tagNovels and NovellasCatch and Release Ch. 02

Catch and Release Ch. 02


Tim woke up tired. It was 10:30 before he forced himself out of bed. He'd lost most of his enthusiasm to begin this summer's adventure. It had been replaced by an irrational sense of anxiety, an unshakable dread that someone needed his help.

Believing it would just be a matter of time before he felt normal, Tim drove to the village of Anvil, to stock up on household supplies. He wandered through the grocery store, mechanically filling his cart.

As he loaded an essential case of beer, two nubile coeds, the type that annually spent the summer as local camp counselors, also stopped for some brew. Coeds were a main source of entertainment and a big reason Tim relished summers in these mountains. Women who loved Mother Nature were always eager for fun in the sun.

The freckled faced redhead smiled, and asked, "Where's the party?"

Both girls giggled.

Tim stared blankly at her blond friend for too long.

The young women walked away with two six packs and a case of the creeps. "What's your problem? What a freak."

His own lack of responsiveness worried Tim. That was exactly the type of close encounter he longed for, excelled at, and had the notches on his bedpost to prove it. Opportunity rarely had to knock twice for Tim's lascivious exploitation to kick in.

'What the hell's the matter with me?'

While he waited in the checkout line, a middle-aged couple walked in, obviously chatting in sign language. This unlocked a clue in Tim's memory, and he struggled to figure out why sign language suddenly felt so important.

His next stop was the village library, and about the only place in town he'd never been before. The library kept one book on American Sign Language. He grabbed it, and sat down at a table. The first chapter covered simple finger spelling. The second chapter explained common words. The book explained how signs could be verbs or nouns or whole phrases, depending how they were performed. The successive chapters depicted signs for common words in alphabetical order. However, Tim never made it past the letter 'C'. The sign for 'chair' looked so damn familiar. He knew he'd just seen it, but where? The lack of total recall was driving him crazy!

Another first for Tim that day was obtaining his own library card. Sign language became his new fascination.

Back at camp, the rest of the day was spent studying. By eight o'clock that night, Tim had mastered the alphabet and many of the signs for common household items. Any sense of accomplishment was dulled by the morning's restless fear that seemed to be increasing, rather than decreasing.

The temperature hovered around 90 degrees all day, and he looked forward to his nightly swim. But once in the lake and cooled off, he quickly lost interest in the pleasure of feeling his naked body slipping through the water's icy tendrils. Instead, he sat naked on the dock with a nagging anticipation that something would soon happen to ease his mind.

An hour and a half later, Tim went to bed.

At 2:00 am, flashes of lightening woke him. They came in such rapid succession the room lit up like a strobe. Oddly, there wasn't any thunder. From the back window of the bedroom, he could see stars shining in a clear sky. Wide-awake now, he marched to the front door and slammed it open.

A thick fog hung just off shore. The far end of the dock disappeared into the mist. The lightening flashes that emanated from inside the cloud stopped when Tim stepped onto the front porch. The night air felt abnormally charged. The hair on his arms stood on end. There wasn't a sound, not even the ubiquitous cricket.

The fog bank boiled with some internal wind, but the cloud mass itself did not recede or encroach. It remained fixed, yet frenzied. Drawn to it, Tim wandered to the dock and stepped onto the first plank. There was no fear, just a sense of fascination. He knew this was what he'd waited for.

A familiar shape emerged from the cloud and stood at the other end of the dock. Immediately, Tim's memory of last night returned. After the initial shock, he hesitantly approached the alien, expecting to be whisked away at any second.

Instead, the tall, gray figure let him come within a yard and then held up its hand to stop.

They looked one another up and down.

The alien held up its right hand and began to finger spell, E-V-E.

"Eve," said Tim. "I understand."

It spelled 'Eve' again, then held out its hands, palms up, and slowly curled the fingers.

"I know what that means! That means 'want'. Eve wants."

The alien pointed at Tim.

It didn't take a rockets scientist to figure that one out. "Eve wants me?"

It nodded, and then dragged both hands down in front of its bug-eyed face.

"Eve's sad?"

'Yes. Come,' signed the alien, then turned and disappeared into the fog.

"Yeah, right," scoffed Tim, "I'm not an idiot."

After a minute, he decided the aliens could take him anytime they wanted. This time, it was an invitation. If they were being polite about it, the least he could do was be sociable. So, he stepped into the cloud and immediately stepped inside the white room.

The alien was standing by the examining chair and beckoned him over. Then it gestured for Tim to sit and put the video helmet on.

