tagNonHumanCat's Eye Ch. 01

Cat's Eye Ch. 01


Jasmyne was an average college girl. She worked after classes part time at a coffee shop off campus, studied hard and got good grades. She was quiet, a little shy, just a small town country girl in her second semester of college in the big city.

She wasn’t oblivious to her looks, not entirely, a lot of guys asked her out on dates, and she felt she was pretty, but no supermodel by any stretch of the imagination. She gave her face one last look in the mirror, her wide almond shaped blue eyes staring back at her owlishly. She knew her eyes were strange, she’d been told so all her life. Beautiful but strange, such a very pale blue. Her complexion was smooth, milky white, soft and unblemished, made to seem paler then it actually was by the shock of jet black hair that fell in soft tight curls half way down her back. She wore no make up, not even a hint of eye-shadow, or a touch of lipstick on her full lips. Her high cheekbones needed no highlighting with blush.

She gave her clothing a final glance, the short black skirt, and white tank-top that displayed the café’s logo were pristine, and snug as always. She had originally hated the uniform, it seemed to reveal too much, but she needed the job and in time had grown to almost like it. She was 5’8, and the short skirt showed off her long legs to an advantage. The shirt hugged her high, firm breasts that were neither very large nor particularly small. Of course the amount of guys asking her out had tripled since she started working there, and heaven knew her mother would faint if she ever saw her only child in such a short skirt, but Jasmyne felt very feminine, very sexy.

Satisfied with her appearance, and now running a little late, she grabbed her bag, left her dorm room and locked the door behind her. She jogged down the stairs and outside, the air cooler now as the sun had just set. It was a short walk to the café, which was right across the street from the college.

“Hi Jasmyne.” Jasmyne smiled at Carla as she entered the café, noting there was very little business for a Thursday night….maybe it would pick up later. The café’s was very clean, indicating it had been slow for awhile, and Carla had had a lot of time to clean.

“Hi Carla.” Jasmyne replied, and walked behind the counter and into the back room. Here she put on her little apron, and put her bag in the staff room. Carla joined her a moment later.

“It’s dead tonight.” She said, flopping down on one of the chairs. Jasmyne smiled.

“Good, I need to study.” Jasmyne said. She put on her name tag.

“You’ll have lots of time for that.” Carla informed her with a smile. “There was a gorgeous guy in here earlier asking if you were working tonight…I told him what time you would be coming in, I hope that’s ok.”

“Gorgeous guy? What gorgeous guy?” Jasmyne asked, somewhat surprised.

“I don’t know who he was, I’ve never seen him around campus, but he was really sexy. He said his name was Michael.”

“I don’t know any Michaels.” Jasmyne shrugged. She went up front and Carla followed.

“Well this is one Michael I wish I knew.” Carla said, pouring herself a Pepsi from the soda machine. Jasmyne grinned at her friend and looked around the café. A lone male sat near the back, his head down and eyes focused on a text book, and an older couple sat near the front windows, talking quietly. The rest of the café was empty. Smoothing her hands over her apron, she gave a mental shrug…all the better really though it would mean less tips tonight.

In a matter of an hour she had completed all of her assigned cleaning tasks, and sat down on a stool behind the counter, her physics text book open in front of her. Carla was in the back chatting on the phone to her boyfriend, and the elderly couple had left, replaced by a group of four students, who were quietly studying together and chatting. having joined the lone male in the back of the café.

She was just becoming completely engrossed in her studies when the little bell above the front door tinkled, and a man walked in. Jasmyne looked up and her breath caught in her throat. He was very tall, at least 6 foot 4….maybe even 6 foot 5. His hair was long, it fell loose around his shoulders in a golden brown cascade, and looked like silk. He was wearing a long black leather trench coat, and a black pair of jeans and button down shirt. The clothing did nothing to disguise his build, which was obviously very muscular. He had broad shoulders, lean hips, and moved with a catlike grace that belied his size.

