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Cause I Gotta Have Faith


"I'm not like you!"

Faith shoved out her last meager defense at Angelus. It hurt just to speak; he had nearly killed her three times. Why wouldn't he let it end? She was barely holding her own, let alone defeating him.

Angelus simply smirked and jerked the raven haired Slayer into his arms. His fanged mouth sought her own, and his kiss was unexpected and rough, breaking the tender skin of her bottom lip as his hand thrust between them.

Faith keened when her nipple was pinched, the trapped sound vibrating between their mouths. And despite her hatred for Angelus, she couldn't help but feel the pleasure and pain of the quick, possessive act stir her core to a simmering heat. Molten lava was actually more like it with her yeast infection.

No, no, I wouldn't tell you if that was her deal, I am after all sort of her guardian angel. Well, after Angelus. Where was I? Oh, right.

There Faith was, dripping wet from sparring with Angelus for the past ten minutes. Though she'd never admit it, even though she was ashamed of being rehabilitated and still wanting to boink the undead, she couldn't help herself. Angelus made her wet. Every cruel thing he said to invoke her wrath had worked. Rage made her horny. And then there was him. She didn't know why, only that he made her body stir as no other man had before.

Suddenly, her streaming train of embarrassing private thoughts were interrupted by the vampire's sinfully arousing whisper.

"You will be."

With that, he picked her up and carried her into the night, where his demonically chauffeured limousine was waiting. Being evil really paid.

It wasn't until the car had pulled out and begun to drive off to an unknown location that Faith slid out of the shock of what had just happened. He hadn't hurt her. He hadn't bitten her... he'd carried her to a limo.

Faith yanked the door handle to her right in the spacious automobile. She knew it was useless, but she had to try. She couldn't let Angelus have her blood, that much hadn't changed since the last time he'd wanted it. And she would die by her own hand before she let him sell her to a demon market or rape her or any other fun vampire activity Angelus was planning.

"Oh, stop that, honey," Angelus said, putting a near-crushing grip on her wrists and jerking her towards him, "Wouldn't want you to get tired before the fun's even started. I was just kidding when I said I liked a lass who'll lay down and think of England. I like my bitches to struggle."

Faith's hand wrenched free of Angelus's grip, and she moved to backhand him with supernatural strength. Her mistake was taking too long to raise her momentum. The precious split seconds building power in her strike left her open, and Angelus simply laughed harder, holding her arms with his clawed hands once again.

"That's it, bitch," Angelus said, leaning in to inhale the distinct scent of Faith's sweat, fear and arousal. "I was going to wait until we got back to my place, but if you insist..." Angelus freed one hand and ripped Faith's top from her body, exposing her unbound breasts to Angelus's sight. Suddenly, a possessive anger stirred within him. He preferred women of experience, and Darla had always been his primary load teaser. But the idea of Faith having sex with another man, the idea of Faith being looked at by another man... the idea of Faith's breasts swinging freely with her every move for another man's eyes filled him with a long-supressed rage. He would just have to see to it in her training that the impulse to be sexually independent was beaten out of her. For beneath his twisted sense of humour, there was some truth to his declared preference for obedient women.

"Angelus..." Faith's voice was barely a whisper, and if he had not been a vampire, Angelus would have had trouble hearing her words. "Touch me again and I will kill you. Getting Angel back will not matter anymore." She hated being dominated, particularly in bed. She had made the decision long ago that no man (or woman) would dominate her. If Angelus had taken heed of his own vampyric instincts, he might have taken warning at the twitch in Faith's jaw at his responding laughter. He might be stronger than her, and she might in fact be rusty. But Faith was a Slayer none the less, and he was about to find out what this one was made of.

Faith's arm jerked out, and her fist connected with the vampire's jaw. A sickening thud resounded in the air, as Angelus's head reeled from the blow. He felt his own blood well up in his mouth. The flaring rage within him was tempered as the rich flavour of his own aged blood assaulted his tongue. Savouring the taste, he decided to let Faith have her fun for a while. It would be more fun to break her that way.

The Slayer beat him viciously for several minutes; but in between feeling his head being knocked to different angles, Angelus lusted at the site of Faith's swaying breasts.