"What's playing tonight? Gone With the Wind? The Fog?"

Once comfortably situated, the video began with a rerun from the night before. It showed the meeting between Eve and Tim from the beginning.

After Tim's adamant rejection of Eve's physical charms, he suddenly disappeared from the room. Eve became distraught. First she jumped up and held out her arms, begging for him to come back. Then she began to weep into her hands and pace around the room.

The alien entered, and they had a heated exchange of signs that Tim couldn't follow.

Eve kept signing, 'Yes'.

The alien answered, 'No.'

Eve threw herself onto the floor, curled up, and became unresponsive.

The visor briefly faded to black and then a video of the same room began to roll. This time, a different man was in the chair when Eve and the alien entered. Eve looked thrilled.

Grinning, she ran to the chair. But after a closer look, she backed away and violently shook her head 'No'.

The next scene depicted several aliens standing around Eve in the examining chair. She appeared to be sedated. From the distant camera it was hard to see, but it looked as if they were performing a surgical procedure. Afterwards, the caption read, 'Restoration Successful'.

"Restoration of what?"

That was the end of the show. The helmet retracted.

Tim looked around to discover the alien had left. His heart was heavy. What could he do for Eve? Happiness was more than a brief encounter. If they consummated, she would only become lonelier when they took her away. Was this supposed to be some form of coercion to make him want to stay? Suspicion entered his thoughts. After all, the aliens were capable of making up any video they wanted him to see. But then again, they could just take him. What were they expecting him to do?

Movement caught his eye. He turned and watched the chair slowly recline and then lower, to form a bench.

'Nice. I should write La-Z-Boy about this gimmick.' He sat down and waited for the next event.

Seconds later, Eve peeked in the door.

Tim smiled.

Eve smiled and stepped shyly into the room. She looked tired and her hair was wild.

"Hi, Eve."

He stood up and made the sign for chair, and offered her a seat.

It took a second for him to realize that she was staring at his boxer shorts. Slowly, she approached and touched the strange covering.

"Doesn't anyone around here wear clothes?"

Her fingers covered his cock through the fabric.

"Look," he said, pulling out the wasted band. "It isn't permanent."

Eve looked down, until Tim let the elastic band snap back.

She grinned, pulled out the waistband and stuck her hand inside.

"Your alien buddy said you wanted me. I guess I believe it now." Tim lifted her hand out of his underpants, which now sported a prominent bulge. "I'm not easy... Well... okay, I am. But I draw the line at alien pet deflowering."

She flipped her blond tresses over her shoulders, wrapped her arms around Tim and hugged him tight. Her eyes closed and she made a dreamy, satisfied face. Her grinning lips puckered up and kissed his neck.

"You're making this extremely difficult. I'm trying not to take advantage of your innocence."

The hands on his back rubbed pleasantly, as Eve seemed to tease her breasts against his chest.

"So, this is what happens when you're deprived of affection for 24 years."

She separated from him, grabbed his wrist, and placed his hand over her right breast.

"I thought we could practice some new sign language tonight. But I see you want to practice signals that I already understand." He cradled the breast in his palm and swiped his thumb over the nipple.

The shockwaves of sensation turned Eve into a moony-eyed nymph.

"How do you stay in such great shape in outer space?" he asked, tracing the musculature of her abdomen with the other hand. "Do they make their pets run on some sort of big hamster wheel?" When he was done teasing her belly, his hand trailed up to fondle the other breast. "If you only knew how beautiful you are."

Her eyes closed, as she let pleasure take control.

"You know what, Eve? I think I'll teach you how out-of-this-world sex can feel, even without the big bang." Tim moved behind her and cuddled against her back. His hands snaked around to continue their frontal assault, while his lips snacked on the nape of her neck.

Eve shuddered.

"Like that?" Gradually, he kissed along her shoulder. His fingers caused the nipples to launch guided missiles at her clitoris. When he pinched them, she jerked. All her body weight fell against him, like she couldn't stand without support.

He bent over her shoulder to look into her serene face. "Isn't this fun?"

Eve wasn't talking.

Tim turned her around and gave her a full-bodied hug and kiss. She seemed to melt in his arms, her unbelievably smooth skin felt liquid against his. Even under her arms, there wasn't a hint of stubble. Her faint scent now held a hint of sexual arousal.

Wishing he had hours to introduce Eve to the pleasures of the flesh, Tim guessed his time was probably short and decided to move the process along. He dropped his right hand and gently caressed between her thighs. Like everywhere else, it was silky smooth.

