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Caught Cheating Wife


Bruce walked up to his neighbor's door, not to meet with his friend and neighbor Jack, but to talk to his wife. He knew that Jack was not home, so it was a good time to talk to Mary, Jack's wife. He reluctantly rang the doorbell and shortly after, he heard a voice yelling for him to come in. He opened the front door and came into the house. He walked through the main hallway to the family room. He saw Mary sitting on the couch in her bathrobe watching TV.

Mary saw Bruce, and said "Jack is at work, and will be home in a couple of hour." Mary was surprised to see Bruce, knowing he knew that Jack was at work.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you Mary," Bruce said.

"OK, have a seat then," Marry said while turning off the TV, and then looking over to see Bruce sitting down on the couch with her.

Bruce started off by saying, "Yesterday, I needed to borrow some tools, and I knew that Jack had them. So I came over yesterday to get them from you, since Jack was at work." Mary's face started to turn serious, knowing what Bruce might have seen yesterday.

"I was surprised to see a furniture delivery truck outside, but I guessed you were getting a delivery of some sort," Bruce continued talking. "The door was open and I decide to come in, and once I got to the hallway, I heard some noise, like sexual noise going on. I was afraid that the delivery people were taking advantage of you."

Mary giggled a little, and said, "I was taking the advantage in the situation," with a smirk on her face. "So what did you see," Mary now smiling at Bruce, who was getting a little uncomfortable.

"I came around the corner to see you naked lying on the couch, with two guys, and a third guy standing there," Bruce continued the story. ""The first guy on the couch was fucking you so hard; your tits were bouncing up and down. The other guy on the couch was getting a blow job from you, and had to hold you head because of the other guy. You seemed to loving every minute of it. Then the third guy was standing there naked, stroking he cock. I guess he was waiting his turn."

"Did you enjoy the show," Mary asked Bruce with a wicked smile?

"Well, I was caught off guard, and ... and ... " Bruce said, trying to find words for the question.

Mary laughed a little at Bruce, which released a little tension in the room. "So how long did you stay," Mary asked Bruce.

"I watched the guy getting a blow job, come in your mouth, and you swallowed everything," Bruce continued with the story. "You sucked him dry. After that the third guy anxious to get his turn, told the guy to get up, so he can get his. The guy stood up, and the third guy sat down and you immediately grab his cock and started sucking. A wave of pleasure came over the guys face. With people getting up and changing places, I decided I should get going, before somebody saw me."

"Hmmm, it seems to be getting a little hot in here," Mary told Bruce and started to untie her bathrobe. Once she got the tie undone, she removed the bathrobe. She was wearing sexy lingerie. Bruce looked hungrily at Mary's body, and flashes of yesterday went through his mind. He was getting more uncomfortable, but was getting extremely turned on. Then he noticed that Mary didn't have any panties on.

Mary caught Bruce looking down and moved her legs around to give Bruce a show. She knew what she was doing, and was playing with Bruce.

"So why did you run off so fast, you could have gotten in line to join the fun," Mary asked, toying with Bruce? "There was only one guy in front of you for the gang bang. The other guys wouldn't have cared if you joined. Did you want to get in line" Mary asked with a smile?

"Yes, oh, I mean no," Bruce said very uncomfortably.

Mary giggled again, and told Bruce, "So did you go home and jerk off?"

Bruce didn't say anything and started to turn red from embarrassment. Mary's smiled widen and she moved closer to Bruce. "Don't worry, every guy does it," Mary said jokingly to loosen up Bruce.

Bruce seeing what was happening decided he needed to stop it. He told Mary, "Jack is my good buddy."

"Well, we can be buddies too; fuck buddies," Mary said with a smile while placing a finger by her mouth. Then she inserted her middle finger into her mouth and sucked on it for a little while and took it out. Then she moved her had down between her legs and inserted the same middle finger into her cunt and started to masturbate in front of Bruce.

"Wha, wha, what are you doing," said Bruce shyly.

"I am getting ready for what's about to happen," Mary said still smiling and masturbating.

"I have a wife," Bruce telling Mary too hopefully to make her stop toying with him.

"Next time you can bring her over," Mary shot back. "Just imagine what you could do with two women? We could both give you a blow job. I could suck the shaft while your wife sucks your balls. Or you could line us up side by side in the doggie style positions, and then take turns fucking us. Or you could."

"OK, ok, please stop" Bruce told Mary.

Mary noticed that Bruce was fully erect now and pitching a tent in his pants. She moved in for the kill. Mary moved closer to Bruce now and told him, "Why don't you take off your pants and underwear and whip out that cock of yours, and let me do what a woman is supposed to do to a man, pleasure him. You can fuck me hard to make my tits bounce," Mary said while messaging one of her big breasts with her other hand. "Or you can grab my head and make me suck that cock of yours."

