tagLoving WivesCaught by My Wife Ch. 02

Caught by My Wife Ch. 02


The next morning I had to go to work so I was allowed to remove the breast forms, cuffs, heels and lingerie, but not the cock cage. When I came out of the shower there was a thong, stockings, garter belt and camisole laid out for me to wear to work. My sore ass and jaw reminded me not to question her so I put them all on and presented myself for inspection. She smiled, pointed to her pussy and told me that since I needed to lose a little weight I would have her and a protein bar from breakfast, in that order.

Her smell and taste were strong and wonderful, her orgasm was fairly quick and then she had me follow her into the bathroom. She had me kneel and massage her feet while she peed, then lick her clean afterwards. After tucking her back in bed and I was getting dressed when she said, "Oh by the way, you will also wear the butt plug today, but you don't have to lock it in case nature calls. But don't even think of taking it out otherwise, and it goes right back in afterwards...understand?" This was going to be an interesting day!

So off I went, eating my protein bar in the car on the way to the client site. I had many meetings and a report to write, but the lingerie, plug and cage constantly reminded me of our new relationship. We talked a couple of times that morning and she told me to stop by a department store, get her a string bikini and bring it to her at lunchtime as she wanted to lay out in the afternoon. My wife has a great body, and has been known to turn heads in one and two piece swim suits, but her instructions were specific...a string bikini.

I left at 11:30, stopped at a Macy's, found a really hot red string bikini and arrived at the room about 12:15. She met me at the door naked, took the bag, then took me by my ears and directed me straight to her pussy. I was really loving this! Two minutes after I walk in the door and I'm on my knees, in my suit and tie with a painfully trapped cock, full ass, lingerie hugging me from neck to toes and licking her for all I was worth. Just as she was getting close she pushed me away. Needless to say I was very surprised as she usually doesn't like being teased, just being the teaser.

She laughed at the surprised look on my face and told me that she wanted to be hot and bothered while she laid out this afternoon in case someone interesting came around. Now that was odd. We had never talked about involving someone else but I wasn't allowed to question her so I just knelt there until she handed me the bag and told me to help her put on her new swim suit.

She was very pleased with the fit, but then there really wasn't much of it to fit. The little triangles on the top covered more of her breast that they didn't, but she would definitely be showing more than she ever had. The bottoms were much the same, barely covering her pussy and leaving about half of her ass cheeks out for public viewing. Wow she looked hot! Now, not only was my penis hurting but my balls were aching too! She asked me where the matching cover-up was and I had to admit that I didn't think about getting one. She just smiled and handed me so sun-tanning oil. Rubbing it all over her body, including the parts that are normally just for my viewing was very exciting!

The surprises continued when she slipped on her red high heels, grabbed her shades, grabbed hold of my balls and as she was squeezing away told me text her when I got back after work and wait in the parking lot until she texted me permission to come up to the room. Just to make sure, she took my room key and as I watched her walk down the hall to the elevator I swear she had more swing in her hips than I had seen before. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I realized she didn't take her phone with her. It was going to be a long afternoon, and maybe a long evening too!

All afternoon, while I tried to work I kept seeing images of my sexy wife walking away in those killer red heels and the little red string bikini. My cock and balls were in serious pain. No calls, no texts, just my imagination all afternoon. At 5:00pm sharp I was in the rental car and making a bee-line for the hotel. Just as I was pulling up my BlackBerry buzzed notifying me that I had a new e-mail. When I opened it up I saw it was from my wife and there was a picture attached. The picture showed my wife in bikini and heels, standing by the hotel pool between a very attractive man and woman. He had on a Speedo and she had on a bikini, just not as brief as my wife's. All the message said was "check at the desk."

When I asked the desk clerk if there was a message for me he handed me a shoe box. I took it and walked a little ways away before opening it. Good thing! Inside were my high heels with locks, a Viagra, an extra lock, a Fleet enema and a note with the following instructions: 1.Chew the Viagra and swallow. 2.Go to the lobby restroom, give yourself the enema and then lock your butt plug harness. 3.Put on the heels, with locks. 4.Come to our room and knock, then take off your outer clothes, kneel and wait. 5.You have :20 or you can leave and come back in the morning.

Oh my goodness! This was way outside of anything that I had even imagined doing. What if someone saw me walking through the lobby and to our room in the heels? What if someone saw me kneeling in lingerie outside of the room? This could be very embarrassing, but that only added to the excitement. And what did the couple in the picture have to do with this, if anything? So many questions and I was in control of nothing! And the clock was ticking so I'd better get busy.

