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Caught & Made to Serve


Dear Mystery Beauty,

You don’t know me, but I have longed for you from afar for many months. The first time I saw you at that Ice Cream Social at the park I was totally in awe of you. I tried to forget I ever saw you, but your stunning face and incredible body kept haunting me. I knew that nothing would ever come of my obsession – we are both married and I never thought that I would cheat on my wife.

So I just settled for you in my fantasies. Your beautiful face would often pop into my head as I brought myself pleasure. You would be between my legs – with a look of hunger – urging me to come for you.

And for a while, I was content with my fantasies until I happened to walk by a house during a late afternoon stroll. There you were working in your flower bed wearing a pair of old cut-offs and a white tank top with a plunging neckline.

You looked like a goddess to me, and the sight of your ample cleavage almost spilling out of your shirt made my cock instantly hard. I almost came right on the spot when you turned your back to me and bent over to collect a tool. Your wide, shapely ass beckoned me in, and I could see your heavenly lips outlined by the tightened fabric.

It was then that I started to walk by your house quite often, and as the summer turned to fall the days became darker. Soon, I was tried to glimpses of you walking inside your house, although I never got to see anything more revealing than your normal dress.

That was until last night. As I round the corner and started to walk along your home, I glanced up and saw that your utility room window had just turned on. I stopped dead in my tracks when I you come into the room and stop at your dryer.

For you were only wearing a simple pair of white panties, and your heavy breasts hung like two great succulent fruits as your retrieved a bra from the dryer.

My cock was instantly on fire, and I could only stand there and image what your nipples would feel like in my mouth as I stared wide-eyed at the very erotic sight before me.

I immediately went into the bushes and released me throbbing cock from its tight prison. I had just enough time to conjure up the image of you bent over at the dryer, when I erupted with thick ropes of hot cum. I nearly fell over from the intensity of my orgasm, and for a few moments I reveled in the great pleasure I just enjoyed.

The reason that I am writing to you is the dream that I had last night – after I left the bushes and went home. It was so vivid, so real, that I have to believe that we were meant to be together. Below is a description of what I experienced. Please read it and let me know if there is any chance that we could meet. I will walk by your house tonight, and if I see your porch light on, I will know you wish to see me.

Here goes…

I am walking by your house one night -- just out for a stroll in the cool darkness of the night. As I am passing by the side of your house, I see that your bedroom light has come on. Not hoping to see anything in particular, I just happen to glance in the window to what is going on.

I stop dead in my tracks, and my cock begins to throb steadily, as I see your beautiful form wrapped in a tight towel. Your hair is wet from the shower, and your skin is still shiny with wetness. You pull the blind down to give yourself some privacy, but I am thrilled to see that you left a few inches open at the bottom.

My heart is now pounding with excitement, and my cock pulses with hunger. I would normally never even considering taking this any further, but there is something totally alluring about seeing your ample cleavage. I have to see more...I have to look upon you.

So I creep around your bushes, and in the darkness, I walk very slowly and carefully up to your open, screened window. As I step onto a planter to look inside the softly lit room, I give my very crammed cock a little squeeze through my pants. I can already feel some pre-cum flowing from its head. I crane my neck -- stretching to look inside.

I glance in...

And my jaw drops to the floor! For inside I see you and your husband on your bed!

I am almost bowled over by what I see. For your gorgeous body is totally naked, and your luscious mouth contains your husband's hard, tasty cock!

He is lying back on the bed, and you have your knees on the floor. Your incredible ass is facing me, and when you take him deep into your mouth, you bend over far enough that I can catch a glimpse of your sex. I am so completely turned on, and I stare open-mouthed as you continue to treat his hard cock to a wonderful tongue bath.

I begin to imagine that it is my cock in your mouth, and I begin to fantasize about how wonderful it would feel to sink my cock into you from behind while you suck on your husband. You look so very hot as you moan with that cock in your mouth -- and my own cock is just aching for relief.

Being very careful as I stand on the planter, I unbutton my pants and I allow my rigid tool to spring from its hot confines. And it feels so good to have it in my hand! I very slowly begin to stroke it while I focus back on the hot scene before me.

