tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCathy's Friend, Transsexual Mary

Cathy's Friend, Transsexual Mary


I have told you about my daughter Cathy. She is a stripper at a nude club. She has sucked me and I have got to fuck her in her ass. All this in front of her friend Bill and Mary. Bill is Bi, like me and Mary is a transsexual. I'm also a cross dresser.

Just two weeks ago I found out that my daughter was a nude dancer. She found out that I loved to wear panties. That first night I got my first blow job from her. Then later that night I got to fuck her tight ass. Bill and Mary had us over so she (Mary) could fuck Bill in front of us. My daughter told me that one night soon I would have Mary for the night. Or she would have me. This is that story.

Almost two weeks had passed. I had just got done eating dinner when Cathy walked passed me. It had been a hard two weeks. Cathy would leave her bedroom door open. As I walked past she would flash me some leg or a nice panty shot. She knew how to play the game. Sunday night she walked into the bathroom as I was taking a shower. She open the door and told me that I shouldn't jack-off so much.

"Daddy, save that for the weekend. I called Mary. She told me that she would like you and me to come over to her place Friday night. Just the two of us. How does that sound?"

What could I say. Cathy knew that I would love to have that transsexual in bed for a few hours. And seeing that I liked to cross dress to, that made it better.

So as she walked passed me she told me to make sure that I shaved all my pubic hair off. Also the hair on my ass.

Friday came. Before I went to work Cathy walked passed me and told me to wear my lace panties to work. "I'll be checking later to make sure you have them on." What could I do. I did it. About noon that day I got a call.

"Go down to your car. Get in and pull your zipper down. Open your pants, and if you are not wearing them you are in deep shit. Do it now." That is all that was said. I knew it was Cathy. Down to the car I went.

I sat in the car for about 1 minute and then unzipped and pulled them open. Anyone walking by could look in and see my lace panties. And my hard on. I just sat, looking out the front. I had shaved, and the cool air felt great on my hard hot cock.

"Very good. You are a good submissive. I'll keep you. After dinner you will tell Mom that we are going to a show. She'll stay home as always. You are to wear you white lace panties, garter belt and white stockings. Now, pull your panties down."

All I could do was look out the window. Cathy stood with her top open. I could see her tits and my cock got harder. I looked in her eyes and put my hand on my panties. I pull down. I was hoping no one else would see. My cock came free and I just looked at my daughter.

"That's a good Daddy. Now jack-off for me. Let me watch you. And when you think you are going to cum stop. Put it back in your panties and zip up. Do it, NOW!"

I started to jack-off for her. My hand went up and down and I could see her nipples getting hard. I could see her hand rubbing her pussy throw her skirt. She was jacking-off with me. My hand moved faster and faster. I knew I was getting close. I then stopped and pulled them up. A drop of cum made my panties wet. I looked at my daughter and said.

"I love you Cathy. I'll do anything for you. Just name it."

We all sat at the table, eating dinner. Cathy sat across from me and my wife sat on my left. We talked about the weather and sports. Alice was talking about the football game.

"Mom, daddy and I are going to go to a show tonight. Care to join us?" Cathy never took her eyes off me. She was looking at me and then I felt her foot. It was under the table and was rubbing my cock. My breath got real short. It was like she was jacking me off with her foot. Right in front of her mother.

"I don't know.... Maybe." My heart stopped. This is the first time Alice ever said, MAYBE. Fuck. If she comes I would never get to see Mary and my daughter. "No, I have so much to do around the house. And I know that you two would like to do something I wouldn't care to join in on."

If only she knew. I felt Cathy start back up with the rubbing. I kept thinking and saying to myself. Don't cum now. Don't push to hard.

Cathy and I both said good night and told Alice not to wait up for us. We would be stopping for a bite to eat after the movie. Off we went.

"Hi, I thought you two would never get here. I have drinks in the living room. Let me have your coats."

When the door open I saw Mary standing in front of us in only a black bra, a silk blouse, open all the way. She had on a black garter belt black stockings. Her panties, Lace see thru. It was as if she had no panties on at all. I looked down to see if I could see her cock. No. All I could see was skin.

"Thanks Mary." Cathy took off her coat. Next came her blouse and then her skirt. My eyes once more looked at my daughter. Her bra was a light blue. I could see her nipples. She had a darker blue panties. Lace and I could see her shaved pussy. I swallowed hard as I looked her up and down. She also had on thigh high stockings.

