tagFetishCaught Panties in Hand

Caught Panties in Hand


Jayne is a friend of mine, I’ve known her for about five years now and we are really close, she has always been a great friend to me and as far as she is aware I am to her. The truth is, I’m not a good friend, I try to be but I can’t help myself. As well as being my best friend. Jayne is also a very attractive girl. It all started when I was sharing a house with Jayne and a friend of mined. I was bored one afternoon and was floating around the house and found my self in Jayne’s bedroom. There in the corner of the room was Jayne’s dirty laundry hamper and lead on top was a lace pink thong. I couldn’t resist picking up the sexy garment which I knew had fairly recently been cupping her most intimate and sexy body part. In the crotch moisture from her pussy had dried to form a perfect mould of her crack. I brought the crotch of the thong to m nose and inhaled. The smell was magical, the fresh smell of pure sex. The smell of Jayne’s juices really turned me on as it was such a private smell, something I wasn’t entitled to enjoy. I put the panties in my pocket and focussed my concentration on the hamper, after digging down a bit in the clothes I found a pair of smooth, black, silky knickers. These didn’t smell as fresh as the thong but they felt and looked great and turned me on all the same. I pushed the black knickers in my pocket too and headed to my bedroom. I dropped my jeans as fast as I could and took my hard cock in my hand. I took Jayne’s soft black knickers and wrapped them around my cock, it felt so good I almost came straight away. I started slowly rubbing the crotch of the knickers up and down my cock, the fabric which once touched Jayne’s pussy and still contained her juices. I continued to wank with the knickers in hand while my other hand lifted the fresh pink thong to my face. Oh, the smell, the feeling of Jayne’s panties on my cock! As I neared climax (which didn’t take long) I lowered the thong to my mouth and sucked in the crotch. It tasted great! Finally, I knew what Jayne’s pussy tasted like. It was too much for me, I came as soon as her juices hit the back of my throat. I was careful not to get any cum on the black knickers, I didn’t want to be found out. I went back to Jayne’s room and put the panties back exactly where I had found them and from that afternoon on I was hooked.

Whenever I had the opportunity I would masturbate using Jayne’s most private garments. Over the next six months I got to know the contents of Jayne’s underwear drawer pretty well (not that it was her drawer of freshly washed panties I was interested in, it was the dirty, worn ones) until I moved away to go to uni and had to leave them behind. Luckily I came back to visit most weekends when I would stay at Jayne’s and have full access to her panties on a Saturday morning when she was at work. I soon got bored of the situation, it wasn’t enough. I needed panties through the week which is why I stole my first pair from Jayne. I just couldn’t help my self, they were so sexy and after two weeks without a single sniff of Jayne’s pussy they smelt great - a really sexy, white, lace thong. I had never seen them before which made me think they were new or at least saved for special occasions, for this reason alone I knew I should now have taken them, she was obviously going to get suspicious when she realised her best new panties were missing… may be she did but she didn’t say anything to me about it other than a few jokey comments about me wearing her knickers which I just seemed like jokes between friends, spiced up a little by my paranoia. I took my new panties back to uni with me and wrapped them up in an air tight bag to keep them fresh. This was fine for a few months but then the freshness faded and I wanted more.

The next Saturday morning I raided Jayne’s hamper as I still did every week, but this week with the intention of taking a little something away with me. Remembering my mistake last time I went for something a little plainer. I knew they were old, she had had them for a while, a cute pink cotton thong with a little kitten on the front - they would do me for the next few months. I folded them carefully so as not to damage or loose any of the dried, hard pussy juice which was soaked in to them and placed them in my pocket for later.

Feeling guilty I came back to visit Jayne next weekend. I think Jayne was getting suspicious by this stage, none the less I still waited till she went to work on Saturday morning, hearing the front door close I made my way in to her bedroom for a sniff and a wank. There was nothing worth stealing in the hamper, all too fancy, Jayne would notice. There was a nice pair of pink knickers which I knew Jayne was wearing last night at the pub, they ocassionally would rise a bit and appear over the top of her jeans, something I always looked out for. There didn’t seem to be anything else of interest in the hamper but then I noticed two pairs of thongs which had fallen down the back of the hamper. There was a pair of red satin knickers and a plain black thong, both recently worn judging by the white marks in the crotch. I was already hard at just the thought of playing with these delights. I unzipped my jeans and my cock sprang out. I knelt down in front of the hamper and layed the black thong on the floor. I wrapped the satin knickers around my stiff cock. I slowly started rubbing my cock with the smooth satin crotch of Jayne’s panties. I quickened my pace as soon as soon as the scent of Jayne’s sex filled my head the pink panties. Just as I got in to full swing I heard Jayne’s voice from behind me.

“what the fuck are you doing?”

