tagLesbian SexCaught by My Boss Ch. 15

Caught by My Boss Ch. 15


"All right Melody. Take off your clothes. Sabine take off your heels and stockings."

Melody looked like she was going to start bawling but she started to undress. I didn't say a word. I just toed off my heels and started rolling my stockings down. It didn't take me long to be totally bare but Melody was having a struggle with undressing. Neither Diane nor Daniels said anything as they watched Melody get down to her bra and panties. She looked up at the ceiling and then closed her eyes. Melody finally unclasped her bra and dropped it on the rest of her clothes. She took a deep breath and pushed her panties down and stepped out of them.

"Melody, sit on the edge of the couch and lean back with your legs open."

I stood silently watching the poor woman. She sat down and leaned back and let her legs open after closing her eyes.

"Sabine get between her legs on your knees."

I knelt.

"Don't they look cute together?"

Melody still hadn't opened her eyes but a soft sob escaped her mouth.

"Sabine, start licking her pussy."

My head snapped around to stare at Diane. Melody sat bolt upright.

"Melody, do you want your husband to know what you have been doing for the past two years?"

She leaned back once more and covered her eyes with her hands. I could see her body shaking from silent sobs. I closed my eyes and then opened them. I didn't want to humiliate her but I didn't see that I had much choice. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy softly. She tensed up and I licked her seam. I had never licked a pussy before. I wasn't sure that I wanted to but I was also sure Diane would find something much worse for me. I tried to be gentle and loving but Melody was stiff as a board. I kept licking and kissing her pussy. I sensed movement behind me and lifted my head and turned slightly to look. Daniels had his cock out and was stroking it. He was right behind my ass and I prayed that he wasn't going to, well you know. I bent back to Melody and started licking her again. After about five minutes I felt her hips lift up slightly. I kept licking and kissing her and shortly after that her hands came down and held my head. I peered up and Melody's eyes were still closed but her mouth was slightly open. She was gentle. I kept licking her and now I was starting to taste her pussy and I found it nice. I buried my nose in her hair and licked harder and Melody moaned. I heard Diane chuckle and Daniels was breathing harder behind me.

They watched me lick Melody while Daniels jacked off behind me. I wasn't too happy about that, but it was better than the alternative. Even though Melody had been upset by now she was humping my face while I licked and was moaning continuously. All of a sudden she grasped my head firmly and her hips bucked up. She held my head while she ground her pussy against my face and I kept licking her.


And Melody came, explosively, humping my face as hard as she could. Her hands left my head and I peered up to see them cover her face as she twitched and spammed. I just kept my mouth against her pussy and let her rub on it.


With that, Daniels shot a thick rope of come that hit my shoulder blades and splattered down my back. He squirted three or four more times, covering me from my upper back to the top of my ass. The he knelt behind me and wiped the tip of his dick on my ass cheeks. I sensed him getting back up and heard his zipper. I thanked God that he hadn't stuck it up me. I felt very degraded. I'm sure Melody was no better.

"Sabine, back up a little and stay on all fours. Melody, I want you to get up and lay on top of her."

I did what I was told and Melody got up and woodenly walked behind me. She hesitated for a moment. Then I felt her legs on either side of my hips and she bent over and pressed her naked front to my come covered back.

"Now rub back and forth on Sabine."

I felt her boobs press down on me and her pussy hair on the top of my ass and then she rubbed up and down and side to side, smearing come all over the two of us. Melody gave two or three soft sobs as she did that. I felt disgusted. I don't know how she felt. I felt slimy. I am sure she did too.

"You can get up now Melody."

She pushed herself up and stood behind me.

"Get up Sabine and look at your new friend." I got up and turned to look at Melody. The entire front of her body from her boobs down to her bush glistened with the come Daniels had shot on my back. I could feel little trickles of it creeping over my ass cheeks. CHRIST! How much did that bastard come?

"He shoots quite a bit, doesn't he?"

Neither one of us said anything.

"Sabine, go get your dress and come back here. I don't want it on you."

I left Melody naked with the two of them and walked back to the conference room to get my dress. Robert and Jason and one of the other guys were in the staff area. As I walked by them, humiliated Robert spoke.

"What's that on your back Sabine?"

I turned beet red and silently kept walking as they laughed at me. I got my dress and stood for a moment. I had to go back through the staff area. I didn't want to walk through there again. But again, I had no choice. I walked back and they were still there.

"It looks like come, doesn't it?"

I choked back a sob and kept walking. I hate you Diane! I hate you Daniels! I got back into his office and Melody was still standing in front of them naked.

"All right. You two can get dressed now."

We both looked at her in horror and realized that nothing we could say would change her mind. Daniels was sitting in his big desk chair, fingers steepled, smiling. Melody picked up her panties and pulled them on, her mouth twisting as they began to soak up come. I pulled on my dress, ignoring my stockings. I stood while Melody put her bra on and then her blouse which became slightly transparent as it soaked up come. Then she pulled her skirt on. We stood by each other, disgusted and very uncomfortable.