The cab jerked violently. Rodi, the tri-horned driver, dared not inquire about the events going on in the back seat. If Angelus was beating the girl or raping her, interfering would only bring him death. If the girl was beating or, from the looks of her slutty outfit, the true rapist, he didn't want to get involved until he could be sure that Angelus was dead. That vamp was fuckin' insane, Rodi mused to himself worriedly.

Tiring of Faith's beating, Angelus's hands shot out again, catching the topless Slayer and pinning her arms behind her as easily as he had scant minutes earlier. Faith attempted to wrench herself free, but failed miserably.

This time, Angelus savoured the look of her semi-nude body. The woman blushed as Angelus's eyes roved over her belly, ample breasts; even her well defined arms seemed to be holding his obsessive interest. And for the first time in years, Faith was actually nervous about the way a male was staring at her.

Uncertain of what to do, she suggestively shook her shoulders, not attempting to wrestle free, but enough to cause her tits to jiggle sassily before Angelus's raptly attentive gave. Perhaps if she could not fight him physically, she could control him sexually. His respoding growl let Faith know her tactic was working, and the look he gave her was one of pure smouldering lust.

Faith quickly found herself laying on her stomach, spread unceremoniously across the limousine floor. Angelus's frame pressed into her, and she almost smiled to herself as she felt his hands sliding across her entire body. But as Angelus's hands explored her, manually ravaging every inch of her partially-clothed body, Faith felt the arousal thriving between her legs; it had leapt to a new height.

Suddenly, unprovoked but not entirely unexpectedly, Faith felt like a worm. A worm on a sidewalk. On a hot summer day. Everything she had ever been told she was stuck inside of her. Ugly. A slut. Crazy. Evil. Too dark (from her Metis mother who'd wanted so desperately for her to be a little blonde PollyAnna). Built only for fucking. A monstrosity. And suddenly, uncontrollably, the tears came.

Keeping her feelings bottled up had never been one of Faith's strong suits, they either came out in condensed liquid teardrops or at the sharp end of a viable weapon. Now she wept for her lost redemption. She had tried so hard to be good, to become someone... not new, but... better. Someone who didn't want to hurt and kill people. Someone who didn't want to self destruct. Someone who wasn't turned on by an evil demon. Guess some things can't change, Faith thought to herself ruefully, as the demonic male above her stoked the fire between her legs to a sweltering heat.

Angelus lay on top of Faith, enjoying everything about their little exchange.

He's a demon who nails puppies to doors as Valentine's Day gifts, what'd you expect? He'd feel bad?

No, Angelus didn't shed a bloody tear. He could still smell her arousal, and the slight temerature changes in her skin and her minutely raised pulse let him know that Faith was as hot as ever. For him. He knew she was eaten up with guilt and shame, and it pleasured him beyond measure to see her in a twisted, out-of-control dance of balancing between pleasure and pain.

Besides, Angelus mused, the better for her to get used to fucking him, because his was the the only dick allowed her from now on.

Ok. Wait. Before we go any further, you're probably asking yourself a pretty basic question. How the fuck did this happen? What made him love her, you might wonder, and if he really does love her, why is this vamp so cruel and twisted? But, come on, you really thought either Angel or Angelus would love a seventeen year old blonde valley girl? As Buffy herself said, you know the drill. He always did prefer brunettes, as Drusilla can attest to. Sure he's a twisted obsessive fuck, but he had never meant to make her completely insane. Or rather, he had loved her so deeply that he had tortured her to insanity to escape the fact of his love. But that was all over a hundred years ago, and like Miss Lauren Hill croons, people change when they come eventually, you know.

So here we are, present day, Angelus and Faith. He's a boy, she's a girl, can I make it any more obvious? They are in love, now let me expound upon how they rock each other's worlds.

Angelus slid his hand between them, and ripped Faith's jeans straight off her firm, high-tipped ass. Noting with both arousal and anger that she wasn't wearing any underwear, he brought the palm of his hand down hard against Faith's silken cheeks.

Her resulting humiliation and pain was coupled by still more arousal, and Angelus was tempted to revel in the fun he would have training her. For the difference between her spirit and Drusilla's was that Faith was unbreakable. A break from conscience, that was possible. Sanity, too. But she would always be her own girl. She could never be ruled, merely contained. He'd settle for enslavement.