Bruce stood up suddenly and Mary didn't know if he was going to run for the door, or stay. She could easily see that Bruce's member was sticking out like a thick stick from his pants. Then Bruce started to undo his belt and Mary knew that she had him. He got his belt off and pants in a blinding speed. Then he got his underpants off, and Mary was glad to see that his cock was a nice size. She sat there with a big smile, looking at the large member. Then Bruce moved over to her with purpose and grabbed her head. Mary knew what to do and quickly grabbed his cock and inserted it into her mouth, like she did to the other guy the day before. She sucked on it with passion, and Bruce let out a big pleasure sigh. Bruce was getting massive amount of pleasure looking down onto Mary, who looked back up at him, while continue to suck his cock. Then Mary used her other hand to message Bruce's balls, which got a great reaction from Bruce. He was enjoying every minute of it. Bruce looked down to see Mary's large breasts still covered by her lingerie. He grabbed the top of the lingerie and pulled it down, letting out her Mary's breasts. Bruce quickly grabbed one of the breasts and started to massage it. Mary got excited, and Bruce could tell because her paced quicken on his cock.

Mary stopped sucking Bruce and started to jack him off. She looked up at Bruce and said, "You want to fuck me hard, make these tities bounce?"

"Damn right slut," Bruce said forcibly. He pulled away from Mary and started to take his shirt off. Mary started too laid down on the couch. She watched Bruce walk over and she open her legs to greet him. Bruce got on top of Mary and lined up his cock with Mary's cunt. He moved his cock around, now toying with Mary. He then thrust it in and held nothing back. He started fucking Mary hard and was glad to see her big breasts moving up and down. He was having some flash back of yesterday. Then he heard the garage door by the family room slam. He knew that Jack come home from work. He got up from Mary to turn around to see Jack standing there. There was no denying what was happening. He looked down to see Mary's juices on his cock.

"What the fuck is going on, I come home from work to find my good friend fucking my wife on my fucking couch," Jack yelled out to Bruce. Bruce just stood there with his mouth opening no knowing what to say.

Jack looked away from Bruce, and then looked back at him and his wife and said, "And what about you Mary, what do you have to say?"

Mary replied, "Stop busting Bruce's balls, that is my job." Mary joked with a smile. "Now get you cloths off and join in."

Jack looked back at Bruce and told him, "at least I caught you early, before blowing your load into my wife." Bruce looked confused looking at Jack, and then Jack cracked a smile. Jack followed up with, "now I can get into the action too", and started to take his shirt off. Bruce was still a little confused, but it seemed like the situation got better. He looked over at Mary who was laughing now. She told Bruce, are you going to just stand there or you going to get back fucking me, hard." Mary said with a wicked smile. Bruce looked back at Jack who was almost undressed now and looked at Bruce laughing. Bruce turned around and got back in-between Mary's legs and started fucking her again.

"Welcome back lover boy," Mary said to Bruce.

By that time, a naked Jack walked over to Mary, who grabbed his cock and started to give him a blow job. "Hi honey, it seems that you are up to no good as usual. Yesterday the moving guys, and now Bruce," Jack jokingly said to his wife.

Now this really reminded Bruce of yesterday, and how he jerked off to Mary. Now he was leaving out that fantasy from yesterday.

"It is about time that you figured out that my wife's a slut," Jack told Bruce jokingly. "I knew you were going to figure it out sooner or later. I am guessing she toyed with you and got you to fuck her."

"Yeah, that is what happen, she is one good temptress," Bruce said now smiling.

After a while, Bruce erupted into Mary with a huge orgasm. Mary could fell the spray of the hot cum filling her cunt. Bruce was in seventh heaven. He come down and pulled out of Mary and sat down on the couch beside her.

Mary stop giving a blow job to Jack and said "You want some sloppy seconds dear," with a smile.

"Hell yeah," Jack replied.

Jack kicked Bruce off the couch and got between Mary's legs. He fucked her hard while grabbing her tits. It was not long before Jack shot his load into Mary. Jack got off of Mary and sat down on the couch. Jake looked over to Bruce was sitting on the chair. Bruce was hard again and he looked like he wanted more. Jake laughed, and asked Bruce, "you want thirds?"

"Hell yeah," Bruce replaid.

The three had fun for a long time. Bruce had to get home, but he would never forget today or yesterday. He left satisfied and knew it would be different now going over to his friend's house.

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by johnstang205/02/17

I am more interested on

How the hell this bitch knows Bruce's wife will join in and not blow off the handle while demanding a divorce. Sounds like the likelihood of another cheating wife being in the neighborhood is extremelymore...

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