tagLoving WivesCaught At Parking Garage Sex

Caught At Parking Garage Sex


Let me be honest...the following isn't what "really" happened. It's what I've fantasized might have happened if I'd let it. The trip to Boston is real...as was the wedding...the guard...and Paul and I having sex in the garage and getting caught. In real life the guard played with his cock while he watched us fuck and then touched my breasts briefly. Even so it's one of the hottest things I've ever experienced and I've had numerous vivid dreams about what "might" have happened if I'd let things go to the next level. I hope you enjoy...Amanda.

It happened on a trip my husband and I took to Boston to attend the wedding of some friends of mine from college. The reception following the nuptials was held at a restaurant downtown and we had parked our rental car in a nearby parking garage before walking the block and a half to where it was located.

The reception was lots of fun. Open bar and a great band. I drank more than I'm accustomed to doing and danced more than I have in quite some time. By the time things were winding down and we headed back to the parking garage I had a nice warm glow going.

I suppose I should describe myself and what I was wearing that day. I'm tall and slender with auburn hair and green eyes. I'd worn my favorite dress, a peach colored Rachel Pally tao dress done in jersey fabric and a beautiful pair of matching Edmundo Castillo pumps. I'd pinned my hair up because it was summer and rather warm.

The stroll back to the parking garage was enjoyable. The heat of the day had disappeared and it was a perfect summer night. My husband, Paul put his arm around me and leaned in to kiss my neck as we walked, telling me that he had been with the hottest woman at the reception and he couldn't wait to get back to our hotel. His hand slid down my lower back and briefly cupped one of my ass cheeks to show me just what he had in mind.

The parking garage was beneath the 75 State Street building, a magnificent first floor of marble floors and high vaulted ceilings that you accessed by a revolving glass door that made a whirring noise as it spun slowly round. My five inch heels clicked on the tiles as Paul and I walked. Classical music played from hidden speakers.

At a desk situated in the center of the wide entrance a security guard in dark grey nodded to us as we passed by headed for the elevators, his eyes lingering on me. It's not something I'm not used to. I've had men checking me out since I was about 16. The guard was older, with grey hair showing beneath his uniform cap. I knew that his eyes would be on my ass as we walked to the bank of elevators and I'd be lying if I said I didn't give him a little extra to look at by letting my ass sway more than normal. Between Paul's stroking my tush earlier and putting on the show for the guard I was moist down there by the time we stepped into the elevator car and pushed our floor. As the door closed I reached down and found Paul's cock inside his suit's expensive wool trousers, giving it a little squeeze.

"Get me back to the hotel..." I whispered in his ear.

"Fuck, Amanda..." he croaked, a smile coming to his tanned face.

I felt his cock getting hard, loving how quickly he responded to my touch. "That's what I had in mind..." I teased, kissing his neck and blowing warm air into his ear. "When's the last time I gave you a really good blow job, baby? I'm in the mood to make your toes curl."

The elevator dinged for our floor and the two of us stepped out onto a level that was totally empty of cars except for our four door rental sedan, parked back in a corner. The stark concrete walls and floor were offset by the classical music that was playing even down here.

Paul unlocked the car with the key fob as we approached and I stood next to the passenger side door waiting for him to open it for me. Instead he wrapped his arms around my torso and picked me up, carrying me to the back of the car where he put me down. "What are you doing?" I asked.

He leaned down and kissed me hard, his tongue pushing into my mouth. His hands started to roam on my body, moving up and down my back, cupping my bottom and pulling me up against his stiffened cock until I moaned softly against his mouth and lifted one foot to wrap my leg around one of his, pushing my mons against that hard bulge in his pants.

When the kiss ended I was practically panting he had me so hot. He put his hands on my bare shoulders and turned me around so I was facing the car with him right behind me. He leaned down to kiss the middle of my back, his lips hot on my bare skin. His hands slowly slid up my waist...onto my rib cage and then around me slightly to where my breasts were encased in the top of my long dress.

"You look so hot tonight, Amanda..." he whispered. "I've wanted to grab these all night."

"Paul, what are you doing?" I scolded him as his hands cupped my breasts, squeezing them through the bodice of my dress. He pushed himself against my bottom and I could feel how hard he was, the contact sending a warm tingle through my loins.

"This garage is practically empty..." he breathed in my ear. "I can't wait until the hotel, baby."

