He opened the door and found her lying on her futon, back arched up in the air, skirt hiked up around her waist, and panties down to her ankles. She almost didn't notice him, but let out a faint gasp once her attention was brought back to reality from the threshold of the orgasm she was just about to reach.

She quickly sat up and adjusted her skirt so it would protect her from feeling as open and vulnerable, even though there was little hope for that by now.

"What the hell is going on here?" He demanded to know.

Stunned, she just looked at him, first with disbelief, quickly transforming into fear and nervousness.

"I was just changing.." her voice clearly giving herself away just as much as the underwear that was pulled down to her short socks

He stood there in shock for a moment before speaking.

"You were most certainly NOT changing... I am pretty certain that if your mother and father found out about this, they would agree with me on that one young lady!"

He felt his voice sounding very commanding and firm, and he was rather surprised at his willingness to tell this young woman what to do... He could feel a slight lump in his throat and another building up in his pants.

"If your mother walked in on you doing this, she would have been scarred for life! The idea of her daughter doing... this!"

He had always considered himself a "regular guy", the sort of man who pays his taxes, goes to work every day, and comes home to his wife to a happy and contented life. That was before his ex- ran off with another man, leaving him crushed.

"I'm sorry", she started quaking and was almost in tears at this point... "I didn't mean to do anything that would get me in trouble"

"So why exactly were you doing it then young lady?"

She was a bit puzzled by his question... She half expected him to storm out or demand that she put her clothes on. Instead he was just standing there, asking her questions and looking at her lying there, having been caught literally with her pants around her ankles. A feeling of warm nervousness began to sweep over her.

She felt vulnerable and exposed... but it didn't feel particularly bad. In fact, it felt rather enticing.

She had seen him looking at her when she was in a bathing suit in her parents pool when he'd come by, or there were parties.

"I've just been so frustrated lately.." she admitted "My boyfriend and I just broke up, and one of the reasons why is because he didn't want to do certain things that I felt I wanted to explore".

Her admission startled him.

He looked around her room, which had changed a great deal in the last few years. It seemed that every few, her tastes in everything shifted, and she found a new style to adopt. Probably normal for a blossoming woman, and the rest of what she was doing probably wasn't so out of the ordinary either for a woman about to enter college.

There was a long awkward pause.

She slowly reached down to her sheer black panties and tried to casually pull them up her legs.

He stopped her: "Don't pull your clothes on. I don't remember saying that's what I wanted."

She jumped at the tone in his voice, the volume, and the bite. She began to focus back between her legs, where she was before she had been so abruptly interrupted. the blood came rushing and the familiar shortness of breath that she loved to feel swept over her.

"I want you to pretend that I hadn't caught you. You seemed very into what you were doing, and I'm a bit curious..." He let his words trail off, but the gist of it wasn't lost.

She stammered; "You want me to... continue?"

He nodded slowly and looked her straight in the eyes, letting her know that he was indeed serious about his request. No, request wasn't the right word, his command.

She slowly and nervously moved her hands back up her legs, touching herself lightly as she brought them to her waist.

She began to rub her mound and felt her chest involuntarily heave as she pressed her hand lower and lower, the palm rubbing her bush while her fingers found their way to the top of her lips. She slid just one down and parted herself, feeling his gaze upon her as began to gently rub back and forth.

He watched her intently... His gaze trailing from her eyes down to between her legs.

He stood there, quiet, but he could hear his breathing getting deeper, although she was having a hard time hearing over her own.

Her hips started to involuntarily rise and fall. The thought of her being watched while touching herself brought her close to the edge in nearly no time. She was moaning and began to throw her head back and forth in the pillow, her eye closed and face clearly giving away the feelings of pleasure she was experiencing.

Suddenly, and without warning, she felt a hand on her throat. She half-cried out, but inhaled deeply at the new sensation, her eyes opening wide and staring him straight in the face.

He was standing over her now, a look of desire plastered all over his face and glazed eyes.

