tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCatherine Needs A Spanking

Catherine Needs A Spanking



My wife Catherine and I have some dear friends named Steve and Susie. They are our ages. Steve is a few years older than his wife Susie and I am a few years older than my wife Catherine. Steve and Susie never had children. They like children, but they just never could have any.

They are both well educated with great jobs and consequently have quite a lot financially. We hadn't seen them in several years so we were delighted last summer when they called and invited us for a long weekend to their cabin.

Their cabin is so beautiful. It is all rustic with cedar outside and tongue and groove knotty pine inside. They have a wall of windows as well as a huge deck overlooking the lake and it is so peaceful and private.

We spent the first day on the lake cruising around in their speedboat. We stopped at a local bar and grill where you can pull up to the dock and then eat outside on a huge deck too.

Now Susie is a beautiful woman. She is about five feet six and in excellent shape. She is at the gym five times a week and pampers herself. She has a beautiful, curvy, bubble butt just like Catherine's.

But Susie has huge breasts. I believe they are real because she always had them, even when they first met and didn't have money.

Our women got a lot of looks at the restaurant. This was quite an upscale place so there were no creeps being rude, but even the respectful looks of admiration were more than obvious. Both Steve and I got a lot of thumbs-up and you lucky guys types of looks.

I may have been imaging this, but it seemed both girls put a little extra switch in their walks and each found an excuse to bend over to "adjust" their sandals while we were there.

When we got back to the cabin to relax we lit the gas fireplace, opened a bottle of wine and began to get caught up even more on with each other. We have always loved them because they are so transparent, open and honest about their lives. As the evening went on, they asked us what was new in our sex lives.

Catherine and I were a little surprised, but just a little. We have always been able to trust these friends and we told them we were enjoying ourselves more as our kids were getting older and we had more time alone now and then.

Susie surprised us and says, "Steve here has gotten me to show myself naked now and then to other men and we have found it very exciting. Have you ever tried that?"

Catherine laughed and says, "As a matter of fact, Michael has always wanted me to do the same thing and lately we have tried it and I was surprised too that I liked it!"

Steve says, "I don't exactly know what it is, but having such beautiful women, it seems nice to share at least a look at them, doesn't it? I mean doesn't everyone appreciate it?"

I said, "They sure do."

We began to share some of our stories and mentioned that we even have several on Literotica. When I told them my pen namee of Poorwriter, they were excited and said they had favorited me as an author and they loved our stories.

I laughed and said, "I'm glad at least one person does."

They both looked at Catherine and said, "Wow, your stories are awesome. We have even tried several of them ourselves."

We all loved this coincidence; however Catherine was a little embarrassed to know they now knew so many intimate details about her.

Susie breaks the ice and says, "Have you guys ever tried spanking?"

I said, "Oh I love to spank her little bottom now and then, is that what you mean?"

Steve says, "No, that's fun, but have you ever spanked her while another guy watches?"

I said, "Never really thought of that I guess." Then turning to Catherine, "What do you think of that Honey?"

Cath says, "I don't know."

Steve says, "I'll tell you what, how about if I give Susie a little spanking while you two watch? That's the best way to see if you think you'd like to try it."

We said, "Sure."

Susie looked a little embarrassed and modest and said, "Catherine, you have to help me here. If I'm the only women I don't mind, but since there's two of us, will you take your pants off too?"

We must have all had a little more wine than I thought, because Catherine says, "Sure, I'll do whatever I can to help you out Sweetie."

So both of our beautiful wives stood up in front of us and slipped down their white summer shorts and stepped out of them. They took a minute to tease us and slowly turned around showing off their little thongs and awesome butts and legs.

Susie says, "Let's let each other's husbands take off our panties, O.K.?"

Catherine says, "Sounds fun!!" Catherine always thought Steve was super handsome and a clasy guy too. And she gladly stepped directly in front of our friend Steve as Susie stepped over in front of me.'

I watched first as Steve slipped down Catherine's panties and she stepped out of them. He held her by her hips and stared and announced, "WOW!!! Catherine, you have a beautiful pussy!!!" He leaned in and gave her lips a quick little kiss.

Catherine said, "Well thank you kind sir! Every woman loves to hear she has a pretty pussy."

It was my turn, so I took hold of the little string sides of the silk panties covering the fine hips of Susie and slid them down to uncover the finest little pussy you could imagine!!!

Susie's pussy was shaved except for a little triangle on her mound that pointed downward to her clit. Her outer lips were full and long and she had delicate, somewhat protruding inner lips and she smelled wonderful even from a foot away. Actually our wives have very similar looking pussies.

Steve says, "I have to see your bootie Catherine, turn around please." Both the gals did just that at the same time.

I went from having a gorgeous pussy and legs in front of me to the finest bubble butt I ever wanted to see poking out provocatively in my face.

Both Steve and I instinctively leaned forward and kissed these fabulous bare bottoms and MAN did that feel wonderful!!!!

The girls swayed their hips from side to side bouncing those fine butt cheeks across our faces making it even more fun.

Steve said, "What a great start. Now little lady, come over here for your spanking."

He was patting his lap. Steve was sitting on a couch and I sat in a chair right next to him, where I would have a direct view of Susie's bare bottom as she lay over his knees.

Susie stretched herself over and across his knees. Steve announced, "O.K. Honey, for showing Michael your pussy, I will have to spank you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

Susie's wonderful bottom just got more amazing as she bent over Steve's knees. It is so full and toned and curvy and poked up in the air.

Steve told her, "O.K. young lady, since you like to flash your pussy, open your legs apart so Michael can see you and you will feel exposed."

