tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaught Naked Playing Outside

Caught Naked Playing Outside


Rhonda had spent the day running errands, taking care of chores around the house and listening to her 21 year old daughter talk about the drama 21 year olds talk about; but none the less she had been horny all day, her pussy dripping juices keeping her panties wet. Her husband had been tired from work all week and hadn't been able to give her the attention she desperately needed. To be honest, he rarely had time for or felt like having sex much anymore. She was in her sexual prime and couldn't figure out why her husband didn't want sex. She had never failed to satisfy him and she was willing to experiment and try almost anything, at least once.

It was Friday evening now, her daughter had a date and her husband was going out with the guys to watch the game on TV at a local bar. Rhonda couldn't wait until she would be alone to tend to the itch between her legs. Her husband said he would grab something to eat at the bar and would be home late; her daughter left soon after her husband. Finally alone, she poured a glass of wine and went to the tub for a well-deserved bubble bath.

Rhonda undressed and admired her body in the mirror. No, she wasn't a beauty queen, but she had nice big breasts and a pretty pussy. She run her fingers over her pussy, it had been a couple days since she had shaved. Her bath was almost ready, so she decided she would shave before sliding into the bubbles. As she rubbed the shaving jell around her pussy, it made the burning feeling inside even stronger and each stroke of the razor was like little electric shocks making her even hornier. As she slipped into the bubbles the hot water felt good on the tender, freshly shaved skin of her pussy. She sipped the wine and closed her eyes enjoying the bubbles caressing her. Rhonda's hand slowly moved down her body. She rolled her pussy lips between her fingers. Her pussy welcomed the attention it had so badly ached all day. She slid one finger inside, then another, it felt so good. She worked her fingers in and out until her clit was on fire to be touched. Withdrawing her fingers from her pussy, Rhonda gently rubbed her clit, feeling an orgasm beginning to build. She rubbed faster and very soon, the release she needed flowed through her body; but, it wasn't enough. While the orgasm felt good, she still needed more, so she continued to rub her clit until she came again, this time moaning loudly and splashing water onto the bathroom floor.

Her body now relaxed, Rhonda slid deeper under the bubbles. She was surprised, her pussy still ached; the two orgasms hadn't quenched the fire in her pussy. Lying still she thought the feeling would go away, but it was consuming her thoughts. With the water cooling, she opened the drain, and got out of the tub. As she dried her pussy, even the touch of the towel caused her pussy to tingle. Still naked, she walked to her bedroom, got her largest dildo, Mr. Big, from the nightstand and rubbed it along her pussy. This dildo was rarely used because of its size, she could only use it when she was really turned on and wet; if not, no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't get it inside her tight pussy. She loved how it filled her and so wished she could use it more, but it was just too big; but, as turned on as Rhonda was, there shouldn't be a problem.

Rhonda was feeling naughty tonight, so rather than lying back on her bed, she would do something she had never done before. She grabbed a blanket from her closet, dildo in hand and with not a stitch of clothes she went outside into the back yard and spread the blanket on the ground. She lay back, spread her legs and rubbed the head of Mr. Big along the length of her pussy. It spread her lips wide; she couldn't wait to get it inside her. Rhonda moved it down to the opening, and worked just the tip in her welcoming pussy. Damn, it felt good! Moving Mr. Big in and out she went deeper each time until it was as far as it would go. Her pussy was stretched, almost painfully so, but it felt so good to be filled so full. She closed her eyes and worked Mr. Big in and out of her pussy, fucking herself like mad, moaning loudly and thrashing around on the blanket. Just a she was about to cum, about to achieve the earth-shattering orgasm she had needed all day; she felt a hand cover her mouth and eyes. With her hands still on Mr. Big in her pussy, fear ran through her.

The man told her to keep quiet and he wouldn't hurt her. Rhonda struggled to get free, but he had straddled her and his body weight had her pinned down. He pressed harder with his hands, reminding her he said to keep quiet and stop fighting. When she moved again he slapped her tits hard with the hand over her mouth showing her he meant business. Rhonda began to cry and beg him to stop but he held her even tighter and put a piece of cloth over her eyes. He rolled her over and tied the cloth so she couldn't see him. With her on her stomach, he put some type of restraints on her wrists, cuffing her hands behind her back. With her helpless except for her feet, he got off her. Rhonda kicked and tried to get up, which brought a hard smack on her ass; again reminding her not to struggle. She lay there, wondering what was going to happen next. The man pulled her to her knees, her face still on the blanket. She was embarrassed when he grabbed Mr. Big, realizing it was still deep in her pussy.