The enema was not a problem, I hadn't had solid food now in almost 24 hours. I had locked in the butt plug many times so no issue there or with the heels. Now came the tricky part. Getting across the lobby without the sound or sight of the heels attracting anyone's attention. I loosened my belt and pulled my pants down low on my hips so that most of the heels were covered. Oh why did I have to buy them so high? I cracked open the door and it looked like just the desk clerk around so I started for the elevators. He was buy with his computer so that was working.

Then halfway there I looked up and saw four teenagers coming in from the pool area and heading for the elevators too. Now I'm caught. What do I do? Turn and run back to the restroom...what was I thinking, I can barely walk in these heels, much less run in them? So I slowed a little in hopes that there would be an elevator waiting and they would take off before I got there. No such luck and the doors opened just as I walked up. There were two boys and two girls and they were wet from the pool, pushing and joking with each other. The girls were teasing in their little bikinis and the guys were touching and rubbing like teenage boys do. I thought they would keep each other distracted and was hoping no one would notice the heels.

Then just as the elevator was stopping on my floor one of the girls pointed to my feet and said, "Holy cow, are those red high heels you're wearing?" All of the others looked and the second girl even grabbed my pants leg pulling it up to erase any doubt. They all started rolling and calling me a pervert. Before I could think of an explanation or response the doors opened and I stumbled out. Oh my gosh, what if they report me to their parents or the hotel management. At least they didn't get off on the same floor, but what's to prevent them from coming right back and catching me kneeling in lingerie? I was right on the bubble between excitement and fear.

As quickly as I could I got to our room. Fortunately it was around a corner and there were only a few rooms in the immediate area. Without a second thought I whipped off my suit, tie and shirt, knocked, knelt down and that is when I realized that I was shacking with fear, or was it excitement. With all of the drama that started when I got the e-mail I hadn't even stopped to wonder what was going on in our room. I wasn't even sure if I had met the :20 limit.

Of course it seemed like forever, but eventually I saw a piece of paper slide under the door. I picked it up and read, "Take your tie and wrap it around your head as a blindfold. Turn around and put your hands behind your back, then knock once more." Looks like some of the mystery is going to remain that way a while longer. Talk about being completely out of control. Now I am not only kneeling in heels and lingerie outside the hotel room door, I'm blindfolded and no doubt, about to be cuffed again. Sure enough, just after my knock, the door opened, the handcuffs were applied and my wife told me simply. "Get up and turn around."

It is very awkward to try to stand up from a kneeling position, wearing heels and not being able to use your hands, but I was able to make it. She checked the blindfold, then rolled up my camisole and attached clamps tightly to both of my nipples and bringing tears to my eyes. I had bought them some time ago to add to my traveling collection, but each time I tried to put them on myself they hurt too much. Then she rolled it back down, adding pressure to the clamps, clipped a leash on my cock cage and pulled me shakily into the room. We had now moved from kinky fantasies, to borderline bazaar behavior, especially for my wife.

She pulled me a little ways, then stopped and gave me a big sloppy kiss. This is when I noticed the strong smell of sex in the room and some peculiar, although not unpleasant tastes on her lips and tongue. Then she said, "That may be all the pleasure that you get for a long time. It all depends on your remembering the rules and pleasing me. But to help you out, I am going give you a sample of the punishment you will get for even hesitating to follow my orders."

When she told me to open my mouth it flew open wide in an instant. As she stuffed some panties in my mouth and bent me over the end of the bed, she said, "These will help keep the noise down. You might also notice that they are quite dirty, but we'll get more into how that happened later. Now close your mouth and bend over." Wow were those panties dirty! I could taste secretions from her vagina, a little piss and something else strong and a little bleachy, but my mind could not process any more at that point so I closed my mouth and waited.

Up until this point I had no evidence that we were not alone. Some indications like the picture, the smells the tastes, that might suggest we had company, but I didn't know for sure. Then she said, "Hand me that hair brush." With my hands cuffed behind my back and bent over I knew she wasn't talking to me. As my mind tried to process that new clue the hairbrush contacted mightily with my right butt check and everything else went blurry. I have no idea how long she spanked me, but it seemed like forever. My butt went from sting, to fire, to a dull ache, to the most intense pain I had ever felt. That is when I noticed that my cock and balls were throbbing! The tears came anew and now they were joined by sobs, drool and a runny nose.

