tagErotic CouplingsCat's Story Ch. 03

Cat's Story Ch. 03




As Cat and I continued up Hwy. 395 we passed the turn off for the city of Mammoth Lakes and also for the Devils Post Pile, which led to Cat’s comment,

“Someday when we have more time, I would like to come back up here and check out the Devils Post Pile, ever been there?”

I answered Cat’s question by replying,

“Yes sweetheart a few times. It is pretty cool, as it is the only volcanic basalt deposit in the world like it. No feature in the Mammoth area better demonstrates the work of fire and ice than Devils Postpile. The columns of basalt were formed approximately 100,000 years ago when a lava flow slowed and began to cool and crack. Temperatures deep within the lava bed were uniform enough to produce six-sided columnal joints. A short trail leads to the top of the columns, where the distinct hexagonal pattern of the Postpile is clearly visible, polished to a shine by later glacial action. It looks as if you are standing on a hexagonal tile floor.”

Cat excitedly responded,

“WOW! That sounds really cool. Ya, we must come back sometime”.

Not too much further up the highway was something that always gave me a good laugh, so I decided to play a little trick on Cat using it. The intersection of highway 395 and highway 120, which was the turn off to Mono craters. The Mono craters looked like the surface of the moon, I had even heard that NASA had trained the Astronauts for the moon landing there. At this intersection was a pile of rocks resembling a grave, with a wooden cross at one end and a pair of boots sticking out the other end. I told Cat I needed a break from driving and would pull over at the next safe spot, knowing all the while that would be the location of the would be gravesite. “OK baby this looks like a good spot”

I said as I pulled off the road just after crossing the intersection. Cat pointing a finger out her window said,

“Burt look at that, is that a grave?”

I replied, “I don’t know sweetheart, let’s take a look”

As we walked from the truck over to the pile of rocks I had to stifle my laughs knowing I could sell Cat that it was real.

“ Hey, look at that, it says something on the cross”

Cat remarked, as we grew closer to the object of her building curiosity.

“I know sweetheart, I wonder what it says? Probably the persons name, birth date and date of death” I said.

Cat then leaned over and read,


Then commented,

“Burt is this a joke?”

“I don’t think so baby, look there are even artificial flowers by the cross”

I replied as I held back my laughter.

Cat then questioned me further,

“Honey, why are his boots sticking out of the rocks then?”

“Well sweetheart look around, there are not many rocks around here. Maybe this is all they could find and were in a hurry?”

I said trying not to grin.

“Ya right, they couldn’t do that, and you would have to bury a person deeper than that”

Said Cat sarcastically.

“Well baby the ground looks pretty hard here, maybe they didn’t have a shovel? Maybe they didn’t care because he was just some drunk who got hit by a car as he tried to cross the highway?”

I said grinning, as I could no longer hide them from cat.

“Burt! What’s so funny, this isn’t real. You’re just pulling my leg”

Exclaimed Cat.

“No baby, it’s not real it has been here for as long as I can remember though”

I said, now laughing out loud.

“I thought so, nobody would leave his feet sticking out”

Cat said, slapping me teasingly on the back as we both walked back to the truck, both laughing.

We soon began the ascent up the steep grade that would take us out of the Owens valley. Looking back into the valley below we were treated to a breath taking view of Mono Lake, with all of its very strange looking Tufa deposits rising up from its blue waters hauntingly. This Tufa is the result of deposits left by under water springs and then exposed as the brine water of the lake receded over the years. They kind of looked like stalagmites rising up out of the lakes waters like strange silent sentries, guarding its shores from unknown invaders. Out in the middle of the lake was Paocha Island, which was made entirely of black volcanic rock. With this black island and the stalagmites rising up out of the lakes blue waters, combined with Mono craters just beyond the lake, it really did look like a landscape from another planet.

After many hours more of driving through northern California’s beautiful forest we finally made it to the Oregon border. At that point I woke Cat up, as she had been taking a nap as I drove. I softly nudged her and whispered,

“Sweetheart, wake up, baby you awake? We’re in Oregon now, we just crossed the border” With this gentle prodding Cat wiped the sleep from her eyes, yawned and then looked over at me still sleepily and said,

“ Honey? Did you say we are in Oregon? How long was I asleep?”