His cock throbbed at a vision of Faith on her hands and knees, servicing him, being his fuckslut... Angelus brought himself back to the present, not wanting to relinquish any part of the raven Slayer in the flesh. Angelus unzipped his leather pants and freed his enormous, straining erection. He had learned over the years how to unzip in a cramped space without getting his considerable ballsac caught in various metal bindings. It was a practical skill for any demonic rapist... or a lover of Darla's. With his free hand, he drove several fingers into Faith's wet slit. When they slid in like a hot knife through butter, Angelus knew she was ready. This aroused him and bothered him at once, but not for the reasons her free sexuality did. He wasn't supposed to care if she was ready.

Driving her thighs apart with his knee, Angelus settled himself between his Slayer's delectable asscheeks, and, suddenly and seemingly without mercy, drove the entire length of his shaft straight to the hilt inside of her.

Faith shuddered at the sensation. They lay joined and deathly still. Even Faith's tears were forgotten as the incredible fullness she felt within her caused her clit to explode with pleasure. She didn't think it was possible, but suddenly she was coming harder than ever before in her considerable history of fucking. It was unexpected, and the heat spread from her core through her entire body; Angelus could see her face reflected in the metal seat panel in front of them. The wide eyed look of shock she gave, coupled with her spasming vagina around his cock, was enough to send him over the edge.

Angelus roughly grabbed her hips and drove into her again and again, his thrusts jerking them both forward across the limousine floor. Within short moments, Angelus had come inside of his Slayer. He would have been ashamed of his holdout time if it had been anyone other than Faith, or if he couldn't recover and fuck her brains out for ten consecutive rounds. But it was Faith. And he could. He would.

Still hard inside of her, Angelus pulled them up to a seated position on top of the spacious, leather upholstered seat inside the limousine. The unassuming manner in his display of strength was not lost on Faith, and she wondered if she would ever escape Angelus; he wasn't even trying.

More shamefully, she wondered if she wanted to. It wasn't that she loved him. She had loved Angel, not this soulless demon inside of her now. He was the big bad...but he made her feel so damn good.

Helplessly riding the man seated below her like she was on a brand new ride at an erotic carnival, Faith sat there dazed, waiting for Angelus to move. She didn't want to be the one to initiate this sin.

When he remained hard within her and motionless beneath her, Faith understood. Tears slid from her eyes as she gave in to the desire within her. Her hips bucked as she raised herself on her own personal joystick. As Angelus' honey coated cock slid to the shallowest entry in her cunt, Faith suddenly, inexplicably found her resolve.

You know, I guess it's not that sudden or inexplicable if you consider the fact that she raised herself and doesn't take shit from anybody. Angelus and Faith have alpha personalities, you know? Destined for powerstruggles, and Faith's newfound redemption might put her out of her element for a bit. Not to mention the fact that Angelus is stronger than her and could, at least in theory, strap her to a chair and fuck her till she broke. But let's not forget who I'm writing about here. Faith. In the words of that skanky director in Boogie Nights, she's the hottest bitch you or I have ever known.

Faith remembered what her trump card was, what Angelus was tormenting her with at this very moment : sex. Slowly, languorously, Faith raised herself once more off of Angelus's erection. Summoning up all of her perserverance as a Slayer, Faith lowered herself back onto his erection with feigned disinterest. A few more repeats of this, with both she and Angelus struggling in a silent battle of wills to see who would hold out the longest.

Suddenly, Faith felt Angelus's hips close around her waist. Angelus jerked Faith down onto his dick once more, making her gasp at the sudden penetration. The vampire impaled her on his cock over and over, forcing her to ride him. As her hips were forced down again and again to accomodate Angelus's shaft, Faith's clit mashed against his tender ballsac. She knew she was hurting him when she ground her pubic bone down into it. She knew also that he couldn't stop himself or her at this moment. And suddenly, she was coming again, with Angelus this time.

The soulless vampire growled with anger and lust. He had tried to deny Faith her orgasm as punishment for hurting him. However, years of rolling in the hay with two minute dead beats had given her the refined ability of catching up to a man. This was not lost on Angelus. The image of all the men Faith had lain with before stirred his dead blood once again as he wondered what he would do with his favourite whore once he got her home.

