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Caught in Action


Bloody planes! I'd been away on a three-day business trip. No fun, no action, and three days away from my wife. Not good. I always missed cuddling up to her long legs and incredible ass. She never wore anything to bed either. Just that smile and the glint in those cock-sucking eyes that tell me when she's in the mood.

I'd been presenting to a group of sports administrators in the Fiji Islands. The bummer was that most of them were men, and the only women at the resort were either happily married or on their honeymoon, so it was slim pickings. Besides, I very rarely strayed when Dee was not accompanying me. Somehow it was always more fun when she was taking part. After all, she was the wild one with the insatiable appetite for sex. Quite ironic really that she wanted sex as much if not more than me, but hey, I was not going to complain!

Anyway, by the time the plane finally left Fiji and landed home I was running about seven hours late. I knew Dee had planned a welcome home surprise, because she had SMS'ed my mobile phone.

The message just said, "Surprise waiting for you. Don't be late!".

I was fuming by the time the cab dropped me off at home. I was hot, sweaty and tired, and in a shitty mood because I knew she would have gone to a lot of trouble.On the table there were two notes. The first one said - off to the Venus club, couldn't wait any longer. Join us if you get home. Hmmm, strange. The Venus club was a strip joint. Sleazy and in the worst part of town. The second strange thing was, the note said join 'us'. The second note said......home now, you're obviously held up. If you want dinner, it's in the fridge. If you want to know how my night went, press play. Love you. Don't wake me up, I'm buggered."

I whacked the dinner into the microwave and took off my tie. I got a beer from the fridge and then realised what the second note had said. I put my dinner and beer on the coffee table in the loungeroom and went to the vcr player. There was a tape inside and I switched the machine on and pressed play. I sat down with the remote and began eating my dinner. As I opened my beer my eyes almost popped out. Dee was on the screen, looking awesome, and smiling at someone who was obviously filming her with a video camera. This was a huge surprise, but the next part was even more surprising! Behind her were three men. Three Japanese men!

I kept munching slowly on my dinner as the video unfolded on my screen in front of me. Dee was wearing one of her favourite outfits. It was a black catsuit made of stretchy skin tight material. I think when she bought it I remember her telling me it was made of a material called "cire". I had no idea what that meant at the time, but knew now that it made me sigh!

On the screen I watched as Dee showed the three Japanese men to the couch.........the very couch that I was now sitting in! The guy with the camera followed Dee into our bedroom! In there, she sexily winked at the camera and said,

"How do you think our asian friends would like some bondage?".

Without a reply, Dee took three of our sets of handcuffs from our chest of drawers reserved for our toys. In addition to the cuffs, she also selected some scarves and a number of belts from my belt rack.

"This should be fun!" she said as she gathered up her possessions and returned to theloungeroom.

She motioned for the three Japanese guys to move a little bit apart so she could get in between them, and then I watched with interest as she started cuffing each of them and then securing their hands behind their backs. By the time she had finished, all three men were held firm in their cuffs and belts, their arms pinned behind their backs. Finally, Dee placed a scarf over the eyes of each of the men, rendering them helpless and robbed of the wonderful visual stimulation that Dee offered in her skin tight black outfit.

I remember thinking to myself that the guy holding the camera must have been hard as a rock!

Dee then asked the person with the camera,

"Can I get you something to drink?".

The cameraman must have answered yes because Dee nodded and went to the bar. She returned with a bottle of champagne and what looked like a gin and tonic. Funny choice for a guy I thought??. Dee took a sip from her drink and then went to the men on the couch. Sexily she began to moan and lick their ears as she sipped her glass of champagne and alternated between them. She made sure to sit on each man's crutch just heavily enough to make them moan and push forward as she licked their ears. Just as each guy was getting an erection, my teasing wife would withdraw suddenly and move to the next man.

The greatest part of this position with the three Japanese men on the couch, was that despite being bound and blindfolded, they could hear and sense everything that was happening. Once Dee had finished her first glass of champagne, each of the men had been sat on and licked twice, and she went to the small table and refilled her glass.

