tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 17

Caught by My Boss Ch. 17


We ate our dinner although I was almost too excited to eat. Melody was dressed in her work suit and looked very business like. I was naked with a cucumber up my pussy and my legs tied to my chair. To eat I had to sit up higher and that put the end of the cucumber on the chair and pushed it into me as far as it would go.

I felt so dirty in front of Melody like that and she knew it. She would look at me, my erect nipples standing up, and thick as they had ever been, and would smile at me. I would squirm from time to time and moan. When that happened, she giggled. I loved what she had done to me, even if it was my idea.

I think she liked it too. I don't know myself, because I don't make people do things, but it must be a rush to be able to make someone do stuff.

Anyway, we finished eating, at least Melody did. I ate a little but mostly just pushed food around on my plate. It was close to 8 o'clock and Melody looked at me.

"Do you want to do something else?"


"I won't tell you but I think you'll enjoy it."

Ummm. All right. I trust you Melody."

"You might change your mind later."

I shivered and moaned as the cucumber moved inside me. She had an evil look on her face and I suddenly wasn't so sure. But....

"Go ahead. I trust you."

Melody cleared the table, dragging things out. Then she untied my legs and led me into my living room.

"Stay here."

She walked towards my bedroom and I wondered what she was up to. She came back with another scarf and tied it over my eyes.

"Just stand here and be quiet."

I heard her moving something around and she came back to me and led me across carpet. Then she turned me.

"Sit down the same as before."

I felt behind me and found one of my dining table arm chairs. I sat on the edge. Melody pulled my arms behind the back of the chair and tied them. Then she took each leg and lifted them over the arms of the chair and tied my ankles to the chair legs.

"Do you remember your apartment?"


"OK. Where do you think you are?"

I thought. I was on carpet still so it had to be my living room or bedroom. The rest of the apartment floors were tile.

"I'm in my bedroom."

A good guess because I had walked from my living room so it must be the bedroom.

"Wrong guess. Do you want to see where you are?"


I was thinking that I had to be in front of the glass doors to my balcony. That is the only place I could think of. Melody walked away and I heard a door I thought. I heard her coming back towards me and she stood at my left side.

"Are you sure that you want to see where you are?"


All the secretiveness was getting me excited. Melody untied the scarf over my eyes and removed it. I blinked my eyes and then gasped.

I had forgotten that the entry and the hall were carpeted also and I was facing my door, which was open. I was at the end the entry hall to the left of my bathroom and the right of my bedroom and in plain sight. I was naked. I had nothing on at all. I was tied to a chair. I couldn't move. My legs were up and spread wide. My boobs and pussy were in plain sight. I could see the hall of the apartment building outside my door. If anyone walked by and looked I was right there. I was maybe fifteen feet from the door to my apartment.

"Do you like it when someone sees you Sabine?"

I was scared and aroused. I didn't want anyone from my apartment building to see me like this but the idea of me being the way I was aroused me.

"I guess I do."

"Not good enough Sabine. Do you want me to find someone to see you like this? See you totally naked and tied up?"

"Oh God, Melody, I don't know. I don't know."

"Well, think about it for a bit and let me know."

After she said that Melody walked away and I heard my TV turn on. I turned my head to look for her but I couldn't see her. I looked back to the door and shivered. I was so afraid one of my neighbors was going to walk by my door and see me like this. I thought of what she might think would be good enough to stop this.

"Melody, please come here."

She walked up to me.


"Take me to the university library. I'll let you find some people and if you want me to I will take off my clothes for them. It's not far away and there are usually lots of students there."

"So, you think that is a good idea?"

"I would prefer it to my neighbors seeing me like this."

"OK, we'll do that then. I'll go and pick out some clothes for you to wear."

Melody walked into my bedroom and just left me there. I was starting to panic that one of my neighbors would walk by and see me. It seemed like an eternity but it probably wasn't that long and Melody was back. She untied me, but still left the door open while she did. I didn't relax until I was free and I got up and ran into the bedroom.

