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Caught On Camera


DR. Jean Marlin was a sex therapist. She had a big house and lived alone. Always busy working; the DR hired a cleaning agency to do her housework. They assigned an older gentleman who she met at their office while signing the paperwork. He was black in his late 40's. He seems to have been there a while so the DR had no reservations in giving the agency the code to her alarm system. He was to come once a week at 2pm on Fridays. Light dusting, sweeping, laundry and sheet changing and bed making in her master bedroom were to be his duties.

Things went well enough the first few weeks. The DR was an early morning runner, rain or shine. One Friday it was a run during a sheeting rain. The route often was muddy and soon it caked her sneakers. On she ran just like always. When she got home she left her wet muddy shoes on the back porch. After her shower and a cup of coffee she was off to work.

Two pm sharp Robert, the house cleaner was there like always. He loved cleaning the young pretty blonde DRs house. Often while in her bedroom Bob, as he liked to be called, noticed her vast shoe collection. Bob had an intense foot fetish and was very submissive. This was something not many people who knew Bob knew. Today he was exceptionally horney. When he opened her closet his eyes locked on the various shapes and sizes of her shoes. Kneeling, he picked up a shiny red spiked heel. He wondered if it had been worn recently. Holding it to his lips he kissed the instep. Next his nose sniffed the inside. A faint hint of perfume and leather entered his nose. Not the strong foot sweat he'd imagine from a recent night of dancing. No, that would be too much to expect. He reached down for a black flat shoe. Inside he could see her toe imprints. As he sniffed the scent was more of dried sweat and old leather than the high heel. This scent excited him. Robert fondled himself as he mashed the shoe to his face. It was then he remembered the muddy sneakers he'd seen when he came in the back door.

In a flash Robert was on the back porch with rags. He scrapped and wiped away all the mud from a wet shoe. Inside the second one he found both of her rolled up wet sweaty socks. He stuffed them in his pockets and finished removing the mud from the shoe. Then he went back to her bedroom.

Bob stripped off the top sheet she slept in all week and laid it out on the floor near the closet. He put the running shoes down and tossed her smelly socks next to them. He grabbed her pillow and laid it on the sheet. Slowly, as if about to make passionate love, he began to remove his clothes. Staring down at her sneakers and socks his cock began to stir. After he was naked he bent and picked up one of her nasty sneakers.

As he played with his nipple, he held that shoe to his face. He sniffed deeply knowing that mere hours ago her foot had ran and soaked it with sweat. He was lost in lust. Pinching a nipple, standing in front of her shoe closet he moved his hips seductively.

The shoe excited him in a lewd way. He licked on the instep trying to extend his tongue down to where her toes had been. There was sock lint and moisture from the rain and her foot in there. He tasted the mixture until his mouth tasted of her foot. Then he lay down and used one of her soiled socks on his face. His cock stood straight up waving in the air. He laid the toe end of the nasty sock over his nose. Both hand now were tugging and twisting his nipples. In his mind, he was lying face up beneath her with her dirty feet smearing their filth on his face. He thought of being her house servant and being made to lick her feet after her jog. As he sucked her sweat from the toe end of her sock, Bob felt he was doing as she commanded her foot slave to do.

Before long he could stand no more. He sucked both filthy toe ends into his mouth. Grabbing her other dirty sneaker he pushed it onto his face covering his nose and mouth. His tongue swiped the insole. His nose drew in her essence. His hand flew to his raging cock. He fisted himself without mercy believing it was what she wanted to see. Soon his load shot out of the end of his dick. Hot, steamy cum splashed on his stomach. He groaned and rolled his head from side to side. When he recovered, he stood up and used her pillow case to wipe himself clean of his mess.

He placed the shoes back in the closet, even the sneakers, and then finished changing the bed. After making it up perfectly he left her bedroom and finished his other duties then left for the next house.

The next Friday at 2pm Bob entered the DR's home as before. This time she called him from the living room. Bob was shocked as the DR was never home when he came. On unsteady legs he went to her.

"Good afternoon Ma'am," he said softly. "The office didn't tell me you would be home Ma'am, should I leave and you can reschedule?"

With a very stern stare the DR froze him like a statue. His lips began to tremble. His heart was racing. His mind was trying to figure out what had gone wrong. He cold eyes made him uncomfortable. He tried to speak but was hushed by the slow shaking of her head. Then he heard a click.