Slipping off her black stilletto heeled shoe from her right foot, she poured a small amount of champagne from her glass into the spiked slipper. Slowly she offered it's wetness to the first man, who tentatively opened his mouth and explored the offering with his tongue. His tongue was like a small lizard, wriggling and trying to establish just what it was he was trying to get in mouth. After a few timid sips, Dee moved to the next man and did the same. This guy was more of a risk taker, and he opened his mouth wide. Dee tricked him by first slapping him hard on the cheek, and then pushed the spiked heel into his mouth. He responded by getting a larger erection, sucking hard on her heel, and then lashing his tongue out in search of the fluid. He was rewarded with a small gulp of the sparkling bubbly.

Man number three had heard all of this going on, and by the time Dee moved in to offer him a drink, his tongue was scanning the air in search of reward. Without warning, Dee slammed her hips down on this mans lap, rubbed her pussy and ass on his now very hard cock, and then poured the whole remainder of the contents of the sexy footwear into his mouth, spilling some down his shirt and onto his trousers. The little guy just lapped and lapped at the toe of the shoe that was being forced down his throat as the champagne emptied into his mouth. I twitched in my seat as I watched my wife in such an open display of assertiveness. I started to think I would be enjoying the rest of THIS video!

Once Dee had finished pouring the champagne onto her three bound Japanese captives, she stepped back and faced the camera. She pouted and sexily pushed her breasts together for the guy holding the camera. At one point, she must have grabbed him by the cock because she was extremely close to the screen and then the camera jumped suddenly and a loud "ooh" was heard!

The next thing I saw Dee backing away from the poor guy laughing wickedly. My wife then put her shoe back on and went to the stereo. I wondered what she would select to be her fucking music, and was not surprised when I heard "Leave your hat on" by Joe Cocker come belting out of MY speakers!

She began to dance in front of the camera, and the guys on the couch were straining their necks trying to peek out of the corner of their blindfolds. But Dee was good, and the only one who could see her gyrating in her spiked heels was the person holding the camera. Ever so slowly Dee peeled off the skin tight top of the catsuit. It was an awesome sight. First the tab at the back of her neck, then the chest section was lowered over her pert breasts and then down, down until her pierced navel was clearly visible. At this point she spun around, facing away from the camera and began to bend at the waist before starting to again peel the lower section of the skin tight suit off. As she leant forward, the tiny Wicked Weasel thong underwear came into view. I was so damn hard watching just this striptease that I had to ease my cock from it's zippered home.

On the couch I openly began to masturbate watching my wife strip in front of the person holding the camera and the three asian guys on the couch. I fully expected her to stop there and take off their blindfolds, but she didn't! For some reason she removed all the catsuit without letting them see. Only the lucky fellow doing the filming had the chance to see how well Dee can move when she is horny!

When the song finished, she expertly kicked the catsuit from her heeled foot and watched as it flew across the room and landed on the laps of the three bound asian men - what a show! As the song ended, she again approached the camera very close, and whoever was filming instinctively backed away - perhaps fearing another grab in the balls? The music changed again, and I noted with interest it was her favourite album, Bon Jovi. She just loved the combination of slow ballads and heavy rock when we fucked. I knew then that this would certainly continue to be a sensational show!

Her attention again turned to the men on the couch. Wearing only the tiny g-string and her spiked six inch heels, Dee walked seductively towards the guy on the right hand end. He was the one who had been last to get champagned, so I guess she felt it only right to start with him. And start she did!

She turned away from him and placed her heeled feet either side of the first man. Slowly she pushed backwards until her ass was brushing the guys cheeks and his now lewdly outstretched tongue! Dee placed her hands on her knees and swayed gently to the rythmn of the music as the Japanese guy licked and sucked on her ass for all he was worth. Dee pulled her panties down far enough to allow the guy access to her lips and clit. She started to really push back hard now, and he was getting right into it. Just as his cock was becoming clearly hard, Dee moved away suddenly and fully removed her panties, placing them over the face of the man who had just been licking her.

