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CD Adventures Truckers


My wife and I are 30 years-old and have been married 5 years. My wife had to travel to the Mid-West to visit her Aunt who was sick and needed some help. She took two weeks off work, and in kidding told me to behave myself before she left. The first night she was gone I decided to try something I had never done before.

I'm a closet crossdresser, something my wife has no clue I do. I started a few years ago. It began with a pair of my wife's panties and in three years has grown into a big box of clothes I've been able to hide in our attic.

My first purchase was a little black skirt, the kind all women are supposed to have one of in their closet. Today it's almost a full wardrobe, including wigs, stockings, lingerie and accessories. Recently it has come to include various makeup supplies. Goodwill has become my best friend.

Now to the story of my first CD Adventure....

I live in Portland, Oregon. In the north part of town is an infamous truck stop. The reason it's unique is because it has a kick-ass Country Western bar that is part of the truck stop along with a hotel and restaurant. Now this might not seem strange in the real world but in the world of truckers it is. You see it's not very safe to mix booze with over-the-road trucking. It's very rare in the US to have this type of combination at the same location.

I've never tried dressing before in public and I thought with my wife out of town it was the perfect opportunity to try it. The bar at the truck stop is well known for having a hooker-trade. My plan was to get dressed up like a slut and just mossy into the bar and see if maybe I could pick up some drunk trucker, too blind to tell I wasn't perfect. Oh yea, until now, I've never had sex with anything other than my left hand when dressed.

So I packed a couple of outfits in a travel bag, threw them in the backseat and took off to find me a trucker. The thought of hooking up with a CDL driver and having him take me back to his truck and blowing him in his sleeper was a fantasy so intense I almost blew my own load leaving my driveway.

It was a Saturday night and the place was packed. I parked in the shadows and in the backseat I changed into a very short leather skirt, stockings and pink top. Under my top I chose a thin lacy bra with B-cup 'wonder breasts'; the model with the nice nipples. My makeup wasn't perfect because of the conditions. It was a neat feeling, thinking I was doing what a thousand other girls had done before in their car outside some bar getting ready to party, knowing they might be meeting and having sex with a strange man.

Trust me I'm far from passable; but in a dark bar where the patrons are drunk and horny, I figured I could get by. I had thought this through and felt that as long as I was honest about what I was and didn't take myself too serious that I could probably make it home alive.

For my CD sisters who have done this before, they'll all tell you that the first time you ever try this in public is a mixed bag of emotions. From fear to excitement to empowerment that you are actually trying to pull off the girl-thing is something that makes the fantasy to reality a must-do if you ever feel there's a girl inside you.

As I walked into the bar, my stomach flipped when I came to the awareness that this was no game. The band was playing a loud county tune and everywhere I looked there were pockets of loud men and women dancing and partying hard.

Most of the girls were prettier than I figured, but they seemed to have a tough edge to them. The guys were beefier and rougher looking than I thought they would be. I guess fantasy and reality are never what you perceive.

I saw the end stool empty at the bar and hustled over to it. Even though the bar was busy the bartender, a cute 20-something, quickly came over and asked me what I wanted. I guess it pays to be a girl sometimes.

I looked for a light in his eyes that told me he knew what I was, but I saw nothing there. Skipping my usual micro-brew, I opted for a white wine instead. When cute-guy delivered it, I started searching in the little clutch purse I had for some money; but before I could find some cash a big black hand threw a $5 bill on the counter and the man who owned the big hand said...

"It's on me, Son; that is if the little lady isn't opposed to me buying her a drink?"

Standing beside me was one of the biggest guys I've ever been next to. He had to be 6'6" and as wide as a refrigerator. He had a real gentle look on his face and a smile that had probably stole the hearts of many barflies in the past. I turned to the bartender to tell him it was okay, but he was gone and so was the $5.

"Thanks for the drink." I said sheepishly. Although very nervous, I tried to flash a big smile to let the big bear know I really appreciated his gesture.