"Take it all, why waste the time. Get undressed." That is all she said to me. I was soon standing in front of my daughter and Mary. I had shaved myself. I was in panties and garter belt with stocking. My cock could be seen thru my panties. A wet spot at the top.

Cathy reached over and gave my cock a squeeze. Harder and harder. I bet my lower lip. I told myself I would not let her know it hurt. Harder and harder. I took a deep breath. I will never show that you are...... "Fuck."

"Good slaves are hard to come by. Look, he is about to cum right now. Should I let him? I THINK NOT."

I had tears in my eyes. Cathy knew that I could not take anymore and stopped. Her hand was now rubbing my cock. I looked at Mary.

"Should I kiss it and make it all better?" I thought, why not. "No we can do other things to it. Come with me."

After a few drinks Cathy stood and told Mary that, "Tonight is your night. I always wanted to watch you with one of my slaves. Do as you like for then next 2 hours. No marks, no blood. Other then that he is yours."

Her eyes looked deep into my eyes. I could tell that this was something that she had wanted to see for a long long time. I looked at Mary. Her small smile was now big.

"Cathy, please I didn't......" That was all I got out. My daughters hand slapped my face.

"Do as you are told. One day soon you will get what you want. But tonight you are hers. UNDERSTAND.....DADDY?" The look in her eyes told me that I better do as I was told.

"I love to call him that. It makes me feel evil, wicked, cruel and like a bitch. Look at him. He likes when I call him Daddy. DON"T YOU?"

"Yes My Mistress. Call me Daddy. I'm yours."

Mary told me to take her bra off. My hands went to the front. It open with ease. Her breast come in view and her nipples got hard. I bent to kiss or suck them. But about half way to her she slapped me. FUCK. Now that hurt.

"Did I say you could kiss them? Or do you think I'm a slut that you can do what you like to? ANSWER ME." With that I got slapped once more.

"No, you are not a slut. You are my Mistress."

"You are fucking right. Now kneel and start from my feet and kiss them all the way to my panties."

I knelt and started to kiss her feet. I started to go higher and higher. I was at her knee and I could start to see her cock. It was just now starting to grow. I licked my lips and went higher. As I got to her cock I looked up at her. My breathing was fast. My mouth dry. I went to say something.

"My I?" My eyes looking right into Mary's eyes. "My I.... Kiss your?" I swallowed and then went back to saying. "My I kiss. Your?"

"Yes you my slave, DADDY. Kiss it all you like. pull my panties down and look at it. Hold it in your hand. Lick it and tell me how much you need it."

I reached up with both hands and grabbed her panties. I pulled slowly down on them till they came free from her thighs. Now her shaved cock came into view. It was about 7" long and hard as a rock. How did she hide it? It must have been in her panties all this time. But I could not see it.

Her "she" cock was sticking out in front of her. Long and hard. About as big around as three of my fingers at the first knuckle. About as big around as a half dollar. As I held it I felt the softness in it. But it was still hard. I licked my lips and bent forward to kiss it. I felt her pull back.

"Ask for it, Daddy. Beg for it, Daddy. Show me how much you need it, DADDY. You like it when I call you DADDY? Don't you?"

"Yes I do. Could I kiss your she cock. Let your father suck it and put it in his mouth. I could please my." I thought for the first time. I'm doing this in front of my own daughter. My little girl was going to watch me suck a she males cock. "I could please my .... little girl the way only a father could." As I said that I looked at Cathy. She was sitting on the floor. Her fingers of her right hand was busy fucking her pussy. Two fingers busy fingering her cunt. I could see her eyes looking right at my mouth. I open my mouth and took her cock into it. I watched as her fingers moved faster and faster. I had about 3" of cock in my mouth and I knew I had to have it all.

I started to use my mouth as a pussy. I was letting this she male use me. I knew that it was pleasing my daughter.

I pulled all the way back till her cock popped out of my mouth. "Yes fuck my mouth. Use it and make love to it. Let me please you with my mouth."

I don't know what felt better. Watching my daughter finger herself and the feeling I got from Mary fucking my mouth. Deeper and deeper her cock went. I could feel it hit the back of my throat. It has been years since I had felt that. I held on to her ass and went for the ride. Faster and faster she pumped into my face. If this is how a pussy felt getting fucked, then I'm a pussy.