Laid out on my bed was one of my business suits. One of my suits with slacks. A nice silk blouse with buttons all down the front. Panties and a bra. I stared at my clothes that she had picked out.

"Melody, I am just going to be taking stuff off. I don't need a business suit."

"No Sabine. First I want you to look like a business woman. Second I want it to take a while for you to get undressed. And third, I want it to take a while for you to get dressed. The more you have to take off and put back on the longer it will be for you to get caught. Now, get dressed in those clothes and find a good pair of heels to wear with the outfit. I'll be waiting in your living room."

She walked out of my bedroom and I sighed and dressed. I found the heels that I had bought to match the suit and then I walked to my living room.

"Good, you mind. Let's go and find a student or two for you."

We walked out to Melody's car and we drove to the university library. Melody parked her car and turned to me.

"Do you want me to pick out a student for you or do you want to do it?"

"I don't know."

"Then I'll do it for you."

She started walking towards the library leaving me to trot along behind her. I was getting nervous about this even though it was my idea. But nervous or not I was enjoying the thought of what she was going to make me do. I needed to keep that in my mind for the best feelings. Melody was going to make me do this. Melody was going to make me do this.

We walked into the library and stopped. It was huge, much larger than the one in my neighborhood. There were students all over at tables and you could see them in the stacks too. Melody studied the floor and then walked up to a table. I followed.

"Are you freshmen?"


"Do you know any freshmen that are here?"

The two guys she had spoken to looked around. One of them pointed to another table.

"I think they are."

Melody walked over to that table with me trailing behind, nervous and excited. It was going to happen! She was going to make me do this!

"Are you freshmen?"

"Yes lady. Why?"

"Do you see my friend right here?"


"She wants to take her clothes off in front of you. Is there somewhere sort of private we could go with you?"

First of all there was shock, but then suspicion.

"What's the joke lady?"

"It's no joke. Take us to a reasonably private place and she will take off her clothes."

The three of them looked at each and one of them shrugged.

"Fine, I'll play along with the joke. You two coming with me?"

The other two kids nodded yes. He got up and walked towards the stairs on the side of the first floor. Melody and I followed. The other two guys came behind us. He led us up to the third floor and down one side. There were study desks along the wall and walked down most of the way towards the back. There were shelves of books from one side to the other with study desks around the outside of the entire floor.

"Bring a couple of chairs over here and sit down."

Melody motioned me to step between two of the desks. The young guys sat sort of in front of the opening.

"OK Sabine. This was your idea. When you take something off, fold it nicely and set it down on the desk. When you're done I'll decide if it has been good enough."

The guys were looking more interested. I think it had sunk in that this was no joke. All of a sudden this was not a dream or a fantasy for me either. Melody fully expected me to strip naked right here, right now, right in front of three young guys. I looked over to her. She was leaning against a shelf, smiling.

"If you want to do this, start. If not just tell me and we can leave."

"I knew this was bullshit! She isn't going to do anything."

I unbuttoned my jacket and folded it and set it on the desk. Then I started on the buttons on my blouse. There were a lot of them and my hands were shaking so it took me a long time to get them all undone. I looked at the guys and they were grinning at me. I think they just figured out that I was going to do it.

I tugged my blouse out of the slacks and removed it, folding it and laying it on my jacket. I shivered. Then I undid my slacks and unzipped them. I toed my heels off and pushed my slacks down, trembling. This was stupid! I could get caught again! I was getting aroused. I pulled my slacks off each leg and folded them. They went on top of my blouse. Standing in my bra and panties I was nervous as hell but I couldn't wait for the rest. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. I looked directly at the guys as I slid the straps down and pulled it off. I set my bra on my slacks and stood up straight so they could see my smallish boobs and nipples. I guess I posed for them. Then I hooked my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down and off. I straightened up and dropped them on my bra. I had nothing on. I was naked and in front of three young guys and my belly was tingling like crazy. I moved my feet further apart so my pussy was right out in the open and stood there, letting them look at me. Melody spoke.

"I told you it wasn't a joke, didn't I?"