"You don't dance do you?" He said smiling as he held out his hand for me to take.

Without thinking I placed my little hand in his big hand. One of my fantasies was that sometime tonight I'd get the chance to dance with a real man. A man who might think I'm pretty enough to ask and maybe hold me tight. Well I was about to get my wish.

Walking to the dance floor I noticed the difference between us. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 145 lbs. Skinny or thin would describe me. My new partner was simply huge. I had consciously wore low 4" heels in case I was going to do any dancing and standing next to Mr. Bear I got these submissive vulnerable feelings that probably a lot of girls get in the same situation.

The music was a little fast for close dancing, but 'my man' seemed to have only holding me on his mind. He pulled me to him the moment we hit the floor. His size intimidated the other dancers enough that we were given our own space in the middle of all the hot bodies.

For those CDs who have never danced with a man before let me tell you it's pretty special. My guy was so big there was no place to put my arms and hands except around his neck. This means his hands are wrapped around your waist. Our size difference meant I had to reach up some to be able to hold on. I'm sure the hem of my little skirt was raised so high that my panties were showing, but I didn't care. I was living the dream I had hoped for. I was dancing with a guy. He was holding me tight, and when he nuzzled my neck I thought of nothing but this warm sensual feeling that's hard to describe in words.

"You smell nice baby," he whispered.

Baby, he called me baby. This was getting better by the minute. Then I felt it. I'm calling it "it", because it felt like just a big lump between us. I knew it was his cock, but I couldn't decipher any shape to it.

Before this went too far I knew I had to make sure he knew what I really was.

"Thanks, it's called Siren, it's Paris Hilton's new perfume. Listen before this goes too far, I need to let you know something about me. I'm not really a..."

He put his lips to my ear, "Hush baby, I know what you are, that's why I chose you. And if you don't mind me saying, I think you are the prettiest girl in here." Then he squeezed me tight and put his tongue in my ear. Not forcefully, but gently and I felt my own cock stir in my panties.


I felt so little being held by him and I was having all these feelings like most girls get all their lives except I was getting them all for the first time and all at once. Very out-of-body and very cool.

"Thanks, what's your name big boy," I tried to say as cocky as possible.

"Hank," he chuckled, knowing I was trying to act the bar slut.

"I'm Kelli, and you are the best dancer I've ever been with," I said while I nibbled on his earlobe. His lump jumped and I instantly realized what an effect a woman could have on a man if she knows what she's doing, which of course, I didn't.

I felt his hand slip down to my butt and I knew this game because my wife sometimes plays it with me. So when I felt his hand start to caress my ass I split my legs a little and straddled Hank's big thick leg and started grinding myself on him.

I knew the music was playing but I couldn't hear it any longer. It was all about my man's caresses and me humping what I hoped would be my first real lover.

"Baby, they know me here. I think we better take this out to my truck before we get kicked out."

Oh shit!! Fantasy is one thing but actually taking this to the next level made me nervous. First off the only thing to go into my ass had been my wife's skinny little 5" blue dildo. But what really scared me was the realization that once Hank got going there was no way I was going to be able to stop him, let alone even control him. Walking in the parking lot, I think Hank saw the fear on my face.

"No need to be nervous baby, I promise to be good to you."

I looked in his face and that same smile was there when I first saw him. I had a gut feeling that he'd be true to his word, and that no what the level of his passion, he'd be thinking about my concerns.

I stopped him and put my arms around his neck and I looked him dead in the eyes. "Hank, I want you to know this is the first time for me. I've been fantasizing about doing something like this for years. I've had a mental picture of a big strong guy taking my cherry but I never had a face to put to the body until tonight. Seeing the way you look at me is making my toes curl. I want you to know I'll do whatever I can to please you. There's just one thing I want you to promise"

"What's that baby?"

God, every time he calls me baby, my cock jumps. Focus girl.