That is all I heard. Mary's cock pulled out of my mouth and I felt like I just had my heart ripped out. My mouth was empty. It felt all alone. Now I know how it felt to have a cock pulled from a pussy.

"Mary. You told me that you wanted to fuck him. Didn't you?"

I looked back at Cathy and then at Mary. I knew that this was going to happen. But still I was not really thinking of it.

"Please let me suck her more. I need to feel it in my mouth. Please let me show you both how good I can be."

Cathy just looked at me. Her eyes fixed on my mouth. Then her eyes went to my eyes. I knew that she was going to say yes.

"PLEASE ..... DAUGHTER MISTRESS. Let me show you how much I love you. Let me please this other woman."

"OKAY, DADDY. Suck her cock. Prove to me that you can make her cum. If you can make her cum with your mouth. I'll let you have her. BUT. If she does not cum in 3 minutes. Your ass is hers. OKAY? DADDY."

I looked at Cathy. I knew that if I did as I was told it would please her. And that is what a father does for his daughter.

"Yes my dear. I'll prove to you that I'm good." I then went back to sucking. But now I had to prove that I could make her cum. I licked the tip. I could feel how soft it was. The cool air had made it cold, and my warm mouth must have felt hot on her cock. I'll win and I'll get to fuck her. I pushed my face lower on her cock. It slid into my mouth. It felt so soft. Like I was sucking in cotton candy. I got about 5 inches of it in my mouth and I started to lick the underside. I could feel a pair of shaved balls. I lick them and pull my mouth off it. I licked her balls and started to suck them. I pulled one into my mouth and was using my hand on her cock. I licked my finger. I know that I loved to feel a finger go up my ass and I thought I would try that. That would make her cum.

My mouth went back to sucking. My head bobbed up and down. My finger went in and out. I thought, Once a cock sucker, always a cock sucker. Once you learn to suck you never forget it. I could feel her cock move. Soon, very soon she was going to cum. Then I would have this ass to fuck and use.

"Five..... Four..... Three..... Two......One... STOP. Times up. Open you mouth. Show me the inside of it."

I lost. How could I lose. Mary pulled her cock out of my mouth. Empty once more.

"Please. Cathy. Let me. I know I can do it."

"Sorry. A deal is a deal. Now I can watch my Daddy get fucked. Mary. Do your thing."

Mary had me bend over the chair. She walked behind me. I could feel her pulling my white lace panties down. I felt her put some K Y in my asshole. It felt cold, but nice. I could hear her open a condom. I could hear her roll it on. Then I felt her cock on my ass. She had put some K Y on and she was pushing.

"Yes. Push harder. Fuck your...... Fuck your Daddy's ass. Please more." I was talking like a slut. I could remember what it felt like to get a cock up my ass once more.

"Think you could take it all?"

"Yes. Do it. Make me your slut. Oh it feels so nice. Harder."

Mary was now fucking me like I have never been fucked before. Today was the day I fell in love with getting fucked. Not only did she fuck me but she made love to my ass. In and out. In and out.

Then I felt something on my cock. Mary had grabbed my cock and was jacking me off as she fucked me. In and out, and up and down. All at the same time.

"Is this what you have wanted. To get fucked in front of your own daughter. Is it, DADDY?"

I could hear Cathy. But I could not see her. I had my eyes closed as Mary fucked me. Faster and harder. Both with her cock and with her hand. This was like nothing I have ever felt. So deep. So hot. So hard. So nice. To feel a shaved cock once more in my ass. Her soft hand on my cock.

I could hear Mary. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to explode. I'm going to empty my balls."

Mary pulled out and I felt her cum hit my ass. Hot cum running down my ass. Mary took her hand and was pulling her cock so it would empty on my ass. All the time she kept telling me.

"You have got one tight ass. DADDY. You have got one hot tight fucking ass."

All this time Cathy sat and watched us. She had gotten a dildo and was busy herself. Fucking her pussy. Watching her father take it in his ass.

With short breath Cathy said.

"Daddy, next time I'll watch you fuck Mary. OKAY?"

"Yes my dear sweet daughter. What ever you ask of me or tell me to do. I will."

I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know.

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