"You won't need this anymore tonight, but just for kicks, I think I will use it to get your pussy good and wet for what I have planned for you. I was walking down the street when I heard someone moaning back here, I thought someone was in pain or being hurt; you don't know how turned on I was to find a nasty slut fucking this gigantic rubber cock in and out of her pussy. You like being a nasty slut don't you?"

Rhonda answered "no", which got her another slap on her ass.

"You will address me as Sir, do you understand me?"

"Yes Sir, please, don't hurt me."

"Oh, what I have planned for you isn't going to hurt, it won't hurt me anyway, I am going to have some fun with this slutty wet pussy of yours!"

The man started shoving Mr. Big hard in and out of her pussy, and no matter how hard Rhonda fought it, her body betrayed her, her pussy enjoyed the rough fucking by the fake cock and she could hear her juices sloshing each time he plunged Mr. Big inside her. When he pulled the huge dildo out, she let out a moan of disappointment.

"You liked that didn't you slut, you didn't want me to stop did you?"

"Yes sir, I mean no Sir, I mean, yes I liked it and no I didn't want you to stop, Sir." But, with one last rational effort, before her body submitted completely to this stranger, Rhonda plead, "Please Sir, please stop and let me go, I won't tell anyone."

Another hard slap to her now tender ass, this time from what had to be a leather belt, the man said, "Stop with the pleading bitch, I can already see you truly are a slut, your pussy liked being fucked with this rubber cock; and, I know your pussy is going to like what I have in store for it next."

Rhonda heard the zipper of his jeans pulled down. She though now might be her last chance to get away; she started to crawl away, but this brought another smack to her ass, making her ass burn and very tender.

"Slut, I told you to stop, I was going to be gentle, but now I will do whatever I want, any way I want."

She was motionless and quiet, still on her knees, waiting on what was coming next. Hoping what he said about not being gentle didn't mean he would hurt her too severely. Rhonda felt him spread her feet and legs, kneeling between them, and then she felt his cock at her pussy which to her surprise was still dripping wet. With one push, he was completely inside her. His hard, hot cock felt so good, just what she had needed for so long. She started to moan, his cock felt so good, but she didn't want to encourage him, yet, the moan escaped her mouth despite her attempt to suppress it.

"Oh Yes, you're a slut, you like this don't you?"

Rhonda didn't say anything, and with his cock still buried deep in her pussy, he smacked her ass with his hand pushing his cock in even harder.

"Tell me bitch, tell me what a slut you are and how much you like my cock in your pussy!"

Half-heartedly, Rhonda said, "Your cock feels good inside me."

"That isn't how a slut talks; and, it is 'Yes Sir' to you", as he grabbed her hips and fucked her hard, slapping both sides of her ass with each stroke. Her ass on fire now, but yet the slaps felt so good with him fucking her. Shocked, she came instantly.

Seeing as she had no choice, she answered him, "Yes Sir, your fucking cock feels so fucking good in my pussy, make me cum again". Rhonda had thought the words would be hard to say, but they came out almost naturally, like she talked that way all the time.

"Now slut, tell me what you want me to do to you, tell me what you need! Talk loud, I want you to scream and moan like the slut you are, show me how much you enjoy the fucking I am giving you."

"Sir, I need you to fuck me, fuck this horny slut hard, slap my ass hard as you fuck me Sir. Make me your slut; make me squirt my slut juices all over your cock". Each word flowed out, she didn't really know where they came from, she had never talked like that before. And, along with each word Rhonda realized they weren't just words, she actually meant what she was saying, she needed him, she wanted him to fuck her, use her like the naked backyard slut she was.

"I am going to fuck that pretty pussy of yours so hard, making it raw, you won't be able to walk straight for a week. You are going to suck my cock aren't you slut, you are going to taste my cock then I am going to fuck you again and fill your slutty pussy with my hot cum."

"Yes Sir, I am your slut, use my body however you wish. Fuck me hard, feed me your cock; please fill my nasty pussy with your cum."