I groaned as he found my nipples, pinching the already hard tips.

"You look so fucking hot in that dress."

He pushed me against the trunk of the car, my hands bracing against the slippery surface as he kissed the back of my neck, something that he knows drives me crazy. I felt his hands slip down along my sides and then he was lifting the bottom of my long dress, bunching it up around my waist. I felt the warm air of the garage caress my bare thighs above my stockings as he uncovered them.

"We shouldn't..." I whispered, even as I bent over the trunk and spread my feet apart. Truth is I wanted it just as badly as Paul did. I felt his fingers on the waistband of my frilly La Perla panties and then felt them pulled down around my knees. Paul sunk a finger between my pussy lips and I moaned softly as he started to slowly churn my already wet cunt.

"God, I want you so bad..." Paul said, his mouth against my ear, his breath warm on my skin. I heard the sound of his zipper and then he pressed his swollen cock against my bare bottom, the contact making me dizzy with desire.

"Hurry..." I urged, looking around the empty parking garage nervously. "Oh, god, Paul...please hurry!"

I felt him nestle the head of his prick at the entrance to my pussy, rubbing it up and down a few times to get it wet with the juice that was just inside. Then his hands were gripping my waist and he slowly pushed his cock up into my heat. I groaned with feeling as that hard pole filled me.

"Oh...baby..." he gasped as he came to a stop with his pelvis up against my bum. "You feel so fucking good!"

"So do you," I said, wiggling my hips slightly to let him know I wanted him to fuck me. "Oh, Paul...I don't think I've ever felt you this big."

Paul was holding me by my hips and slamming his throbbing cock up into my pussy, my breasts bouncing as I gripped the trunk of the rental car and pushed myself back at him. I could feel a massive orgasm building inside of me and I wanted the release in the worst way.

That was when I heard someone clearing their throat behind us and both Paul and I froze in mid stroke, our heads turning as one to see who had caught us.

It was the uniformed parking garage guard from the desk upstairs, an older guy with salt and pepper hair and a big blocky torso. He tapped his long flashlight against his hand and shook his head. "Did you folks not know that this garage has video surveillance?" he asked, his eyes lingering on my bare breasts as I tried to cover myself up. "I've got you two on tape. I should call the police."

"Whoa..." Paul said. "We just got carried away. My wife and I thought the place was empty."

"This time of night it is," the guard said, still staring at me. "Damn...she's hot."

"Thanks..." I said, my face crimson with embarrassment. "We really don't make a habit out of things like this...honest."

"If I was married to you I'd probably be doing the same thing." The guard slid his flashlight back into its holder on his wide black belt. "Tell you what...I won't call the police...if you keep on doing what you were doing before. I was enjoying the show."

"Oh, no..." I said. "I couldn't..."

"Then I guess I'll have to call the cops." The guard shrugged. "Don't matter to me."

Paul held my hips and gave me a short stroke, his cock still deep inside of my pussy. "I don't think we really have a choice, Amanda. What's the big deal anyways? He's already seen us." He pulled out a few inches and pushed back in. "And I really need to cum, baby..."

I bit down on my lower lip as he ground himself against my ass cheeks, his cock deep within my warm vagina. "This is so embarrassing, Paul..." I whimpered. "I've never had someone watch me...doing it..."

"If it makes you feel any better, you look amazing..." the guard said. "Your husband is a lucky man."

Paul started to fuck me with long slow strokes. "Isn't she gorgeous? I married the sexiest gal on the planet."

"Oh...God..." I whined as Paul's prick worked in and out of my clasping cunt lips. I was getting rocked back and forth so much that I had to put both hands down on the trunk lid of the car to keep my balance, my boobs exposed to the parking garage guard as he stared at me from a few feet away.

"Look at those tits..." he said, rubbing the big bulge that was becoming more and more evident inside his uniform trousers. "Those things are fucking perfect."

I moaned helplessly as Paul's thrusts became quicker, my "perfect" breasts bouncing obscenely as he fucked my sopping wet pussy.

As I watched the guard reached out and cupped one of my dangling boobs in his big hand, lifting it like he wanted to see how much it weighed. I closed my eyes and shivered as he gave it a slight squeeze, my stiff nipple pressing into his palm. "Oh...he's touching me, Paul..." I whispered. "He's touching my boob."

