Rose could smell it as soon as she walked into the Master's study.

Leather. Lots and lots of leather. Everywhere she looked there was leather. Leather upholstery, padded leather walls, a leather topped desk on one side of the room. And, her host, Master UrLord was decked out in a tight brown leather outfit which shone in the light of the lamps he had lit before her arrival.

Master UrLord was the owner of Chattel Castle, a home for collarless subs.

He was Master to none, yet Master to all, or so it seemed. He gave shelter and soul-ease to those who had lost their Masters and he helped them find new ones if they wished. The subs were free to serve him as Master and he saw to their needs -- physical, sexual, and spiritual -- as best he could. Rose had come to him and captured his heart -- though he could not afford to reveal this to her because he knew that she would never belong to him -- and had been at the castle for several weeks. Quite by accident, in the course of conversation over dinner, he had discovered her love for leather. And, he had decided to make a present for her.

"Come, lovely Rose, and sit here. I have something to show you."

"Yes, Sir," she replied, walking with her head down to the seat indicated.

UrLord noted her lovely breasts -- no sag despite their large size -- and shook his head in amazement. He hoped that his present would be suitable.

He smiled as he watched her slide her nakedness over the chair and the flush crawl up her body as the contact aroused her.

Walking to her, he handed Rose a box.

"Open it."

"Yes, Sir."

She gasped as she opened the box and the strong smell of leather overwhelmed her.

"Take it out."

"Yes, Sir."

She withdrew the red leather garment -- an all leather catsuit with detachable hood -- and shook it out. She noted two flaps with buttons in the crotch and imagined what they were for.

"Would you like to go somewhere with me today, Rose? I promise you will enjoy it."

"Of course, Sir. You have done so much for this one. May I ask why you have made me this gift?"

"No, you may not. You may, however, accept my generosity and say thank you."

She blushed at this and UrLord thought for a moment that he had been unnecessarily cruel to her, seeking to mask his true feelings.

"Thank you, Sir. This one does not deserve such gifts, Sir."

"I decide who deserves what at Chattel Castle. Have you never heard of 'grace'?"

"A girl is sorry, Sir, she did not mean to offend. And, yes, a girl knows the meaning of grace."

"Good, then we will speak no more of it. I want you to put on this suit and come with me on a little jaunt to the castle of a friend of mine. You will enjoy it immensely, little slutpuppy bitch, and that is a promise."

She smiled when he called her that name, for it meant that she was to receive a sexual ravishing that would leave her weak for days.

"Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir."

"Stand up so I can help you on with this."

"Yes, Sir."

She stood holding the catsuit before her, imagining how she would look in it. With UrLord's help, she got her legs and feet into the suit, which had built in hi-heels (5 inches). It was tight -- like a second skin -- and when the top was put in place, it was adjusted so that her nipples fit into special receptacles and her breasts were firmly held in place.

"We'll save the hood for later, maybe, if you've been a good little slutpuppy bitch," UrLord said, smiling.

"Now, for the finishing touches."

UrLord went to a nearby cabinet and produced a large and a small dildo -- both battery powered vibrating types -- some lubricant, and a green leather skirt.

"Bend over and grab your ankles, slutpuppy."

Rose did as she was told, bending at the waist (rather difficult in the tight leather suit), and grabbing her ankles. She sensed, rather than saw, UrLord walk up behind her. He slapped her ass and it stung through the tight leather. He laughed as she jumped. He then proceeded to unsnap the two flaps in her crotch, revealing two holes. One positioned right over her dainty little back door, and one offering direct access to her slut-cunt, which she knew was drooling its sticky sap already. She flushed red as she pictured the vision UrLord was getting -- a slutpuppy bitch in heat, her genitalia open to all for use. She felt him manipulating her folds and she could not suppress a moan of pleasure. The combination of the smell and feel of the leather and his gentle fingers (how could a Master be SO gentle?) knowingly caressing her pussy lips was driving her wild. She felt the hard tip of the vibrator at the mouth of her pussy and she pushed her hips back against it to accept it into her depths.

"Very good, slutpuppy. My, my, we ARE excited today, aren't we."

"Oh, MASTER, you always make a girl SOOO hot."

"That's because I know what little slave sluts like you want."

