tagNovels and NovellasCaught On Camera Ch. 02

Caught On Camera Ch. 02

byDon Grampa©

When Aaron returned home after dropping off Emily and Christina, he was surprised to find his mom home and packing up a suitcase.

"Aaron, honey, I got a call at the store that my dad is in the hospital in Jacksonville. I've made arrangements for us both to fly down there. We have to leave within the hour. OK?"

"Sure mom. How many days should I pack for?"

"Just for a couple. If we need to stay longer I'll still need to come back right away to take care of things at the store, so we'll come back on Thursday. Then if necessary, I can close up the store for awhile and go back down."

It was well after midnight when Aaron and his mom finally checked into a Jacksonville motel. Aaron's grandfather had suffered a mild stroke, but everything now seemed to be under control.

"Honey, I'm all tense from worrying about your grandfather. Why don't you use the bathroom first? I want to take a long hot bath before I go to bed. That OK with you?"

"Sure mom." Aaron said.

It was almost an hour before Sally finished her bath, and she figured that Aaron would be asleep now, so she just wrapped a towel around her middle and waltzed into the room looking for her nightgown. Aaron, however, was sitting up in bed and watching television. He had found a bottle of body lotion in his mom's suitcase while he was looking for some toothpaste and had now formulated a plan to seduce his mother.

"Mom, come on and lie down on the bed and I'll put some lotion on your back." Half asleep and still a little groggy from her long bath, Sally did as Aaron asked. She knew that the sexual aspect of their relationship had been changed dramatically the other night, but she thought that she could keep every thing under control. With Aaron softly massaging her neck and shoulders, Sally was soon completely relaxed and more than slightly sexually stimulated. When her eighteen-year-old son moved down and started kneeing her buttocks, she let her legs relax and fall open so that his hands could traverse down and manipulate her vulva. As her juices flowed within her pussy, she arched her ass up into his sexy fingers. And as his hot hands and fingers moved over her thighs, she spread her legs further apart and pushed her ass higher by bringing her knees up closer to her chest.

Aaron by now had slipped his shorts down and was kneeling behind his mother and running his hands from her flared hips to her dangling breasts. His cock was riding between her ass cheeks and when he let it fall just a little lower he easily slid into the moist tunnel from which he was born.

Aware that she had been penetrated, Sally was beyond the point of resistance. She made a conscious decision to give her son the ride of his young life. Aaron's long thin cock slid slowly up her wet slick tunnel until the fat folds of her pussy lips pushed flat the pubic hair surrounding Aaron's cock. Sally could feel the head of his prick pushing at the opening of her uterus, and felt filled like never before. As the tempo of his thrusting increased, the flapping of his balls and the pulling on her pussy lips caused her engorged clit to emerge from within its folds.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!!" Sally cried as the sensations caused by the manipulations within her pussy pushed her over the brink of sexual ecstasy.

The tight clamping of his mother's pussy caused Aaron to unload a lifetime of stored up lust knowing that he'd just ejaculated away his virginity. Both mother and son easily drifted off to into a well-deserved sleep without even bothering to turn out the motel room lights.

"Last night was perfect Aaron. The only problem is that you've now ruined me for anyone else." Sally said taking her son's hand across the breakfast table. "I'd forgotten how much I really enjoy sex. You're a very compassionate love maker. Thank you very much."

"I love you a lot mom. I'm glad my first time was with you. I hope you'll continue to be my lover as well as my mother."

"We'll see." Sally said with a little chuckle. "By the way, I called Mr. Balance, and he is going to open up the store today and tomorrow, and is willing to work there on Friday as well. If you fly home today, you can go to school tomorrow and run the store by yourself on Saturday. I'll come home Sunday. This will give me a chance to see if dad wants to come back home. Do you think you can get along by yourself until Sunday night?"

"Sure mom, no problem. I just hope gramps will be all right."

On the plane ride home Aaron was horny as hell and had a perpetual hard-on. He remembered how fantastic his cock felt engulfed in the hot wet pussy of his mother. He visualized the thick dark hair between the legs of Lisa Bardoorian and dreamed of fucking her as well. He was still pissed at Lisa for reneging on their deal. He should have been allowed to feel her body as well as just look at it.

Later that evening, and armed with another revealing photo of Lisa masturbating, Aaron headed across the alley and knocked on her front door. When Marie opened the door, Aaron stumbled over his words as his planned speech went out the window.

