tagNovels and NovellasCaught On Camera Ch. 03

Caught On Camera Ch. 03

byDon Grampa©

Driving home close to midnight Aaron reflected on the most memorable night of his young life. He had photographed five beautiful nude girls lying on their backs in the shape of a star on the floor. All their heads were together, and they were looking up at him while he stood naked on a small stepladder. But the night had only just gotten started. Supposedly, A naked Lisa or Marie Bardoorian was waiting for him in his own bed. As he walked to his bedroom, his boner just kept getting harder and harder. When he opened the door, the only light in his room seeped from around his closed closet doors. But there was enough light to show that there was a lump hidden under the covers. He quickly removed all his clothes and crawled between the sheets. Marie rolled on her side and wrapped her warm naked arms and legs around her young neighbors body.

"I'm so glad you're back. It seems like I've been waiting for hours. I'm so looking forward to making a baby with you. I hope you've got lots and lots of sperm saved up for me."

"I've been looking forward to this moment all day." Aaron replied, while pulling the curvaceous body of this sexy older woman up close and tight. His erection pushed against her belly and he rolled her over on top while kissing and sucking on her lower lip. "I can hardly believe that a beautiful woman like you would want such and inexperienced boy like me, but I sure am glad that you do."

"You're beautiful, and this lovely penis that you have feels so wonderful. I can't wait to get it in side of me." Marie brought her knees up and straddled Aaron's waist and with one hand on his cock and the other separating the lips of her pussy, she stabbed and poked until she got the tip of his prick past her hairy opening. Slowly Aaron moved his hips back and forth while Marie's pussy lubricated and with each forward movement he sank lower and lower until he was firmly seated in her tunnel of love.

At the party Aaron had received a blowjob from Megan and Sara shortly after he had arrived. Just before he left, he was given another by Tammy and Emily with Christy handling the chores of moving his dick from one mouth to the other while Sara and Megan cheered them all on. He was pretty hard, but he knew that his staying power was going to be much better than normal.

He moved his head down to Marie's nipple while she kneeled and slowly ground her cunt down on his standing dick. He moved his hands to her waist then slowly down over her hips. Her skin was as smooth as a baby's and as he cupped both cheeks of her ass he let his fingertips ride around her hairy cunt lips as they encircled his now throbbing dick. It was like a faucet had been turned on inside Marie's vagina as love juice covered Aaron's fingers and hands. One of his fingers found Marie's crinkled anal opening and he moved the fingertip around and around in rhythm with his cock pounding away at her fanatical pussy. As he moved closer to orgasm, his finger sank deeper and deeper into Marie's backdoor until he bottomed out and at the same time unloaded his sperm up tight against her cervix.

As his dick soften and slide out of Marie's pulsating pussy, Aaron extracted his finger from her ass and rolled out from under her and onto his side so they were facing each other. He was nearly exhausted.

"You're a wonderful lover Aaron. Thank you. I'll always appreciate what you're doing for us. You just go to sleep, OK? I'm just going to stay here with you for a while if that's all right with you?

"You can stay all night if you want to. My mom won't be back until tomorrow afternoon."

Aaron slept like a log and wasn't disappointed that Marie had gone home sometime during the night. A morning fuck would have been nice, but his mom would be home by suppertime, so maybe it was just as well that he let his prick rest for a while. He was eagerly anticipating getting it on with his mother once again. Besides, he wanted to go down to the store and develop his film.

When Aaron met his mother at the airport they hugged and kissed briefly, but held hands while waiting for her luggage. Once they stepped inside the door or their home Aaron pulled his mother in tight and they again kissed, only this time not as mother and son, but as lovers. They kept kissing and fondling one another as they disrobed and stumbled toward Sally's bedroom.

"God...I've missed you." Aaron sighed as his hips pressed against his mother's firm body and his hard naked cock was pushed against her hair-covered pubic bone.

"I missed you too sweetie, but I've also done a lot of thinking the past couple of days. We cannot become lovers. Your grandfather will be back in a couple of weeks, and if word ever got out that the two of us were committing incest, we would be run out of town and maybe even tarred and feathered. I figured that we could get away with this if we limited ourselves to once a week, like only on Sunday nights. That way it would always be special for us, and we could look forward to being together all week. The rest of the time we must continue to behave as mother and son. Please say that you can live with those kinds of rules. I truly enjoy being with you, but at the same time I'm scared to death we will be discovered."

