Caught By Mom


I'm Joe and I'm 20 years old. I'm disabled with muscular dystrophy. I live alone with my
mom and require help with everything physical. My mom is 40 but isn't 100% healthy and she can't help much physically. So, I have an aide who comes out once daily to help bathe me, help with the bathroom, therapy, massage, etc. Mom usually goes to the store or watches TV, etc. while the aid attends to me.

I usually get two or three different aides per week and only a few regulars. I have had
this one aide about thirty times and we've become good friends. Her name is Nancy and she is 35, about 5'4", 150, black hair, green eyes. She is husky but not fat. Her ass is
round but tight and she had good-sized breasts, which she told me are 36DD. She is single without children but lives with a guy she met four years earlier.

Nancy and I had become closer friends with every visit. We exchanged email addresses and instant messenger IDs. It started out friendly and clean. We usually chatted on instant messenger around 9-12 at night with varying durations, usually about an hour. But this one time she caught me when I was watching some porn on the net. I was a minute from cumming and asked her if she could wait. She said sure. I finished up and returned to chat. It proceeded like this.

(Joe) ok, I'm back.

(Nancy) Welcome back! What were you up to just now? Hmm?

(Joe) Oh just busy

(Nancy) Busy with what, Joe?

(Joe) Do you really want to know?

(Nancy) Yes, we never hid anything from each other before.

(Joe) Ok. I was watching porn.

(Nancy) Oh hehe Anything in particular?

(Joe) Umm, a deepthroat video.

(Nancy) Hmmm, I love deepthroat videos.

(Joe) Do you really?

(Nancy) Absolutely. I love porn. Most women don't but I do.

(Joe) Hmm, I never knew that.

(Nancy) Lots of stuff you don't know. hehe

(Joe) Like what?

(Nancy) Hmm, umm. I love women with women, men with women, women on top, doggie style.

(Joe) Oh wow. Can you deepthroat? That's my favorite.

(Nancy) Didn't I ever tell you I've no gag reflex?

(Joe) Uh no.

(Nancy) Yes! I love it!

(Joe) What's the longest cock you've deepthroated?

(Nancy) About a 6" cock but I've done a 16" dildo.

(Joe) Oh my God! What's the longest duration you sucked a cock?

(Nancy) Oh gee, about an hour.

(Joe) Hmmm, free sample? hehehe

(Nancy) LOL we'll see. You do have a very suckable cock.

(Joe) I do? I never measured it.

(Nancy) Oh, I measured it in my own way. It's near 8". Like I like em. :P

(Joe) Hmm, can't wait until you visit!

(Nancy) Woah, horny guy tonight. We'll see.

(Joe) You coming tomorrow?

(Nancy) Yes. :) You're mom going out tomorrow?

(Joe) Yep, she needs to go to the store for a bit.

(Nancy) Cool. I'll give you one of my patented handjobs! I envy your mom.

(Joe) Why?

(Nancy) Because she gets to see and hold your cock every night! Does she see it hard?

(Joe) Yes, I always get hard.

(Nancy) I thought so. hehe Well, I have to go Joe! Dream of me!

(Joe) Ok, night Nancy!

Man, I was rock hard. Time to go to bed. Mom helped me into bed and bathed me. She just dabbed at my hard cock and quickly finished. I fell asleep thinking of Nancy.

The next day Nancy arrived, in a t-shirt and shorts, and mom stayed for a bit. Nancy said
"Hi Joe! Sleep well?" and winked. I just said "Yes, pretty well." Nancy got started and
pulled the cover down and the towel, over my waist, lifted from my hard cock. She smiled and took the towel off and my fully erect cock stood up straight.

"Morning erection. He has that a lot," Nancy laughs. Mom says, "Yes, he had it last night

Nancy says "Don't worry mom, I'll take care of it" and holds my cock into the urinal until
I'm done. Mom notices I'm still hard. Nancy says "Plan B" and goes into the bathroom for lotion, letting mom stare at my hard cock.

Nancy returns with the lotion and a towel. She climbs on the other side of the bed,
leaving me exposed to mom, lays the towel under my balls, and rubs lotion between her

hands. She rubs it all over my cock and balls and begins rubbing, one hand on my balls,

the other on my hard cock.

Mom looks on and asks "Nancy does he need this often?" Nancy replies "Yes, every time. He's not hard with you?" "Well, yes, he's always hard but I let it go" mom replies, as she turns beet red.

Nancy picks up the pace, her hand going up and down faster on my cock. I start moaning softly and mom says "I'll get my coat and head on out to the store. We need some things" and she heads out. Nancy adds "Don't worry mom, he's in good hands" and she points my cock at mom and wink.

We hear the door close shut. Nancy says to me "Phew! Glad she's gone. Now we can really get started now!" as she peels her t-shirt and shorts off. She had no bra or panties on.

I whistled and exclaim, "Damn, you're hot Nancy!" "Not too heavy?" I reply "Heck no, I like em with some meat. Besides, you look sexy!"

With that, Nancy bends over my still hard cock and breathes on it, "Now time to deepthroat the largest "real" cock I've ever had. She licks the cock from balls to cock and back again, pausing at the head to swirl her tongue around it. After about a minute of this, she tells me to tell her how I want it sucked as she took my cock into her mouth and

proceeded to give the blowjob of a lifetime.

I tell her to deepthroat and she takes it into her throat, her nose at my pelvis and her mouth on my balls. She swallows hard repeatedly and licks my balls with her tongue with my hard cock still deep down her throat.