"Come on in Aaron." Marie said stepping back and holding the door open.

"I...I was looking for Lisa." Aaron said. "Is she home?"

"No, but come on in anyway. I talked with your mom just a little bit ago. I'm glad your grandfather is OK. Sally said she'd be home Sunday, so if you need anything, I'm here to help you. Come on in and sit for a spell. Lisa won't be home until late this evening."

"Damn...I was planning on seeing her, but I guess it'll just have to wait."

"You weren't planning on blackmailing her with another picture were you? Lisa told me she bought and paid for not only the picture, but the negative as well." Sally said while suppressing a giggle, but unable to stop grinning.

"She told you about that?" Aaron said in disbelief.

"Sure, but my guess is that you took more than just one picture, and I'll willing to bet my own panties you're going to try to collect again. Am I right?"

"Well...yah, but she cheated. Our agreement was that she not only let me look at her, but I was supposed to get to touch her as well." Aaron blurted.

"All for one lousy picture? How many did you take by the way? Maybe I'd be willing to buy one or two." Marie laughed.

"I took a whole roll. Wait, what do you mean you'd buy a picture?" Aaron asked just slightly confused.

"Well, if you'll give me the rest of the pictures, I'll stand still while you take all my clothes off. And you can feel my body as much as you like. In fact, I'll even throw in a blowjob. How's that for a deal?" Marie said wondering if she could really go through with it if Aaron agreed. Aaron went though an instant debate with himself. He knew the old adage 'a bird in hand is worth two in the bush', and Marie was certainly just as good-looking as her older sister. Also if he could get his hands on her body, maybe he could convince Marie to fuck him. Besides a blowjob is a blowjob, and the thought of getting his first blowjob won out.

"OK, you've got a deal, but you'll have to trust me for the rest of the pictures. Should we do it right here?" Aaron asked.

"No, lets go upstairs, another little thing, I can't do it with all the lights on. Would it be OK if I maybe lit a couple of candles?"

"I don't have a problem with that." Aaron said as he followed her up the stairs. Just watching her ass move under her skirt was causing his cock to strain against the zipper of his pants. Once in the room with the candles lit, Marie walked up to Aaron and put her arms around his neck.

"Let's start off with a kiss." Marie whispered as she locked lips with the young man and forced her tongue into his mouth. It didn't take long for Aaron to join in the action and let his arms hold the willing beauty close against his groin as his hands grouped her firm rounded derriere.

"Just go slow Aaron, please. Even though I'm old enough to be your mother, I still haven't had very much experience with boys or men. I mean I've never...well, you know what I mean. Just go slow, but let me hold your cock, OK?" Marie asked while pulling just a little away from Aaron and tugging on his belt and zipper.

"Lisa was right." Marie laughed. "She said you had a beautiful long slim cock. What she didn't tell me was how hard it was yet how soft it felt. I think that I prefer circumcised cocks, the crown is so smooth, I want to suck on it right now."

"Oh God...let me get your clothes off first." Sighed Aaron as he pushed the straps of her halter type dress off her shoulders. When Marie reached back and pulled the zipper down to her waist the dress fell to her hips. Aaron gripped the bottom of her turtleneck shirt and pulled it over her head before he started fumbling with the hooks at the back of her brassiere. When the undergarment fell free of her breasts the eighteen-year-old boy could only stare in awe and admiration. In less than a week's time Aaron had viewed the naked breasts of both the Bardoorian sisters as well as his own mother. Plus he had seen the boobs of two girls from school, Christina and Emily. Of all the tits he'd gawked at, Marie was the one that had tits that could be called perfect. Now he was getting the opportunity to fondle and caress those tits that could be the main exhibit in any of the adult magazines he'd ever looked at.

Hard dark nipples incased within crinkly areolas protruded from the firm mounds that were placed high on her chest. The tits themselves were shaped like expensive wine goblets and as Marie stood still goose bumps popped out over the surface of her tits before a flush of blush covered her entire upper chest.

