tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCaught in the Cleaner's Uniform

Caught in the Cleaner's Uniform


During my final years at school I took a weekend job at a motorway service station to earn some 'going out' money. It was mindless, repetitive, menial work -- I had to keep the restaurant and toilet areas clean and tidy -- but it gave me the money to enjoy my teenage freedoms. It also had its benefits. The management were rarely around on a weekend, and consequently I spent much of my time in my storage room office idly wanking over the porn mags I used to find in the bins and toilet stalls.

One hot July afternoon I was asked to provide evening cover for one of the cleaning staff who was away celebrating her sister's wedding. The overtime rate was good and I had nothing planned that night, so I readily agreed.

Around 7pm I made my way to the night office from where I would be working for the next few hours. Inside I found Janice, the full-time cleaner who did my job during the week. Because of the shift arrangement, I rarely saw her, which was a shame because Janice was a fantastically sexy forty-something woman -- exactly the type I fantasized over obsessively at that age. She was dressed to the nines and explained that she'd been covering for the same person as me during the day, and was now on her way to join the wedding celebrations at a nearby hotel where she would be spending the night. To save time, she had changed into her party clothes as work and was just about to catch a taxi. I wished her a good night and she looked me up and down knowingly and said it was a shame I wasn't coming to. I blushed and felt the beginnings of a hard-on inside my uniform.

After she'd gone I sat around in the office for a while, bored and listless. Eventually I got to thinking about Janice and would she would be doing by now. I pictured myself as the victim of a drunken seduction back in her hotel room. I imagined her undressing, revealing her heavy breasts and sliding her skirt and nylons down her ample ass and thighs. I became of a hint of her perfume in the muggy air of the office, and developed an overwhelming curiosity to look in her locker. Opening the narrow metal door, a heady female aroma, a mixture of perfume, sweat and something else, immediately assailed my nostrils and my cock twitched. On the shelf in front of me were Janice's tan tights and her white lace bra and knickers, which she had clearly been wearing only an hour or so previously. I picked up the tights and inhaled deeply their evocative scent. I could clearly discern where her pussy and ass had only so recently been, and I ran my tongue across the nylon as I relished the imagery in my mind's eye. I imagined Janice being fucked by a big hairy cock at the wedding party. I was suddenly taken by an overwhelming urge to somehow get inside Janice's body and feel what it would be like to be fucked.

I quickly stripped off all my clothes and reached for Janice's tights, my hands shaking and heart pounding. I eased the nylons up my legs, and smoother them up around my waist. I put on the lacy bra, and stuffed it with a couple of scarves I found. I then put on Janice's blue nylon overall, buttoning it up the front from mid-thigh to neck. I then slipped her low-heeled mules on to my feet and looked into the mirror to view the transformation. What I saw swelled my cock to bursting point, and inspired me still further - Janice had left her make-up bag, and I quickly found and applied lipstick, eye shadow and mascara, and mussed up my air to add to the effect.

The mirror now showed a slim and attractive young lady in a figure-hugging blue uniform dress and sheer tan nylons. Her make-up was slightly on the tarty side, and she rolled her hips in a suggestive manner. She worked her dress up above her thighs, and began to stroke her hard cock through her tights. She grasped the thick shaft and worked the foreskin back and forth, relishing nylon tightening over the bulbous purple tip. She wet her finger and rubbed it around the end of her cock, then brought it back to her mouth, thrusting her hips in wilful abandon. Had she retained her self-control, she might perhaps have seen reflected in the mirror the office door opening -- certainly in time to save the worst of the embarrassment. As it was, by the time she set eyes on Vic Birch from Head Office, he had seen quite enough to indicate that a major breach of company protocol was underway.

"What...who are you and what the HELL do you think you are doing young lady?"

"Please Mr Birch, I'm not a...I'm not a...lady", I stammered.

"I don't care what the hell you are, I want you in my office now!"