"You can both go home now."

Gee thanks! Melody and I walked out of Daniels office. I stopped as she got her coat.

"Why don't you come to my place and you can shower before you go home. I'll give you some clothes that you can wear. I'll wash your clothes and bring them to you tomorrow."

Melody looked at me gratefully.

"Let me call my husband and tell him I will be a little late getting home."

I waited for her. When she finished her call and had hung up we walked to my desk and I got my coat.

"We'll go in my car so nothing gets on yours Melody. I'll bring you back here after your shower. Think of something that you can tell your husband."

We got to my car and I drove us to my apartment. Both of us were uncomfortable with the drying come on us and our clothes were disgusting. We walked up to my apartment and I showed Melody the bathroom and got her a towel. Then I found some sweats and panties. My bras would never fit her. I brought the clothes into the bathroom and Melody was naked and adjusting the water.

"Here are some clothes to wear home."

"Why don't you get in the shower with me and I can wash your back. It'll be easier than you trying to do it."

I was hesitant but her shy smile made me feel better and I thought why not. So I stripped off what little I had on and we got into the shower. Melody let me get under the water first and she stood behind me. The water ran down my front and back and felt so good. Melody took a washcloth and soaped it up and began to scrub my back. Her hands felt so good on me. I closed my eyes and let her wash me. She scrubbed from my shoulders down to my ass and then I heard the washcloth splat on the floor of the shower. Melody's hands were on my ass. She stroked it and cupped it and squeezed it and I whimpered. The next thing I knew she was pressed up against my back, her hard nipples pressing into me and her arms around me. I leaned back into her. My hands found hers and moved them over my little boobs. I could feel her warm wet body pressed against mine and she molded my boobs and toyed with my erect nipples. I let her play with me for a moment and then turned around to face her.

"Today was my first time with a woman."

"Mine too Sabine. You were great, even with where we were."

I sadly remembered what had happened. My arms went around Melody and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Eventually her mouth opened to mine and our tongues dueled. Her breasts felt so good against mine, the hard tips rubbing across my nipples. I whispered to her.

"You don't have to lick me but please bring me off."

Melody's hand snaked down my body and between my legs. I opened them for her and her fingers found my clit. She rubbed it and pulled the hood back. When she found it uncovered and rubbed me my legs almost gave out. Her lips met mine again and Melody rubbed my clit until I exploded in orgasm. She had to hold me up as the twitches and tremors ran through me. She held me up under the warm water. I felt so good! "Thank you Melody."

She was blushing but wasn't holding back from my body as they pressed together once more. I kissed her softly and then I bent and got the washcloth. I soaped it up and washed her front. I paid special attention to her nipples and then to the top of her slit. She finally made me stop.

"Sabine, enough. I have to get home."

I reluctantly let her go and we took turns rinsing off. Then out of the shower and drying each other. I was both happy and embarrassed and I sensed she was also.

"Melody I'm sorry but I was so needy."

"It's all right."

"No, it isn't. I feel like I forced you into something."

"Actually it was kind of nice but we can't ever let them know. If they ever found out can you imagine what they would do?"

I grimaced.

"No I can't but it scares me."

"Me too."

She finished drying herself off and then got dressed in my clothes. Then she bent towards me and kissed me. I was still naked.

"I think you'll be a good friend Sabine. Thank you and good night. I guess we'll see each other tomorrow."

"Yeah. I haven't told you what she has done to me now, but I don't think I am going to like work very much from now on."

Melody left and I felt lonely. I was still naked. It seemed like that was my normal form of dress anymore. I made myself dinner and after I cleaned up I sat around and thought of what my life had become since that stupid dare. The worst part about it was that my friends were avoiding me. I guess because they figured that I would be angry with them for talking me into the dare. I wasn't especially happy with how things had turned out but I still got aroused and horny. I was still confused about that. I finally went to bed.

The next morning I got up and figured fuck Diane. What else could she do to me? So after I washed up and put on make up and fixed my hair I got out a nice silk blouse and a pair of slacks. Remembering that I had to wear panties I got out the yellow sheer pair. I got dressed and I left for work. Diane was there when I arrived. She just looked at me and didn't say anything. Things were quiet and I got some time to sneak down and see Melody. We spoke briefly and she told me that her husband didn't suspect a thing which made me very happy. When I got back to my desk Diane came out and walked to the staff area. Then she came back and around fifteen minutes later she told me to go get some copies for her.

I had forgotten about having to sell my panties. As I walked into the staff area, Kate and Valerie got up from their desks and walked over to me. I sort of smiled at them until Kate held up a twenty dollar bill. Then I remembered.

"Kate, come on, be a friend for once."