But it was his face that grabbed her attention the most, especially his eyes. They were a rich, luminescent golden brown that seemed almost to glow, observing her with a calm, curious look. He had strong masculine features, and was very, very sexy.

“Hello.” He said simply as he walked to the counter and she felt a tremor run through her, he had a deep, rich baritone that was very pleasing. She snapped herself out of her reverie.

“Hi.” She managed, and looked away quickly, her cheeks flushing when she realized she’d been staring. “What can I get for you?”

“Just a regular coffee, black please.” He replied, and she felt another chill go down her spine at his voice. She turned quickly and grabbed a cup from the dispenser with a shaking hand. To her dismay, he sat down at the counter. Good gracious how was she going to study now with a delicious creature like that sitting less then three feet away? She filled his cup, and set it on the counter in front of him.

“Thank you.” He said and she smiled, then turned and hurried into the back room. Carla, who’d just hung up the phone took one look at her face and said:

“Oh my God, what’s wrong?” She flipped her blond hair back over her shoulder, eyeing her friend in concern.

“The…oh….he’s gorgeous, this guy who just came in….” She managed to stammer. Carla bounced to her feet and scurried to peek around the corner. She ran back to Jasmyne, giggling low, her features flushed.

“That’s the guy who asked about you….Michael.”

“Shut up!” Jasmyne exclaimed in shock, her mouth dropping.

“I’m serious! Go talk to him silly!” Carla gave her a push toward the door. Swallowing hard, Jasmyne forced herself to calm down and walked nonchalantly back out in to the front, retaking her stool near the register and returning her gaze to her physics book.

Play it cool…just play it cool Jasmyne… she told herself.

“All work and no play?” Michael said, and she looked up.

“Should I be playing?” She asked evenly, trying to keep her hands from trembling.

He smiled then, a brilliant flash of white teeth and she thought she might melt. God this guy was incredible.

“Everyone needs a little play in their life.” He told her, and then stood, dropped a five dollar bill on the counter, and without waiting for change, flashed her one more smile then walked back out the front door. She stared after him for long moments, till Carla poked her in the arm.

“Why’d he leave? What did you say? What did he say?” She demanded, her eyes sparkling. Jasmyne shook her head.

“Nothing.” She said, and bent her head back to the physics text book.

At 11pm she turned off all the lights, and set the alarm, then locked the café door. Carla had already gone home, and she was alone as she quickly crossed the street and headed across the campus to the dorms. She looked up at the darkly clouded sky and was rewarded with a small drop of rain on her upturned cheek. She increased her pace, hoping to make it back to the dorms before the sky opened up. The towering oak trees that formed a canopy over the gravel path rustled in the rising wind, and she took a deep breath. The air felt charged, almost electric, and the smell of coming rain lingered on the breeze.

A sudden grumble of thunder made her jump and she looked up at the sky again.

“It’s only thunder, nothing to be afraid of.” A familiar deep baritone said to her left and she halted and spun around. Michael was leaning against one of the oak trees.

“I’m not afraid.” She said, a note of defiance in her voice…but she was afraid. What was he doing out here so late? Had he been waiting for her? If so…why? She took an involuntary step back, eyeing him nervously.

“Relax, I’m not some serial killer.” He smiled again and she felt her self calm, despite her trepidation. “But I was waiting for you.” He admitted.

“Why?” She asked, tilting her head to the side and looking up at him. He remained motionless, leaning against the tree.

He shrugged his big shoulders. “Curiosity I guess.” His eyes were hypnotic as he straightened up.

“About?” She pressed, staring back at him.

“You.” He said simply, and took a casual step forward. “You fascinate me.”

“You don’t even know me, how could I fascinate you?”

“For the same reason I fascinate you. There is just something about you.” He replied, slowly drawing closer.

She swallowed hard, feeling nearly paralyzed. “What makes you think you fascinate me?” She asked, but her voice cracked, betraying her nervousness.

