Cathy Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Slavery Becomes You

"I'm sorry Cathy but the board feels that with your marriage and recent childbirth you are not as focused on your work as you were a year ago." Mr Albert said, "We have therefore decided to recruit from outside, I'm sorry."

Cathy got up and slowly walked out of the directors office. She was angry, in fact she was extremely angry she needed that promotion, the extra money would have helped of course, but what made her so angry was she had been promised the Senior Executive's post and now they were giving it to an outsider. She went into the ladies and sat in a cubicle tears running down her face.

Later that evening she told her husband Rob the bad news "Don't worry Cat." he said, "We'll manage somehow, even if we have to move to a smaller house."

That didn't make her feel any better but they had discussed it before, she had always put it off because she was expecting the promotion but now they may have to think about it more seriously.

Cathy was a career minded woman, being a Leo she was confident in herself and her abilities, some said she was domineering and all said she was exceptionally good at her job, which until 18 month's ago had been her whole life, then at the age of 28 she met Rob and it was love at first sight, she just couldn't help herself, but to an outsider it was difficult to see what he had that enthralled her so much.

Cathy was a successful business woman, fashionable with a great 38 24 34 figure she could have chosen any man she wanted, she had been financially secure and was going all the way. Rob on the other hand was a lorry driver who didn't even own his own lorry, some would say he was cocky and ill mannered, but not to Cathy who split from her parent's in his defence. They seemed happy and it wasn't long before baby Jordan was born. Jordan repaired the rift with Cathy's parent's and brought them all closer so they moved to a big house to be near the doting grandparents.

A week after being told she had been passed over for promotion Cathy was called into the directors office, when she walked in Mr Albert was sitting at his desk talking to someone "Oh I'm sorry." she said, "Shall I come back later?"

Mr Albert stood up, "No! Cathy please come in." he said, and waving his hand at the 'someone' added, "I would like you to meet Ted Heron, he's your new boss."

Cathy almost stopped in her track's but recovered enough to put her hand out, "Hi! glad to meet you Ted, welcome to the team." she said with her nicest smile. He was smartly dressed in typical pinstripe suit, late 40's early 50' she guessed.

Taking her hand Ted said, "Cathy I have heard a lot about you, I think we will make a great team."

"Good." Mr Albert said, "I wanted you two to meet before tomorrow Cathy when Ted will be taking up his post, I just know you two will be the driving force for the future."

Cathy stayed another ten minutes making general chit chat and then left, 'he seemed ok' she thought to herself, 'looked a bit familiar though I wonder where from'

"So what do you think Ted?" Mr Albert asked "Think you can work together?"

"Oh I don't doubt it, she is a knowledgeable woman," he replied, "and eager to achieve." and quietly added to himself 'but I know that face'

The following day Cathy arrived at her normal time to find Ted in his office 'the bastards trying to undermine me on his first day' she thought, "You're an early bird." she said, "I thought I was the only one silly enough to be here at this god awful time of the morning."

"Always like to be first in." he said, "But I have to admit I was told what time you normally arrive so I got in a little earlier, thought we could go over a few thing's before the rest arrive."

It took a couple of week's to get thing's sorted out, most of which involved Cathy showing Ted how thing's were done, she hated every minute of it, in fact she hated him, he was demeaning of her abilities and those that worked in the office, introducing new idea's that although they worked were no better than the one's already in use, he had her making coffee and instead of treating her as an equal treated her more like his secretary, fetching and carrying and other menial work, but she stuck with it hoping it would get better and besides, what choice did she have. It was all very well being a young success but she was unlikely to get a better job anywhere else so she couldn't afford to leave. It wasn't all bad though, she got to attend more meeting's with him than she had with his predecessor even though it meant more late night's, thank god for her mum who cared for Jordan more and more these day's. Underlying all this she still had the niggling thought that she knew this man.

'Well thing's are coming together nicely,' Ted thought to himself 'that stuck up bitch Cathy was put nicely in her place and the more work he took off her the less likely she would be able to usurp his position, shame though, she was a nice bit of eye candy, short skirts thin tight blouse those wonderful tit's and what an arse, but she had that snobby attitude that really pissed him off sometimes, she was far too confident for his liking, and then there was that nagging feeling that he knew her, where could he have met her before, he had taken her to a few after work drink's to try to get a hint of where, but had come up with nothing new, still he would find out, he had to or it would drive him mad.