He went back to preparing her. Now, he took a generous amount of lubricant and began to get her ass ready for it's invader. Teasingly, he worked more and more of the slippery stuff in and around her back door, prying it open with his fingers, stretching it, playing with it. Rose moaned continuously, loving the ass play. She was nearly orgasmic already and he hadn't even turned on the vibrators yet.

Next came the back door vibe itself. Not as large as the one in her front fuck hole, it was none the less formidable, considering where it was going.

She was already fairly full from the other one, so it was a tight squeeze. Slowly, gently, UrLord let the point of the dildo break her sphinctoral plane. Once having gained a foothold in this forbidden territory, he slowly (excruciatingly slowly) pushed inch after inch inside her well prepared backside until he had hilted the device.

"There, that wasn't so bad, eh?"

"Noooo...Master...it was delicious."

UrLord chuckled. Then he turned on both dildos. Rose gasped as she felt the twin vibrators start up. They were the most powerful she'd yet experienced. Soon her entire crotch was throbbing.

UrLord snapped up the openings, slapped her on the ass once more, and they were almost ready to go.

"Stand up, my darling slut puppy bitch."

She stood, and he fastened the skirt around her waist.

"Now, look at yourself in the mirror."

Rose stumbled to a nearby wall which contained a full length mirror. She was decked out from neck to toe in red and green leather. It was gorgeous. The smell, the feel, made her want to swoon.

"May a girl ask a question?"

"Of course, Rose."

"Where are you taking this one?"

"Ah, well, that is a surprise. Let us be off, " he finished, attaching a slave leash to her slave collar. And, with great difficulty, she strode from the room with him, tottering on her 5 inch heals, giddy with the influence of the leather and vibrators.

Where was he taking her? She didn't care at the moment. But she soon would...

She was engulfed in the smell, the texture of the leather catsuit. She had seen herself in the full length mirror, briefly, before Master Lord had put a leash on her collar and lead her from the chateau and into his waiting limousine. Usually, she would have been called upon to suck his cock while in the limo. She was quite surprised not to be ordered to perform this service.

Surprised, and a little frustrated, since it would have given her at least some release. Master knew her fondness, her weakness, for leather. She was in high heat -- a real slutpuppy bitch in heat -- and she could feel her sex, oozing it's lusty produce into the smoother leather crotch of the catsuit. The twin vibrators in her cunt and ass hole were doing their jobs well.

Master had promised her a good time, but she did not know what he meant by the sly little smile he'd given when he'd told her that. Given his imagination, and the depth of his knowledge of her, Rose had no doubt as to the truth of the statement.

In a matter of a few minutes, she felt the limo slow, turn into a driveway, and then come to a stop. Master looked at Rose.

"Attend me, girl."

She looked up at him. He was holding a leather hood. It had no eye holes, two small slits at the nose, and an opening for her mouth. He slipped it on over her short hair and then zipped it to the collar of her catsuit. The leash he reattached to a d-ring on the top of the hood. She was now blind and deaf

She felt fingers on her lips, urging her mouth to open.

Obedient, excited, scared, Rose opened her mouth, and received about six inches of soft, flexible, rubber in the shape of a man's cock -- a very thick man's cock. She started to gag, then got control of herself and adjusted to the intruder. Straps were passed around her head and fastened in back. She was now gagged.

Her arms were pulled behind her and the d-rings mounted on the wrists of her suit were clasped together by means of a very short chain. Her ankles, of course, were still hobbled by a longer chain of about 18 inches -- not that she would have been taking long steps in the impossibly high heels built into the suit's feet.

She was jerked out of the car by the chain attached to her head and she struggled for balance, moaning with fright and discomfort. The twin torturers in her lower fuckholes were buzzing away, just keeping her on the edge of climax, but not providing quite enough stimulation to send her over the edge.

Stumbling, being pulled along by her leash, she was lead from the car -- to what, she knew not. Suddenly, she heard the Master's voice in her ears -- tiny speakers were mounted there and he was speaking through some sort of radio -- giving her instructions.

"You are being given to the Masters of this house as a toy for the evening. You will do everything they ask of you, and accept anything they give you. If that is clear, nod twice."

She nodded twice.