"Mom, don't worry. I think your plan is super. I'll always be looking forward to going to bed early on Sunday nights."

Aaron fucked his mother with zeal and enthusiasm using the straight missionary position with his mother's legs wrapped tightly around his waist. His every thrust was met with equal passion and vitality as his mother literally fucked him back. Afterwards they both lay depleted and exhausted side by side.

"I'm going to take a bath." Sally said.

"If you shower, I can join you and wash your back."

"No, but thanks anyway. I'm really tired from this past week, and I think a nice long soak in the tub is what I need. You go on to bed. Tomorrow is another school day. With grandpa still in Florida, maybe we can sneak in a couple of extra Sundays this week. Sally said smiling as she ruffled her son's hair. "Off to bed with you now."

"OK mom. But tomorrow is President's Day and there isn't any school. But I'll leave you to your bath. I love you." With that Aaron went off to bed thinking that tomorrow would be another busy day. Christina and Emily were coming over to take some more pictures.

Aaron got up early enough to have breakfast with his mother. He enjoyed the way her legs felt under her panty hose as she stood next to him before heading off to the shop. His mother had one great ass and she seemed to appreciate having her son tease and caress it. Shortly after she left Christy called and within the hour she and Emily arrived.

"God...Saturday night was fun." Christina gushed. "If word ever gets out about how all five of us sucked your cock...shit the whole school would think we were all perverts."

"I will deny any involvement on my part until my dying days. Well, maybe I'll mention it at our fiftieth reunion." He laughed.

"Fair enough." Emily said. "Did you get some condoms? All the senior cheerleaders are going shopping at the mall in the city, so we can't stay. But we both still want to feel what its like to have a dick shoved up in us."

"We don't mean to be gross, but we just want to fuck and run." Christy laughed.

"Well, get your clothes off and sit side by side there on the couch. I'll kneel in front of you guys and flip back and froth from one to the other. How does that sound?"

"Cool. But we need to get juiced up first. Do you want us to do each other, or do you want to do us both?"

"You guys kiss or whatever and take care of the upper parts, I'll take care of everything down here." Aaron said as all three chucked their clothes and positioned themselves for some straight unadulterated sex. Licking the shaved cunt of Christina and the landing strip that Emily sported caused Aaron to rise to the occasion. He marveled at the similarity between the tangy fragrances of the two girls yet the completely distinct taste that each had. Emmy had much fuller lips on her cunt, and the secretions that she omitted flowed more freely and copiously than did those leaking from Christy. But it didn't take long before both girls were begging him to impale them with his sheath-covered rod.

Aaron did not have to penetrate through any barriers as he slide into the warm moist tunnel of Emily. After several strokes he withdrew and poked thru the somewhat tighter but no less excited cunt of Christina. Although both girls were virgins neither felt pain, only pleasure.

"I'm going to cum!" Aaron exclaimed as he pulled out of Emily for the tenth or eleventh time and repositioned himself at the portal of Christy. "Ooh sweet Jesus Christ almighty." Exhausted Aaron sat back on his heels and looked at the two girls. Both were grinning and looking down at him.

"You'd make a pretty good dildo Aaron." Emily laughed. "Thank you, it was fun. Everything I expected it to be."

"Me too." Christy chimed in. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm really glad we did it."

When all three were again dressed and the girls were heading out the door. Christina stopped and turned to Aaron. "I showed my mom the pictures you took of us the other day, and she thought they were very erotic. She asked me to ask you if you would stop and see her right after lunch today. If that isn't possible would you call her so that she isn't waiting around for you? Just go by our house about one. She won't kill you or anything. OK? Oh, and bring your camera."

Although slightly apprehensive, Aaron approached the front door of the Nelson house and knocked. An attractive woman with short blonde hair and reading glasses stuck on the end of her nose opened it almost immediately. "Mrs. Nelson? I'm Aaron Olson, Christina said you wanted to talk with me?"