When she finally quit I was afraid to move so I stayed bent over. She ran her hands lightly over my red, raw ass cheeks and added just enough finger nail to make me gasp. Then she unbuckled my butt plug strap, let it drop and pulled the plug out with a pop. She ran her hand up my back, over my cuffed wrists and the nylon camisole and into my hair as she climbed on the bed. She lifted my head slightly and positioned her naked vagina under my face. First she just rubbed my nose up and down her slit and over her clit, then, using my ears, she pulled my face up slightly and said, "When I say the word, put your tongue in my vagina and start licking gently. Do not take it out until I say so, no matter what else happens. If you understand, nod your head and open your mouth."

I nodded and opened, the panties were removed and I gladly began licking her vagina, wondering what the "no matter what else happens" would entail. At this point I didn't care. My mind was blown, my ass was on fire and I needed an orgasm so bad I was in pain. It wasn't long before I wondered no more. My feet were pushed gently but insistently apart about three feet. Not easy in the heels I was wearing. Then with my wife holding me by the ears I felt two hands on my hips and pressure on my asshole. My wife started moaning and saying "Yes, do it now." Again, obviously not talking to me and the pressure on my ass grew. I was trying to tell from the pressure on my hips just how big the hands were and whether they were male of female. Thinking back, it really didn't matter and wasn't going to change what was happening. It was just an odd thought that popped into what was left of my mind.

The pressure was building slowly, but without stopping and I could feel my asshole being stretched. Another odd thought, "I sure am glad I had that butt plug in all day or this would hurt a whole lot more!" Once penetration was underway there was pressure on my back making the nipple clamps dig in anew.

Eventually the stretching stopped and the penetration began. As slow as the person was going I could feel everything, the helmet, the ridges, the veins and a very full sensation growing inside my ass. My wife continued to moan and I realized it was only in part from my ministrations. Then she lifted my head slightly and asked me if I wanted the blindfold off and I said, "Yes ma'am, if you please."

She slipped it off and my eyes adjusted quickly to the low lighting in the room. I looked up and saw the man from the photograph sucking and licking on one of her breasts while massaging the other. As I watched he would occasionally drift up to her neck and ears for little nibbles and kisses, all of which she was obviously enjoying. During this was when the enormous dildo in my ass reached bottom. I knew this because the roughness of the harness met the rawness of my ass and caused a fresh jolt of pain. When I cried out the man and my wife stopped to look at me. Then they both smiled and the three of them went back to what they were doing. The man becoming more aggressive with her tits, the woman building up speed with the dildo in my ass and my wife moaning and smiling.

The faster she went with the dildo, the more my nose and tongue were pressed into my wife's vagina. The faster my face worked on her vagina, the more excited my wife became. Having her breast, neck and ears stimulated at the same time didn't give her much choice except to have a very strong and violent orgasm. As she came on my face the dildo stopped moving slammed into the hilt, belt, buckles and all digging into my raw butt cheeks. The woman behind me was moaning and shaking in her own orgasm. As my wife came down she slide slowly out from under me and I noticed that my neck and wrists were joining my nipples, ass, penis and balls in the pain parade.

My wife moved up higher on the bed and rolled over onto her side, pulling her knees up about half way and hugging a pillow with one end under her head. She looked like she might drift off to sleep. The dildo then slid slowly out of my ass, my legs started buckling and I slid down to my knees with my upper body still on the bed. The handcuffs were released and I let me arms down to my sides feeling the blood rush back into my hands.

For a few moments everything seemed to stop right there. I heard the person behind me sit down in a chair but couldn't turn around to confirm. The man on the bed slid up behind my wife and spooned with her. I couldn't help but notice from my vantage point that the spooning included sliding a fairly large and very hard penis in between her legs and up against her vagina. I saw her hand move down and he groaned so I assume she was pressing his dick up against her. The smell of sex had definitely gotten stronger!

After a short rest my wife shifted slightly, lifted her leg, I saw his butt move back and then forward and both of them moaned deeply. My cuckold status was confirmed and my humiliation was complete...at least that is what I thought. Little did I know that we were only getting started. Two women had strong orgasms, two men had not. With the motion on the bed he would soon get relief, but there was still none in sight for me.

To be continued?

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