeep's advice and 'git'. As I started to pull away, big dude got a hand on the tailgate, and he almost hauled himself into the truck bed. We hit a rather large pot hole, and the truck took a jaw-wrenching bounce, loosening his grip. I floored the gas pedal, sending dirt and gravel flying into big dude's face. He looked like he was about to stroke out.

Once we were on the highway, I felt a little more relaxed. I asked the girl her name and where she wanted to go.

"My tribal name is Morning Star, my white friends call me Angela. If you'll turn right at the next intersection, that will take us to my village."

"Okay. Are you alright? That was quite a punch you took on the jaw."

"I'll be fine, I just have an immense headache. I saw you kick the big man. Where did you learn to fight like that?"

"Oh, here and there. I've been practicing for a long time. By the way, my name is Katarina, all my friends call me Cat. Nice to meet you. So you are from the Shoshone Reservation?"

"Yes, there's my house over to the left. You can pull in the driveway. What's your last name, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Not at all, my married name is Wolff. I'm on my way to meet my husband in Yellowstone. Nice house by the way."

Angela lived in a log and mortar home with two chimneys and quaint covered porches, front and back. A couple of German shepherd type dogs were running out to greet us.

"What were you expecting, a teepee?"

"Listen, I don't know what's up with the chip on your shoulder, but I didn't do anything to you other than save your ass. You don't even have to thank me, but you can at least pretend to be civilized. After I drop you off, you can go back to hating white people again."

"I'm sorry if I offend you, but I've dealt with that type of prejudice all my life, so I am a little bitter. You didn't seem so thin skinned a little while ago, but from now on I'll try to be more polite and submissive for you."

Ouch! She got me on that one. That's the first time I've ever been accused of being thin skinned. I'm the one who's usually being a smart ass, now here I am acting all sensitive and prissy.

"Look, I'm sorry, you're right. Let's start over again okay? I'll be your friend if you'll be mine. So what do you say, Morning Star?"

Angela smiled and said, "Okay Cat Wolff. Not to flog a dead horse, but, although you do have quite an impressive set of breasts, if you don't cover up soon, there are several young men in my village who will probably kidnap you if they see you like that. And it won't be just to cook them dinner. Would you like to be someone's squaw?"

Laughing, I tied the shirt tails together in a knot just above my belly button because most of the buttons were gone. Then I said, "I'm already spoken for thanks. But maybe one of your cuter braves might keep me company for awhile?"

"I'm pretty sure you're about to be inundated with offers to share the evening meal. So I'll go first and ask you to join me and my family for dinner? I know my brother would kill me if I didn't invite you."

"I really should be on my way, it's going to get dark soon, and I don't want to drive unfamiliar mountain roads at night."

"Then stay the night, we have room. It will be dark soon whether you stay for dinner or not."

"Hmm, maybe you're right. Let me call my husband."

I dialed Wolfie's cell phone number, and got him on the first try.

"Hi honey, it's me, your favorite Cat."

"Hi Cat, where are you? I thought you'd be here by now."

"Well, I ran into a little trouble along the way, but I'm fine. I'm on the Wind River Indian Reservation with some new friends. I sort of saved a nice young woman from being violated by a couple of drunken cowboys."

"Jeez Cat, how do you always manage to get yourself into trouble?"

"Hey, I don't find trouble, it finds me! I don't know how or why. Listen, it's kind of late and I don't want to drive these mountain roads in the dark. I've been invited to stay the night right here. I'll leave at the crack of dawn, I promise. Here's the number where I'll be staying."

"Okay, you're right. It's best if you don't drive at night. Joe and I are going to take the clients out into the Lamar Valley tomorrow morning to see the wolf pack. Do you remember the old renovated pioneer cabin I took you to a couple of years ago? Meet us there tomorrow evening at sundown. Love you. And behave yourself Cat."

Wolfie's always telling me to behave myself. Sheesh!

Turning back to Angela, I said, "Okay, all set. I'll take you up on that offer for dinner and a place to sleep tonight."

Angela and I got out of the truck and were immediately assaulted by the two friendly shepherds. We went into the house, and were greeted by an old woman and a man about my age.

"Grandma, Dad, this is Ms. Cat Wolff. We met in town and she gave me a ride home."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Wolff. Thank you for bringing my daughter home safe and sound. My family is in your debt."

I guess the attempted rape and resulting barroom brawl were inconsequential details Angela decided to leave out. Grandma didn't say a word; she just looked at me with the oddest stare, like she knew me but didn't want to say. I was led to a simple, but cozy bedroom, with a few Southwestern-style decorations. Angela said I could freshen up in the bathroom down the hall, and then come to the dining room for dinner in 30 minutes.