"Oh, and one more thing. There is NO safeword for this scene. Whatever they want to do with you, they will. You have no way to back out. These men have no consideration for slave girls. For all intents and purposes, they could be Gorean warriors sporting with a paga tavern wench. I will return for you tomorrow. If the report I receive is not pleasing, I will personally cane you."

She shook and nearly fainted with shock at his words. He'd never treated her this way before. No safe word! She was now very frightened, wondering what would happen to her in this place.

She knew that Master and his friends were incredibly wealthy -- perhaps they could even get away with killing someone if it pleased them. In her tight hood, tears began to mix with the sweat which was forming quickly on her forehead.

Her stumbling walk continued until she was brought up short with a jerk on the chain leash. She could not hear what was said, but she gathered that she was being given to the Masters of the house. Again, a jerk on the leash propelled her forward. She was consumed with lust, fear, and the overwhelming sensation of the leather suit. Her mind reeled. Saliva ran out of her mouth around the gag, staining the leather hood. She swallowed what she could, sucking on the gag as if it were a real cock, but much of the liquid escaped from her lips.

Another stop, and this time she felt her wrists being unlocked and someone was removing her hobble chains. Then, to her surprise, she was re-chained with arms and legs widespread, to some unseen frame. Quickly then, she found herself suspended, her wrists taking much of her weight, her legs spread beneath her, barely touching the floor.

Her next sensation was that someone was fumbling with the snaps in the crotch of her suit. She waited, embarrassed by her obvious arousal, as the snaps were undone and her crotch was exposed to anyone in the room. The two vibrating dildos were removed as well, leaving her empty -- she moaned -- her two holes gaping and gasping like beached fish, begging to be re-filled.

They were, in spades. She screamed into the gag as she felt not one, but two real, warm, live, male cocks -- enormous in length and girth -- suddenly thrust deeply into her belly via those two, recently empty but now full to capacity and beyond, fuck holes. Without preamble or preparation, she had been double penetrated by men she could neither see nor hear. But she could feel them. Oh, could she ever. The two cocksmen immediately began brutally using her front and rear fuck entrances, slamming her back and forth between them, using her as a fuck sleeve without any thought of her own needs. She screamed into the gag each time the cock in her ass (and it seemed to be the larger of the two cocks) completed a stroke. The sadistic cocksman was pulling out completely on each stroke so her rectum had to take the brutal punishment of re-entry each time. He was incredibly large, incredibly hard, and obviously in shape, as the fucking seemed to last forever. She, of course, was cumming continuously, in spite of the pain, the humiliation of her use. Several times she felt that she would surely pass out, but did not.

Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, her brutal fore and aft rape stopped. She knew that the men had not shot their steaming, slimy loads in her body. So, she wondered what would happen next. Her nostrils flared as she panted for breath, her senses filled with the smell of the leather -- now quite wet leather -- which encased her. She was in heaven -- or hell, depending on your viewpoint.

Her position was quickly changed and she felt her self taken down (a reprieve for her wrists) and laid on a padded bench. Her head hung down over one end and her legs over the other. The bench merely supported her torso and ass. Her feet were quickly chained to one end of the bench and her arms and wrists to the other. Her hood was attached to the bench as well, bending her neck backward and down over the edge, and not coincidently aligning her mouth and throat. A thick strap was passed over her belly, further preventing her from moving.

Someone fumbled with the straps at the back of her hood and soon she felt the penis gag removed. She moved her jaws a bit to loosen them -- the muscles had grown stiff -- but was given almost no reprieve, for as soon as the gag was removed, it was replaced with a huge cock. By the taste, she knew it had just come from her cunt, for her juices were thick upon it. The large organ was pushed right to the limit in her throat and she jerked and gagged, moaning her fright and lust simultaneously. The owner of the cock fucked her mouth and throat every bit as brutally as he had her cunt and she felt his balls slap against her nose on each long stroke. Soon, she felt his cock begin to swell even larger in her widely stretched mouth. The unseen cocksman made one last, deep, stroke, burying his entire length (she would later discover this to be 11 inches) in her esophagus. And he came. And came. And came. His cum, like a river, went straight to her stomach. She was so frustrated -- she wanted a taste of his cum. She thought he'd never stop. She began to panic, as her breath was stopped by his cock's placement in her throat. Then, just as she thought she might pass out, he pulled back. She caught just the last dribbles of his cum on her thirsty tongue as his cock passed over it on its way out. Her mouth hung open.

