"Shift up"

Now completely naked she squeezed herself in between Jay and Kay and I was astonished at just how comfortable they seemed with the bizarre circumstances in which we found ourselves.

I stood frozen to the spot and Emm looked at me as if I were mentally deficient.

"Are you just going to stand there?"

At this Jay put her hand on her friends bare leg.

"I hope you don't think you're going first."

Emm looked at her imploringly.

"Pleeease! That greedy bitch came before I even had a chance to. She just snuffled like an animal while she played with herself."

Even knowing what I did I was shocked but the other two seemed amused by Emm's report. She looked at me as she slowly parted her legs.

"I know you're not going to disappoint me."

Even now I was not convinced that I wanted to go through with it but there was something about her brazen composure that closed a switch somewhere deep inside. I settled on my knees with my eyes locked on her sex.

From this intimate vantage point I could see that she was not perfectly shaved. The odd dark thorn stood out against her pale skin and a hint of redness suggested that she had been hurried.

The mound itself was shallow as if it was not fully formed and her inner lips gave the impression that they were hiding but that only reinforced my perverse desire.

As I drew nearer I could smell perfume on her thighs but I knew it was not hers. It was an expensive, musky, scent and I realized that it must have belonged to the woman at the bar. I was jolted by the thought that she had worshipped at this particular shrine less than an hour before but I could not turn away.

Closer still I picked up her natural scent and I was excited by this expression of her need. I was tempted to rush, to plunge my tongue deep inside, but I did not want her to think of me in the same way as her previous client.

I did not know this girl and, on some level, I disapproved of what she was doing but the irrational yearning to please her was overwhelming me. I closed my eyes and licked with as much control as I could muster.

That first taste excited the tip of my tongue and I wanted to lick more broadly to stimulate the whole palate. Instead, I played my tongue inside my mouth teasing myself with a hint of what was to come.

I was aware that they were talking amongst themselves, occasionally laughing, but I was lost in my own personal nirvana as I licked slowly and rhythmically. What I was doing was servile but it was also incredibly soothing.

I had no cares, no worries, I simply needed her ever increasing heat and wetness to assure me that I was performing well and with that knowledge came a feeling of arousal that invigorated my whole body.

For a few seconds I imagined myself naked with these three girls licking and teasing me, taking it in turns to find their place between my legs. The mere thought was almost enough to take me to the edge and my hand crept beneath my skirt.


I was wrenched back to reality as Emm sat up and pulled away from me. She looked around the room and nudged Kay.

"Fetch those."

Kay seemed reluctant to move but she stirred herself and collected a pair of pantyhose from the clothes airer set up in the kitchen. She handed them to Emm who looked down at me.

"Put your hands behind your back"

My fingers were poised beneath the waistband of my panties and I removed them like a guilty schoolgirl. I obediently did as I was told even though it ran contrary to every natural instinct.

Kay bound my hands loosely but efficiently and another psychological marker was set down. These young girls understood that in being unable to touch myself my only means of stimulation was with the use of my tongue.

Emm settled deeper onto the sofa in a clear signal that I was to take up where I had left off. The brief hiatus had been enough to take her off the boil and she relaxed to allow me to start over again.

I licked at the fringes of her labia but now indulged myself by slipping my tongue within from time to time. Each incursion found her wetter than before and her taste flooded my mouth. I have never taken drugs but I imagined that the experience must be something akin to what I was feeling.

My senses were heightened, particularly taste and smell, and I had the tantalizing sensation that I might be able to achieve a climax without even touching myself.

My world had shrunk to the boundaries of that warm delta and their conversation seemed to come from an altogether different place.

"Is she good?"

"I think she's new to it...but with a lot more practise."

"Are you going to be much longer? I'm leaking here and I need some attention."

This admonition must have pricked Emm's conscience as she put a hand to the back of my head and steered me towards her clitoris.

I licked at the apex to her sex but I could barely feel it beneath my tongue. With the very tip I could discern a tiny hooded pearl but her reaction confirmed that I had found my objective.