And much to my surprise, you are now sitting on his cock! In the light glow of the subdued lighting, I can see your beautiful body rise up and down on his stiff cock. Up and down you go....faster and faster...more urgent as time passes...

And then you start to talk dirty to your husband. You tell him how much you liked to suck "his" cock. You tell him how great his big dick felt in your mouth, and you tell him how tasty his hot cum was. Your husband quickly starts to moan and he begins to rock back against your hot, wet pussy.

He tells you that he is coming, and you feel his cock begin to spasm deep inside you. My own cock is very hard and wet with pre-cum, and my own hand begins to stroke it more forcefully.

I am so incredibly turned on by beholding your awesome body and by seeing you coax a big load out of your husband, that my head begins to get light-headed with desire.

And that is when the planter brakes. With a loud noise, I fall back to the cool lawn. I hit my head pretty hard on the ground, and for a few moments I am stunned and groggy. When I awake, I find myself laying on the ground with my pants around my ankles, my cock still hard and thick with desire, and you and your husband standing over me. You look very hot with your bed sheet wrapped around you.

I am so embarrassed and scared when I realize what was happening. I begin to stammer an apology, when you sternly tell me to be quiet. You tell me that I am in BIG TROUBLE, and that unless I do exactly what I am told, I will end up in jail and be the laughing-stock of the town.

I quickly agree to do whatever I have to, and I thank you for the chance to save my skin. And as you feel your husband's cum start to leak out of your tasty pussy, you realize that this is chance to have a very obedient lover.

You then tell me to get completely naked and follow you into your house. I feel very bashful, but since my hard cock is already in plain view I quickly decide that being shy is a little absurd. So I quickly stand up and remove the rest of my clothes. It feels very exhilarating to be nude outdoors, but I get little chance to enjoy it as you grab my erection forcefully and walk me awkwardly through your backdoor.

Up we go through the steps, into your kitchen, and finally into your bedroom. I can smell the scent of your wetness in the room and on the bed, and I see an inviting wet spot on the mattress where you milked your husband’s cock dry of his seed.

I then feel another tug on my cock as I am directed to sit on the edge of the bed. You turn to face me and you let the bedsheet fall from your body. What I see if pure perfection. Your large, round breasts are right at eye level, and your long, thick nipples are hard with excitement. My mouth waters at sight of them, and I instinctively lean forward to be closer to them.

And that is when I catch a whiff of your hot, wet pussy. The odor is intoxicating as I inhale the scent of your needy sex and hot seed that your husband recently planted there.

I look down and see your inner thighs are slick with moisture, and your neatly trimmed pubic hair is wet and matted. I again lean forward to better see and smell you, when I feel your hand grab my chin and guide me head upward so our eyes are but a few inches apart.

It is then that you speak. Your voice is soft and sweet, but there is a hint of authority that makes me even more in awe of you.

“I don’t know what you were thinking – spying on us like that. What are you? Some kind of pervert?”

Without even thinking, I blurt out my answer – hopeless to deceive you.

“I need you. I have been watching you for months, and I couldn’t stop myself when I saw you in the window. You are just so beautiful.”

There is a pause, and then I see a smile appear on your face. You tell me that you appreciate my honesty. Your next words were incredible to hear.

“I might have a use for you. My husband knows that he alone can’t satisfy me. Sometimes I take a lover on the side to keep me happy. Do you want to be my lover?”

I quickly replied with a throaty “Yes”, and I again see that beautiful smile. I start to raise my hands to your sides when you grab them and speak again.

“Not so fast there my little pervert. Before I decide to take you on, you must prove that you are a good lover. Stand up and let me see your cock.”

I swiftly stand up and am amazed that my tool is still stiff with desire. You then reach over and begin to rub your thumb back and forth across the head of my cock – spreading my pre-cum and causing a groan to escape from me. Again, you speak.

“You have a nice cock. It is not very long, but I really like how thick you are. I really love my husband, but sometimes I need a nice thick cock inside me.”

That is when I remember that her husband is in the room. I look over and see him sitting in a chair – his small cock flaccid and wilted from use. He does not look too happy that I am here.