"There we are then," Cathy said, "Scotch for you and a Vodka for me."

"Your knocking them back a bit tonight." Ted said.

"Oh just ignore me," she said, "husband trouble, nothing serious."

"Can I help." he asked, "Maybe I could meet Gem's on my own?"

"No, it's fine." Cathy replied. The last thing she wanted was for him to meet there biggest client on his own "Just Rob being the butch husband, we can go whenever your ready."

They finished there drink's and got a cab to the restaurant where the meeting was being held, it wasn't an important meet just an introductory one really so that Ted could meet the Gem's director's. The meeting went well, Cathy was in her element, 3 men all discussing business and her matching them always got her excited. About midnight the two guest's had to leave so Ted suggested he and Cathy went for a celebratory drink at a quiet club he knew in Kensington.

Cathy was feeling quite tipsy by now but was enjoying herself too much to decline, she felt that she had got one over Ted tonight and wanted to keep hold of it for as long as possible. They got a cab to the club and chatted for a while about the meeting then Ted asked, "How did you get into this business, forgive me for saying it but you don't seem the type."

Cathy had got past the tipsy stage now and was bordering on drunk, "Oh believe me I wasn't always the prim business woman I am now," she said, "I used to be a wild child, really over the top."

"Oh yes, pray tell." he said with a laugh, "Your not the only one believe me." pushing the subject hoping to find out how he knew her.

"No!" she said, "That's all in the past." she raised her hand for the waiter to bring another round of drinks

"Yes." he said, "Some thing's can be too much, but when they happened they were fun don't you think?"

"Oh I certainly had a lot of fun, especially when I was at university." she replied

"Where was it now?" Ted asked, "I know it was in your file but I don't recall."

"Durham, I nearly never got through, I almost dropped out and then I was almost thrown out, but I made it in the end." she said with a smile

"Durham my s…." he started, and then with a total change in attitude he said "Yes well I'm glad you made it we need women like you in business." 'That was it' he thought 'No it couldn't be, it couldn't be her' But he was sure it was, he was positive he knew where he had met her before but he had to be sure and the proof was in his study at home.

"Well I am glad I hung in there," she said, "but I think it's time for me to go home, it's been a nice evening, thank you Ted."

"My pleasure," he said with a huge smile, "believe me it really was my pleasure."

They got separate cab's home, mainly because Ted had something he needed to do before he went to bed.

The following day in the office Ted was all smile's and joke's with Cathy, some of the joke's were a bit close to the mark but Cathy just put it down to the morning after the night before and returned to her usual aloof manor with him, sometimes it was so hard not to show how much she disliked him, she had enjoyed last night but it hadn't changed the way she felt, she hated him and didn't know how much longer she would be able to hold back.

About 3pm Ted stuck his head in Cathy's office, "Cathy I'm off to a meeting with the directors," he said, "just this monthly report thing but I have a promo video I need to check out with you urgently, will you be here later?"

"Yes I have some paperwork to catch up on"

"Great see you later then" and with that Ted disappeared down the hall

By 7pm Cathy was getting a bit annoyed she wanted to be home a little earlier tonight to keep Rob happy, by 7.30 she was pacing up and down.

"Sorreee." Ted said making her jump, "Went on a bit longer than I expected give me 5 and then meet me in the exec suite we might as well be comfortable ok?"

"Yes ok but I hope it wont take too long." she said, showing her annoyance.

She gave him 10 minute's out of sheer spite and then went to the exec suite, situated on the ground floor. With it's own access the exec suite was a posh office and overnight complex for any client who needed an overnight stop, it had all the comforts of a 5 star hotel and an office as well, even drink's in the fridge so all you had to do was order in the food and that was that. She knocked on the door and without waiting for a reply walked in.

Ted was wearing a pair of jogger's and no top he had obviously just got out of the shower and was drying his hair, "That's better, I hate this air con it really make's you sweat," Walking over to the drink's cabinet he said, "Vodka isn't it?"