She immediately did as she was told and I got the view that all men that I know, universally love to see; the from behind pussy shot.

Catherine was playing along and said, "What am I to do Sir?"

Steve says, "Sit directly across from me on that chair, with your feet flat and at least three feet apart and show me your fine pussy! And rub it and open it for me too!"

Catherine had fun obeying his order.

All this time Steve had been rubbing Susie's bare bottom as if to warm it up. Seeing his hands on her bare silky soft flesh was a rush. Her butt looked so fun and so fine. Her legs began to kick a little bit and bend up.

All of a sudden, "Smack!!!" Down comes Steve's hand on her left butt cheek and it quivers and bounces." A red mark begins to appear.

Then he just pats her bottom, switching from one side to the other for about eight light pats, when out of nowhere, "Smack!!! Another stinging spank lands on Susie's other silky cheek.

Steve kept looking from Susie's bare bottom to Catherine's exposed pussy and legs. He said, "Catherine you have such a fine pussy!!! But Michael may have to spank you for showing it to me. What do you think?"

Catherine was looking like she was getting excited watching Susie get a spanking and also from showing off herself like she was. She said, No, I think you will have to spank me."

We laughed and I said to her, "Oh I see!!! Well you take your top off for that bit of sassy behavior Miss Catherine!"

She obeyed and removed her tank top and bra and shook her breasts at us s howing them off. She was now sitting completely naked. I loved it.

Steve kept spanking Susie and she kept bucking and began to try to cover her bottom with her hands. Steve held her hands out of the way and said to me, "Michael, will you give her a few spanks while I restrain her hands?"

I said, "I will be delighted to." I put my hand on her bottom and it felt like silk. I rubbed it a bit like I had seen Steve do and then all of a sudden I gave her bare flesh a nice little swat and watched it jiggle. She let out a little yelp and I gave her three more.

I could see her pussy glisten and open as she kicked. After a few minutes, Steve said she could get up and she stood up and rubbed her bare bottom.

She turned to Steve who kissed it. Then she walked over to me and poked her fine bottom out at me and I kissed her butt as well.

Steve, in mock protest says, "O.K., having another man kiss your bare ass eh? You need to take out your boobies for doing that."

Susie stood up and faced the room and removed her top and bra and we were treated to the finest tits I have seen in years! She had the puffy nipple thing going the size of some smaller women's entire breasts. Even Catherine said, "Oh Susie, your breasts are gorgeous!!!"

Susie said, "So are yours Catherine, I love them."

Then Catherine, without even being told, layed across Steve's lap. It was so exciting because she was totally naked and her boobies were smashing against his thighs.

Her bubble butt was poking up as high as I have ever seen it and he could not resist that fine derrière. He only rubbed it for a minute as he told her, "Spread those legs apart!" She did.

This time Steve told us to watch and learn a good trick. He slipped his left hand between Catherine's legs and under her pussy and began to rub her pussy with his palm while he began to gently smack her bare butt cheeks with his right hand.

He also said, "Susie, go put one of your puffy nipples in our guest's mouth. I think he wants to suck them."

She walked over to me all naked and sat on my leg, straddling it and smashing her pussy down hard on it. I could feel her wetness and heat. She put one of her huge puffy nipples in my mouth and it was so wonderful.

I loved sucking on them and she apparently loved it too because she began to grind on my leg and play with my hair holding me close to her.

I looked back up as I heard a few more spanks on Catherin's bare behind. Steve had his hand going furiously against her pussy and Catherine was grinding back just as hard.

Her butt cheeks were bright red and I could hear the familiar panting of her breath and within a couple of minutes she began to cum and cry out loud, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Over and over with her butt bucking in the air and he boobs rubbing on Steve's thighs.

When she was done she rolled over and pulled his head down and gave him a big kiss and said, "That was so fun!!!"

Well Susie wanted the same treatment and got up and layed herself back over my lap with her legs apart. Instead I reached under her with my left hand and began to slide my thumb up and down her pussy slit which was plenty wet.

Susie's huge breasts were smashing all over my thighs and I could literally feel the heat from them. It was such a wonderful feeling.

With my right hand I spanked her perfect bubble butt for about fifteen medium swats. Now my left thumb was pressing way inside her fine pussy and massaging her gee spot while my middle finger was teasing her clit.

I kept doing that, but stopped the spanking and instead I gently slipped my right index finger into her bottom.

It was like I hit a trigger or something, because she came like a freight train making so many fun sounds that it sounded like triplets all cuming at once.

She came and my hand was soaked and I slipped my finger back out of her butt and rubbed her bare bottom for a minute while she recovered.

Eventually we had both the ladies laying on a big bare skin rub in front of the fire. Both were exhausted and both were still naked. They were the most magnificent sight to behold. It may have been the wine, but they fell asleep.

We took some excellent pictures with Steve's 35 mm camera while they slept.

That was the closest we wanted to get to swapping and it was so fun. We enjoyed a fabulous weekend there, out on the boat and out in the sun. The ladies treated us to lots of nude sunbathing on the deck and they even decided to cook and eat naked most of the weekend.

At one point the Sheriff knocked on the door. He said he had a complaint of nudity from some passing boats.

Catherine and Susie heard him and they both came walking up to the door naked and said, "It's fine if we are on our own property isn't it? Maybe they should be charged as peeping Toms.

He could not believe he was looking at two gorgeous nude women just walking around the cabin.

Steve and I laughed and said, "What would you do if your women wanted to walk around naked? Could you tell these fine ladies no?"

He just shook his head with a huge smile and after another nice long look, he left.

That weekend was our introduction to a little spanking.

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