tagErotic CouplingsCautious Smiles Ch. 02

Cautious Smiles Ch. 02


Now mid November, Chloe and Alex have been more than just neighborly acquaintances for a couple of months. She indulged his desires of a sexual playmate, while he satisfied her needs of an attentive and utterly desirable lover.

They began to leave each other's doors open when they were home and took turns daily to wander over to say hello. Both feeling comfortable at each other's apartment, they enjoyed the convenience of living across the hall from one another.

While Chloe was relieved to find her work load had decreased closer to the holiday season. It was just the opposite for Alex. He had been away on business for a scheduled three day trip that turned into being five. Alex had to fight off images of Chloe seeping into his mind while he was away, but gratified his thoughts of her while flying home. By the time he landed, the thoughts of her were consuming him.

Alex wasted no time when coming up the stairs to check to see if Chloe was home. It was dark outside and he was anxious to see her until he felt the handle glide to the right and allowing her door to welcome him in. Calmed knowing she was there, he walked in with a smile. His eyes fixated on her laying on the floor atop two big pillows.

The living room in her apartment was a bit bigger than his. No two apartments in the whole complex were alike. Chloe's had windows facing the parking lot. She had painted the living room sage, her favorite color. Her furniture consisted of an oversized couch and chair, both canvas colored. A uniquely designed diamond rug accented the floor under her coffee table that she was in front of. Chloe had her hair back, reading glasses on with a book in hand. She was wearing a long sleeved, white nightshirt that seemed to flow across her body. Short in length, it accented the roundness of her ass without revealing too much. This was Chloe in her natural setting, glass of wine to the side. Alex smiled as her face beamed to see he was back. Chloe out stretched her arms glowing, "Come here!"

Putting her book down and rolling on her side, Alex took off his coat to hang it up on the coat rack. He was dressed in a well tailored navy blue suit. White shirt and tie. "My, my....," Chloe said, never seeing him in full work attire. He rarely had to wear a suit for work, but for the slew of meetings he attended it was mandatory. "You look very suave and debonair," Chloe said teasingly as he slid his suit jacket off and onto the rack with his coat, kicking off his shoes. She couldn't help but be turned on by his attire. It really didn't matter what he wore, even the funny duck pj's that she had caught him in two weeks earlier while laying about the house made her have naughty thoughts. It was something about him that she found delectable and appealing always, and it didn't help in this matter that he looked better than she had ever seen him all dressed up looking the part of a business man. An extremely sexy businessman at that. Not usually what she would find attractive, she found herself beginning to get moist and excited anyway.

Alex bent down and laid next to her as she wrapped her arms around him and passionately kissed him. They laid there lingering in each other's embrace and kissed for several minutes before Chloe slowly pulled away. "I've missed you very much," she said before again kissing him lightly on his lips then on the cheek. He just smiled looking at her, admiring the way her eyes became wide and innocent looking as she told him that she had missed him. Alex kissed her again before asking to have some of her wine.

Chloe nodded yes and Alex sat up to have the rest of the glass while she filled him in on little things that were going on in her life. He found it fascinating that she seemed to have so many things going on outside of the realm that he saw of her. She had met many of his friends, introductions he rarely made with his other companions. Alex could see the way at some of his friends would look at her, which amused him to a certain degree. What thoughts they had of her were nothing in comparison to what she really was like. She was far better than anything he could have ever dreamed her to be. Chloe surprised him all the time with the sensuous ways she teased him and playful demands to fulfill her sexual desires. He couldn't say it out loud because it couldn't be proven, but he felt that she was going to be in his life for a long time. He hoped this anyway with how everything was going between them. Alex sat there and listened, his glass now empty with Chloe laying her head on his lap.

Alex took Chloe's hair out of the band she had it in and ran his fingers through it as he told her about some of the more interesting moments of his trip. Trying to keep it brief though, he finished up his story and laid back down on the pillow beside her. Chloe smiled and had Alex roll on to his back so she could straddle herself on top of him. Kissing him softly, she covered his eyes with his hands. "What's this," Chloe asked as she rubbed the tip of her nose against his.