"I'm not your friend Sabine. Now if I remember what Miss Chambers said, you have to sell me your panties. And if I remember correctly, and I do, you have to get bare ass naked."

"Kate, please..."

"No Sabine. Take the twenty and give me your panties. Right here, right now or I will have to speak to Miss Chambers and from what I hear you won't like that at all."


"Besides what do you care anyway? Everyone here has seen your tiny tits, your fat ass and had a finger up your pussy already. If you aren't stripping in thirty seconds I will tell Miss Chambers."

I started unbuttoning my blouse. Kate and Valerie snickered and like magic five guys appeared. My blouse was soon undone and I pulled it out of my slacks. Then it was off and I set on the table next to the copier. I toed off my shoes and undid my slacks. My face was feeling warm. As I pushed my slacks down Melody walked in and looked at me with a shocked expression on her face. I pulled my slacks off and set them with my blouse. I glared at Kate and Valerie and pushed down my panties and took them off. I held them out to Kate. She took them and smirked at me, then handed me the twenty.

"Turn around. I want to see your ass crack."

I turned around. Melody was just staring at me and the two of them.

"OK bitch, you can put your clothes back on."

I pulled on my slacks, ignoring the guys leering at me. Then I slipped into my blouse and buttoned it up. I didn't bother tucking it in. I got the copies for Diane and trying hard to be unconcerned I walked out and back to her office. I knocked on her doorframe and walked in and gave her the copies she wanted.

"Have a little fun in the staff area Sabine?"

FUCK YOU! I walked back out to my desk and Melody was there.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Diane informed all the junior staff that I would sell my panties for twenty dollars. And I have to take everything else off before them."

"You mean anyone of them can hand you a twenty and you have to strip naked?"

"Well, I suppose that I could refuse and get fired. Ah shit, they've all seen me naked since yesterday afternoon."

"What do you mean?"

"Yesterday, before she and I came to Daniels's office, she made me strip in the conference room in front of all of them. And then she had me sit on the edge of the conference room table and open myself for them."

I didn't tell Melody that I had let most of them finger me. I was embarrassed about that.

"Jesus Christ! I can't believe that she did that."

"You can believe it."

I heard some noise in the hall and looked that way. Valerie walked up with the two kids from the mail room. She waved a twenty at me, smirking.

"Damnit Valerie, you know I don't have any on. You were just there."

"It doesn't make any difference Sabine. I'm offering to buy. Either you sell or prove that you can't. Just step around the desk."

Fuming I moved around Melody. I stood in front of the bitch and looked at the kids. I knew they were eighteen but they both looked so young! I wanted to slap the smug bitch in the face. I undid and unzipped my slacks and pushed on the waistband. They slid over my hips and pooled around my ankles. Then I lifted up my blouse so she could see that I had no panties on. The eyes on the mail room guys just about popped out as they saw my pussy. Then they started grinning. I let go of my blouse and it covered me.

"I'm wondering if just dropping your pants is good enough."

Diane stepped out of her office. She took in Valerie, the two mail room guys, me and Melody. She glanced down at my slacks which were still around my ankles. She gave Valerie a cool smile.

"Oh, I think its good enough Valerie. Don't you?"

All of a sudden Valerie wasn't so sure of herself.

"I guess so Miss Chambers."

"Good. Sabine, pull up your pants and get back to work. Melody, don't you have something to do?"

Melody didn't say a word. She just took off at a fast walk. Valerie turned and left and the two guys fell in behind her. I guess no one wanted to fuck with Diane. I pulled up my slacks and fastened them and then tucked in my blouse.

"Thank you Diane."

"You don't need to thank me. I happy to embarrass you every chance I get but I don't like people to feel like they can take over for me. Now get back to work. There are things that you need to get done today."

Like I didn't know. Mentally I stuck my tongue out at her. I went behind my desk and sat down. Diane looked at me.

"How would you and Melody like to earn some extra money?"

I was suspicious of her right now as I well should be.

"For what and how much?"

"Jim and I have a rather important client meeting out of town in three weeks. We both think that you two could be of benefit. It would mean a thousand dollar bonus for each of you."

"That's how much. What would we have to do?"

"You two would be hostesses at our suite."

I was still suspicious.

"What kind of hostesses?"

"No sex Sabine. Just a little casual nudity."

"In front of whom and for how long?"

"It's a Wednesday through Friday. When we arrive at the hotel and get the suite or suites you two would give up your clothes for the time that we are there. There would be clients, likely the maids and room service."

"No sex, right?"

"No sex. As long as you two behave no punishment either. But if you act up or don't follow orders I for one reserve the right to discipline you or Melody."

"One thousand dollars each?"

"Yes, if we get the contract."

"And if we don't get the contract?'

"Double time pay for the entire time."

"I'll talk to Melody. After that I will let you know."

"Explain to her that she may not want to disappoint Jim or I."

FUCK! I was starting to think that this was going to be a command performance, their command, our performance.

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