"Yes." Cathy said hardly able to hide her anger, keeping her waiting while he had a shower, didn't he think that she would like to have a shower and relax, selfish pig

"There you are," he said, "I made it a double, I think you deserve it for being so patient with me." the towel was draped over his shoulder. "Sit over here you wont be able to see it that far away, sit on the settee." he said, she sat down and after he dimmed the light's he sat beside her. "I think you will enjoy this."

Cathy watched as the tape started, lot's of background noise. A party, ok, "Oh fuck, oh no." she whispered, and went to get up

Ted put his hand on her shoulder, "No!" he demanded, "Sit down, I'm glad you remember, how much do you remember Cat how much, how many?"

Unfortunately she remembered it all too vividly, this was during her wild child day's ten years ago. She and her boyfriend Paul had a groovy relationship, meaning that they could fuck whoever they wanted cos nobody cared. This particular night Paul was having a party, his dad had gone out till late and just told Paul to keep it quiet.

Cathy had stopped at the pub on the way so was well up for the party when she arrived, after an hour or so of hard drinking, loud music and a bit of teasing the subject got round to who had slept with whom, Tina said that Cathy was always shagging someone and that she must be constantly exhausted, Cathy took offence at this and said that it was Paul who was always tired and of course Paul got pissed off at that,

Tina was a bit of a shit stirrer and said, "Maybe you should have a competition and see who can last the longest."

That started the usual 'I can do better than you can' rubbish. "Well I think that Cathy will last the longest, she has much more staying power then you Paul." Tina said " But if you want to prove other wise Paul there are enough girls here to have a great competition."

Cathy jumped up and said, "And enough men, so put your dick where your mouth is or admit defeat"

"Like fuck." Paul said, and grabbed Tina's arm

"Whoa hang on a minute," Tina said, "Let's make it really interesting shall we, anyone who wants to take part has to pay an entry fee, lets say £20, if Paul suck's and fuck's the most he wins the kitty if not then Cathy win's, and only one shag each you lot." with that she pulled out £20 and put it in a fruit bowl

"Well I'm up for it." Cathy said, but Paul was already dragging Tina off to a bedroom.

Cathy grabbed the first guy to show money and dragged him off to a room, after an hour of this and several fuck's later they were both totally slaughtered and naked, and it was only midnight, Cathy had her stocking's and suspender's on. They were moving from one body to the next now, no longer bothering to do it in private but just taking the next cunt or prick in the line, another hour or so and they totted up the score's it was eighteen all.

"Fuck!" Paul said, looking totally exhausted "why did you all bring guy's with you?"

"What's going on Paul?" it was Paul's dad, "Not that I'm complaining mind, very nice indeed my dear." he said looking at Cathy. He was obviously drunk and so were his two friends

Cathy saw her chance and put her arm's round dad's neck and started kissing him "Fuck me daddy." she said, and run her hand down to his crotch and rubbed his dick, then she reached over to the other new comer's, "you as well I just love older men, I want you all, let me suck you and fuck you, go on please let me I promise you'll enjoy it." and with that she started undoing dad's flies, of course 'dad' was Ted.

She went at it like she hadn't been fucked for years she sucked and fucked all three of the older men one at a time and all at once and some of the other's came back for seconds even some of the girls joined in with Cathy sucking tit and licking pussy while having her arse or cunt was being fucked by some guy, at one point she was on top of one guy, Ted was fucking her arse while she licked a pussy that had a prick in it and all in close up, it was plain to see it was Cathy and it was plain she loved every minute of it. The video finished with her covered in come running round the room tit's swaying about waving her money in the air.

She didn't know the video was being taken till Paul showed it to her the following day. A couple of day's later Paul said he had destroyed it.

Devastated Cathy stood up and paced around, stunned, tears in her eye's hate in her heart, "You fucking bastard , I knew there was a reason I fucking hated you, well I don't have any money so what do you want?" she asked doing her best not to hit him.