Her body stiffened at the first touch. She stared into his eyes, as his fingers separated her and tickled in between.

He felt the wetness increase, and began to rub his middle finger up and down between the puffy folds. Quietly, he eased her to the bench, while never ceasing contact with her clitoris.

The desire for sexual pleasure seemed to instinctively drive Eve onto the cushions. She lay down on her back, with a leg hung over each side.

Tim followed and lay on top of her, his hand still between her legs.

He nodded his head yes, and asked, "Are you ready?"

Eve looked a little unsure about what was happening to her, but she nodded in return.

"Okay, lets see how you like my finger."

Tim bent down and captured a nipple with his lips, and felt her body tighten in response. Her hands tangled in his hair. Ever so gently, he pressed his middle finger inside her with a seesaw motion to increase her arousal and lubrication. Soon, he was able to thrust fully and quickly.

"No hymen, Eve? They've taken that from you too?"

For easier access and a better view, Tim knelt on the floor next to her.

Eve gave total control to him. Her eyes were closed and her arms curled above her head.

"Honey, you must be a well behaved pet," said Tim, while slipping in a second finger and rubbing her clitoris with his thumb.

The added stimulation made Eve flex around his fingers and her body twitched erotically. She opened her eyes and looked confused by the building sensations.

"Eve, I'm about to take you where no man has taken you before."

With that said, he placed his left arm around her. With her head resting on his shoulder, he reached down over her chest to tease the left nipple. The right nipple he sucked into his waiting tongue. The right hand remained firmly entrenched between her legs, digging a buried orgasm out to the light of day for the first time.

Tim had never been anyone's first experience before. This was a new erotic high. Using all the self-control he could muster, he made sure Eve enjoyed a prolonged rise to orgasmic heights. Several times, he brought her to the brink and then let it subside. Each time, Eve squirmed and clutched him tight, her chest heaving with rapid breaths. She gaped at him with lusty bewilderment, not understanding this climactic frustration.

His own arousal was enormous, and felt as if he might come just by getting her off.

"Okay, Eve. This time, all the way."

When he began caressing again, her head flopped back in blissful acquiescence.

Already primed, her body reached the edge quickly. As the fireworks exploded, Eve's eyes flashed open and then shut tight. Her back arched and she made a faint high-pitched squeak.

Tim kissed her passionately, while fingering her through the sparkling bursts of release.

When her aftershocks drifted away, Tim stroked her cheek, and whispered, "You made a sound. I can't believe it." Then, he remembered the video. "They've restored your voice?"

Eve wasn't interested in making noise. She pulled him back to her lips.

Crawling on top, he held her close and enjoyed his erection pressed between them. Humping suggestively, there was so much he wanted to do with her. But right now, all that Eve knew of sex, she could do for herself with masturbation. He decided not to expose her to oral pleasure or anything else that required two people. His own orgasm would have to wait until he was home alone.

A few minutes of recovery were spent in lingering touches and kisses. It was a buzz-kill when the alien appeared beside the bench.

Tim disengaged and stood up.

The alien pointed at Tim, made the want sign, and then pointed at Eve.

"Uh yeah, of course I want Eve. I'm sure you guys could tell. Did you enjoy your little peep show?"

Tim looked at Eve, lying motionless on the bench. She still appeared boneless from the release, and tranquil in the afterglow.

He felt proud. "She's quite a woman. Take good care of her."

This seemed like a good time to leave. He was terrible at saying goodbye. There wasn't anything left to do, and he didn't want to overstay his welcome. Besides, when Eve regained her senses there might be a scene.

Tim walked through the open door and onto his dock. At the shoreline, he stopped and turned around for one last look, sure that the fog would soon disappear. He was afraid his memory would be erased. This was one night he never wanted to forget.

Surprisingly, the cloud remained. After a few seconds, the alien stepped out and stared at Tim.

Once again, they sized one another up.

Tim suddenly feared this gray goblin had returned to take him back, but decided it was futile to run. Instead, he spread his fingers in the traditional Vulcan salutation, and said, "Live long and prosper."

The Alien turned away, reached into the fog, and pulled Eve onto the dock. It petted her hair a few times, and then it reentered the fog. The mist vanished as if it was sucked into a vacuum.

Eve paid no attention. She just smiled shyly at Tim.

Tim finally grasped the reality of the situation, and summed it up by muttering, "Holy shit!"

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