He kissed her firmly on the lips, which she took in like a plant after a drought

Her hand was still on her wet pussy, and he reached down and started to move it again for her, as she had been stopped by the sudden appearance of him in a more tangible form.

She rubbed and moaned deeply, inhaling him into her mouth as she felt the ache between her legs begging for release.

He took her free hand and placed it on the bulge in his jeans. He was throbbing and she felt him through his clothes. Ready and eager to do as he pleased with her. The thought consumed her, and sent her spiraling into an intense orgasm.

She began to come and he could no longer keep his mouth firmly on hers... but he was able to keep his hand on her throat. Using just enough pressure to keep her where he wanted her.

She couldn't stop coming.. wave after wave came crashing on the shores of her bed, after what seemed like an eternity of bliss, she stopped... breathing heavily.

He slowly removed pressure from her neck and grazed his fingers down to her collarbone and down .. following the strap of her bra until he reached the tip of her breast. He very gently felt the tip of her left nipple through her sheer bra, a stark contrast to the forceful manner of just seconds previous.

"I want you to stand up for me."

She instinctively obeyed his command, turned sideways on the bed, and began to stand up, although her legs felt like they were going to buckle out from under her. He reached out and took her hand in his and pulled her up to a standing position.

He stepped on her panties with one foot, now lying at her feet and pulled on the back of her knee to raise her out of them completely.

She stood there in front of him, naked except for her little white stockings and black bra, one strap hanging off her shoulder.

He went over to her desk in the corner of the room and retrieved a rolling chair from it.

"Now I want you to sit."

which she did without hesitation, half for fear that she might fall to her knees, although the thought of being at that level in front of him had her mind racing in and of it's own.

He slowly walked over to the bed and pulled a case off of one of the pillows, and turned to face her. She let out a slight sigh that gave away her feelings on the matter... her lips parted slightly and she her eyelids closed in anticipation of what he was about to do to her...

She imagined him tying her up and taking her from behind, her throat resting against the chair rest and hands tied firmly behind her back... the cock she felt earlier through his jeans sliding into her, pounding her rhythmically as she begged him to give her more, to fill her to the brink and then push her over it.

She felt a hand grab one arm, and then the other, and put them behind her, a tug and a few twists and she was bound, still sitting. While not what she had thought seconds earlier, she still felt wonderful.

He stood over her, straddling her with his waist in line with her head. She was tied to this everyday office chair, which had probably never seen action of this sort before. Her arms were bound behind her back and attached to the thin part below the back rest. She was naked from the waist down and only wearing her revealing black bra, which didn't leave very much to the imagination. She felt exposed and felt the air on her body, which caused goose-bumps to run up and down her arms and bare legs...

He moved his waist closer and unzipped his pants. He slowly and deliberately took his cock out of his pants. It was erect and just inches from her face already.
"open your mouth and put this inside" he commanded.

She obeyed. She slowly opened her mouth and closed her eyes as he dipped the head of his penis between her lips.

"Now I want you to suck me."

She began to bob her head back and forth as she felt a warmth in her lower belly.. she felt her pussy begin to become moist and opened her eyes slightly to witness her helplessness. She was becoming increasingly turned on, and he could tell. His cock was swelled now, and he reached behind his back and found her clit like a homing beacon. He felt how wet she was, with it oozing out of her. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and with his hands went back to work on her.

He was looking her right in the eyes as he stuck one finger inside of her and used the other to stimulate her.
She was nearing orgasm again and he knew it... He pushed his fingers in harder and deeper and she began to pant and breathe deeply with the spasms she knew were building up quickly.

She began to quiver and her legs shook back and forth as she exploded with simply his one finger inside of her... As she settled back into the chair, no longer arching her back he removed the fingers... He brought his face close to hers and put one finger in his mouth and one in hers, so they could share the taste of her together.

As she calmed down, he whispered what a dirty girl she was into her ear, and walked out of the room, as if nothing had ever happened...

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