"Yes! Yes! Come in. I thought the pictures you took of Christina and Emily were brilliant. You're very good, and Christina told me that you've very discreet. I want to surprise my husband with a couple of boudoir photos. Did you bring your camera? Would you be willing to take a few pictures of me in my own bedroom?" Claudia Nelson asked.

"Well...yah...I guess I can do that. I have my camera in the car. Did you want a picture of you in a negligee or something?"

"I'm not sure. My husband likes to surf the Internet for naked girls, and the thought of someone seeing up my skirt or when I flash a little boob really turns him on. I would like to surprise him with some pictures of me...naked pictures of me...explicit pictures...of me naked. I would die if anyone ever saw pictures of me like that...but Christina says that I can trust you. That you would never reveal my secret to anyone."

"I understand Mrs. Nelson."

"Please call me Claudia."

"Ok, Claudia, why don't we try this? We'll start with you fully clothed and I'll take a picture of you each step along the way, as you get undressed. Kind of like pretending you going to bed, and we'll end up with you in a frilly negligee. How does that sound?"

"Perfect. I'll go get gussied up a little while you get your equipment out of the car. Come up to my bedroom, its at the end of the hall on your right."

Aaron was waiting by the bedroom door when Claudia came out of her walk-in closet wearing a sleeveless dress with high-heels.

"I want you to slowly undress in front of the mirror by your dresser. I'll be there but don't look at the camera. Look in the mirror. Sometimes I'll stand on the dresser or crawl underneath it, but try not to look at me, look at your reflection in the mirror. OK? Let's get started."

Using his digital camera Aaron started snapping pictures as Claudia slowly unbuttoned her dress and shrugged it off her shoulders revealing a lacy light blue colored bra that struggled to hold her tits. Her large nipples pressed against the fabric in such a way that they were clearly defined. When the dress fell to the floor, matching panties that showed a shadow of her dark bush were exposed along with thigh high nylons.

"Put your foot on the dresser to remove your stockings." Aaron instructed as he crawled down on the floor and took a shot up towards her crotch. With her legs spread wide, the dark hair surrounding her pussy was escaping out of her panties through the leg holes. The effect was very erotic. He stood on the dresser when she removed her bra, and got a great look at her elongated nipples.

"God this is making me horny." Claudia laughed.

"Me too." Aaron said. Remembering how sexy Lisa Bardoorian looked while she masturbated with her panties on, he had Claudia leave her panties on and sit on the corner of the bed. "Lay back and put your hand down your panties and pretend you're masturbating."

Claudia tried, but she couldn't pretend to do it, she had to do it. And before long she had pulled her panties off and with her knees up and apart pushed two then three fingers deep into her gapping pussy as she frigged her swollen clit with the other hand. Aaron had his cock out and was stroking himself while he watched and photographed the action that was taking place on the bed.

"Ooh God!!! Put it in me...I need it bad...Ooh!"

Aaron slid easily into the waiting tunnel and mashed his pubic bone against Claudia's clit and it was only a matter of moments before they both came.

"Take a picture of your cum oozing out of my pussy. My husband will go bananas when he sees evidence that I fucked the guy that took all of the pictures. He'll be jealous as hell, but he'll be really sexed up and ready to screw the bejesus out of me."

Aaron's cock was a little sore during dinner but when his mom cuddled up on the coach with him to watch TV his energy returned. Sally had her head in her son's lap and was enjoying the way his fingers ran up and down her arm with the heel of his hand bumping against her nipple on each pass. She had a light grip on his cock and every time he bumped her nipple she would squeeze his cock a little tighter until after about an hour cum oozed out of the end of his prick all over her hand.

"That was unexpected." Sally said. Shall we go up to bed?"

"You're just too damn sexy to be a mother. Are you sure you're my mother and not my sister?" Aaron said which in turn brought a giggle from Sally.

As the couple headed up to bed to pretend Monday night was actually Sunday. Aaron wanted to watch his mom masturbate and when she accommodated his request he got down between her legs in order to observe the folds of skin and intricacies of hair growth surrounding her vulva. She continually wet her fingers from the juices created in her vagina before rubbing on and around the protuberance hiding her clitoris. He was fascinated to watch the little nubbin, all pink and shiny, being pulled out from beneath its hood by the very upper edges of her inner cunt lips.