It's discrete nature was no barrier to the level of sensation. Her body stiffened as she held herself at the summit for as long as she could before she surrendered to a flood of release.

She folded herself over me whilst she held me in place and I could feel every contraction as she groaned with relief.

When she finally let me go I was hot and uncomfortable but I felt energised in a way that was new to me. There was an insistent, throbbing, pulse between my legs and I jarred my wrists as I attempted to do something about it.

Jay laughed as she watched me struggle and it was as a second or two before I noticed that she was now completely undressed.

I was immediately taken by her breasts. They were beautifully rounded with nipples almost too good to be true. They were perfect circles drawn in dusky pink with teats in proportion and I could almost feel them in my mouth.

She was aware of my gaze and humoured me for a moment but then she took me aback as she unfolded her leg and hooked it over the padded arm of the sofa. Her sex was blatantly displayed and it had a feral quality that Emm's did not.

Her pubis was shaved save for a single, thin, centre line which gave the impression that the divide was longer than it was in reality and I wondered if she deliberately strove for this effect.

Positioned as she was the light caught her inner thighs and the sheen of moisture that glistened on her skin. With a single finger she beckoned me toward her and I shuffled into position heedless of the ache already afflicting my knees.

The smell, accentuated by the heat of her thighs, thickened the air and I breathed it deep into my lungs. I felt myself salivating and I traced a long line inside her leg with my tongue.

The taste was enriched by slight the saltiness of perspiration and it was tempting to seek out the well spring but I continued to minister to her thighs in an effort to prove to myself that I still retained a vestige of self-control.

She chuckled quietly and brought her finger to her sex. She gently broached the portal and then tracked her wet finger over her leg. Like a trained bitch I followed the trail with my tongue which added to their amusement.

Jay repeated the trick twice more but on the third occasion she added an imaginary arrowhead pointing directly to her sex.

Any suggestion that I was mistress of my own destiny was dispelled by this one simple action. I was hers to command and I moaned with delight as I encountered the youthful firmness of her sex.

Her labia were more pronounced than Emm's and, as I licked, it was like gently squeezing a sponge. An ooze of moisture was released, bearing witness to her arousal, and I lapped it up as if it were nectar.

The taste was strong and I wondered if this was because she had had to wait her turn but there was no dilution even after I had been licking for some moments. I pushed my tongue inside and felt her playfully squeezing me before relaxing and inviting a deeper exploration.

I had never considered the length of my tongue but I managed to lodge it surprisingly far inside and it was as if we were fitted to one another. Her taste seemed to flow into my mouth and I swallowed noisily to keep up with her offering.

At some point she changed her position sliding both legs over my shoulders and then crossing her ankles to hold me fast. Breathing became more difficult but it was a small price to pay for incredible feeling of well-being which suffused me.

They continued to converse but it was a distant murmur as her thighs closed about my ears and my mouth and nose were lost in her heated oasis.

Some while later an increased pressure and a fresh welling of moisture heralded her climax but she made no moves to free me. She relented just enough to allow me to clean her up and then, without breaking her conversation, she tightened her hold once again demanding that I please her for a second time.

It took a long time to satisfy her but I felt pleasantly removed from myself. I was perspiring in a very unladylike manner and my body ached but I did not want to stop. When, finally, she came for a second time the chill on my face as she released me from her thighs was doubly unwelcome.

It took a few seconds to recognize just how exhausted I was and I felt a pang of guilt knowing that 'Kay' was going to be disappointed before I remembered, with a start, that it was me paying for the privilege.

"Untie me."

My tongue was a little swollen and my voice sounded strange to my own ears. Kay rose from the sofa but, rather than untying my hands, she stood in front of me and slipped her nightshirt over her head.

She cut an imposing figure. She was only an inch or two taller than me but it appeared more. Her heavy breasts were fully rounded with the sort of large brown nipples that I associated with motherhood.