Next the big screen TV awoke and began playing a movie. The start of the movie was Bob. The theme of the movie was him masturbating to her shoes and socks in her bedroom. Without speaking they watch the entire episode. Bob nearly pissed himself in fright. He could say nothing. He couldn't run. He couldn't look from the screen. He could still feel her icy stare. When the show finally ended tears of shame and guilt streaked his dark face.

Bob tried to eke out some apology, and that's when she broke her silence.

"You will shut the fuck up boy!" she screeched. "How fucking dare you even think to do such a disgusting thing, and in MY bedroom, with MY shoes, on MY new fucking sheets!" Then she said, "I should send a copy of this tape to your superiors or better yet, to the police. You are a sick freak, a pervert." Then standing, she walked over to where he stood and fully slapped him right across his face. His head flew sideways. Although he was twice her size he took the blow. She then slapped him again only harder this time. He remained frozen. She waited for some sort of response but heard none.

Walking back to her sofa she sat and yelled, "Stand over here before me freak." Bob slowly obeyed. She pointed to the floor and hissed, "Kneel pervert." Humbly Bob knelt before the blonde. He was scared to death to do otherwise. He was already on parole for drug trafficking, that's why he took the house cleaning job. If she busted him for his perversion he'd do hard time. Of course the good DR didn't know this. She didn't care either. All she knew was that her spy cam she'd placed in her bedroom to ensure he didn't steal from her had proved well worth the price of installation.

Staring down at the kneeling frightened creep beneath her she hissed, "So we have a problem boy. If I call the police your creep ass goes to jail and I lose a house cleaner. Is that what you want faggot?"

Bob pleaded, "No Ma'am please, I've already got cop trouble over my head. I'm so very sorry Ma'am. I've never done anything like that before. Please DR please, I promise I'll," That's when she reached down and slapped him again.

"I'll tell you what you'll promise idiot. To gain my silence about this gross incident, you will agree to do what you certainly appear to be, a slave boy." Bob raised his head to look at her but saw her arm rise and quickly bowed his head to listen.

"You see slave," she continued, "What you have is commonly called a foot fetish. A desire or affection to worship at the feet of a woman in a text book submissive way. I know, I work with you types every day. You need to be controlled. You want to be used and abused. The craving to belong to the owner of a pair of feet is so strong it doesn't even matter what condition there in. Clean, dirty, filthy pretty, ugly, it makes no different as long as you can please the owner of those feet to be made complete. Look at you, even as you kneel before me fearing for you freedom, your eyes can't leave my shoes."

It was true. With his face stinging and facing jail, still Bob was staring at her shoes. He'd even begun to get a boner. How could she know him so well? It was as if he'd asked for this.

"So slave, what's it going to be? Either you give up your freedom and rot in prison, or you agree to become my personal slave. That means I will now own you and you will remain on your knees worshipping my feet."

Bob said nothing. He simply reached out and softly grabbed her ankle and pulled the tip of her shoe to his face, and kissed it.

"Stand and strip slave," she commanded. He did then knelt down again. "Remove my shoe with your teeth foot boy." Carefully as not to scrape the fine leather his mouth kissed around her shoe. Bending he lightly held the heel in his teeth and tugged. Off came the shoe, exposing a face full of foot stench. She's not bathed before leaving today. She jogged, went to an adult book store to buy movies on foot slavery and had worn those heels without stockings.

Her high instep and perfect toes released an odor that melted Bob's heart. His tongue licked the tips of her toes. She loved seeing the contrast of her warm pink feet on his black face. The feel of his tongue sliding between her stair step toes was incredible. She showed him her foot sole. He dragged his tongue from her heel to the bottoms of her toes. The taste of her sweat changed as his tongue travelled her foot. Suddenly she used her foot to push him backwards on the floor.

She got up and used her other foot to dig the spiked heel into one of his nipples. He screamed but did nothing to remove the shoe. She lifted her foot and stomped it down hard on his other nipple. The groan of pure pain that came from him brought a smile to her face. Then using the end of the couch for support, the DR repeatedly stomped that shoe up and down on her new slave. The sharp heel dug and twisted each time. She was marking her territory. His stomach, chest and especially his nipples were her target. She stomped and stomped until her hair was sweaty. His black skin was marked scraped and bruised. Bob actually loved each and every moment of the torture.

To him, this was the price of ownership. To be used and abused by the foot of such a beautiful woman was his heart's desire. He took each stomp as a badge of honor. When she finished, the DR again sat and ordered him to kneel. Weakly he complied and his face met the shoe that had just pummeled him. He removed it as he did the other one and his mouth began what would be a lifetime of oral worship to her feet.


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