“About three hours sweetheart”

I replied

“WOW! It seems like I just fell asleep a little while ago. I must have been much more tired than I thought.”

Cat exclaimed

Then Cat leaned over kissed me on the cheek and said,

“Thank you sweetheart for letting me sleep, I needed that.”

With that Cat slid over next to me, even closer than before as she kissed my cheek again lovingly and put her arm around me. As we drove along Cat was massaging the back of my neck and shoulders, only stopping occasionally to tickle my earlobe and to slip me another tender kiss.

“Burt, I need to stop at the next rest stop. I really have to pee and I think we could use a break anyway. I know Sierra needs out to pee by now, poor dog, cooped up in this truck for so long”

Cat explained.

“OK baby I’ll stop at the next rest stop and take Sierra out for a walk while you pee”

I replied.

Sierra is my dog, more like my companion as I’m sure he thinks he’s human. He is a purebred Jindo, which is an Asian wolf. He goes everywhere with me and always attracts lots of attention, as he always has to have his favorite bandana and sunglasses on, especially when traveling in the truck. People pull up alongside on the highway and are doing everything you could imagine from the old thumbs up, to always smiling and laughing, especially kids, and even taking his picture. Sierra knows what a camera is after getting his picture taken over a hundred times in the last six years and always stops whatever he is doing and poses. What a ham that guy is. I was very pleased to find Cat loving him it seemed as much as myself, as the two of them are highlight and devotion of my life.

We pulled into a small rest stop and were surprised that there were very few people there. Cat headed for the bathrooms as I took Sierra out of the truck, letting him run free since there were very few people and I saw no other dogs. After letting Sierra run around marking every damn tree and bush he could find, I put him back in the truck and gave him fresh cool water in his bowl along with a couple of his favorite dog biscuits. I rolled all the trucks windows down so he would be cool and headed off to the restrooms myself as Sierra hung halfway out the side window watching me intently. As usual Sierra was quite a site with his blue bandana, sunglasses and I was quite sure as was common there would be some sort of audience gathered around the truck, smiling and laughing at seeing such a cool dog.

“THE COOLEST DOG ALIVE”, as I often referred to him as, including using that for the title of the web page I had recently created for just for him.

After relieving myself and washing up, I stepped outside to wait for Cat, wondering what was taking her so long.

I didn’t have to wait too long until Cat opened the door to the women’s bathroom. As she did I stepped up to Cat catching her still in the doorway and kissed her softly as I held her at the waist with both hands. Continuing our kiss my hands explored the soft curves of her back, waist and her firm, round ass. I began to kiss her more passionately as I slid one of my hands around over the flat of her so very sexy stomach and then sensuously down the front of her pants. About the time my palm cupped the smoothness of her shaved mound, my fingertips discovered the warm wetness of Cat’s irresistible sweet pussy Cat interrupted our kiss and said, “Burt!…someone is going to see us. Burt!… get out of my pants.”

I smiled at Cat and said,

“No, you get out of your pants”

Cat was laughing even harder as was I when I again stepped up to her, and began leading her backwards into the women’s restroom, locking the door behind us, as I now began kissing Cat again but with even more passion and desire.

As my hands slipped up under Cat’s tee shirt I was pleased to find that she had removed her bra earlier in the restroom. I began teasing her firm breasts with both hands as our tongues explored each other’s mouth tenderly. Massaging the fullness of her breasts along with exciting her quickly swelling with desire nipples. Our deep kissing became more excited as I felt Cat’s hand slip down inside my pants until reaching my now very hard cock. Cat began stroking the hardness of my cock as I slipped one of my hands down and into her wetness. My fingers easily slipping deeply into her warm, wet, sweet pussy, spreading her now slippery pussy lips until burying three fingers deeply into her.

I began to rub all around deeply inside her sweetness along with the palm of my hand firmly stimulating her now throbbing clit. Cat began unzipping and then lowering my pants and then letting them drop down around my knees and on down covering my shoes in a pile. While Cat was stroking my cock and massaging my balls with both hands, I hurriedly unbuttoned her pants letting them fall all the way down to the cold floor around her ankles.