"You did lady, yes you did, but it's still hard to believe."

"Does she look good naked?"

"Yes, she does."

"How do you feel about this Sabine?"

"Um, sort of aroused."

"Boys she says she is horny, but that doesn't mean anything for you. I just wanted to know. Sabine, do you like this?"


"So you're telling me that you like taking your clothes off in front of them?"


"Would you like to do something more? Something a little more daring?"

"If you want me to Melody."

"Oh I think that I want you to do something more. The boys and I are going to walk down there."

She pointed to the last desk, five or six desks from the one I was standing by.

"Then you are going to walk to us, turn to your right and walk to the other side of the floor and then back. Leave your clothes here. Maybe someone will find them and turn them into lost and found."

My nipples had been hard up until then but it seemed they hardened even more. I watched Melody and the boys walk down to the end of the floor. With my brain screaming at me that this was so stupid I stepped out from between the two desks and turned to face them and walked right up to them, naked as the day I was born. My stomach was in knots and my brain was screaming at me but my lower regions were tingling like crazy.

When I turned to face the other side of the library it seemed as though the far wall, my destination, was a mile away. I was perhaps twenty feet from all my clothes. I didn't care that I was naked anymore but I was thinking of how far I was going to be away from my clothes in just in few moments. I was also wondering if someone found my clothes if Melody would say anything if they took them. Just a few minutes ago I was a conservatively dressed business woman. I certainly wasn't that woman now. It took me a few moments to take the first step towards the far wall. Then I took the second and the third. It didn't seem to make it any closer but now I was getting more excited.

I kept putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that the boys were watching my ass. I couldn't see them or Melody any more, they were behind me.

"Christ, she is actually going to do it!"

I kept walking forward, my only focus now on the far wall and the tingling down low in my belly. This was stupid! This was exciting! I was naked in the university library and walking so far away from my clothes!

I hadn't seen anyone and I couldn't see any heads at the study desks in front of me. I just kept moving and sooner than I expected I was at the last set of shelving. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned around and started walking back. Now the boys and Melody could see my front, my little boobs bouncing slightly as I walked towards them, my bare pussy in the open. I wanted to masturbate so badly! This was so bad and so good! I forced myself to not touch my pussy as I walked. They kept getting closer and I could see the grins on their faces.

Only by sheer will did I maintain my walking pace because my brain was screaming at me to run. When I reached them I didn't stop but turned left and walked to where my clothes were. I turned into the little space between two desks and almost collapsed with relief. Melody walked up with the boys in tow. She leaned against one of the desks and smiled at me.

"Did you enjoy that Sabine?"


"Why don't you thank them for watching you?"

"Thank you for coming and watching me. I hope that you liked it."

Melody giggled when I said that. I am sure that she was thinking that it was rather stupid of me to thank three boys for watching me undress in front of them and then taking the chance I had taken.

"Lady, I can't believe that you just did that."

"I can't believe that I did it either."

"It was hot, lady, really hot. None of the girls that I know would ever do something like that."

Melody reached over and picked up my clothes.

"We'll have to be going soon, boys."

She handed me my bra. I put it on. Next came my blouse and then my jacket to my suit. I was dressed from the waist up only, but my blouse covered me.

"Why don't you lift up your blouse and jacket Sabine and give them one last look at you."

I lifted my clothes without even thinking about it and bared my pussy for them. The tingling in my lower belly was driving me crazy. She circled her finger and I turned and let them see my bare ass. As I turned from showing it to them, she held out my panties. I stepped into them and pulled them up.

"There isn't much else to see boys, so you can go now."

I stood and watched as they walked away, talking excitedly amongst themselves. My little performance was going to be a highlight of their lives for a long time.

"So, did you like it Sabine?"

"I did very much."

"I wish I would have thought of it."

"Are you horny?"


"Do you want to do something similar?"

"Do you want me to?"

"I think it would be fun."

"I suppose then it would be all right."

"Come with me Sabine."