"My sweet girl's nose," Alex said with a smile.

"What's this," she asked again playfully as she began to softly kiss the tip of his nose.

"Hmmmmm, would that be my sweet girl's lips," he asked with a slight chuckle trying to figure out where this was going.

Chloe got up still covering his eyes with one had as she tried to position herself over his face, wrapping her legs to each side as she took her seat on the top of his chest. Alex began to have a big smile already knowing what the next "what's this," was going to be.

Lifting up her nightshirt, she was wearing no panties. She had done this for the past couple of nights waiting for him to come back, knowing that there would be no need for them with him there. Alex could feel the warmness of her, smell her sweetness as she lowered herself down onto his face. He was so hungry for her he didn't wait for her to ask, and delved into her pussy with his tongue.

Moaning out, Chloe took her hand away from his eyes and leaned back as she felt his hands slide under her thighs, pulling her down further onto his face. His tongue lapped up and down the folds before he placed his mouth over her clit and began to suck. Slowly sucking and releasing he could feel her peak already beginning to build. Taking his hand from underneath her, Alex opened her lips wide so he could find her opening. He plunged inside of her, curling and flicking his tongue. He could taste the difference in her sexual climate beginning to unleash more and more wetness into his mouth and onto his face.

Eyes rolling back, Chloe breathed heavily as she said, "You have no idea how much I love that." Fondling her nipples she began to ride his tongue, feeling herself dripping. Bending over to grab his thick, dark hair in her hands, she mumbled, "I need you......" Alex again making his way back to her clit, she found herself being on the verge of climax. Not wanting to be too greedy, she got up off of Alex's face.

"Where are you going, I was enjoying that," Alex laughed as he tried to grab for her before realizing that she was trying to turn around.

"Oh....mmmmmmmm...come hither my dear, sweet girl," Alex said as Chloe again spread her pussy over his face before lying down the length of his chest and began to un-tuck his shirt.

Kissing down the trail of hair running down his stomach, she quickly undid his belt. Unbuttoning his pants, she ran her tongue underneath the waist band before unzipping his pants all of the way and pulling out his throbbing cock. He felt so soft and his cock felt heavy in her hands. Was this from all the cum that was built up waiting for her, she thought as she licked around the the head.

Alex moaned with pleasure as he felt her start to take his cock into her mouth. He loved her oral skills. She could drive him crazy with the way she loved to give him oral pleasure. There had even been times where she begged him to give in and let her give head to him. Alex had never been with a woman who enjoyed him so much in this way and he appreciated every time her mouth spoiled his cock. Forgetting what he was doing for a moment as she began to take him all the way into her mouth, Alex began to again lick and suck Chloe as she squirmed with excitement on his face.

"Mmmmmmmissed you, " Chloe mumbled as she savored the way he felt in his mouth, moving him into the back of her throat. She could feel Alex pulsating in her mouth as she quivered on his face. Her thoughts were gone as she devoured him, sucking and stroking. Letting the wetness from her mouth drip down him as she began to suck harder and faster, circling the tip with her tongue while taking him in. Turning her head to the side, she suctioned her mouth at an angle to the shaft, massaging with her tongue in small circular motions. Alex stopped pleasing her as he began to gasp as she did this for a while before again taking him completely, massaging his tight balls in her hand. He was too close to cumming.

With a giggle, Chloe again got up off of Alex. Standing over him, she raised the nightshirt over her head dropping it to the floor and motioned for him to get up. After getting up, Alex pulled Chloe to him and gave her a long, hard kiss that seemed to make her melt into his arms. She sighed as she pulled his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt letting it fall to the ground. Alex took his pants and boxers off before again grabbing her to kiss him. Leading Alex over to the big chair, Chloe stopped kissing him to say, "sit."

Finding himself sinking into the chair, Chloe climbed on his lap facing Alex. Her smile was unusual, and made him a bit uncomfortable for a second. "What is that look for," he asked as she guided his cock to her swollen lips. Happily she replied, "I just want to watch you cum," as she rocked her hips back and placed just the tip of him inside of her.