She then moved on to guy number two and this time she climbed ON to the couch and placed her cunt against his face, dragging him in by the head until his tongue was forced against her clit. This poor guy was literally suffocated by Dee's pussy. It was lucky she didn't stay long in this position, because guy number two was turning blue as he lashed her clit.

Guy number three had an amazing tongue! It was out and he was sniffing the air when he realised Dee had finished with the man next to him. Dee looked back at the camera and licked her lips as she positioned herself on the couch and began to moan as the guy licked her sopping clit. She was in a semi-squat position over the tongue of this guy, and I knew with all this licking it would not be long before she climaxed! In about three minutes Dee started to buck wildly and her hair was thrashing about like some night club podium dancer. She was coming.

The spectacular sight of your wife coming as another man licks her pussy is one that I always find truly amazing. It makes you feel proud and horny all at the same time! I hope you believe me when I say that as I watched that orgasm on the screen, I started to cum myself. White cum gushed it's way out of my cock and onto the rug in front of me....my eyes glued to the screen as the climax washed over my wife. The cocks of the three Japanese men were now clearly visible through their trousers, and I wondered what her next move might be.

I pressed pause on the remote and went to the bathroom to get some tissues. I cleaned myself up and also cleaned the rug, before heading to the fridge to get another drink. As I took out a beer and closed the door, I was face to face with Dee!!

"Hi baby" she said. "I didn't hear you come in, but I see you found my notes!".

"I sure did, in fact I've been admiring your skill while I ate my dinner" I said back to her as she smiled.

She squeezed my balls sexily and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was totally naked, and I could see what appeared to be small bite marks on her breasts and around her pussy. She turned and walked towards the couch.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Go right ahead!" was my reply as I recovered my senses enough to get my beer and follow her.

As she walked I also noticed marks on her buttocks and back. I was dying to see the rest of this tape now, and it would be all the more enjoyable with Dee snuggled up to me as I did so!

"What part are you up to?" asked Dee.

"You tell me" I answered, wanting to hear her describe what had happened.

I pressed play and the image burst into movement again on the screen.

"OOooh, my first orgasm! I remember that one" she giggled as her hand went down to rest on my rapidly hardening cock.

"What happens next?" I asked.

"Wait and see you impatient bastard" she snapped as her hand clasped down hard on my thickening shaft.

"Ooouch, you bitch!!

On the screen Dee just collapsed across the knees and hard dicks of the three men on the couch. The person with the camera moved in close and zoomed in on her face, showing her immediate post-orgasmic expression. She smiled and stretched out as her hazy eyes revealed the extent of the pleasure she had just experienced.

She lay still for about a minute and then rolled onto her stomach. She reached back to the guy at the far end of the couch and unzipped him. His cock popped upwards. Then she unzipped the man in the middle, and his dick stuck up between her thighs. The man closest to her mouth almost touched her cheek after he was released. The site was incredible once more. My wife was face down, totally stark naked on her belly, on my couch!

Under her, lay three Japanese men I had never seen before. They were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs, and they were blindfolded with my wives scarves. Dee had one cock resting between her calf muscles. The second cock was tucked wildly between her pussy lips and ass cheeks, it's head just visible above the curves of her ass. The third guy's cock was about to enter her hungry cock sucking mouth. Amazing.

On the couch Dee now had my cock firmly in her hand but her eyes were glued to her image on the screen with the three men.As Dee started sucking the cock of the first guy, the second guy began pumping up and down, his cock rubbing hornily against her cunt and ass at the same time. Guy number three was doing the same using her calf muscles for a pussy. Each of the men obviously wanted to cum bad, and I fully expected Dee to comply! What transpired though was something entirely unexpected!

Dee spent the next fifteen minutes alternating positions so that each of the guys on the couch was sucked, calf rubbed, and pussy and ass rubbed. It was a wild scene of foreplay, and one of the most erotic sessions I had seen to that point in my entire life. Just as it appeared each of the men was ready to cum, Dee sprang from the couch and disappeared from view on the screen. I could hear her voice in the background and before I knew it she had returned. She had a small collection of items which I instantly recognised. It was her toy box! She then went to the couch and dropped to her knees in front of the poor Japanese guys. She alternated sucking their cocks and rubbing their shafts again for a good five minutes. Again she stopped.....the teasing bitch. She dragged her hands across the three men's cocks as she went behind them.

