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Caught Outdoors


My husbands little kink is outdoor sex, he loves taking me from behind outside, we like to take photos of me flashing outdoors before Cliff fucks me.

This fall we were on vacation in Provence. We went on a hike through the woods and forests of the Alpes Maritime. We were nearing the end of the hike and fairly close to where we'd left our rental car, Cliff produced our camera and suggested taking a few photos, with the obvious end result not needing to be mentioned.

It was a beautiful early evening in late September and I needed no encouragement, out came my breasts from underneath my light sundress, the bra having been removed earlier in the afternoon. After a few photos, I soon had my dress hitched up around my waist and panties off bracing myself against a tree whilst Cliff took me from behind.

We hadn't realised but we were actually hiking on private property just before the start of the hunting season. The next thing we knew there were two gamekeepers with shotguns shouting at us. They seemed really agitated and were threatening us with the police.

I suggested I might try to persuade them otherwise so off went the dress and over I went to them wearing nothing but hiking boots and a foxy smile. This seemed to quieten them down somewhat and their hands were immediately everywhere, groping my breasts, pussy and ass. I feigned mild embarrassment and shock at such forward behaviour but I was enjoying the attention.

Before long they had their fingers in my cunt and asshole and both my nipples were being pinched, sucked, licked, and teased, they were very red and erect. The two gamekeepers were being pretty rough with me but it was kind of a turn on, without any prompting and with some difficulty I got both their cocks out and started playing with them.

They soon let it be known that they expected to fuck me but I wasn't too happy with this so after a bit of negotiation they agreed to settle for a blowjob each.

Whilst I was bent over licking and sucking on the first one, the other guy, who was quite old, went behind me and started fingering my ass and cunt and playing very roughly with my clit.

The guy I was sucking seemed more than content to let me do all the work, and it has to be said I was certainly happy in my work, moaning and thrusting my ass and cunt back onto the old guys fingers whilst I ministered to the younger guys cock.

I enjoyed licking his large balls, taking them both into my mouth while I jerked his cock, before licking the full length of his shaft up to his head then engulfing his whole cock with my mouth and taking him right to the back of my throat.

After several minutes of concentrating on sucking and flicking his head with the tip of my tongue whilst I cupped his balls and rubbed his shaft, I felt him start to cum and immediately took him deeper, swallowing his entire load without spilling a drop. The older guy immediately took up his place. He was very well endowed and thought he was in a porn movie, holding my head with his gnarled, leathery hands, fucking my mouth rather than letting me work on him, he was definitely in charge and having it his way.

He made me lick and suck his balls and kept pushing his cock deep down my throat till I gagged. He kept this up for maybe half an hour, I had to change positions and kneel down after a few minutes of this, which allowed him to thrust his cock harder and further down my throat, making me gag frequently. Finally he made me open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He proceeded to jerk himself off, rubbing his cock-head over my lips and tongue and making me rub his balls.

He couldn't have been getting regular sex because his balls were huge and the amount of spunk he produced was unreal, I've never seen so much produced, even in movies! He started off aiming it into my mouth and over my tongue and lips but after three or four spurts he aimed it over my face then my breasts, I was covered! He must have produced eight or nine HUGE spurts.

I did my best to scoop up what had landed on my face but a lot was plastered in my hair, they both insisted on me licking and eating what I'd gathered on my fingers, which I did before massaging the copious amounts that had covered my chest into my breasts, making them glisten and shine in the soft evening sunshine. He then made me bob my head down to his flaccid cock and once more take him in my mouth and suck off what had dribbled out while I'd attempted to clean myself up.

The young guy then indicated to Cliff that he should finish off what they'd interrupted whilst they watched. Cliff accepted his offer and made his way over. He got me up onto all fours and slid straight into me from behind. My cunt was absolutely soaking wet, I've never known it get so wet before or since. I reached around and began to play with my clit, the rough treatment from the old guy had certainly had its effect as it had come out from its hood and was very erect and stiff.

My ass-hole was still quite stretched from the old guys' earlier attention and Cliff licked his fingers and started to play with my ass too but more gently than the old French guy, I was mildly surprised at how easily his fingers slid in.

It didn't take long for me to start howling like a banshee as I came, my cunt clenching Cliffs cock and my ass-hole tightening and clamping on the two fingers that Cliff had slipped up my ass. I was bucking and writhing like I was possessed, shouting obscenities and demanding Cliff fill my cunt with spunk. My juices were almost gushing out of my pussy, coating Cliffs cock and both our thighs.

Cliff grabbed my hips and upped the tempo, enjoying the way my ass cheeks rippled as he slammed into me. He couldn't hold back any longer, duly obliging my request; I held still, impaled on his rigid cock as he started to ejaculate deep inside me.

My cunt clenched tightly around him as his orgasm continued, doing all the work and milking what felt like a huge load, almost as big as I'd just taken from the old guy, out of his cock and balls, filling me up.

Unfortunately our little show had got the two French guys erect again, particularly the young one and they insisted on seconds. The older guy moved around to my head and I immediately accepted his proffered member, grabbing his ass with one arm for support whilst vigorously coaxing the semi erect organ back to life with my free hand.

I was less bothered this time when the young guy made his way to my rear and rammed his cock straight into my gaping, dripping and still pulsing cunt. The younger guy seemed intent on lasting longer this time taking long, deep, slow strokes in and out of my tight, hot and slippery cunt. Like Cliff, his attention was drawn to my pink ass while he fucked me.

Temporarily withdrawing his cock he kept dipping his fingers in to my pussy to allow him to coat them with my copious fluids, using it as a lube around and on my anus before replacing his cock in my cunt and thrusting a couple of his sticky fingers up my ass.