Cock number two was right behind and this time, she nearly vomited at the violation of her mouth. This cock had come fresh from her ass and was coated with the vile flavor of that chamber. Again, a brutal mouth fuck ensued, and her oral fuck hole was well used. Her throat muscles were on automatic as her mind reeled. She was unable to even think of anything but that dirty cock raping her mouth. And there was nothing she could do. She was a helpless female slave. A walking, talking, fuck toy. Built for domination by men.

At last, the second cock also yielded its frothy bounty and her stomach received a second, large, dose of man-cum. She was exhausted already, but she knew that worse was probably to come...this was just a warm up.

And she was right.

She wondered what was next, still in the hot, sweaty, confines of the skintight leather outfit...a red catsuit with green leather skirt, complete with slave hood. Her cunt and ass hole were sore already, and the evening was young. Her belly was warm with two large loads of sperm. She had cum, countless times, hopelessly surrendered to her womanhood, to be putty at the touch of dominant men...all of whom were her Masters. Her sex was aflame with desire, even after having been brutally used the way only a Master can use a woman. She knew in her heart what she truly was. She was a slave. A slave to her passion and lust. A slave to any man strong enough to claim her, to force her to submit to his caress.

Her arms, neck, and ankles were released. Then, the belt crossing her belly was removed and she was hauled to a staggering standing position. She felt hands at her body, and then the leather suit, its scent still strong in her nostrils, was being removed. She moaned in feeble protest as her covering was stripped away. Her hood was removed last, and her sweat covered body was totally bare.

There were 4 women attending her, all naked, wearing slave collars. All had pierced nipples with dangling bells attached to their nipple rings. Each had a large ring piercing their clitoral hood. From the rings, a gold circle was hung with the initials UL. Then, as Rose continued to look at the women, she gasped. High upon the left thigh of each of the women was a clear, deep, brand. If she had been able to read Gorean script, she would have recognized the letter "k" which is the first letter in the Gorean word "kajira" which signifies the female slave.

These then were household slaves owned by UrLord. But he had never mentioned that he owned slaves. Always she had thought of him as a Master, but a friendly one, solicitous of her needs and the needs of other, temporarily Masterless, submissives. He was stern and strict in his own way, but seemed soft -- not the sort to brand slaves. She got a look at the collars. Each had, inscribed on its gold surface, a short line of script "I am the property of UrLord". Her breath came quickly as she realized what these women were. They were truly slaves. In a flash of insight, she understood that UrLord had the power of life and death over these women, and that furthermore, they would not have had it any other way.

All of this came to her quickly, as she was not given much time to think. Her body was propelled from the room, down a hall, and into a large bathroom with multiple shower heads and a wide, tiled, floor. The four naked slave girls, none of whom had spoken to her, thrust her into the shower spray and thoroughly washed her body. Forced to lay down on a bench in the shower room, Rose's pubis was shaved bare -- she had balked at this at first, but then was resigned to her fate. She was then dried, her hair fixed, her makeup re-applied, and perfume was placed behind each ear, between her breasts, and on each thigh.


It was the first word that any of the slave girls had spoken to her.

She stood.

The one who had spoken produced a strange looking silk garment, which, if it had been laid out flat, would have resembled an inverted letter "T" with the cross pieces beveled somewhat.

"Spread your legs."

She did so.

The silk was fastened behind her head, the front running down her body, over her breasts, and then pulled tightly between her legs, the two arms of the "T" being pulled up and back around to her front, where they were attached with red cords. Red cords also went from the sides of the thin, silk, garment at the level of her breasts around to her back, where they were also tied, again, tightly.

The effect was stunning. She was more than naked. The thin, red, silk revealed more than it concealed. Her lust stiffened teats strained against the material covering her ample breasts. The outline of her sex, recently shorn of its fur covering, was clearly visible where the slave silk was pulled between her legs. It was more than the visual effect though. The feel of the silk itself against her skin provided an incredibly sensual rush. She felt the sex flush again covering her body and knew that in moments the crotch of her silk garment would be darkened with the evidence of her femininity.

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