Dinner was pleasant, the conversation lively. I got to meet Angela's brother Billy. He was a fine looking boy, about the same age as Angela. He kept staring at me, a silly grin on his face. When men look at me that way, I refer to them as having seizures.

Angela said, "May I ask in what year you were born?"

I responded, "1962, why?"

"The year of the Tiger, how interesting. And what month?"

"August 1st. You follow Chinese astrology?"

"Wow! You're a Leo too? Now that's quite a coincidence. And your nickname is Cat. Seems you're destiny was set at birth. There are many similarities between the spirituality of my people and the mysticism of the Far East. I believe there are higher forces at work in our lives, and a select handful of people are predestined to serve the greater good of all. They're path in life is set."

"I see. And what might my path be?"

"I have no idea. But you have been chosen to be a warrior, for some higher purpose."

I thought to myself, Me? A warrior? I don't think so.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because all the felines are fierce predators, silent and deadly, striking their prey without warning. And they usually hunt alone. You have fighting skills that are not typical of most women, or most men for that matter. I believe you are a warrior."

"Well, I don't know about that. I can't imagine what warrior duties I might be asked to fulfill."

Changing the subject, Angela's father asked, "What does your husband do?"

"He's a wildlife biologist. He takes people to see wildlife in their natural habitat. His specialty is wolves."

All of a sudden it got quiet. Everyone was staring at me, like I just grew horns or something.

"What?" I asked.

Dad said, "Your husband's last name is Wolff, and he studies wolves? What is his first name?"


Looking startled, Angela said, "You're kidding right? Is that a fake name, for business purposes?"

"No, not at all. His name is Grayson, but he goes by Gray."

Then Dad said, "I'm sorry please forgive us. Our people revere the wolf, it is a very powerful spirit. It seems odd for a white man to possess such a significant name and calling in life."

"I'm going to the University of Montana in the fall to study to be a wildlife biologist," Billy exclaimed, breaking the tension.

"Perhaps you'd like to join me and my husband this week, we're taking some people out into the mountains to see wolves and maybe bears. With your father's permission of course."

"Billy may go, if he wishes. He has another month before college classes begin. It would be a good learning experience for him."

"I'm going then too," Angela said, defiantly.

"Ms Wolff did not invite you Angela."

"She's welcome to come along. If you're both really going, you need to pack a few things tonight. Just enough to carry in one backpack each."

After dinner, we were standing in my bedroom when I asked Angela if I could borrow something to sleep in. She pulled a pair of hip hugger sleep pants and a tank top out of a dresser drawer. Angela sat on the bed, apparently wanting to talk some more. I untied my shirt and slipped it off, and then I pulled my boots off, then my jeans. As I pulled the sleep pants on, my bare ass was facing Angela.

"What an interesting tattoo. What is it?"

She was referring to the Chinese character tattooed just above the crack of my ass.

"Oh that? The man who taught me how to fight gave that to me."

"The man who taught you to fight? You mean your karate instructor also does tattoos? Does the symbol mean anything?"

"He was a Japanese karate-do master. He said I had to have this particular tattoo, it was my birthright or something. I just figured he was a little nutty, but a great karate teacher. I don't think it has any meaning actually, it's probably just a random letter in the Chinese alphabet."

As I finished putting my jammies on, Angela began undressing. She removed all of her clothing, and then started putting on a pair of the same type of hip huggers. I had a chance to observe her body closely; she was beautiful! She was tall, and had the lithe shape of a dancer; small, firm breasts, slim waist, long legs. Her skin was smooth and flawless. I'm not normally attracted to other women, but Angela's sensuality was intoxicating. I felt a familiar tingling in my nether regions, and was momentarily concerned about staining the crotch of the borrowed pants.

Angela finished dressing, and then we went out to the family room where Angela's father and brother were waiting. We chatted for awhile, and then I begged exhaustion, saying we had to get up and get going early. Billy looked crushed that I was leaving, but I gave him a wink and blew him a kiss. Angela's father was gracious, and wished me a good night's sleep.

"Thank you for protecting my Morning Star today. My people owe you a debt of gratitude, as I do personally. If there is ever anything any of us can do for you, please let us know."

Angela followed me back to my room, where she stood in the doorway after I entered. As I turned to wish her a good night, she walked up to me and, staring directly into my eyes, leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, her mouth lingering momentarily on mine.

"I also wanted to thank you for saving my life today."

"Your welcome, Morning Star, it was nothing really."

"It was something to me and I appreciate it. I owe you my life. I am indebted to you forever."

"That's a long time, I don't know how you'd ever pay it off."

"I don't know either, but I will never stop trying."

"I'm just kidding Angela, you don't owe me a thing. Just be my friend."

"That I will be, always."

Angela then walked back to the door, closing it. It didn't dawn on me earlier that this was her room. Angela moved to the bed, pulled the covers down, and then climbed in on the right side.

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