"It's just your breast, Amanda." Paul said, continuing to fuck me with a steady diet of long strokes. "You like having those played with, baby."

I groaned as the man's rough fingers felt up my breasts, his hands so different from Paul's. He pulled at my swollen nipples and I bit down on my lower lip and gasped softly. Paul started to fuck me faster, holding my hips and moving his cock in and out of my dripping cunt.

"Goddamn, what a body on her..." the guard said to Paul, a goofy grin coming to his face. "I've never had a broad this top shelf in my whole fucking life." He reached down with one hand and unzipped the fly of his uniform pants.

I stared as he reached inside and after fumbling around for a second, proceeded to pull out the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Not length wise. As far as that was concerned he was actually a bit shorter than Paul. What was eye popping was the girth of his prick. Even not completely engorged it was as thick as a soda can. "Oh, god..." I exclaimed. "Paul, his cock is out."

"What's the matter?" Paul asked from behind me.

"He's huge."

The guard stroked his cock lazily, the grin on his florid face getting wider. "I've got a big cock," he said to Paul. "I always go slow though...I promise."

"Let me see," Paul asked, his voice husky.

The guard stepped to the side so Paul got a look at him.

"Holy shit...that is big..." Paul said.

The guard reached out and took my left wrist and drew my hand over to his jutting tool. "Play with it, baby."

I wrapped my long slender fingers around his heavily veined cock, amazed at how strongly it throbbed in my palm and how hot it was. Imagining that massive thing inside of my small pussy made my head swim. "What am I doing?"

Paul reached down and undid the pins that were holding my thick auburn hair up on top of my head. He sunk his fingers into the back of it and pulled my head higher, thrusting his cock up into me harder, grunting as he started to fuck me with short deep strokes. "You're so wet, baby. I mean, I've never felt your pussy so wet. I think you're excited thinking about this."

I grunted as Paul fucked me, arching my back as he hauled back on my hair. The orgasm that I'd been so close to having earlier was building once again and I wanted it badly at that point. The guard was still fondling my dangling breasts, looking down at my flushed face as Paul used my pussy. I stroked his cock, looking up at him and suddenly knowing that he was going to be inside me just like Paul was.

"Don't let her cum," the guard said to Paul.

I moaned with distress as Paul slowed his thrusts. I'd been so near and now I was left panting on the edge of getting off. "Just a little more..." I begged, wiggling my ass at Paul. "Don't stop..."

"She needs it..." Paul said. "I can hear it in her voice. When Amanda gets like this she needs to cum bad."

"Oh, she's gonna cum," the guard said, leering down at me. "Aren't you, baby?"

I tried to fuck Paul myself but he held my hips still. The frustration of being so close to cumming and now not being able to was more than I could stand. "I'm so close, Paul...please just let me cum."

Paul slowly pulled his cock out of my tight sheath. "I will, Amanda."

I shook my head as the guard unpeeled my fingers from his thick prick and moved behind me next to my husband. "No...please, Paul."

"I'm sorry, baby but I just have to see this." He stepped back, leaving me to the burly guard.

"Turn around. I want to see your face when I put it in," the guard said.

I turned around so I was facing him, leaning back against the trunk of the car with my boobs hanging out of my dress. The bottom of it had started to slide back down past my waist but he pushed it back up so my pussy was exposed. Laying there on the car with my legs open and my pink slit glistening wetly I watched him take a condom from his pocket and unroll it onto his swollen phallus. Knowing what was coming my heart was pounding in my chest and my head was spinning. He put his hands on my hips and lifted my feet up off the ground, my long legs around his waist and his thick cock pressed up against my pussy lips. He dry humped me with it, the sensation sending electric shocks coursing through my body.

"I am going to fuck you so good..." the guard said, his face over me as he pulled his hips back and nestled the wide head of his prick between my pouting labia.

"Oh...god..." I whined as he started to push himself slowly up inside of me. I'd never felt anything quite like it. The sheer size of him took my breath away. I grabbed at his arms, my eyes getting big as the head popped inside of me. "Oh...no...I can't...he's too big, Paul!" I pushed at the guard trying to escape his thick shaft. "Stop...please stop..."

The guard grunted as he strained to push deeper inside of me. "Fuck, she's tight."

Paul was stroking his cock, watching as the guard slowly worked his prick another inch inside of my warmth. "God, that looks so fucking hot, Amanda..."

