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Caught in the Act


As I reached 40 years of age and been divorced for the last six years I began to find that I had become fed up of dating and getting nowhere. I'd gone a whole year without sex and had become so used to wanking in front of the DVD's that I had in my collection. I'd been on a few dates over the last year but I always felt that the women were looking for something more than a meal and casual sex. I didn't want the complications of a relationship as my marriage had been a really difficult one. My two daughters who are in their early twenties had suffered greatly from the turmoil within the family. My wife had left me for someone she had met at the Gym and to be honest it was a blessing in disguise as I felt that each day we were together was becoming tiresome.

Both my daughters lived at home with me even though they were adults. We have a great relationship and often do things together. I suppose being the only one there for them it was natural that I went shopping with them. They would both have a little fun with me dragging me into lingerie shops and holding up underwear for me to look at and become embarrassed by.

A couple of months ago the girls asked if they would be okay to have a girly get together at the house with a few of their friends and for them to stay over. I said yes of course and offered to go and stay at a friends house so that they would have privacy.But they both refused this. They often walked around the house in crop top t-shirts and shorts. I have to admit that sometimes I would look at them and get erotic thoughts about them. I put this down to the fact that I was incredibly frustrated. I did sometmes peek in their rooms at night and watch them sleeping just to get a look at their breasts rising and falling and to see the shorts pulled tight to their trim arses. On occasion my cock would get hard and I'd have to go and have a wank. Both the girls said it would be cool to have me around the house when their friends were there.

The night of the sleepover came around and to be honest I was looking forward to it. I bought a lot of food and wine for the girls and set them up for the evening. Around 7.30pm their friends began to arrive. I greeted them all as they arrived and like a waiter offered them a glass of wine as they came in. There were 5 girls in total staying that night including my girls.

Around 10pm I was in the kitchen when my eldest daughter Sara came in.

"We're going to play some games dad fancy joining us? she asked.

"No I'm going to finish this beer then head up to my room, but thanks for asking love" I replied.

With that I drained my beer and began to walk through the living room to head towards the stairs. As I walked in all the girls were looking at me and my other daughter Louise said to me,

"Sit here with me dad."

"I'm going to head off up to bed Louise so have fun, okay" I replied.

"Awh come on dad don't be a spoilsport join the fun," she said.

"Yes come on dad even just for an hour," Sara added.

"Okay then just for an hour."

I sat down next to Louise and looked at the other girls who were there. Like Sara and Louise they were in their twenties and were very pretty. Trying to be discreet I looked at each of them in turn. Like a dirty old man I looked them up and down taking in the size of their breasts and the curves of their bodies. By this time they had all changed into their nightwear which was very similar to what my girls wore. I noticed one of the friends who Louise had introduced me to earlier as Clare was sat with her legs to the side of her. Her shorts had risen high up her leg and I could see the whole of the left cheek of her arse. She must have seen me staring because she looked at me and smiled but didn't move position.

"So here's what we are doing," Sara said, "I will ask a question and you have to answer it truthfully, if I think you are lying you have to perform a forfeit."

"Louise I'm going to start with you. What age did you have your first kiss?" she asked.

"I was a late starter," she said laughing, "unlike you I was 15."

"Okay Clare when was the first time you sucked cock?"

"Sara," I said "I'm not comfortable with that I think it's time to go to bed for me."

With that I got up. Unfortunately for me I didn't realise that my dick had began to swell from looking at the girls in their nightwear. It was too late for me to do anything as it was pushing on the inside of my clothes and was clearly visible.

"My god dad what have you been thinking about then," Sara said laughing.

I felt myself blushing and inadvertantly looked down at myself and covered the bulge with my hand. I mummbled apologies and fled the room. I went into my bedroom and stripped down to my boxer shorts then lay on my bed. I couldn't believe I'd let that happen in front of my daughters friends, what would they think of me. I must admit though the thought of all the girls staring at the bulge in my pants did get me a little excited. My hand automatically went to my dick and took it out. Holding it in my hand I closed my eyes and began to stroke it slowly. I had visions of my daughters friends stood watching me masturbate and I got more and more excited. My hand got faster and faster on my cock as I envisioned fucking the girls one by one or having my cock sucked whilst everyone looked on. I could feel the cum rising in me and squeezed tighter and pumped harder. I let out a little moan as the cum ejected itself from the end of my cock. It had been a few days since my last wank so there was a decent amount of it. As the last drops oozed out of my cock I opened my eyes. I looked up and stood in the doorway was Clare, just staring at me and saying nothing.

