byMatt Moreau©

Judy had met Mac but a year earlier. She had just graduated from high school; he was a rich and self-made man, who had volunteered to coach the girls' volleyball team; a team she had starred on as a student. He was pushy, but not unnecessarily so. She was sure, in her youthful naiveté, that she could make him bend a little; she was wrong. Mac Wilson was the original male chauvinist pig. Males were to dominate; females were to obey, and that

was the only important item that males and females needed to consider to ensure a smooth running relationship married or unmarried; they were now the former—married as hell.

She had been told to be ready when he got home; she had maybe a half an hour left to complete the task. The last time she had not been ready her behind had seemed to glow for days. She knew she was going to be punished this night, but she did "not " want it to be special punishment.

She stood in front of the full length mirror and preened herself. Her long brunette tresses reached to the middle of her back. Her equally black panties and bra, collectively not weighing more than a few ounces, had no fringes and revealed a crease in the fore part of her loins and a pair of tiny buttons in the center of her chest. Her lips were tinted bright red; only her eyes now remained to be made up, that and her perfume. The shadow and the mascara would complete the picture. She would of course use "his" favorite perfume. She smiled when she thought of the effect her perfume invariably had upon him: he had an inordinately developed sense of smell.

She heard the garage door opening. Now she shivered a little as she knew her ordeal would soon begin. She welcomed his caveman dominance. A year before she would have had him arrested for even suggesting what she now submitted to willingly, even enthusiastically. He was coming up the stairs. She got down on her knees, placed her hands at her sides and gazed demurely down at the floor.


"You're ready. Good," he said almost languidly. "And you smell good." His words made her happy.

Mac Wilson was medium height, had brownish-blond hair, was rugged looking, and carried himself like the 28 year old sometime amateur athlete that he was. He wore khaki pants and a like colored, no-collar, three-button shirt. He sported cowboy boots of a very inexpensive variety. Though a millionaire, Mac hated ostentation; decoration, he was fond of saying, was for Christmas trees.

"Thank you, sir."

"You know why I told you to be ready tonight don't you?" he said, ignoring her politeness.

"I think so, sir."

"Then what is that reason, Judy? Tell me the reason. I really want to know."

"You just feel like doing me, that's all," she said.

"That is absolutely correct. I do feel like doing you. You want me to do you don't you?"

"Yes, sir. I very much want you to pleasure yourself on me." Judy was blushing. She had said similar things before, but each time it thrilled her. The notion that she had a man who wanted to have her, use her, even abuse her because she was, as he said, incredibly sexy to look at. Such words thrilled her like she had never been thrilled by any boy. She was confident that he would not permanently harm her, but she knew she was going to be mighty uncomfortable by the time he finally fucked her, probably after a couple of hours of teasing and torment.

"Good," he said. He walked over to a small standing-closet nestled in the far corner of the room. It was a room with few furnishings: a low straight-backed chair; two paintings of rural scenes on the walls; and a heavy, rectangular, oaken table sans any chairs of its own. From the closet he retrieved a switch, a thin branch from a tree in the yard. Slender,

whippy, and green it would sting like fire. He also brought out a few strands of rope. He laid the things on the table. He walked over to the single chair and placed it in front of her; she was still on her knees. He moved between the chair and the girl. `Undo my pants."

Judy reached for the belt buckle and loosened it. In turn, she unbuttoned his pants and drew them down to his knees. She waited for his next command.

"My underpants," he said, "pull them down." She did so. "You must now suck my penis, and lick it all around; my scrotum too."

She reached slowly forward taking the shaft of his cock lightly in her left hand. She stroked it equally lightly with her right the way he had taught her. The man-thing jerked spasmodically in her fingers thrilling her; soon he would impale her on it, and she would be the one jerking spasmodically. She leaned forward and licked the length of his thing sensually. She dipped her head slightly and sucked his ball sack into her mouth sucking on the twin marbles gingerly. Soon she was licking and sucking his cock roughly; the sensation almost drove him out of his mind, but he weathered it.

Mac sat down now, and she continued her ministrations even licking the insides of his thighs. She was his slave, and she loved it. Forgotten was the inevitability of the spanking she was yet to experience. She could only focus on one thing at a time and sucking her man's cock was the one thing.