“Don’t I?” He stood directly in front of her now and looked down at her with those strange luminescent eyes. Yes, he fascinated her…she could not deny it. The air between them seemed to crackle with electricity. A sudden image flashed through her mind of her laying on a bed of silk, naked, her hands gripping his shoulders as he drove himself deep inside her, her back arching and a cry of pleasure tearing loose from her. She gasped audibly and shook her head to banish the image. He took a step to her left then another, circling her slowly, his voice low.

“Is that what you want?” He asked.

She turned her head startled. “Is what…how did you…-“ her voice trailed off and he laughed quietly.

“Is it what you want Jasmyne?” He repeated, in that low deep voice, coming around her right side. She stared at him, speechless. “I think it is. I think its what you want. I can smell it on you…I can smell your sex, hot, wet and wanting.” His voice had dropped to an even lower growl, as he continued to circle her. He stopped behind her and leaned his head close to her ear. “You want it.” He whispered, and set a hand on her waist. She moaned low, trembling and closing her eyes.

“No please…I…I don’t even know you….how can you assume such things?” His hand slid across the front of her stomach, which twitched and flexed involuntarily at his touch, sending shock waves straight through her.

“Can you deny it?” He asked, his deep voice rumbling in her ear. His large hand slipped lower and cupped her pussy through the tight cotton skirt. She moaned and swayed backwards, only to find herself leaning back into his broad chest.

“Please don’t…” she whispered…without conviction.

“No? You want me to stop?” He asked, sliding his other arm around her, and squeezing gently with the hand that cupped her womanhood. She gasped and moaned at the pressure, her hips jerking. She couldn’t think…sensations were rioting through her body with the force of a hurricane…all she could feel was the large hand that was gently massaging her, and the strong arm that circled her, holding her prisoner against a solid chest. And then he stepped closer, and she could feel the rock hard solid length of his erection through the material of his jeans and her skirt, pressing against her backside and lower back. He was long and thick, and she felt a full shudder of longing run through her body.

“Is this what you want, my Jasmyne?” He murmured, pressing his lips softly to her neck, and squeezing her swollen, wet pussy lips together with his strong hand. She shuddered in his arms, her head falling back and a low moan issuing from her lips. It felt so good…she arched her back as his other hand cupped her breast, his thumb sliding over a nipple, making it tighten painfully. She moaned again, and suddenly her own voice reached her ears…and reality rushed her. She was standing on the path to her dorm with a perfect stranger, and he was fondling her! And worse, she was enjoying it! She jerked away suddenly, breaking free of his hold and spinning to face him, her pale blue eyes flashing, and her cheeks red.

“How dare you touch me? Stay away from me!” She shouted and turning, would have run but he seized her arm in an iron grip. “Let go of me! Y-your hurting me.” She cried and he tugged her sharply, dragging her against his chest and gripping her chin with his free hand forced her to meet his eyes.

“And where will you go little sparrow?” He growled, his strange amber eyes flashing with matched fury. “Back to your innocent little dorm room, your innocent little life? Back where you lay in bed at night, with your fingers fondling your pussy, as you only dream of being fucked? Teasing the boys with your body, while you hide behind your ice-queen mask, and feel the walls close in around you, choking you, smothering you, trapping you in a life you do not want?”

“How….how dare you!” She sputtered and he laughed, yanking her harder against his chest, both hands now holding her arms prisoner.

“You precious little fool. Don’t you know what you are?” He growled, and then seized her mouth with a crushing kiss, his tongue forcing past her lips and invading her mouth. Overwhelmed she stood, frozen, her mind spinning, and her traitorous body responding, yielding to his kiss. He kissed her until all sense, all rationality had fled her mind and she was leaning into him, and kissing him back with all she had. He released his grip on her arms slowly, then slid his hands around to her back, holding her tight against him.

He slid his hands down her lower back, and then over the curve of her high firm ass, squeezing it in his big hands before pulling her tight against him in blatant sexual heat, his erection pressed tight to her tummy. She moaned against his lips and moved against him, stroking him with her body as the fire began to consume her.