The impression of fecundity was bolstered by the swell of her belly and the full dark growth that dressed her pubis. There was something almost frightening about her but, at the same time, I felt a resurgence of the needy ache between my legs.

Just then, all I wanted was to be at home in the privacy of my own bedroom so that I could do something about it but Kay had other ideas.

"Don't think you're finished yet."

She put her hand squarely on my chest and pushed. With my hands tied behind my back it was enough to set me teetering onto the thick rag rug in the centre of the room. I felt myself falling off balance and managed to adjust but it I still came to earth with a bump.

I was still recovering from the shock of it as she loomed over me and, with a litheness that her body belied, she knelt to straddle my chest.

I felt helpless and immediately began to panic. I tried to bring my knee up into her back but she simply laughed. The other two recognizing the danger of their fun being spoiled dropped to the floor and sat astride my legs immobilizing me completely.

Kay slid forward to pin my shoulders with knees and her weight bore down remorselessly on my rib cage. I had to heave for breath leaving none for complaint.

Having clearly got her message across she slowly moved further forward eclipsing the light and closing me in with the finality of a coffin lid.

In the oppressive darkness the temperature rose within seconds but I could not turn my face away from the furred wetness that now engulfed me. I could feel the latent power of her ample thighs, themselves adding heat, and I was all too aware that, if she choose to fully relax, breathing might become impossible.

Her feminine stench filled what tiny space there was and even now, in spite of everything, I found it intoxicating. I knew that, rationally, I should rebel against this indignation but my tongue was already betraying me.

As I licked blindly her sex felt amorphous but as I pressed deeper things became more clearly defined. Her labia were heavy folds that seemed to cling to my tongue but she was surprisingly tight or perhaps it was simply that I lacked the strength.

She began to work herself over my face, encouraging me to try harder, and finally I was able to press to the limit. I felt, rather than heard, her groan with delight and she was happy to remain still enjoying the sensation of having me rooted deep inside.

She was leaking, her taste coating my tongue before dripping to the back of my throat. The combined elements of heat, constriction, savour and smell were becoming indelibly impressed in my mind and I felt that, in some disquieting way, my fate was being sealed.

After a few moments I was becoming light-headed and I knew that I had to do something. I began to flex my tongue inside her and she wriggled appreciatively but she showed no signs of reaching a climax.

Growing more desperate I withdrew my tongue and attempted to engage with her clitoris but, wilfully or otherwise, she misread my intentions and she began to smear herself over my face. I had no option other than to endure as she threatened to abrade my skin.

Faint laughter greeted my obvious distress but finally Kay positioned herself so that I could achieve my goal. Her clitoris was free of its cloak and felt incredibly engorged. I lapped at it with the flat of my tongue with almost immediate results.

Her body began to quake. It was almost imperceptible at first but as her ever increasing arousal took hold the shivering of her ample body shook my head from side to side. It was difficult to keep focus but I knew I had to as I feared the consequences if she lost control.

Fortunately, like Emm, she tried to hold on the sensations before she totally let go and so she remained poised over me allowing me to minister to her with rapid flicks of my tongue.

When the moment came she did bear down on me but she put a hand to the floor to support some of her own weight. Her orgasm ebbed and flowed and each time I thought it was over she managed to squeeze out yet another ripple of pleasure.

I was not aware of just how wet my face had become until she finally deigned to lift herself whereupon I squinted in the bright light and felt syrupy runnels on my cheeks and my chin.

I was totally exhausted and wanted nothing more than a hot shower but, as Kay reluctantly removed herself altogether, Emm scooted forward to take her place.

"We may as well let her have her money's worth..."

Chapter 4

When I eventually reached home my clothes were so soiled that I put them out into the rubbish. It was my intention to jump straight in the shower but, now that I was naked, I was more aware than ever of their co-mingled scent still tainting my skin.

I felt like a slut as I brought myself to orgasm on the bathroom floor whilst I cupped my hand over my face and breathed deeply.