"Take off my boots." She obeyed, struggling with the difficult to remove cowboy wear. She was more or less familiar with the modus operandi by now though, and got them off far more easily than was the case with her earliest attempts. Now take off your panties but leave your bra on."

Judy stood, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong panties, and pushed them down and off of herself; she was totally naked except for her wispy bra.

Mac, also naked from the waist down, stood and pushed her gently away; she knew it signaled the second stage of the evening. She once more knelt with her legs slightly separated, hands at her side, and with her eyes glued on the carpet.

Walking behind her he grabbed her by her hair, raised her to her feet, and guided her awkwardly to the width end of the table. He spun her around to face him. "I love you and I am going to punish you now," he said sincerely almost sweetly.

She gulped and softly muttered words of love back to him.

"I want to spank you, but only if you are ready for it. Do you wish me to?"

"Yes sir. I do. Please do me, and please give it to me good; make me dance."

He smiled at her earnestness. "I'm going to bind your hands and feet. It won't frighten you I hope."

"It's okay. It will help keep me from bucking too wildly and hurting myself."

"Yes, exactly." He kissed her, slowly insinuating his tongue into her mouth as she opened it to receive him. He pushed her back, turned her, and drew her hands behind her back; involuntarily she resisted, but he was far too strong for her. He bound them tightly, but not painfully. He gently shoved her forward. He bent her over the table. Kneeling down behind her, he spread her legs wide and lashed her ankles, also tightly, to the table legs.

He walked around to the long side of the table. Picking up a dog collar that had been on the table all along, he fastened it around her neck. He then attached a leash to it and secured it to the far end where a pair of steel hooks had been placed on the unobserved underside of the table's edge, effectively drawing her forward and stretching the upper half of her body at length along the flat surface. She could wiggle a little but only a little. As a final operation, Mac inserted a butt plug into the anus of the girl and stood back to admire and observe her helplessness. "It's time my love." She lay still and awaited her punishment.

The man lifted the switch and raised it high. It crashed down on the girl's exposed flesh cruelly. She jerked fiercely trying to escape the sting of the rapier-like instrument. She held her breath as she awaited the next count. It stung terribly when it came; she squealed. She tried to bury her Venus mound in the table's surface in a vain hope to lessen the sting. He rained torment upon her now; her cries mixed with her sobbing brought her no succor.

Soon she was numb from the terrible flames that consumed her buttocks and upper thighs. Her buttocks sustained seemingly innumerable spanks before her caveman rested. The third stage of the evening was about to take place, but he would let her wait for a few moments before he took her. She was already spread and vulnerable to his invading cock, all seven very thick inches of it. She waited sobbing quietly from the effects of the spanking.

Mac unsnapped her bra and removed his own shirt; they were the last remaining vestiges of clothing that either still wore.

Mac noticed a shadow at the edge of the widow pane directly in front of him just as he moved to mount the helpless female from behind. Then he saw her full on. It was Judy's younger sister Karen. Mac and the just turned eighteen year-old year old on the other side of the glass stared at each other. Judy was unaware. Mac began fucking his girl while her sister watched. He took his time. He wasn't sure, but he suspected that Karen was playing with herself while her sister was being screwed.

How much had Karen witnessed? At the moment it didn't seem to matter much; Judy was his wife and what they were doing was consensual. But none of that concerned Mac at that moment. His cock had hardened into a rod of steel knowing that the younger girl outside was watching him fuck another.

He began to speed up as the pressure in his scrotum mounted. Soon he was driving wildly into the sopping pussy of the whimpering love of his life, and she was pushing back to engage his pile driving tool as much as her bound extremities would allow. He exploded washing the insides of her belly with loads of cum. He bent forward and lay gasping across her prone back.


After Mac had finished and released Judy, they had showered together and lay on the huge king sized bed in their room utterly spent. Mac used a mild cold-cream to ease the sting in the girl's buns. She languidly played with his cock as she faded and fell blissfully to sleep. Mac smiled to himself; Karen was in the house—somewhere—the thought intrigued him, but it mattered not now; he was too tired. He too drifted off; tomorrow would bring an interesting situation...