“Okay, your cock will definitely do, but I need to know how well you use that tongue of yours. I need you to lie back on the bed, and you can give me a little sample of your eagerness to lick my pussy.”

You then push me back and I lie back on the cool sheets. I am rewarded with the sight of your well-used pussy right before my face. You are facing my erection, and I begin to hope that your attention will soon be directed toward my uncomfortably hard member.

I suddenly remember that your husband’s cum is mingled with your own, and for a second I hesitate – even as the inviting aroma of your sex beckons me in.

“Eat me you little pervert. Show me how good a cum-eater you are. Make me cum on your face.”

Your words burn me with desire, and I plunge my tongue into your warm, slick lips. I am rewarded with the great taste of your combined juices, and I moan loudly as I plunge my tongue deep into your hot hole.

You begin to groan yourself as I reach up with my hands, spread your outer lips, and begin to fuck your depths with my stiff tongue. You grab my tightened balls in your right hand, and you give them a squeeze as you hiss at me to “eat you good”.

I realize now that I have had my eyes closed, and I open them to see your tight asshole right before me. I then shift your bottom down, and I crane my neck so that your stretched wide arse is within reach. I hear a shriek of delight as I give your buttonhole a quick lick, and then start to flutter the tip of my tongue across your tightness. That really gets you going.

“Lick my ass, you pervert. Make my hole quiver for you.”

You then shift your weight and you start to bounce up and down on my out-stretch tongue – seeking to take my flickering tongue deep into your ass. I do the best job that I can to please you – finding it hard to breathe at some times as your luscious ass covers my face. After a few minutes you speak again.

“Oh, god this is so hot. I gotta cum, I can’t stand it anymore.”

That is when you slide your ass back and again I find your pussy pressed hard against my face. You start to grind your sex against my tongue and nose, and from underneath you I hear you say something in a quick, urgent tone. Your thighs made it impossible to hear as they collapse around my head and pull my tongue against your hard clit.

It is then that I feel my cock being engulfed in a warm, wet mouth. I soon realize that I have gone soft as I concentrated on pleasing you, and I find the skill of the mouth quite enjoyable.

It is then that I realize that you must have told your husband to get my cock hard for you, and that he is now sucking my growing member so expertly. I am lost in an ocean of sexual frenzy and I am too far gone to care who or what is pleasuring me. I re-double my efforts – trying to concentrate on your clit as you buck up and down on my slick face.

That is when I start to feel my balls begin to contract, and I know that soon your husband’s hot mouth will cause me to shoot a massive load. I can hear you telling your husband to get me ready for you, and I fight the urge that is starting to boil within my loins.

Thankfully, I feel your husband’s mouth lift from me, and you spin around and look down upon me. Your face holds an expression of pure lust, and you tell me what a good cum licker I am.

The next few moments were a blur. I felt your wet sex slide down me body until you lifted and paused with my cock-head at the entrance to your tight lovehole. You then swiftly impaled yourself on my thick, 6 inch cock – to turned on to worry about the pain that might come from my girth. The groan that escaped your lips when you had me full inside you was one of unearthly pleasure. I felt you shutter and I saw you extend your neck as you stopped for a second to enjoy your pleasure and get accustomed to my wide member.

But then you started to grind yourself on me, and I feel your hands on my shoulders as you start to slide back and forth. I reach up and cup your breasts, and then pinch your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. You immediately start to convulse, and I realize that you are going to cum much faster than I thought. I start to pump my cock back up at you – seeking to bring on my orgasm as soon as possible. That is when I hear your low, guttural voice speak out in short bursts.

“Come for me, you pervert. Fill me up with your seed. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

And that is all it took. As I felt your pussy clamp down on my cock in orgasm, I began to pump load after load into quivering sex. For a long, shared moment we both were overcome with our pleasure, and only when I felt your soft cheek on my shoulder did I realize our climax was over.

I reveled in the smell of your hair, and our first time of shared tenderness. I slowly enclosed you in my arms, and I felt your body relax in a sweet surrender to the moment.

And for a few moments, the world was a perfect place.


Author’s note: I would love to read your comments or share a correspondence.

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