He drew his hips back slightly and she instinctively moved her hands between them, tracing the contour of his shaft through the thin denim. She grasped his zipper with greedy hands; released him, her fingers seeking the heat of his flesh, but he moved fast, taking her hands away and putting them around his neck, his lips never leaving hers as he slid his hands back down, over her ass and thighs, till he reached the hem of her short skirt. He slid his hands back up under the material, lifting her skirt up around her waist as he did. His thumbs hooked into the waist of her low riding panties as his tongue plundered her mouth, sliding them down enough that they fell to the ground. She stepped out of them, kissing him back, her fingers twining in his silky brown tresses.

His hands moved back up to cup her ass, pulling her tight against him so she could feel every rock solid inch of his massive cock pressed to her stomach. She moaned, swept with a need to have him inside her so intense that it almost brought her to her knees.

He lifted her, his hands cradling her ass, and she wrapped herself around him instinctively as he took several steps, until her back was against the massive oak he’d been leaning against. He held her up against the tree, sliding himself down her a bit as he lifted her a little, and she felt the tip of his thick hard erection press against her drenched womanhood. She moaned, her head falling back, waiting for the plunge that would unite them.

“Tell me what you want.” He demanded in a fierce voice. She opened dazed eyes and looked at him. “Tell me!”

“I…I-I want you.” She stammered.

“Where?” He growled, his eyes burning into her.

“I-i-inside me”

“Say it!” He growled again.

“I want y-you inside me.”

“You want my cock?”


“Say it!” He roared and she trembled.

“I w-want your c-c-cock inside me…..please” She whispered and his eyes glowed with triumph.

“Yes…” He growled low, and plunged deep inside her, his thick shaft tearing through her hymen and stretching her further then she ever imagined possible. She cried out, tears welling in her eyes. The pain was white hot.

“Oww!” She cried and it seemed to excite him. He gripped her ass more firmly and began to move rapidly inside of her, thrusting deep and hard. She cried out with each brutal movement, feeling like he was tearing her in two. “Please…stop….it hurts!” She pleaded, tears spilling down her cheeks. He smiled then, a cold, cruel grin, and her dazed pain-filled eyes registered the fact that his eye teeth had elongated into long, sharp fangs. She stared at them for a moment as he drove himself high and deep inside her and understanding dawned.

She screamed, a high pitched terror filled sound and pressing her back against the tree, shoved him away from her with all her strength, kicking her legs to free herself. Thrown of guard he lost his grip on her and she managed to break free. Panic threatened to choke her as she turned and ran, as fast as her feet would carry her.

She didn’t get far. The thing named Michael had her in a flash. She was thrown roughly to the ground, and then his weight was pressing her down into the damp grass, pinning her. She opened her mouth to scream again and he covered it with his hand, his face inches from hers as he used his knees to force open her thighs. His eyes burned into her and she stopped struggling, staring up at him.

“I’m not finished with you.” He growled low, and with a sharp movement of his hips, once again filled her with his long, thick shaft. She moaned in pain, her eyes closing. He began moving deep and hard in her again, pounding into her relentlessly, driven by his own mad hunger.

There was pain, deep and sharp…terrible pain, and a tightening sensation building in her belly. Spots of white danced before her closed eyelids…she heard a pitiful whimpering, and realized it was her…but she felt so far away from herself…the pain was easing…not much, but now it was mixed with something else. Something that tied with the tightening within her. Something that was building, and building, till she cried out, arching her back, feeling like she would explode…until at last, finally she did. She heard him growl, and felt hot wet stickiness on her thighs…but she could do nothing. Darkness was closing in around the edges of her mind, creeping slowly forward until that was all there was.

“I’m dying…” She murmured, and was not alarmed…it was deep…comfortable…warm here.

“No, my sparrow…your not dying, my precious. Sleep now.” A voice told her, a gentle deep voice she decided she wanted to obey.

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