Mac was up at first light. He slipped down to the kitchen on a mission to rejuvenate his sleepy form with a cup of reheated coffee. Seated at the kitchen table was Karen.

Mac and Judy had invited her sister to come and stay with them during the school break. Judy missed her sister. Their parents, liberal to the nth degree, saw in Mac a good role model for a husband; Karen was eighteen and would be in the market for one of her own sooner rather than later. Besides Mac was wealthy, gentlemanly, and considerate; the best of all possible combinations. But Karen, who was supposed to be elsewhere that evening had discovered them—interesting...

The smug look on Karen's face assured the man that he had not dreamed the episode of the previous evening. She had watched her sister get it and get it good. Additionally, he was certain, Karen had gotten off on it.

"How much did you see?" he asked not pretending anything—as if he could have anyway.

"Do you whip her like that often?"

So, she had seen it all, or nearly all. "Fairly often."

"Do you enjoy it that much?"

"Yes, and so does she."

"Really?" said Karen.

"Yes, really," he said.

"You fucked her good and proper."

"You shouldn't be talking like that about your sister."

"I wasn't born yesterday, Mac. I think it's kind of romantic: off beat, but romantic."

"You do?"

"Yes," she said.

"Ever tried any of it?"

"Well, not the way you mean," she said smiling for the first time.

"And just what is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I spank my boyfriend. And, just for the record, he adores it. Sometimes I even let him fuck me, but not always. Does that answer your question?"

"Uh—yes—I guess," he said genuinely at a loss for words for one of the few times in his life.

Mac took a good look at the fresh looking, slightly freckled, dishwater-blonde seated across from him. She was the prototypical teen: sassy, full of herself, afraid of little, and nearly as stunning as her sister. His cock was sending him messages.

"Good. I want to play too," she said.

"What do you mean, `play too.'"

"I mean I want to make it a threesome."

"You what!"

"Don't act so shocked. And besides, you'd enjoy the heck out of it."


"Yes, I know it's my sister. Anyway, I happen to think she'd get a kick out of seeing your naked ass spread out on that table getting the wrong end of that switch."


"Admit it. You'd love having me do you. For my part, I can hardly wait."

She talked and he stuttered for the next half hour. Only Judy—disheveled and smelling of serious sex—joining them in the kitchen cut short the conversation. Mac knew he was going to submit to the younger teen. It was only a matter of getting Judy to go along with it.


Caveman: Part Two

By Matt Moreau

Rich or not, Mac had to go to work. This was one day he would have preferred not to, but Karen had shooed him out; she was going to pave the way with her sister. He was dubious, even marginally worried, but something in Karen's demeanor engendered confidence. It was a confidence, he knew, that might very well manifest itself in the domination of—him!


"Well, little sister, what shall we do today since the man of the house is off to the rat race." She stirred her coffee as they sat in the kitchen, as she supposed, to plan their day together.

"Hehehehe!" Karen tittered unreservedly at the unsuspecting nineteen year-old.

"What? what?" queried Judy with the knitted brow of one who was completely out of the loop.

"I Know what you did," sing-songed Karen while doing her level best not to break out in a rash of uncontrolled guffaws.


"Okay," said Karen suddenly conspiratorial. "I saw Mac fuck you yesterday. You know you really should put up some curtains if you two are going to play like that in there."


"Yes, I saw you strapped to the table. I saw him punish you. Just for the record, did you deserve it?" No matter, it was really cool. I especially like the way your toes were dancing to the beat of the switch. You're really quite attractive being the disciplinee."

"Oh my!"

"Get a grip, Judy, it's no big deal. You're probably feeling embarrassed right now, but you really were something to see, and I think it's great."

"You do?" said Judy in a quavering voice.

"Yes, of course. It's just fun. Just sex. I never thought of you as a virgin. Just when did you lose your virginity anyway; I've really been curious about that; you're so closed mouthed."

"It's none of your—"

"yes, yes, I know. It's none of my business. Sheesh! you'd think it was a trade secret or classified or something. Look, I've seen you getting your butt beat with a switch and then getting your pussy pounded by what looked like a pretty sizable piece of man-meat, and in that order."