As the younger guy picked up his pace, I was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the older guy, especially as his impressive cock swelled back to its full length and girth, but he didn't seem to mind, content with the manual stimulation he was receiving as he started mauling my tits and pulling my nipples which by this time had hardened and extended to their full length. The young guy took his time but eventually I could tell he was adding his own contribution to the large volume of sperm in my cunt.

No sooner had the young guy withdrawn and moved away, than the old guy was up and around, rubbing his big bulbous head up and down over my sticky, dripping slit. He parted my lips and thrust it in deep without ceremony

Ignoring my yelp, he gave me a few hard thrusts then withdrew and like his younger buddy, slid all four fingers into my cunt. He held them deep inside me for a moment while he pressed his thumb against my anus. After a couple of moments, the pressure told and my ring expanded to let his thumb slide inside.

I started wiggling, bucking and grinding my ass and pussy on his hand, imploring him to fuck my cunt properly. After a minute or two of this, he removed his drenched fingers from my cunt and proceeded to work first one then two, three and finally all four fingers in my ass before finally resuming his pounding of my cunt whilst simultaneously working my ass-hole with by now most of his hand buried deep up my ass, gradually increasing his rhythm.

I was past caring about having unprotected sex with a pair of strangers. I screamed out that I was going to cum. The old guy removed his fingers from my ass, grabbed both my hips and proceeded to hammer his cock into my cunt as I started to wail and sob with the strength of my orgasm.

It's the first time I've ever had an orgasm in this position without playing with my clit at the same time. I was still cumming when he slid his cock out and Cliff was briefly treated to the sight of my gaping cunt, contracting and then gaping again before he swiftly positioned his cock over my ass-hole and rammed it home. Despite his girth he seemed to slide in quite easily.

I was telling him to fuck my ass good and asking him if he wanted to cum in my ass and begging him to fill my ass with his cum, telling him how good his massive cock felt in my cunt and ass and begging him to push it in deeper, asking if it was in all the way. He proceeded to hammer faster and harder, encouraged by my dirty talk. After a couple of minutes of taking this pounding though, I wriggled away and motioned to him to lay on his back which he did.

Turning my back to him and facing in Cliff's direction, I spread my legs and lowered my ass onto his impressive cock I thought I would have more control that way and told him I was going to fuck his cock with my ass.

Immediately his hands came around and started kneading my still sticky tits, which like my face and hair were still smeared and streaked with his spunk from earlier. I started grinding my ass onto his cock.

My legs were spread so wide the young guy and Cliff had a clear view of my gaping cunt which was glistening and oozing with spunk too, my engorged pink clit unhooded, erect and clearly visible. I started grinding my hips faster and faster and then started shouting out for someone to fuck my cunt, telling them I needed a cock in my cunt too and imploring Cliff to fill my cunt and ass with cocks and spunk.

Cliff came over and slid his cock into me. It was tight but my cunt was so well fucked and lubricated by now that it felt wonderful. I let out a guttural groan and screamed at them to fuck my cunt and fuck my ass. The young guy tried his luck by feeding me his cock. I took it in my mouth but it was too much so after a minute or so I pushed him away, telling him he'd get his turn in my cunt again when Cliff finished using it.

I started rubbing my engorged clit, I'd never seen it this big before, my breasts were bouncing and wobbling from the combined thrusting and my nipples were more erect than I'd ever seen them due to the earlier attentions of the older guy. I couldn't resist reaching down to pinch, twist and tease them further.

After several minutes Cliff shot his second cum-load inside me and was quickly replaced by the young guy who started by rubbing the head of his cock up and down against my massive clit before burying it deep in my cunt and transferring his attention to my nipples which by this time were over an inch long! After several minutes of rutting deep inside me, he came for a third time!

The old guy then made me get back on all fours so he could resume his hard, fast ass-fuck. This time I complied and stuck my ass high up in the air, burying my tits and face into the grass. I then reached up and started ramming all four fingers of one hand in and out of my cunt while my cunt juice and the four loads of spunk I'd received oozed out, with my other hand I started pinching and rubbing my exposed and engorged clit.

The old guy spread my ass cheeks wider than I've had done ever, took aim at my gaping hole and complying with my instructions to fuck my ass and use my ass and fill me with his spunk he rammed his cock home. After a couple of minutes I brought myself to a juddering, howling climax and I guess the contractions of my asshole tipped the old guy over the edge. He came deep in my bowels for what seemed like ages while I unleashed a torrent of obscenities about how good it felt.

When the old guy finally withdrew, my asshole remained gaping wide open so much Cliff couldn't resist going over and sliding his semi erect cock into my sticky pink hole and held it in there, feeling the delicious slickness and warmth, the not too tight sensation and the pulsing contractions of my asshole as my orgasm gradually subsided.

I was enquiring if he wanted to fuck and use my ass too and he seemed genuinely up for the idea as my asshole began to contract around his cockhead, he wasn't fully erect so he kind of jerked himself off over, around and just inside my ass, adding his third load of the evening.

As he withdrew, spunk oozed up from my anus and down over my swollen glistening cunt lips, clit and thighs, I turned round, looked up at him with a happy and satisfied smile on my face, took his sticky, slippery cock in my mouth and proceeded to lick clean his cock and balls. While I was doing this the younger guy slid his cock into my gaping ass and within a few minutes unloaded inside me. I just knelt there compliantly, licking Cliffs cock whilst he used my ass.

Cliff helped me get to my feet, clean up and dress. The two gamekeepers stood and chatted and smoked whilst we did this and then escorted us back to our rental car. The five minute or so walk was rather awkward as nothing was said and there was no eye contact. We got in our car and drove off.

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I really like all of your stories and how they feel like they are real.

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