"How long have you been there," I stumbled the words out.

"Long enough," she said. "Sara asked me to get one of her toys from her room."

I looked puzzled, "Toys?" I asked.

"Vibrator," she said with a smile.

Again I felt myself blushing.

"Thanks for the show, maybe I can return the favour sometime," she said and then walked off.

I was mortified what would they think of me if Clare tells them what she had just seen. I cleaned myself up and got into bed and eventually drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later I woke up with a thirst. The house was quiet so I went to the kitchen and got myself a drink. On my way back to my room I could see the door to Louise's room was open and little light shone in through the open door. Not being able to stop myself I peeked in. There were two of the girls in there as well as Louise. I could see that one of them was lay with her head on Louise's shoulder and her hand was settled between my daughter's thighs. The other girl was lay on the other bed in the room. Her top had shifted slightly and her left breast was peeping out of the bottom of it. I stood staring at her. It wasn't very big but had a perfect nipple in the middle that from what I could see was erect. I felt the stiring in my cock as I began to become aroused again. Stepping back I turned to walk away and went past Sara's room. As I passed it I heard gentle moans coming from the room. Again I looked in through the barely open door. My daughter was lay there on the bed naked and Clare had her face buried between the legs of Sara. I watched her tongue probe deep into Sara. I found myself staring at my daughter being tongue fucked by her friend and this time my cock was fully erect. Hoping that I couldn't be seen I eased my cock from my boxer shorts and began to slowly masturbate. I felt a little uncomfortable staring not only at my daughters cunt being licked and probed and seeing her pert breasts rising and falling but also the fact that but at he fact that it was so fucking horny. After a couple of minutes of licking Sara, Clare stood up and peeled off her nightwear, revealing to me a gorgeous body. Her breasts were larger than Sara's and her nipples were more pronounced. She eased herself above Sara's face and leaning against the wall began to move her hips in time with Sara's tongue. By this time my cock was throbbing and the feeling was incredible. I watched the pleasure on her face as the orgasm built up inside her. I watch the muscles on her arse tighten as she let out a little moan saying, "Oh fuck Sara I'm coming, if only your dad was here to watch."

I stepped back in shock, "did she know I was there watching?" Impossible she was too engrossed to know if I was there. I leaned back in and saw Sara lay on the bed fucking herself with a vibrator. I watched as she slowly slid it in and out. I was enjoying the show she was obviously putting on for Clare. At this point Clare went out of my view and I continued to watch the vibrator filling my daughters hole. After a minute of two Clare appeared back in my view and I watched her take hold of the vibrator and move it to Sara's mouth.

"Suck it" she said "imagine it's your dad's cock in your mouth" and with that she turned and looked straight at me.

I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I couldn't move. Clare stood up and walked to the door and opened it. I couldn't move. I just stared at her as she took my hand and guided me into the room. Bending over Sara she forced the vibrator into the parting cunt lips and began to move it in and out. Sara looked at me and smiled but said nothing, a look of pure pleasure on her face. Clare reached back and took hold of my still erect cock and guided it into her mouth. I nearly screamed with pleasure as her lips parted and closed on my cock, flicking the end of it with her tongue. By now I was too far gone to care that my daughter was being fucked in my full view. After a minute Clare stood up whilst still fucking Sara with the vibrator and then bent over guiding my cock inside her hot wet pussy. A moan left both our mouths as the heat and intensity of her pussy enveloped my cock. I frantically began to pump away at her, my orgasm building with every thrust. I couldn't hold back any longer and once agian that evening my cock began to empty its juice only this time it was into a hot wet pussy and not may hand. As I emptied I felt her pelvic muscles contract as the orgasm swept over her body. She began to cum as did Sara who by this time was panting hard. I looked at Sara as she began to cum onto the vibrator, she cried out "fuck, fuck, fuck I'm cumming." Her legs began to tremble as the orgasm shook her whole body.

I stepped away from Clare and watched as Sara writhed on the bed wishing that it was my cock doing that to her.

My cock began to harden at the sight of Sara sated and drained on the bed....What happened next is another story for later.

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