Judy finally got control of her voice. "What in the hell were you doing spying on me. And, what do you mean coming in here and talking to me like this. You're my `little' sister; I would have hoped that you would have been nice enough to allow me—us—some privacy!" Judy had arrived at the confluence of the three rivers: confusion, concern, and righteous indignation. She was groping to regain some semblance of control and at the same time to take stock of her situation vis a' vis her sister.

"Yes, you are my older sister. I love you. I think you love me as well. I was surprised to see you getting it last night, but I am not shocked; I'm merely excited about it."


"Look, I want to join you." There, she'd said it. Judy's mouth gaped open. No sound came out.

"Will you listen to what I have to say?" asked Karen.

Judy finally managed a curt, "Go on."

"I had no idea you were into the scene, you know, B&D. I'm into it too, but I'm a top; Lars Hatfield is my boyfriend, my submissive boyfriend. And before you ask, yes, he has fucked me. I wish he was here now. I'm so horny I could fuck the proverbial gear shift."



Judy was all of a sudden again without words to utter.

"Judy, I'm not into your husband, I would just like to do a threesome. You know, have fun. Maybe even do it more than once, like occasionally, if you know what I mean."

"How long have you been fucking boys, Karen?" Judy asked.

"Since I was fourteen. Well, that was my first. No, not Lars. It was Mr. Helden from next door. He saw me out on the patio without my top and came over into our yard and propositioned me. He happened to get me in a weak moment. He whipped out his thingy and let me examine it. It sure looked big to me, but not as big as Mac's. Then he pulled off my panties, pushed my legs back up around my ears and fucked the livin' daylights out of me; I liked it, but he never dared to try it again and I let him get away with it. Like I said, I liked it."

"Sweet gawd almighty!" Judy was beside herself. She was also chagrined to realize that her pussy was soaking wet. "You could have gotten preggers."

"I suppose. Look, whaddya say. Let's do a threesome. Tell you what, I'll spank Mac. Don't you think it would be neat to watch `him' doing the dancing for once? I'm pretty good at that stuff."

"He'd never—"

"Oh, I know how to handle the all powerful male ego. He'll take his medicine from me; trust me."

"I don't know Karen. I don't even know how I'd broach the question to him."

"Then you're interested?" Karen said almost gleefully.

"Maybe. I mean, it would be interesting, but apart from spanking him, what else might you have in mind?"

Karen knew she had won. There was going to be a threesome, and it would happen that very night. She had to plan though. The orchestration had to be delicately done. Karen did not feel confident letting Judy know that Mac and she had already discussed and agreed to the issue. Anyway, it would be more erotic if Judy thought everything was spontaneous. "Well, after he gets his comeuppance, I'd suck him and you'd fuck him, or vice versa,

whatever you'd like.

Judy and Karen discussed, argued, fretted and eventually came up with a modus operandi for the evening's festivities. Mac would be more than a little surprised at the completeness of the plan the two females would unleash on him that P.M.


The two girls were dressed to kill, not too sexy, but very enticing. Judy wore a yellow one piece dress with a flared skirt. Her hair was the wet look, and her makeup up sultry. Her heels were a conservative two inches. Karen wore a black skirt with a red mid-drift exposing blouse. Her hair was in a very teenage ponytail, and her makeup up made her seem twelve years old instead of her actual eighteen. Karen's heels, however, were the five inch spikes of a girl in charge.

"He's pulling into the garage; I can hear him," said Judy.

"Okay, you massage his ego a little while I wait for the right moment. When I think it's time, I'll come in and take over. Remember, let me run the show; I'm experienced at this end of things. Oh, by the way, do you want to do the sucking or the screwing?" Karen batted her lashes at her sister playfully as she phrased the question.

"Hmm, I think I'll suck him this time; I do like the taste of his cock. Besides, I'm curious how you'll look being rammed by his piston."

"No problem. I just hope he likes his pussy tight and wet."

"I'm sure he will," said Judy.

Karen swept from the room to let husband and wife get themselves in the right frame of mind.


"Hi honey," said Mac, "tough day. I missed you. Where's your sister?"

"Oh, she'll be down in a little while. Said she has a surprise for us."


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