Closing his eyes as his cock slowly entered her beautiful pussy, Alex loved the way she felt. The feeling of each woman's pussy, in some ways make every one unique. Chloe's had soft ripples that seemed to cradle his cock, suction him in and make him feel needed. The slightest tilt up made him push hard enough to where every stroke was milked and released when making his way deep inside her. It wasn't just the way she physically felt, mentally she was intoxicating, addictive.

Their eyes focused on one another as she began to ride him. Grabbing her ass in his hands he pushed her down hard onto him as he thrust inside of her. Alex was close to cumming but knew he had to wait. It wouldn't be easy as he felt her, watched her find the spot inside to make herself cum on him. Chloe was moaning out, but kept her eyes locked with Alex. She felt the surges inside of her growing and she was close to exploding. Her eyes twitching, momentarily losing contact with Alex, he brought his hands to the sides of he face. "Stay with me sweet girl," he said softly,"I want to watch you cum."

Shaking, Chloe almost completely stopped fucking Alex. He could feel the muscles tightening around his cock as she was only moving in small sporadic movements. Her breathing was now small gasps as he knew she was to the starting point of her orgasm. "Look at me sweet girl," Alex coaxed.

It was too much for Chloe as she felt a rush through her body that snapped her eyes shut and temporarily paralyzed her body. Screaming out as the peak hit her, she soon collapsed into Alex's arms. He held her tightly as she caught her breath. Kissing him softly, feeling him wanting to explode deep inside her she asked, "Can we go to bed?"

Taking a deep breath in, Alex kissed her and helped her off of him so they could make their way into the bedroom. She immediately jumped on the bed and rolled onto her back. "Can I ask you something, something I've never asked of anyone before," Chloe taunted Alex as he made his way on top of her.

"What is it sweet girl," as he began to kiss the sides of her neck and nuzzle his cock against the opening of her pussy.

Chloe rested her head to the side of his face, softly saying in his ear, "I have this craving...an unfulfilled need." Kissing the lobe of his right ear, "I don't know what you'll exactly think of me, but I would really love...," pausing as she reached down to stroke his cock with her swollen lips.

"Love what my dear," Alex said gently as his arms made their way to hug her tightly while continuing to kiss her neck.

"I would love to....feel you cum in me....... I just don't know what you'll think of me for asking," Chloe said bringing her head up, doe eyed waiting for his reply.

"Oh," Alex said calmly, but now even more excited by what she had said; craving this gesture from him. The only thing racing through his mind was, "Oh my God." His cock was throbbing, passion burning for her.

"I'd be delighted," he replied eagerly as he took no time to to fill her again with his cock, sighing at how good she felt.

Breathing heavily, Chloe kissed Alex's neck as she completely wrapped her body with his. Arching her back, she rocked her hips up and back to better accommodate his cock. They were locked inside one another. Their bodies grinding, finding their pleasurable centers and driving them to the edge. The build up of heat was beginning to form a thin layer of perspiration between their bodies. Chloe dug her hips into the mattress as she felt him surging to find how to make her cum.

Gasps and moans made way to the halted breaths as Alex began to fuck her harder. She tried to keep staying on the edge waiting for him, but she was losing control. "Please...." Chloe begged to Alex. "Please look at me when you cum," Chloe gasped as her hands clinched small amounts of flesh on his back as he fucked her.

A smile came across Alex's face as he gave her a kiss, eyes set on hers. Even as they kissed, they watched each other growing, needing. She began to shake and twitch as she parted her lips, grabbing small breaths. She could feel herself being overcome by the pleasure he was giving her. He, seeing this woman so delicate and beautiful at a point so heightened he couldn't help but respond by letting himself share the pleasure she was giving to him as well. Chloe tried to keep her eyes open as a course sensation ripped through her, making her scream out his name. Alex thrust his cock deep inside holding it there as she came on him, momentarily frozen until long, hot gushes of cum began to fill her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...." Chloe held in the air as she felt the tide of cum washing into her. She felt the last pulse of his cock release into her, already knowing she had to have more.