His new home lay in a mansion on the outskirts of town. Wolfram and Hart had sent Lilah to offer him an apartment under their contract. Angel smiled with a fondness as he remembered raping her on the floor where she'd come to him in the middle of a demon bar& grill, before ripping her throat out and and having the chef fry it up.


Still, Angelus mused as his thoughts were drawn back to the present, nothing could compare with his Faithie. Once she understood that she was his cocksocket, and his alone, that she was to do as she was told, he knew they would paint the world red. He loved her ability to kill even with a soul. The passion and grace with which he'd seen her take various life forces was enough to bring any evil demon to his knees.

Therefore, he saw no reason to turn her. Vamping someone always did the darndest things, as Spike's mom could attest to. Faith could be a brutal superhuman killer in this life, and then, suddenly, she could wind up preferring to do evil by incessant verbal debating. He knew of one former Dutch Prime Minister to whom this had happened; he had seen the various ways in which vamping changed a person - for better or worse - irreversibly.

So what happened next, you ask?

They pull up to the mansion, that's what. Then he woos her with Crystale and an Usher C.D... NOT!!!

Let's just fastforward to Faith being tied up naked in Angelus's "cage"...

The manacles kept Faith tied fast to the bars of a cage identical to the metal coffin where AI had attempted to keep Angelus confined. That's the thing about controlling a demon, you always leave an imprint behind. Right now, there's actually an underground Tebla* military base where humans are kept. The unfortunate souls are studied, experimented on, and, once they're deemed exhausted, sold to a Tebla brothel for their final moments. So don't feel so bad for our Faith during her next trial.

The demon had purposely chained her at knee level, legs spread. That way he could have all kinds of fun with her. She was quite witchy*, Angelus thought, observing her semi conscious frame. She was just starting to wake up from the knockout puch he'd given her to keep her from struggling when he'd tied her up. Angelus rubbed his balls absentmindedly, a small twinge of pain reminding him that compromising a Slayer was more dangerous than being the Crocodile Hunter.

Faith moaned and slowly raised her head from the floor. When gravity pulled at it so that she was slumped forward and was being pulled back and supported only by her bound arms, she realized she was kneeling, not lying down. Her head throbbed. The last thing she remembered after telling a crotch holding Angelus that she would do the world a favour by cutting off his sac was him saying, "Doesn't mean I won't" right before his fist connected with her jaw.

The first part of that sentence had been, "Faith, my little fuck bunny, I don't want to hurt you so quickly*", which he'd said right before she'd kicked him in the balls.

As Faith's vision adjusted to her current circumstances, she found herself eye level with Angelus' cock. Even though she'd had the wits knocked out of her, Faith still had a sense of humour. "Gee, you really know how to woo a girl. Why wine and dine her when you could just wave a wrinkly ballsac in her face?"

That's one thing I always loved about my Faithie... always knew how to get a laugh out of a situation. Such a beautiful, luscious mouth, but I digress. Point is, Angie Nicholson over there loved it too. He just wondered if she'd had enough experience to understand how to deep throat. But to be truthful, he was fairly whimsically hoping she didn't.

She stared defiantly at him, her chest heaving and eyes filled with hatred. It made Angelus harder.. She should have known he'd never share with The Beast. And he would always keep her for himself. She loved Angel, and yet she wanted Angelus. He knew the raven haired Slayer would take anything she could get. The soul didn't love Faith, not as he did. He would rather chastly date an anorexic fool who's idea of deep and meaningful conversation was, "What's the what?"*

And that's the big secret. Angel likes the light. He likes everything nice and toasty. He was taken by a demon, and I'm sure he's at odds with all the killing, rape and torture that Angelus had fun with at his expense over the years. So he loves it human and he loves it light, and Buffy's perfect for that. Kind of depressing when you think about it. That's Angel's true love. The big time moira, the kayrumptia, the eternal love that brought him back from hell. The denial and hatred of himself. The one thing Angel never wanted anyone to find out was the truth. The difference between he and Angelus wasn't just that Angelus was evil. It was that Angel was a coward.

And Faith, his sweet, ripe, WOMAN Faith. She was fire. And yet, she would do whatever he told her to. After tonight.

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