Slowly she undid their blindfolds, leaving them handcuffed and restrained on the couch. She made her way to the front of the couch and again sucked their cocks on her knees for another five minutes or so, making sure not to let the men cum.....god she was a great cock tease!

On the couch with me she squeezed my cock hard and turned her head to kiss me.

"This was fun!" she whispered in my ear before turning her attention back to her image on the screen.

She lay down on the rug and the image in the camera suddenly moved and then went totally still. It was as if the camera had been placed on a table or a tripod, because the person filming made sure to get the whole of Dee's gorgeous image on the screen. I wondered who the guy was that had been doing the filming. Then it was revealed.

It was a woman! A short, curvaceous woman I had never seen before. She was tiny but absolutely stunning! On the couch I shifted nervously and Dee must have sensed my excitement because she started to suck my cock, her head angled so she could still watch the action on the screen as she began to blow me.

The three asian guys obviously knew that the person filming was a woman, but judging by their faces they had not expected this! This was man heaven. Two hot and horny women! They both moved to the rug and in front of the Japanese guys, kissed and sucked on each others tongues erotically. It was amazing.

On the couch I was totally hard and Dee was really starting to suck me full on. I was in voyeur hubby heaven!

On the screen the two women had dropped to the floor. The poor guys watched in frustration as they kissed and writhed together on the rug in front of them. Soon they were locked in an amazingly horny 69, licking and fingering each other. Moisture was oozing from both pussies as tongues and fingers did their work. The short woman was the first to cum, her body stiffening incredibly as Dee's tongue must have made her clit tip over the edge. She screamed loudly and locked Dee's tongue between her thighs until the orgasm passed. Dee went to her and the snuggled and kissed passionately, their tongues dancing in the light.

Dee broke off the kiss and stood. Again she went behind the three men handcuffed on the couch. She then rearranged the cuffs so that each guy had one hand free, but was still anchored firmly to the couch. It was a bitch of a thing to do. Basically it meant that each man could pleasure himself, but not move! Dee kissed each of them before they had a chance to grab her with their free hand, and then rejoined the girl on the rug.

What followed was a mindblowing session of wild sex. Dee took out her strap on dildo and proceeded to fuck the other woman on her knees. I knew it was her favourite position to be fucked in, but it had been a long time since I had seen her fuck another woman that way! It was great! However, it was nothing compared to when Dee took off her strap on and asked the other woman to fuck her!

"I want you to make me cum. I want you to fuck me hard."

Dee then turned to the three Japanese men on the couch.

"Cum all over yourselves as I cum". "Try to spray me with your cocks".

With that, the sex show erupted into a wild orgasmthon as each person tried to outdo the others! The woman fucked Dee like her life depended on it. She was slamming her jelly cock into my wife in the doggie position as Dee applied her favourite vibrator to her now well swollen clit. Each of the guys was thrashing their cock up and down, dying to finally be able to release their pent up ooze.

Somehow the three guys managed to hold off until Dee showed signs of her own climax. Her head dropped down and she started that low gutteral moan that had made me cum so often. Her buttocks pushed back damn hard, and as she started to cum, she jammed her cunt down on the cock fucking her from behind. For her part, the woman fucking my wife from behind grabbed Dee savagely by the hair and jerked her head back, kissing her on the mouth as she stuffed as much jelly cock into my wife's cunt as she could. That did it for the guys. Dee rolled off the woman and jumped on to the couch and lay face up on the three men. Their hands pumped furiously until the three cocks spurted almost in unison. Dee was drenched in cum! Spurt after spurt erupted from the cocks and Dee went into a frenzy! I had never seen anything like it. She just went berserk sucking and licking and wiping and gulping and swallowing all the cum she could get. She was ravenous! It was a fantastic site. My gorgeous, tall and curvy wife was desperately slobbering and starving for cum on the cocks of three total strangers she had met just hours before, after being doggy fucked by a woman she had also met that evening!

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