“Cat baby, turn around and bend over holding the sink”

I requested firmly, as my hands now on her hips guided her into position, with Cat obediently but willing complying. Then reaching down as Cat stepped out of her pants with one leg, I let my hands slip around her outer thighs and continuing until I lifted her slightly and spread Cat’s legs widely and as I stepped up in between them I guided my throbbing cock into her sweet wetness.

I felt Cat reach down between her open legs allowing her to play with both my balls and my cock as I began to thrust deeply into her. Cat flattened out her hand collecting the wetness that was now dripping out of her hot, sweet pussy and running down her inner thighs and legs. Along with the wetness of my cock as it was withdrawn with each stroke from her wonderfully wet pussy, allowed my cock to slide through her hand easily. Cat using her other hand to support herself by hanging onto the front edge of the sink allowing us both to watch our facial expressions of lustful pleasure. Just as I started to drive faster and harder into Cat’s sweet pussy she raised her hand off my cock and began to rub her wet fingertips quickly over her swollen with excitement clit. I felt the cum rising up from my balls readying itself to explode into Cat, just as I also felt the contractions of her orgasm begin.

Suddenly we were shocked to hear,

“Hey, how much longer are you going to be? We have to use the restroom badly”

This intrusion coming in the form of a woman’s voice, it was curiously hoarse.

“Oh… shit, hurry Burt”

I heard Cat whisper breathlessly as I began to drive into her as fast and hard as I could. Cat then called out to this unknown intruder,

“I’ll be out in just a minute!”

Cat then said frantically,

“Burt, cover my mouth, I going to cum baby, I’m going to cum right now”

I reached around cupping my hand over Cat’s mouth firmly just as I also started to cum powerfully.

“Baby, I’m Cumming too. Oh yes, I’m Cumming with you baby”

I tried to say as softly as possible. Cat and I both feeling the contractions of our combined orgasms as we both felt the wonderful warm contentment of getting off, that warmth rising up through our bodies, and then the wonderful release of sharing this pleasure. Just then we heard loudly,


On the restroom door.

Before this person who was rushing us so rudely could say anything, Cat called out,

“One second, were coming”

We both had to hold back our laughter, as we looked at each other both thinking the same thing, yep, we sure are Cumming.

I stepped back pulling my cock out of Cat’s now dripping wet pussy and pulled up and zipped my pants quickly as I said out of breath quietly,

“Baby, no time to clean up, we’ll do it in the truck”

Cat looked back at me as she was pulling up her panties and whispered,

“I know sweetheart, just another second and I’ll be ready”

Cat then quickly stepped into her pants, pulled them up as fast as she could and buttoned them up just as I was reaching for the doorknob. I looked at Cat and asked her,

“You ready sweetheart?”

She nodded yes and I opened the door. Standing there staring at us with their mouths hanging open were two elderly women, glaring at us. We quickly walked past them holding back our laughter as we heard one saying to the other,

“OH REALLY! …She had a man in there with her! Oh my, they were having sex in there. I thought I heard them making funny noises, little trollop”.

We had been on intrastate highway five for about six hours before turning off and heading east into the Cascade Mountains. The forest is incredibly beautiful up there in that part of Oregon, as it is almost entirely made up of old growth forest. Some of the towering evergreens had stood for a hundred years or more. As Cat and I left the forest and entered a very large meadow we were struck by the beauty of the contrasting views nature had provided for us, the beautiful old growth forest of evergreens, the distant snow capped mountains, the vast meadow and an ornate bridge crossing the river that flows through it.

Throughout this meadow wildflowers sprouted up in pockets, dotting its vast green carpet with splashes of color, highlighting its beauty. We decided to stop for a few minutes and let Sierra run free, letting him stretch his legs and do some exploring. Cat and I walked out to the edge of the clear river that calmly wound its way randomly through the meadow. We sat down on the lawn like softness of the meadow, my arms wrapped around Cat. Her snuggling up against my chest, as all the surrounding beauty mesmerized us. Cat lightly kissed my cheek and neck as we talked about the beauty around us, I returned her kisses affectionately as we talked and snuggled in the warmth of the midday’s sun.