"Oh I know how much you hate me you fucking slag, I've had to suffer you're pompous attitude since I started here but your hate is nothing compared to mine, as to what I want, well I want to carry on from where we left off so get your kit off." Ted said angrily

She stopped pacing, total shock on her face "No I wont, I cant, I'm not that person anymore I wont do it." she said

Confident of victory Ted stood up and dropped his jogger's, stepping out of them he moved towards Cathy, she turned her head away but not before she noticed his erection and although he wasn't fat she noticed his middle age had certainly spread. He moved up close behind her, close enough to smell her fear, her hair brushing his face "Ok, maybe it's all a bit of a shock," he said, "so I'll make you a deal, get your kit off we'll have an hour of fun and maybe I will give you the tape."

Ted moved away and got himself a drink. "Doe's your husband know you're a retired fucking slapper, does he know you love it up your arse, he doesn't need to find out, all it will cost is an hour of you doing an instant replay."

Cathy thought for a moment and realised that her world would crash into tiny pieces if this got out, her husband her job her family, even her baby were at risk, she would lose everything, she walked over to the bar and poured herself a tall vodka and drank it all, pouring herself another one she said, "And you will give me the tape and forget everything."

"All you have to do is what you did at that party," he said, "call me daddy, tell me what you want to do to me, a quick blow job and then on your knee's begging me to make you my bitch and look and act like you really mean it, and the tape is yours."

Swallowing the remainder of her drink she put the glass down and having made her decision put a smile on her face and slowly turned into the girl in the film. Walking towards him she said, "Ohh daddy you know how much I want you, I've missed you so much." slowly stripping off her clothes "I just want to please you, let me suck you and fuck you let me be your bitch daddy I just need you to fuck me hard."

Naked now and standing in front of him she took his now throbbing erection in her hand and kissed him passionately on the lips, even though she was shaking like a leaf and felt sick to her stomach she just kept thinking 'I get the film, it will be over soon' slowly she kissed him all the way down to his prick, "Oh daddy your so big I want you so much." and slowly she took him into her mouth, taking him deep and sliding him out again letting out little moans of feigned pleasure, she worked his erection as though she was still at that party, all the old trick's coming back to her making her feel even worse.

His hand came down on her head and he said, "Oh yes babe I know you love to swallow it all and it's coming your way babe ooh yes it's yours babe ahhrrggg oh yes your so good you suck like a whore your so fucking good."

She swallowed every last drop of his cum, not remembering the last time she had done a blow job. "Oh daddy that was great you taste so good." she carried on sucking and licking him till he was semi hard again and then slowly standing up she rubbed her body against him as she kissed him again "Oh daddy I need you, I want you, make me your bitch daddy make me your bitch." she said, as she went down on all four's and arched her back, ' nearly over' she thought ' nearly done, "Make me your bitch daddy I want to be your bitch use me daddy fuck me hard I need you."

He moved her round as he got to his knee's and slowly pushed his erection into her "Oh that's good babe, tell me how good babe tell me how you've missed me babe." he said.

"Oh I missed you daddy." she moaned, "it's been so long, no one could please me the way you do daddy, I love being your bitch daddy fuck me hard daddy I just want to please you I need your cum in my cunt daddy." the faster he moved the more crude and sluttish she became just wanting him to come so that she could be sick.

"Oh your one fucking bitch whore," he cried, "and I know how much you love it, it's coming your way slag oh yes ooh yessss arrghh." and with a violent thrust he came again.

"Oh yes daddy I can feel it filling my cunt hole daddy, oh it feels good daddy your just such a great lover daddy." she lied.

As soon as he stopped she stood and ran to the bathroom where she was violently sick, almost choking. A few moments later and shaking with disgust she turned the shower on and made it as hot as she could, she scrubbed her body for what seemed like hour's until she was red and sore all over, finally just sitting under the water letting it roll over her. She knew she could never be clean again but hoped that she had washed his stink from her, finally she dried and wrapped in a towel went into the lounge and gathered her clothes, returning to the bathroom to get dressed.

Taking a deep breath and holding her head high she returned to the lounge, Ted was sitting on the settee still naked his limp prick resting on his paunch the video in his hand "The film." she said, holding her hand out.

"I have to say your just as good a fuck as you were ten years ago and just as much of a slut." he said, handing her the film "You sure you don't want some more?"

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