Sally's clit kept emerging until it reach a length almost as big as the tip of Aaron's little finger. He was fascinated by how angry it looked and how his mother avoided touching it directly until she cupped her hand over her whole cunt and clamped her legs shut tight. When she finally relaxed he looked up at her sweat soaked face to see her smiling in satisfaction back at him.

"That was beautiful mom. You're a very beautiful woman." Aaron said as he crawled up and hugged and cuddled with his mother before they both drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday at school Aaron distributed copies of the proposed yearbook photo to the five seniors. It was the star shaped setting cropped to show only heads and bare shoulders with their hands covering their breasts. Each girl also got a copy of the original photo that showed all five nude bodies.

"My mom thinks you're pretty special." Christy said when Aaron handed copies of the photos to her. "She wouldn't tell me when I asked her if she fucked you, but she sure did blush a lot. Did you?"

"I don't have the slightest idea of what you're talking about Christina. I think we should change the subject."

"You shit-head! You did do it didn't you? I just knew that horny bitch would get you. Is she a better fuck then me? Tell me you bastard."

"Christy, listen to me loud and clear. I do not want to talk about it. Not now or ever. Understand? Jeez's you wouldn't want me to talk about you would you? Don't ask me to talk about other people. OK? It just isn't fair."

"You're right, I'm sorry." She said.

As Christina walked away Aaron had to laugh to himself. He hadn't fucked Christy. Sure his dick had slid into her cunt a few times, but they hadn't really had sexual intercourse. Not in the way that he had fucked her mother. Claudia Nelson fucked like a wild animal and she was damn near insatiable. After Aaron had deposited a load of spunk in her wide-open gapping pussy she had assaulted him in a sexual frenzy. Grabbing his soggy soft dick in her mouth she had rolled his tool around with her tongue and flapped it against her nipples until he was hard. She had wanted it in her cunt and ass at the same time as she was sucking on it. Aaron had no idea that women could get as excited about sex as Claudia Nelson did. He was almost afraid she wouldn't let him go home. He didn't think that Christy would ever learn to be as good a fuck as her mother. He was still chuckling over the idea when he headed for home.

After dinner Marie Bardoorian showed up just as Aaron was heading over to her home, and she gave him a wink indicating that her sister was waiting for him. Lisa met him at her front door and ushered him up to her bedroom. "Aaron honey, its very sweet of you to help my sister and I out like this, but I must warn you that it is going to be difficult for me. I'm just not comfortable fucking men. I want you but at the same time I'm a little anxious. Do you understand?"

"Sure, I understand. But Lisa you're a beautiful woman with all the mysteries that women have. I don't know anything about what it takes to please a woman, and I know very little about female anatomy. If you would teach me how to make love to a woman, I would gain a valuable tool that I could use for the rest of my life, and at the same time, just maybe we can accomplish our mission. Basically, that is all that I was looking for in the first place, back when this all started. Could you, and would you teach me about women?"

"I can't teach you how to please women Aaron, but I could show you what I like. Maybe if you apply the same principals to others but listen to their needs, you'll reach your objectives. OK? Get your clothes off."

When they were both naked, Lisa lay on her back and brought her knees up to her ears. Next she rolled up on her shoulders and supported her hips with her hands. With her knees spread wide her pussy lips opened up like the petals of a flower in spring and Aaron was afforded an uncontested view of her sexual opening.

First she gave him a sexual education in female anatomy. Starting with the clitoris, the majora and minora labia and the entrances to the vagina and her anal opening. Her words just drifted by Aaron's ears. His eyes were taking in the sights displayed in front of him. On close examination he found that a treasury trail of thin dark hair extended down from her naval and fanned out in a wide ark of dense fur over her pubic bone stretching almost to the tips of her hip bones. The hairs became more concentrated in the area over her clit and were long and dense. The lips of her cunt were hairless and the pink inner depth of her tunnel was moist and fragrant. The dark longish hair didn't grow on the perineum or the wrinkled skin of her anus, but skirted around and merged in a thin single trail that went up to her tailbone. The lips of her pussy were longer than those of his mother but not as long as those belonging to Claudia Nelson. Lisa's lips were spread open and back leaving the tunnel that ended at her cervix open and inviting.

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