tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaught In A Crowd

Caught In A Crowd


My name is Jim and I'm an average Joe in his late forties with a beer gut and minimal sex life. The one area I've been blessed is my cock. Not that it's real long, but it's thick as a fire plug with a giant mushroom head.

My boss, Jill, is a haughty knockout who once won a Mrs. America contest. 5 foot 7, long curly hair, and the best apple bottom butt I have ever watched climb a set of stairs. To see Jill in motion in her tight, short dresses and six inch heels is a mind-blowing dick-stiffener, as her ass cheeks rotate lovingly to and fro.

Jill knows I want her and always taunts me with stories about her sex life with her husband. Each story ends with her pouting her lips and saying, "Too bad you'll never get any of this high-class stuff."

One day, the entire work force was summoned to the auditorium to hear a video conference from the home office. There must have been 250 people jammed into the hot, stuffy room.

Jill and I arrived late, and to her annoyance were pinned in the very last row of standing room only attendees.

Jill stood directly in front of me in a flowery cotton dress that was well above the knee. I could look over her shoulder into her cleavage and see her breaths rise and fall, pushing the hint of a frilly bra into view.

"Jill, your perfume is making me lightheaded." I whispered in her ear.

"Shhh! Behave! I'm trying to hear this." she admonished me.

"I can't concentrate with you up against me." I giggled into her hair, and this time I rubbed my nose into her earlobe.

"Here, hold my purse!" Jill hissed, and as she passed it back to me I fed it through my arm, but I now placed my hands on her hips.

Jill glanced downward at my hands, but she really couldn't move me without causing a commotion.

"Stay right where you are, smartie." she said through clenched teeth.

"Jill, I'm sorry." I play-acted."I know my aching cock is rubbing your bottom but I can't remove it." I spoke slowly, deliberately into her ear, and as my tongue enunciated the words it gently licked her ear canal.

Jill quivered and tried to wiggle some daylight between us, but I leaned into her more and jabbed around her ass with my tented pants.

My hands now began to rub her hips gently, and I raised her dress a little higher with each caress.

As I looked to the left and right, I could see that everyone was watching the speaker intently, and no one had any idea that Jill was being manhandled like a wanton slut.

"J-Jim.." Jill whispered in a worried voice."Quit-quit fooling around back there."

"Jill, remember when I described my fat cock to you? Remember how huge I said the head was? Well, it's pinned against your hot little ass now. What does it feel like?"

"It-it feels big." she gulped quietly."Just don't move and it will go down." Jill whispered hopefully. Now her breaths were rapid and shallow, and I knew she was looking ahead without hearing anything the speaker said.

"Down?" I chuckled in her ear."How about out?" I reached between us and unzipped my fly. As my hand travelled down I used the opportunity to lift the dress up onto my belt buckle.

"N-no..Jim." Jill looked up at me with fearful, watery eyes, but her panty-clad ass sucked my fat cock into her hot crevice.

With one hand holding her to me tightly, I used my free hand to guide my raging prick on a tour of her snooty, hands-off pussy.

The filmy panties were soaked through, and I was able to push them aside with my fat head. Pre-cum flowed freely over her wet lips and down her trembling legs.

"Oh, Jimmie.." Jill trailed off, and she reached down between her legs and started to squeeze my engorged crown.

The audio of the video conference was droning loud enough to cover our whispered mumblings in each other's ear. Directly in front of Jill was a railing, and she braced against it and tried to stuff my cock in her sopping maw.

Jill raised up on tip-toes, and I pulled her hips back firmly until I was seven inches deep in a wet, sucking blast furnace.

"Ummmm." Jill groaned, and this time the woman next to her looked over quizically.

But it was too late. I started to spew hot chunks of baby batter deep into her cervix. Jill's pussy pulsed in submission, and she jabbed back against my groin as much as she could muster in the tight circumstances.

I shut my eyes and clenched my teeth as wave after wave of salty spunk flushed into and out of Jill, splashing onto her stylish heels and pooling at her feet.

There was nowhere for her to go. Jill was impaled on a cum hydrant that wouldn't soften. I straigtened her up a bit and kept my cock in her for another half hour as the speech wound down.

Jill looked dazed and humiliated at her conquest.

I knew I was going to tap this haught pussy again and again in the days ahead.

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