Aaron unbuckled his pants and pushed them and his briefs down around his ankles as he stood before this dark Armenian beauty and then gently tugged her plain white cotton panties down to her knees. The thick dark curly pubic hair covering Maria's crotch was the same texture and consistency as that of her sister, and without conscious thought the back of Aaron's hand brushed back and forth against this long coarse hair. The action resulted in Marie's pussy exuding excess lubrication that showed on her labia and a delicious odor that drifted up through Aaron's nostrils to his brain. Dripping pre-cum, Aaron wanted to kneel and taste the nectar that smelled so delicious but Marie held him up as she stepped out of her panties.

Keeling in front of her cute eighteen-year-old neighbor she licked the juice from the end of his engorged cock before engulfing the entire knob of his rock hard penis between her eager wet lips. It had been twenty years since the night of her Senior Prom and the last time she had encountered a penis, but she hadn't forgotten how to suck. Only a matter of seconds elapsed before she was able to suck stream after stream of hot gooey spunk from the long slim rod of young Aaron Olson.

When the cock in her mouth started to soften, Marie stood and felt Aaron's hands on her legs behind her knees. As his hands slid up the backs of her thighs toward her buttocks, her hairy mound was pulled towards the young man's face and she felt his hot breath blow through her silken nest into the slit of her dripping pussy. Aaron was feeling ecstatic as he felt the tingle of Maria's pubic-hair brush against his lips and nose and he was in a state of near euphoria from her delicious fragrance. Feeling the firmness of the twin globes of her ass was like a dream come true for the young eighteen-year-old, and the multiple sensations stimulating his brain cause his erection to return in all its glory.

He stood and maneuvered Marie towards the bed, and when she sat on the edge he knelt before what he considered beauty personified and began to worship at the alter of hedonism. He licked, suckled, nibbled and gummed her entire vulva before plucking the hood over her clitoris between his lips and worked it around and around and around. Maria was in heaven. This young God was a natural at sucking pussy. She wrapped her thighs tight against his ears and with her ankles crossed she started shaking as orgasm after orgasm pulsed through her body. When she finally caught her breath, she urged Aaron up on the bed and when he embraced her in his arms they exchanged a deep soul-shattering kiss.

"Boy! You sure know how to touch a girl." Maria sighed before giggling. "I haven't ever been touched like that in my entire life. Did I earn the rest of your pictures and negatives?"

"Almost..." Aaron responded. "There's one other spot on, or more accurately in your body, that I want to touch with one part of mine."

"That wouldn't be the part that you've been sucking and licking all around would it? And I suppose the part you want to touch it with is this beautiful erotic phallus you have between your legs." Marie laughed.

"You Librarians know everything don't you?" Aaron said smiling as he rolled over on top of his sexy next-door neighbor. The entrance to Marie's love tunnel was wet and slippery, and when Aaron's erect penis poked at her opening he easily slid inside until their respective pubic hairs were pressed tight back against their pubic bones. Their lovemaking started out slowly, but it wasn't long before they were both caught up in the excitement of the realization that they were actually fucking. Aaron was the first to shoot off his load, and when Maria realized that there was a strong possibility that she had just been impregnated, she climaxed right along with him.

Aaron slowly ran his hand up and down the back of Marie Bardoorian all the way from her neck to her ass. He marveled at the smoothness of her skin, and the firmness of her muscles and skeletal structure. He thought that he was one of the luckiest guys in the world. It was hard for him to believe that he had actually had sexual relations with his mother, and now with Marie. He was trying to think of a way to get that bitch Lisa to let him fuck her. Wouldn't that be something he thought. Marie was enjoying the after glow of wonderful sex, and she was enjoying the feel of Aaron's hands on her body. She was glad that he wasn't groping her boobs, and trying to stick his fingers inside her body. She was pleased that he was a very considerate lover. What was really buzzing around in her brain, however, was the distinct possibility that she just might be pregnant. Wouldn't that be something she thought. Both were bogged down in their thoughts and were caught utterly off guard when the bedroom door burst open and the overhead light was flashed on.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Our sweet little neighborhood pornographic photographer and my little lesbian sister locked into a moment of passion? I didn't know you were in the cradle robbing business Marie? And you, you little blackmailer what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Get off your fucking high horse." Marie said laughing at her sister. "I'm more that willing to share this exquisite little penis that's attached to our beautiful neighbors body. All you have to do is step over here to the bed and you can do anything you want with it. I don't care, and I'm almost positive that Aaron won't mind. In fact if you will direct your attention to said penis, it looks like it would like to meet you. Come on...you know we talked about it, here's your chance. Only three people in the whole wide world will know, and we're all right here in this room."