He slammed hard in and out of her, pushing her face hard into the blanket. Rhonda moaned and screamed, she had never been fucked with this much energy before. She came again and was really getting into it, fucking her pussy hard back against his cock when he pulled out. She screamed, "No, Don't stop!"

"You are going to suck my cock, lick your juices off like the good slut you are, aren't you?"

"Yes Sir, give this slut your cock, I need it in my mouth."

He pulled her to her knees, his cock at her lips. She immediately sucked him in hard and he grabbed her head forcing his cock deeper each time. Using both hands he pulled her mouth farther onto his cock.

"I am going to fill your throat with my cock; I want to feel you gag on my cock, choking you as it fills your throat. You want that don't you slut?"

Answering as best she could, with his cock moving in and out of her mouth, Rhonda moaned, "Yes Sir". True to his word, he shoved his cock into her throat, telling her to breathe and swallow as he did it. She had never had her throat used and abused so deep before, she didn't even know she could take a cock so deep. Rhonda realized she loved the feeling of a cock in her throat, even though she did gag and couldn't breathe. He pulled out and she gasped for air, just as she caught her breath, he plunged his cock back in all the way. She came again from him face-fucking her. She loved having her face forced onto his cock. He did this one more time, then pulled out and moved back behind her, pushed her head down and shoved his cock deep into her pussy.

He grabbed a hand full of her red hair, pulling her head back hard, forcing his cock deeper into her pussy. With the other hand he slapped her still burning red ass, causing her to scream in both pain and pleasure.

"Fuck me Sir, use this slut's pussy, give me your fucking cum!"

"That's what I want, that's how I want to hear you talk! I am going to fill your pussy with a huge load of cum; you will still have cum dripping from your pussy when your husband comes home. But you won't tell him what happened to you will you slut, because you will be wishing and hoping I return to give you the fucking of your life again and again won't you slut!"

"Yes Sir, I won't tell my husband, I want your cum still dripping from my pussy when my husband comes home. I want you to come fuck me, use your slut again and again. I will be dreaming of you fucking me, fucking your slut until I get to feel you inside me again."

The stranger pumped harder into her pulling back even farther on her head, his body became rigid and he screamed as he filled her pussy with his hot cum just as he had promised; his cum felt like molten steel as he emptied a huge load inside her. Rhonda came hard at the same time, her screams even louder than his.

He collapsed on top of her and released his grip on her hair. She lay there on her stomach, he lying on her back, and then rolled off beside her. When he caught his breath, he rose; she could hear him getting dressed. He took the cuffs off her wrists, releasing her hands.

"Lay still, count to 100, and then you can get up. If you don't I will have to hurt you. If you are a good girl and don't tell anyone, I will come back again and give you what you so desperately need, a good hard fucking, treating you like the slut you are. Damn, I have to tell you, you are a great slut; I enjoyed how much you really do love cock. Now, do you understand what you are to do?"

"Yes Sir, I am to lay here and count to 100, and if I do and I am a good girl and don't tell anyone you will come back and fuck your slut again, giving her what she needs." "Sir, before you go, do you promise you will come back and fuck your slut again, I need it so badly, I need you to treat me like the slut I am."

"Yes slut, I will be back, you can count on that, one time and I think I am addicted to your horny pussy. I will be back to hear you scream and moan."

Rhonda counted as she heard him walk away, then he walked back, what did he want, what else could he want?

Rhonda felt him untie the blindfold from her eyes as she rolled over.

"Damn Rhonda, I am so glad you called and said you would be home alone tonight. That was fucking great! And you suggesting me catch you outside was a fan-fucking-tastic idea. You know how I liked the idea of you being a slut and playing outside, I loved it, thank you!"

Rhonda pulled him down to her, "Oh Chris, thank you for coming over. I didn't know if you would actually come over, much less actually do it, forcing me to have sex, 'raping' me. You did it perfectly. I have never talked that nasty before, thank you for making me do it, I will talk like that anytime you are fucking me. Now you better go so I can get cleaned up before my husband gets home; but, one thing I will do is, I will keep your cum inside me, thinking of you while he lays beside me in bed, your cum dripping from my pussy. Now go."

She kissed Chris like she had never kissed a man before, giving her lips, her tongue, her entire body to him. Then he turned and walked away.

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