We got up after about a half hour only to see Sierra nowhere in sight. I called out to him, “SIERRA! Where are you? SIERRA!… COME!”

Cat then observantly said,

“Burt, isn’t that Sierra over there by the next bend in the river?”

I looked over to where she was pointing only to see just a tail wagging rapidly, just sticking up above the rivers bank. I called and called him, but he refused to come, this was very rare, something had all his attention, something he had found was causing him to ignore us.

As Cat and I arrived at the spot on the river where we had last seen Sierra, we saw that he had a Beaver cornered under a log that had got hung up on the rivers undercut bank. The poor little beaver had found refuge under the log and was obviously fearful of this so unusual pursuer. I knew Sierra was only curious, but not wanting to hurt this new weird looking dog that he thought he had found. I knew this by both the wagging of his tail and knowing he seemed to always like other animals. Finally I guess he decided this weird dog was no fun, as it didn’t want to play and Sierra soon lost interest, so we all headed back to the truck.

Just as we entered the heavy forest on the opposite side of the meadow we saw a very old building on the river surrounded by many white barked Aspen trees, their mostly gold leaves fluttering in the light breeze. As we got closer and closer we realized this was a very old mill by the big waterwheel attached to its side and being rotated by the flow of the river. We wondered what it had been used for through the years as well as if it was still being used? Cat then said,

“WOW! What a beautiful home that would make”

“Yes, it really would make a wonderful home, maybe it is some bodies home already?”

I added to Cat’s comment.

The winding mountain road continued higher and higher up through these beautiful mountains, as if they were trying to reach out and place us upon one of the few billowy, white clouds that drifted slowly overhead, in the wonderful blue sky of this gorgeous spring day.

We had to stop at one point for a family of deer as they slowly crossed the road, we decided that either they were very used to people or were just not scared of us because they didn’t have a clue what the truck was. That was until Sierra stuck his head out the back window wearing his blue bandana and sunglasses. The deer glancing back through the evergreen trees spotted him quickly and trotted of into the forest, probably thinking that was the strangest coyote they had ever seen.

The evening was quickly coming upon us when I spotted the stables where a few years earlier I had rented horses.

“Cat, how would you like to go for a horseback ride at sunset?”

I asked Cat.

“Oh Sweetheart that would be wonderful, but I thought you wanted to make it to the surprise destination tonight? You said it was only about an hour and a half more to go, and that was twenty minutes ago”

Cat replied.

“ Yes baby it is, but I thought we could go for a sunset ride in the forest and then camp for the night in a spot I know of that is just up the road. Then in the morning we can get an early start, continuing up the mountain”

I suggested to Cat.

Cat then smiled and said,

“I think it’s a wonderful idea, honey”

As we left the stables Cat picked out a trail that headed out through the thick forest and up the mountain towards the ridge top. We had decided that it should be a nice ride putting us on top just in time to watch the sun setting over the valley and distant mountains.

We had asked the stable manager if we could ride bareback, as we both preferred to ride that way whenever possible, he had said it was no problem. He also mentioned that it looked like we would have the trails as well as the mountain all to ourselves, this being because they were closing down for the night and all the other riders for the day had already returned. He told us to take our time and to just knock on his cabin door when we returned, his cabin being just behind the stables. He also informed us it was no problem for Cat and I to return after dark, for if we got lost at all to just let the horses lead us, because they know their way back and always return to the stables.

I noticed that because of the steep incline in one section of the trail, it caused both Cat and myself to lean forward, almost to the point of lying down on the horses back. As I rode alongside of Cat I saw that she had a big grin on her face, so I asked her,

“Baby, what are you smiling at?”

“Leaning forward like this along with the rhythm of the horses movements, feels pretty damn good”

Cat replied while laughing.

By the look on her face, that cat like grin, there was no question as to what Cat was referring too.

“Baby, go ahead and enjoy it, never know when your next chance to experience this might be” I offered.

“Really? It does feel pretty damn good, I think I could get off like this”

Cat explained slightly embarrassed.

“Yes, I’m serious, besides you know I love watching you getting off”

I said encouraging Cat on even more. Cat just smiled and began to get into the rhythm of the powerful but graceful movements of her horse.

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