I tell her to go up and suck the head of my cock and she does. "Joe, ever see a woman

deepthroat a cock and balls at the same time? I can. Watch!" and Nancy takes a deep

breathe, slowly deepthroats my whole 8", then proceeds to open her mouth wider and slowly envelopes my balls. Then, my balls pop into her mouth and I feel the most exquisite sensations I've ever felt. I felt hot, wet, tingly, a very tight suction on my cock, and her tongue rolling over balls. She stays down in the position for about 2 minutes while I squirm and moan loudly.

Nancy comes up panting and laughs "You like that as much as I did??" I told her heck yea and she says "I'll do it again in a few minutes. For now I'll just suckle on your cock
head." And suckle she did, for five minutes. Then she gave me two sets of her cock and
balls suck; another four minutes. She says "Ok, let's finish it off now." Up and down she
sucked my cock deep into her throat, never using her hands.

I tell her "Nancy, about to...cummm...oh yea!" She rams my cock and balls into her mouth. Just in time because my cock starts pumping cum down her throat. She swallows it all, never missing a drop. She comes up and suckles on my cock until it's soft.

"Did you enjoy it? Was I good?" Nancy asks. I reply, panting, "Oh yea, you're the best!"

Nancy peers at the clock. Fifteen minutes until my mom is to return. She looks at me and says "Think we got time for a quickie fuck, me on top, of course?" I look nervously back at her and respond' "Gee, I don't know. Cutting it close, no? And I'm not even hard." Nancy says "Don't worry, I'll be fast. And a few sucks will get you hard again. Besides I need a fuck bad; so much so, I'd do you in front of your mom!" she laughs.

A few sucks turned into five minutes until I was finally hard again. Less than ten minutes

to go until my mom returned and she's usually punctual.

Nancy says, "Ah! Nice, hard, and ready for a good fucking!" as she climbs over my legs and straddles me. "Ready" she asks and, without waiting for a response, plunges herself deep onto my hard cock, all the way to my balls. "Hmmmm, not only long, your cock's wide too!" and she moves her ass up and down. Five minutes left!

Up and down Nancy goes, gyrating her hips in a circle with each downward pump of her pussy. Faster and faster. Still no orgasm! Three minutes to go.

"Oh Joe! Baby! Love your cock. I can fuck it all day!" she exclaims. One minute!

My heart's beating fast, not only from Nancy's frantic fucking but also because my mom
would return at any moment. "Nancy, my mom's going to return now. Stop before we get caught!" "Not until I orgasm!" she whispers.

Then, the living room door opens and I hear mom close it behind her. "Joe you feeling ok now?" mom asks from the kitchen as she stocks the refrigerator with the food she bought. I meekly reply "Yes, mom. I'm good."

Nancy quiets down but keeps fucking me. I whisper to her "Get off! Hurry!" She just
replies in a daze "Not until I cum."

Mom my says' "Well, you don't sound good. You sound out of breath. I'll be right in!"

Nancy fucks harder and faster as my mom's footsteps approach the bedroom door. Still Nancy won't stop.

Mom reaches the door and opens it. She comes in backward and closes the door without

seeing us. Then, she turns around and sees us fucking, Nancy pumping away like a piston engine. What a sight we must've been. Both of us totally naked, sweating, my cock jammed all the way in her pussy as she' continually fucking me.

Nancy say, "Hi mom. Enjoying the show? I like to be watched." Mom is bright red in the face and she replies, "Oh my. That looks so...hmmm. Good," licking her lips with her wet tongue. "Pull up a chair mom. Show's almost over,” Nancy says while fucking me hard.

Mom gets a big vibrator from her purse, opens her zipper (snap closed), pushes the vibrator into her covered pussy, and begins gyrating her hips as she watches us fucking. "Does he feel hard and good inside your pussy Nancy?" Nancy replies "Oh yes! Biggest I've ever had, besides my dildos." "How big is he?" Nancy replies quickly "About 8 inches long." Both women moan.

"Uh Nancy? I'm about to cum," I say to Nancy. "Ok give it to me! Fill me up! I'm on the pill, don't worry." Mom pants "Oh yea. Fill her up Joe baby."

That did it. I came into Nancy's wet, tight pussy. At the same moment, Nancy's pussy
quivers and clenches my cock as she cums and she continues riding it. And then my mom shakes and reaches orgasm alongside us. All three of us moan as our orgasms continue to subside.

Mom says, "Oh that was great guys. I never came so hard. Looks like these shorts need a wash" and she chuckles.

Nancy climbs off my half softened cock, which is now slick with our mixed juices. She

says, "Looks like Joe's cock needs a wash too." Mom say, "Oh need a washcloth?" Nancy replies, "No, not necessary. I'll lick and suck him like earlier." Mom licks her lips

again and say, "Hmm, another feature. Guess, I'll stay and watch." With that my cock

sprung to life again.

Nancy laughs and says, "Mom, I know you'll love this!" She bends down and deepthroats my cock and balls. Mom gasps, "! I never seen something like that before in my life!!"

After five minutes of sucking my cock, I finally cum in Nancy's mouth and become completely soft.

She cleans up her body and gets dressed. "Want to gargle with my mouthwash Nancy? You know after you sucked his cock?" my mom asks. Nancy says, "Heck no! I enjoy the taste. Want a taste? Let me kiss you."

Mom is hesitant but then agrees. Nancy goes to her, hugs her tight, grabs her head and they kiss passionately; a sloppy wet kiss. Nancy slid a few fingers into mom's pussy. After five minutes, they break their lip lock and smile at me.

Then they head into the living room. I hear mom say to Nancy, "Girl, you got to show me how to deepthroat a cock and balls like that!" Nancy says, "Sure. Joe's the perfect cock to practice on, don't you think?" They both giggle and Nancy leaves.

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