I lost track of the number of times I made myself come but I awoke the next morning aching all over and feeling as if I had hardly slept.

I logged on to my laptop to check my diary in the hope that I could bail out of any appointments and simply go back to sleep but I saw, with dismay, that I had a lunch booked with Geraldine. I phoned Melanie and told her I would not be in and then tried to grab another couple of hours.

By mid-morning I felt much improved. A long bath and an emergency trip to the hairdresser made me feel better still. I was also tempted to buy a new outfit but I was running out of time. Unfortunately my rivalry with Geraldine extended beyond our business interests and I was determined not to be outdone in the clothing stakes.

We met at the restaurant and she looked as radiant as ever. We had been firm friends since meeting at University but both of us were more competitive than was good for us. It was the influence of a particularly inspiring tutor that determined that we both ended up in the same line of business and I am sure that neither of us would have been successful as we had become were it not for spurring on one another.

I enjoyed our meals together with the friendly sparring but, in truth, we co-operated with one another as far as possible to ensure our position in an increasingly male dominated industry.

We skipped dessert and over coffee Geraldine made her announcement.

"My recruit's ready to take to the road. How's yours?"

Such was my degree of preoccupation that I had forgotten our wager and the likelihood that subject might be raised. As soon as she said it I was reminded of Jade and, for some reason, that train of thought routed me to the events of the previous evening.

I felt myself my face flush and Geraldine smiled as she touched my hand.

"I do believe you're blushing. Have you backed the wrong horse?"

"No...of course not...we're ready."

I hoped that I sounded more confident than I felt. I was now certain that Geraldine had devoted far more time and effort to it than I had and I quietly cursed the day the bet was struck.

We had both been invited to a Downing Street reception for the launch of the Prime Minister's 'Enterprising Women' initiative. The government was promoting a scheme to get more women onto the boards of companies and particularly those in the manufacturing sector where there was woeful underrepresentation.

One of the policy gurus propounded that a lot of bright young girls were giving up on themselves in their school years and that it needed successful business women to go into schools to show what could be achieved.

It was the Prime Minister himself who joked that we could act as 'foster parents' to some of these lost cases and turn them around.

To be honest I did not have a great deal of faith in the idea but I knew, as Geraldine did, that his patronage was worth a great deal. From there the idea snowballed. Geraldine and I were sent a list of potential candidates from which we were to choose just one. It was Geraldine who proposed the bet to add a bit of fun to the proceedings.

The aim was to see which of our candidates could rack up the largest amount of billings in the first month of full employment. At the outset I had been keen enough to do some background checking on Jade, and I was mildly intrigued by the nature versus nurture argument, but there was no doubt that my enthusiasm had waned.

I tried to look confident as we got up from the table having agreed that the billing period would start at the beginning of the following week.

That same afternoon I went through the client list looking for those with the steadiest stream of billings. I seriously doubted Jade's ability to immediately drum up any new trade and so I needed to put her in a position where she could simply bill for repeat business without doing any harm. It was probably not in the spirit of the original wager but it seemed the simplest solution.

When I had finished I checked in with Melanie and asked her to invite Jade to join me at my meeting the next morning.

To her credit she turned up in very good time, looking every inch the young professional, and she listened intently as I explained the background. This was my third meeting with Sharon Teal and I hoped to finally convince her to jump ship and bring her business over to us.

After showing her around the building I led her up to my office and Jade dutifully poured coffee for the three of us. As I instructed she sat off to one side, occupying the couch, and took notes as I tried to get Teal's commitment.

We sat at the small meeting table and mulled over some prospective numbers but I had the sense that she was far more used to dealing with men. I guessed that she was about my age but the firmness of her facial features suggested some chemical assistance.

She had average looks but she had nicely styled dark hair and her make-up was well thought through. I could imagine her using her feminine charms to get what she wanted much as I did when it served my purposes. She was wearing expensive, well cut, clothes which disguised the fact that she was carrying an extra pound or two but I was willing to bet that she could still look good in a bikini.

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