Lisa decided that her sister was right. She did want to see and touch that beautiful hunk of man meat, so she walked over and sat down on the bed next to Aaron. Tentatively she reached out and gently clasped the semi hard penis between her thumb and forefinger, and was amazed as the tool began almost immediately to stiffen and expand in both length and girth.

"Jeez, Lisa, for a judge you certainly aren't very fair." Aaron said. "You reneged on our agreement to let me not only see you, but touch you, and now...here you are touching me and I don't even get to look at you."

"Well, life isn't always fair, besides you got to not only look at my sister, but from all apparent signs, you've pretty much touched her everywhere, both inside and out. So count your blessings young man. It'll be my decision rather or not I'm going to let you touch me. Understand?"

With that Lisa bent down for a closer look at the now erect, long, thin penis she held in her hand. She could smell her sister's essence and see and feel the dried up nectar that was created by the two lovers.

"You didn't use a prophylactic did you?" Lisa said confronting her sister. "Have you thought of the possibility that you just might end up pregnant?"

"Well...I wasn't thinking very clearly at the beginning, but afterwards, the possibility has crossed my mind. But so what, it wouldn't be the end of the world would it? In fact, I'm not so sure that I wouldn't like the idea of being a mother. Not that I would ask young Aaron here to be a father. But maybe you and I could raise a child of our own. What do you think of that idea?"

"I think you're crazy. That's what I think." Lisa responded while gripping Aaron's stiff cock in both hands and squeezing it tightly.

"Whoa! Gently does it Lisa. I'm still young, and I want to use that thing for a few more years."

"I'm sorry, Aaron, it's not your fault. Maybe I ought to climb aboard that thing of yours and get myself pregnant like my sister. Maybe the two of us should share this phase of our life together like we've shared most everything else. The only problem is that I'm not thrilled at the prospect of fucking. So far in my forty-year-old life I've managed to avoid having a male's thing stuck inside of me. Technically I'm still a virgin. But the concept of being a mother is intriguing."

"Does it bother you Aaron that you might have fathered a baby in me?" Marie asked. "And what do you think of the prospect of fathering one with both of us?"

"Oh shit! I'm still in high school. I can't be a father. I can't support a family. Shit!"

"Well, there is no guarantee that anyone is pregnant yet." Marie said. "But in any case we won't be asking you to support any children. It is just that if we have babies, you'll know that you're the father. I think that you have to promise never to tell anyone, even your mother. Could you do that?"

"Yes." Was all that Aaron could say although he wondered how he would feel about this tomorrow.

"Well...let's get him inside you Lisa. Get naked girl!" Marie exclaimed.

When Lisa s stood and started removing her cloths Aaron's eyes were riveted to the action. He was absolutely amazed at this turn of events, and his astounding good fortune. He loved the anticipation of Lisa removing her clothes and waited with baited breath for her under garments to be revealed. She was wearing a sweater and skirt, and when she pulled the sweater over her head the frilly beige bra could barely contain her ample chest. The swell of her breasts rounded out over the little blue ribbon that was stitched across the top of the garment, and her thick nipples threatened to punch a hole in the thin tan colored material. Lisa unsnapped her bra in back and let it slide down her arms as she pulled the side zipper of her skirt down. Both garments dropped to the floor as she pushed her panty hose down off her hips and down to her knees. Her dangling breast with their elongated nipples swayed gently back and forth as she divested herself of her nylons.

"Put your eyes back in your head Aaron. You're drooling all over yourself." Lisa laughed as she hopped on the bed still wearing her silk peach colored panties. Sinking down between the high school senior and her younger sister Lisa threw her arms over her head and stretched out on the bed.

"I've got two boobs. Each of you may have one. I need to be sexed up a little if I'm going to loose my virginity." Lisa laughed nervously.

Marie immediately began suckling on a nipple, while Aaron examined the crinkled dark ring that surrounded the other dimpled acorn sized bud protruding from the glorious mounds of the District Judge. He marveled at the rubbery feel as he lightly bit the tip with his teeth. The breast was bigger than his hand, and the pectoral muscle that went up into her armpit was thick and strong. He ran his tongue over the short stubble of hair in her pits and savored the sigh of contentment that escaped from the sensuous woman that was undulating beneath his hands.

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