As I was led, in my blue nylon dress, tights, mules and make-up, to the manager's office, I desperately searched for a reasonable explanation that I could offer to Mr Birch. A big man in his late 50s, he was a senior manager in the company and wielded considerable power. He was a man who commanded authority and was accustomed to giving orders and getting his own way. No explanation presented itself. Inside the office he closed the door behind me and sat down at the large desk. >From a drawer he produced a bottle of scotch and two paper cups. He half filled each and slid one across the desk in my direction. From his unsteady hand it was clear this was not his first drink of the night.

"Drink!" he ordered, and I obeyed, downing the spirit in one. It burned in my throat and went immediately to my head.

"You are certainly not a lady", he continued. "You are a dirty slut who has been abusing the terms of her employment. You have been pleasuring yourself whilst in my paid employ, and I demand repayment in kind right now. Lift up your dress"

In a trance (and more than a little drunk) I felt powerless to object, and did as I was ordered. I was mortified, and yet strangely excited, my breath quickening and my swollen cock hardening as I stood before him exposing everything through the sheer tights I was wearing.

"Come here and give me a twirl, young lady", said Mr Birch. I found myself sashaying towards him, and stood before him, demure yet excited. He ran his hand up the back of my thighs and stroked my ass, then reached through my legs to grasp my balls and cock through the nylon. Then he tore a hole in the tights just under my cock and pulled me on to his knee. He French-kissed me and rucked my skirt up around my waist. He pushed a finger into my mouth and had me lick it. Then he ran it down my back and brought it to lie on my 'pussy'. I found myself gasping, and my whole body twitched involuntarily. As he pressed his finger into me, I pushed myself down on to him, and thrust my tongue deep into his mouth.

I had completely lost control, and was fantasizing intensely that I was actually Janice, being fucked by a bloke who had found her to be an easy lay, and had brought her back to his room. I straddled Mr Birch in his swivel chair, my long nyloned legs sitting astride his and my dress now discarded. At his insistence I undid his pants and took out his cock. He told me to wank it slowly, whilst he played with my tits under my bra, pinching my little nipples between the fingertips of one hand. His finger delved deeper into my pussy, and was joined by a second and a third. I put my tongue deep into his mouth and pushed against his fingers. Then he pushed me to my knees and opened his hairy thighs, from where emerged his hard, fat cock, glistening with his juices. He grasped the back of my head and pushed his cock against my glossy pink lips. I let him slide in and savoured the warm salty taste. He brought my hand up to his shaft and made me wank him again and roll his big balls around. With my other hand I wanked my own cock, then slid my finger into my hot pussy.

Mr Birch abruptly tore my head away from his cock, flipped me round and bent me over his desk. Then I felt his hands on my ass, my cheeks parting and his hot breath on my puckered hole. His tongue entered me and I pushed back against it, my ass- pussy relaxing and allowing him deeper and deeper access. He tongued me for a while then withdrew, and I sensed him standing. I next felt his hot breath on the back of my neck, and shortly afterwards his cock nudging up against my ass. I thrust my ass up in the air and reached back between my legs to grasp Mr Birch's cock, guiding it to my swollen hole. We were both already so wet that the head of his cock slipped into me with an exquisite ease, and he began to fuck me slowly and purposely.

I looked up and saw myself reflected in the wardrobe mirror. My makeup was smudged, my bra in disarray and my tights were holed and laddered. I also saw a young woman in ecstasy, first being fucked from behind, then being forced to kneel and suck and wank her bosses cock until his cum sprayed across her lips and cheeks. She licked every last trace from his cock and her own face, before being ordered to get dressed and tidy herself up.

"Young lady, I have a party to go to and a car which I am far too drunk to drive. You are relieved of your duties and are henceforth my official chauffeur.

"You will drive me first to my house, where we will both freshen up, then you will accompany me to a wedding party where I am expected as guest of honour. Now move!"

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