Catholic Schoolgirls & Virgin Asses


"Well, if it's okay with you Amy, it does look clean enough to eat. Do you mind?" Brad asked.

Amy's pulse went into overdrive and her pussy muscles tightened. She'd seen women getting their asses eaten out and it had both aroused and disgusted her, but she was very much aware of how pure her ass was, because she had gone beyond the necessary means to make sure nothing was going to interfere in her first ass fucking. "Um, no. Do what you want. Remember our asses our yours."

"Fuck yeah," he said. "I'll keep this lube handy, for afterward. I hope I can make you come," he said.

"Oh God, me too!" Amy gasped.

She took a deep breath and waited. Seconds later she felt her cheeks being spread open again and a long wet tongue slid up and down her ass crack, then stopped to circle her puckered entrance. She gasped in pleasure and pushed back. "My God that's amazing." She looked over to Teresa who had her eyes closed and her face tightened in concentration of what was happening to her.

Todd had the head of his cock in Teresa and slowly he pushed into her tight virgin ass. She groaned and hissed, but pushed back, hoping to help him along. "I'm almost all the way in," he said, adding more lube to the condom and his cock.

"I can feel you. Damn, you're nice. You're so fucking great," Teresa whispered. She pushed back again. "Can you pull out and go back in. I want you to really fuck me and then save the last couple inches to slam in hard."

Todd groaned. "Yeah, I can do that." He pulled out and pushed in, over and over he repeated the action, moving slowly at first, until Teresa was cursing and begging him to pound her ass. When he heard that he shoved every last inch of his cock into her and began to piston in and out like a jackhammer.

Amy had stopped watching her friend a long time ago. The sensation of having Brad's tongue driving little circles around her anal opening had taken her to a completely different dimension. She was clawing at her bed covers and whimpering his name, begging him for more and praying that she wouldn't die from pleasure.

She felt Todd's finger invade her hole and when he pumped it in and out she turned on the remote to the next setting and was feeling waves of heat threatening to explode within her. "Are you gonna come Amy?" he asked, before pushing his tongue into her hole and fucking her with it. "I want you to come before I shove this fat dick into your ass."

"Oh fuck, yeah. I'm going to come," she answered. "Just don't, oh fuck, just don't, oh fuck God, don't stop!"

Brad laughed. "I won't baby, come on, just keep fucking yourself with that toy. I got this ass covered."

She felt him go back to eating her hole and as she came he was shoving his face between her cheeks and working her tight bud with all his might.

Teresa heard her friend squeal and prayed no one else had. She tensed slightly, but no knocks on the door followed, nor were there any sounds of running down the hall. "Not so loud," she whispered and then laughed when she saw Amy bite her lip and nod her head in understanding.

Teresa then went back to enjoying the feel of the long slim cock filling her up. She had been on the edge of coming several times, but had asked Todd to hold off so she could come with him, so he obliged and slowed down, while she played with the settings on her remote.

When she was finally ready to let nature have its way with her, she told Todd to go for it. He wasted no time on pleasantries. By now he knew how hard she liked to be fucked and he had learned how she liked to be teased with just the head and then slammed back in with the full length. She liked his hand in her hair, pulling her back to him and she liked her ass being smacked, something that turned him on as well.

When he told her he was coming she flicked her toy to high and seconds later she was joining him. She bit down on her tongue to stifle her scream. Todd grabbed her hair, pulled it hard and she came again. Her mind was full of colors and her body was on fire. Still he pounded his way through her and she came again and again. Teresa wanted to scream and hear the echo of her voice bounce off the walls, but she knew the danger was too great, so she swallowed the shouts and acclamations of joy and let her body come while Todd squirted cream into his condom.

After he pulled out, she rolled over and spread her legs. He pulled off his condom and collapsed next to her. "Holy fuck," he hissed. They both glanced over at Amy, who now had Brad's cock shoved into her asshole. They watched as Brad fucked her. Her boobs bounced and swayed and the flesh of her ass along with the muscles waved with every hard thrust that Brad delivered. "That's so fuckin' hot," Todd whispered.

"I know," Teresa said. "If you want you can touch my pussy, while they fuck."

Todd reached over and began to play with her sensitive flesh. "You still got your toy in there," he whispered, and began to play with it. He took it out and pushed it against her clit. "So you can play with this stuff and still be a virgin?" he asked.