We walked back to the stairs and down to the main floor. Melody stopped and looked around the floor. I just stood next to her. Then she started off and I followed her. She walked up to a table that had four girls sitting at it.

"Are you girl's friends?"

"Yes, why?"

"Now don't take this wrong, but my friend here is an exhibitionist. She would really like it if you took her somewhere here in the library and had her take her clothes off. Would you be willing?"

At first they just looked at Melody, stared would be a better word. Then four heads swiveled to me. It seemed like a long time that they looked at me.

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I am very serious."

"So, we take her someplace here and she'll strip? Isn't she a little old for that?"

"She's not too old to take her clothes off."

I was standing silently next to Melody and feeling my face getting warm as this young girl questioned her.

"So, let me ask something. Let's say we say yes, we'll do it and let her get off on getting naked. What if I called one of my guy friends and asked him to come here with his room mate? Would she still take off her clothes?"

Melody looked at me and smiled. Then she turned back to the girl.

"Yes, she would."

"Just so we all understand this, she is going to take all her clothes off, right?"

"Yes, she will. She'll take everything off that she has on."

"Where we chose here and if we ask guys to come over she'll still do it?"

"Yes, she will. I don't know how I can assure you, but she will take everything she is wearing off."

"Let me call my friend."

She picked her backpack up and opened it and took out a cell phone. She dialed and then answered.

"Bill, I'm here at the library and there is an older woman who is saying she will take her clothes off in front of me, Becky, Anna, and Jessie. No I don't know how old she is."

"How old are you?"

I swallowed. This was going to be embarrassing.

"I'm thirty-two."

"She says that she is thirty-two."

"No, she isn't ugly or fat. She is not gorgeous but not bad looking and she definitely is not fat. Maybe a little hippy and small on top from what I can tell, but you'd like to see her."

"Dirty blonde."

"So, you'll come to the library then? Good. We're on the main floor. How long will it take you to get here?"

"Fifteen minutes? Is Josh coming too?"

"Good. Hurry up though, we still have studying to do."

"They'll be here in about fifteen minutes."

Melody pulled out a chair and sat down. She didn't tell me that I could so I stayed standing by the table.

"So, do you two do this a lot?"

"No, it's the first time that I have been with her."

"Does this get you off?"

I could feel my face getting hotter and it had to be really red because of how she was talking like I wasn't there for the most part. I was getting pretty humiliated by it all.

"I don't get off but I get excited."

"What about you? Does it get you off?"

Melody leaned back and smiled at me and then the girls, all of whom were listening intently.

"No, but its fun to watch her. Look at her face. She's getting embarrassed and humiliated. She's already stripped in here for three guys."

"No kidding? She's already stripped in front of three guys tonight?"

"Yes, she has. They are sitting just over there."

The girls all turned to look.

"Which ones?"

Melody looked across the room and my eyes followed hers. I saw the three boys before she did but she picked them out too.

"See the table about five over with two guys with baseball hats on and one without a hat?"


"Those are the ones."

The girl looked at me and grinned. Then she got up and my stomach clenched. She walked over to their table and leaned down, talking with them and then she pointed at me. They talked a little more and then all four of them walked over.

The girl sat back down in her chair and the three guys who had already seen me pulled chairs over and sat down with the four girls and Melody. I was going to get a chair for myself, but Melody grabbed my hand and made me stand next to her. It didn't seem like much but as I looked around I noticed people looking at the table I was at. Then it dawned on me that I was not dressed like everyone else there except for Melody and she was sitting down. All the other people were in jeans and tops or shirts. I had a business suit on. Everyone at my table was sitting except for me. Then my mind started to wonder what other people were thinking of me. And of course I thought the most terrible things. For just this once I'll leave you to your imagination. The girl who seemed to be the ringleader of the four girls spoke.

"So, did she take off her clothes, really?"

"She sure did!"


"Even her shoes. She didn't have a thing on."

"So, what does she look like? I mean is it worth doing what she wants."

"What does she want?"

"She wants the four of us girls to take her somewhere in the library so she can strip in front of us."

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