I could feel the man's engorged cock throbbing inside of me, the width of him stretching my pussy like it had never been stretched before. He leaned down and took one of my hard nipples in his mouth, sucking on it until I groaned out loud.

"God what a body on you..." the guard said as he moved his lips over to my other nipple, his tongue swirling over the pebbled teat. "You've got the hottest cunt I've ever been inside..." He started to slowly fuck me with baby strokes, that big cock of his barely moving in and out of me as I lifted my knees higher to ease the pain from that big prick. "Nice and slow, baby...nice and slow..." he whispered as he gripped my shoulders and kept me from sliding around on the car's trunk lid.

The shaft of his prick was rubbing against my hooded clit as he fucked me, the contact sending jolts through my nervous system. I moaned as he nibbled on my tender nipple. My whole body was one raw nerve. I looked over at my husband, Paul standing there fisting his cock as he watched the guard take my pussy as his own.

"Halfway in..." the guard told me, looking down between us to where his huge cock was impaling me. "Just relax and let it happen..." He looked over at Paul and winked. "They always have trouble at first but then they love it. She's so tight that it almost hurts fucking her but she'll loosen up. Then we'll have some fun..."

I heard myself panting, my fingers digging into his beefy arms as he continued to fuck me with short, slow strokes. The ache I'd been feeling at first had been replaced by a wonderful feeling of fullness like I'd never experienced.

"That's right...it feels better now, doesn't it?"

I nodded my head. "Oh...much better..."

"Good," he said. "That means I can start giving you what you need then..." He slowly pulled his cock out until just the head was inside me and then thrust it back inside of me. Pulled it out again and thrust it back deeper.

I arched my back and spurred him on with my heels, that elusive orgasm I'd been on the brink of having suddenly starting to pulse through my aroused loins. The guard wasn't being gentle now...now he was starting to fuck me hard and deep, my breasts bouncing as he thrust himself up into my clasping cunt lips. "Oh...God!" I croaked. "I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum!"

"Yeah, cum for me...cum for me, baby..." the guard rasped. "Cum all over my big cock."

And I did. An orgasm tore through me like nothing I've ever had before. I was bucking spastically against his plunging prick, my eyes rolling back in my head and my mouth open wide as I cried out loudly. "Yes...oh, God...YES!" I screamed, digging my fingernails into his shoulders as he labored above me. "Don't stop...don't stop..."

"I won't...I'm gonna fuck you right." He thrust up into me again.

"Yes," I gasped. I lifted my legs higher, his blocky torso making them bounce up and down as he fucked me with hard, deep thrusts. I was getting pushed up the car's trunk and the guard had to grasp my hips and pull me back down to him. I heard a squeak as my bare buttocks moved across a wet spot that was forming beneath me. It felt like his cock was going to come out my throat he was so deep inside my body. I'm not sure if I had a second orgasm or the first one never ended. I must have looked like a complete slut, writhing atop the back of the car with the parking garage man's huge cock impaling me but I didn't care about appearances at that point. I just wanted him to fuck me a little more.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she likes to fuck..." the guard said, his face beet red from his exertions. He bottomed out in me and ground his belly against mine with his thick cock throbbing inside of me like some living thing. "I told you that you'd like my cock once you got used to it..."

"It feels so good..." I said.

"Tell me what you want, Amanda," he said.

"I want to cum again." I leaned forward so I could see where his wide shaft was buried inside of my pussy. "Make me cum..."

He grinned down at me. "Say fuck my cunt, Amanda."

"Fuck my...cunt..." I whispered.

"Louder," he insisted, that beautiful cock held motionless inside of me.

"Please fuck my cunt," I said louder.

"Again..." he said, moving in and out of me just a bit.

"Oh...yesss..." I moaned. "Please fuck my cunt. I need it so bad..." I looked over at Paul. He was watching me with his cock in his hand, jerking it furiously.

"Keep talking dirty to me..." the guard rasped, hauling back on my hips as he started to fuck me with long slow strokes. "Tell me what you need."

I raised my legs, wrapping them around his thick waist. "Give me that big cock..." I said. "I want it deep inside of me."

"You want it harder, baby?"

I arched my back, my hands gripping his hairy forearms as he started to fuck me faster.

"Harder...oh, God...that's so good! Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder!"

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