I didn’t know what to do, I removed the panties from my face and cock and pushed them away from me on the floor towards the hamper along with the black thong, all the time trying to shield my actions from Jayne with my body. All I could think to say was “nothing”.

Nothing? I was kneeling down on the floor in front of Jayne’s dirty laundry hamper with my back to Jayne, unable to turn around to answer her because my dick was hanging out of my jeans and she would see the pile of panties I was trying to hide plus my face was as red as the satin knickers.

I tried to stuff my cock back in to my jeans as Jayne walked round to face me just in time to see me zip up my flies, a huge bulge still visible in the front of my jeans. At this stage she also saw the three pairs of panties pushed up against the side of the hamper in my poor attempt to try and hide them.

“were you stealing more of my underwear?!” Jayne asked angrily.

“no, I wasn’t going to take them” I replied, now on my feet still with a visible bulge in my jeans.

Jayne looked at me confused and said “what are you doing with them then?”


“Chris, I know you’ve been stealing my underwear and I’ve caught you red handed, I want to know what the fuck you do with them!”

How could I get out of this one? All I could say was “sorry, I can’t help it”.

“how many have you stolen from me?”, another angry question.

“I wasn’t going to steal them”

“no, not this time but you have before. What do you want them for?”

I had to answer some question because Jayne meant business, “I just find them sexy”.

“but why do you want the dirty ones?”

I stayed silent and just stared at the floor, I couldn’t confess this. Jayne sat on the bed in front of me and even in this situation I tried to get a peek up her skirt at her panties.

“Chris, why do you take my underwear and what do you do with them? You’re not leaving this room until you tell me” and she was serious.

“I just smell them, I like the smell. I’m really sorry but I just can’t help it”.

“show me!!” she demanded but surely I didn’t hear right, “what?”.

“show me what you do with my underwear!!!”.

I picked up the pink panties and held them to my nose. Jayne must have seen the bulge in my jeans double in size.

Then came the next question, the one I was dreading “what were you doing with the red ones?”

“I was just looking at them”

She knew I was lying, “no! you had your dick out! Undo your jeans and show me what you were doing!”

I reached for the red knickers, undid my jeans and tried to keep my cock from view by covering it instantly with the knickers to save the embarrassment of having to expose myself to Jayne.

I started wanking, this was all such a turn on that I was now just worried that I was gunna blow my load in less than thirty seconds. Could this be any better, the amazing smell of the pink knickers on my face, the feeling of the smooth satin on my cock and of course a stunningly gorgeous watching me pleasure my self. To my amazement it did get better! After a few stroked of my cock knelt on the bedroom floor in front of Jayne who was still sat on the bed, she started to spread her legs revealing her see through red thong she was wearing. I couldn’t believe it, she was just sat there legs wide open with her panty clad pussy in full view for me as I jacked of using her panties! Jayne was sat about four feet away from me but I came so hard that I still managed to hit her left leg.

For the first time since she caught me in her room Jayne smiled. She rubbed her hand over the front of her panty covered pussy and said “do you like these panties?”

“yes, they are one of my favourites of yours”

I almost fainted when I heard what Jayne had to say next, “come and have a sniff then”.

I crawled over to Jayne and positioned myself between her legs, I could see her moisture seeping through the front of thin red thong. I pushed my nose up against the wet fabric and took a deep breath and enjoyed for the first time the scent of Jayne’s pussy in the flesh.

I was so close I couldn’t hold my self back, after licking Jayne’s pussy through her thong I pushed the thong to one side and kissed her slit feeling her wet warmth on my lips. I started to lick up and down her slit gently and teasingly, slowly working my way in until suddenly she squirmed as I thrust my tongue in to her wet open pussy. I fucked her pussy with my tongue to the sound of soft moans. I explored every crease of her pussy with my tongue until I could take no more, I wanted to taste more I started to lick Jayne’s clit hard and fast, at the same time I pushed two fingers in to her pussy and pump hard. Eventually I felt Jayne’s body straighten and her pussy tighten around my fingers then the jackpot, the delicious juices I love so much gushed out on to my tongue and in to my waiting mouth.

Jayne got her breath back and then took off the red thong and handed it to me and said “get out of my room, if I ever catch you in here again I’ll kill you”.

I went back to the my room in shock, unable to believe what had just happened to me, I heard Jayne go in to the bathroom and then 5 or 10 minutes later leave for work again. I waited until she had gone until I ventured out of my room again and headed back to uni for the week with my new red thong in my bag.

The next weekend I came to visit as normal, there was no mention at all of the events from the previous week, we spent the day together. The only difference was under my pillow that nice was a freshly worn thong, a new pair too! Each week I would find a gift under the pillow from that week on, I would always make good use of it, some weeks I would take a pair back, occasionally I even brought a pair back and just left them under the pillow. This still goes on now almost a year later, we never talk about it and never have.

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