Several days had passed since Alex had been able to make time for Chloe. She had ventured over to his apartment where he was working late into the night trying to finish work that didn't seem to have and end in sight. Chloe had seen the tension growing in him over this time and knew he needed her but didn't want to be distracted until all of his work was done.

On the fourth night, Chloe walked across the hall determined to at least make an effort for him to notice that she was too in need of some of his attention and wanted very much to pleasure him.

Peaking into the bedroom she saw Alex at his desk, eyes fixated on the computer screen, fingers typing away. She just sat there looking at him for a moment before walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Giving him a kiss on the cheek, he continued typing as if he were exploding with thoughts that couldn't be interrupted to say hello.

Scanning what he was writing, she let out a sigh knowing she should leave him be and for a change, maybe go out and spend some time with her friends for the evening. Chloe gave him another kiss, this time on the neck, but it didn't phase his concentration on his work. She let go of him to stand up and make her way back onto his bed to lay down. Thinking to herself that she should not be frustrated by his work, comparing the attention he puts into her to be just as intense. Now if she could just redirect that intensity for a little while.

Propping herself up on her elbows, she took a glance into the mirror that hung above his desk. She could see is face emotionless, staring into the light of the screen. Chloe laid down again looking into the overhead light. If she could see him, he could see her.

Chloe reached her hands down and started to unbutton her pants and slipped them off and onto the floor. So if he wasn't going to join her, she could at least get some of this built up tension out of her system. She slowly started to rub the outside of her panties with her fingers.

Parting her legs to fall open bent to the sides, Chloe then slid her panties to the side to feel the wetness that had been collecting with her thoughts of him throughout the day. Surprised to feel how wet and needy she was, she began to play and explore herself; running the tips of her fingers along the moist lips, down into her pussy. Inserting a finger, her other hand lingered down her stomach finding it's way on top of her panties to rub her tender clit.

Only after hearing a tiny moan did Alex peak up from the screen to look into the mirror. With a big smile he tilted his chair back and watched her. "Shame," echoed in Alex's head as he watched her play. He knew then that not only did she have his full attention but that he deserved a well earned break. He loved the fact that she could lay there and demand, but not really do anything to show that she is demanding it from him. If anything, Chloe was exhibiting that she really didn't need him, but wanted him. He could feel his cock growing full and hard as she continued to play.

Sighing a bit....Chloe decided to remove her panties. She slid them down and kicked them onto the floor. Having her eyes closed, she continued to play not caring if Alex was watching her. Her pussy spread, she again started fondling and teasing herself. Chloe wanted to cum, and didn't want to wait anymore.

Alex could hear her breaths quicken as her legs began to shake. He's studied her before, always studies her actually. It excited him very much to see how quickly she could make herself cum. The slight glistening of her wetness shining in the mirror as she moved her fingers faster. Alex quietly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out to stroke himself while watching her cum.

Her body was very close and she began to give in, feeling her legs trimble. A feeling of intensity all too familiar began to take it's place, rippling across her stomach, up her back. Exploding down her legs. A tightening and release leaving her tickled to have the first orgasm out of her system. Slowly rubbing her clit, she stopped for a minute to catch her breath and allow herself time to get ready for another.

Stroking his cock, Alex rubbed in the little drops of pre-cum that were forming on the head. He watched as her body lay silent for a moment before she rolled over to the side, trying to get into the top of his nightstand. Their designated drawer for toys. They had taken many trips to the porn store together, buying a variety of them. She pulled out her favorite, a life like dildo. It reminded her much of his cock. Alex was pleased as she again laid down and brought the toy to her lips. He was taking his time rubbing the head of his cock before dragging the skin of the shaft up and down, feeling himself harden with every stroke.

Bringing the toy between her lips, she could feel the coldness of it and longed for Alex to make a move. Hearing no typing, she could tell that he was watching. Throwing the toy beside her, she moaned out with a southern draw, "I need a real man," as she lifted herself up to look at Alex. Chloe was pleased to see he was pleasuring himself and smiling at her.

They just stared at each other for a moment before Alex got up and took off his shirt. He made his way over to the bed, grabbed Chloe by the knees and dragged her to the edge. Taking her in, he was ready to have his way with her.

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