Teresa moaned, licked her lips and nodded her head. "It's small so it doesn't go up too far," she turned the toy off and took it from him. "I'm pretty tender. How about you just pet it," she said.

"Okay," he answered and as he pet and softly stroked her pussy, they went back to watching Amy and Brad.

Brad had his dick buried in her tight rosebud. The puckered flesh had stretched to accommodate his girth and Amy, though whimpered and gasped during the initial penetration had settled in and found herself enjoying his fucking. The orgasm she'd gotten when he ate had been exquisite, but she knew what was coming next was going to be mind blowing. Several times she had fought the urge to tell him to stop, remember what Teresa had said about multiples and so she let him pound her though she feared she'd never get enough oxygen.

When he told he was close to coming she pushed back, squeezed him hard and began to rub her clit with her fingers. She wanted to come too and knew that she was close. "I'm almost, oh fuck Amy, I'm really close," he said.

"So am I," she answered. She looked over to Teresa and mouthed the word "amazing". Her friend winked and licked her lips.

"Pull her hair," Teresa said, "that'll get her."

Brad grabbed a fistful of Amy's hair and as promised the young Catholic school girl was dropping profanities and soaking her sheets. "Told you," Teresa said as she watched her friend come and the boy behind her tremble as he filled his condom with seed.

Amy saw nothing but white heat explode behind her clenched lids. The pain from the hair pulling had been just the right amount of pleasure to send her over the edge. The inside of her cheek was bleeding from where she'd bit down to stifle her screams and even that rusty taste was a turn on for her as she covered her pussy, thighs, and bed with her liquid silk. When Brad pulled out, he rolled her over and without thinking pulled her toy out and began to eat her pussy.

Amy's eyes widened and she climaxed again, this time coating Brad's face with juices. He grinned, but swallowed her cream and then licked his way up her body. "I sure hope you invite me back," he said.

"Fuck if she won't I will!" Teresa whispered.

"Hey, what about me?" Todd asked.

Teresa laughed, rolled her eyes and patted his cheek. "We'll see," she said, and then climbed from the bed. "Well, I'm off to shower. Thanks boys."

Todd shook his head in disbelief. "Can you believe that shit?" he asked.

Brad rolled his eyes and climbed off the bed. "You dude need to shut up. You never kick a gift horse in the mouth." Brad got dressed and threw Todd his clothes.

When the boys were ready to go, Amy who had also pulled on some clothes, led them back through the dorm and back to the back gate. She kissed Brad and whispered in his ear, "We'll call you back, but not Todd. So if you have another friend that'd be cool."

Brad smiled, nodded his head and winked. "I have a few."

He was just about to leave when Amy called him back. "Brad, are you bi?"

He looked at her strangely.

"I saw you and Todd playing some game in the locker room."

He laughed. "I don't know what I am," he admitted, "but I do know I sure the fuck liked your ass and your pussy. So is that okay with you?"

She smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah it is," she answered. "Remember, I just want your cock in my ass." Amy stuck out her tongue, turned and ran back to the dorm, where she joined Teresa in the shower. "You don't mind do you?" she asked.

"Not at all," Teresa said.

The two girls shared the shower water and when they were done, they opted to share Teresa's bed. "So Brad's definitely coming back for seconds," Teresa said as she played with Amy's hair. "Not so sure I want Todd back. He has a great cock, but a lousy attitude."

Amy nodded her head and sighed. "I don't want to just settle with Brad though," she whispered into the dark. "I think we should find men too, you know men that have more experience with ass fucking."

"Yeah, me too," Teresa said before asking her friend to roll over. "I'll spoon you," she whispered. "Don't worry, I won't play with your boobs."

Amy laughed. "Who knows maybe I'd like it. We could do some boob slapping," she said, "just like the boys cock slapped."

Teresa chuckled. "Some day, maybe. But right now, I just want to sleep."

"Me too," Amy answered. As she fell asleep, she thought back to the question she'd asked Brad about being bi-sexual and his answer. She felt the warmth of Teresa's skin on her back and found herself wondering about her own sexuality. She had 5 months before graduation to discover all she could about herself and she hoped Teresa wouldn't mind helping her out.

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