"Hank, my fantasy doesn't have my man treating me like I was made of glass. I've dreamed about being with a guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to take it. This may sound weird, but if there's anyway you could treat me like a common slut, it would make me the happiest girl in the world."

He gave me that smile again. Then he pulled me close to him and with his eyes open he kissed me. It was a gentle kiss to start but we both had the same idea and soon our tongues were probing deep in each other's mouth.

With my arms locked around Hank's neck it left my body open for his hands to roam over me. Our tongues were soon exploring new territory and Hank's hands were on their own exploration. I could feel his cock jabbing me in my stomach. I rubbed up against it to tease him and I heard him moan a little. He was so charged up, if he had had a condom handy he would have probably fucked me right there in the parking lot.

Luckily Hank gained control enough to pull away from the death grip I had around his neck and led us over to his truck. It was a Peterbilt, bright shiny red and big, just like my guy. He unlocked the door and reached in for a small bag.

"Baby, I'm going back in to take a shower so I'm fresh for you. Why don't you make yourself comfortable, I'll be back in a jiffy," he said, then he slapped my ass hard and started strolling back to the bar.

Ouch, I thought, but then I remembered I told Hank to treat me like a slut and I realized he just did; so I smiled at him and said in my best country twang, "don't be too long sugar." Then I giggled. Whoa...I giggled, just like a girl, this was getting way cool.

Hum, you learn something new each day; I never knew truck stops had showers. I made the decision that I wanted to surprise Hank so I hustled to my car and grabbed my bag and climbed in the truck and scooted back into the sleeper.

The sleeper... It was kind of like I imagined it would be. Mostly bed. In a corner there was a small TV with a DVD player and a shelf with some books. As quickly as I could, I changed into this little lingerie-thing I bought a while back. It was a bustier with attaching garters, animal print and a scooping front with a little thong that runs between my ass cheeks.

"Accessibility" would be the describing phrase. I opted to not wear any fake breasts; I felt they'd only get in the way. Hank knew what I was and I somehow figured Hank was more Bi than straight or gay so he was probably as comfortable with the man part of me as much as the girl part I was pretending to be.

The moment he laid eyes on me I knew I was right. "My God you are one hot number baby." He declared when he crawled back in the sleeper and first saw me.

His thick curly hair was still damp and he smelled Irish Spring fresh. I wanted to let him know that I was his for the taking so I kind of I threw myself in his arms and started kissing him with the same passion that we had when we were in the parking lot.

He pulled me to him and when I felt his big warm hand on my bare ass I jumped a little.

"Don't worry baby, you're going to love what's going to happen tonight."

That's when it dawned on me that Hank was black. Not ethnically but genetically. That whole 'big black cock' theory was tumbling through my head. I'd felt his lump enough to know that Hank was naturally excited to be with me. I knew it was time to start some explorations of my own.

I pushed him back so he landed on his elbows. He had on a T-shirt and some jeans with some boots. I flipped myself around so my thong covered ass hung by his face while I worked off his boots.

He slapped my ass hard a few times as I worked his boots off. In no time I had his shirt off. We exchanged kisses the whole time I was stripping him down. Stripping my man down...wow, what a feeling.

His chest was massive. With his clothes on in the bar I had judged him to be in his 40's, but his body looked weightlifter-huge, totally tight and bulgy. His forearms were as big as my thighs.

I must have got that nervous look again. "Come 'er baby," he said and then cradled me to his warm chest and gave me the sweetest gentlest kiss yet as he caressed my neck and shoulders.

Did I get lucky or what?

I wanted to somehow thank him for taking his time with me so I got down between his legs and undid his pants and I got my first look at his cock as I pealed down his pants.

Shit!!, Shit!!, Shit!!

He was hard as a rock and his cock must have been 9" and as thick as my wrist. Shit!!

"Be good to it baby and it will be good to you," he chuckled and smiled.

My first real cock and attached to a real man, my man I thought.

I knew we had all night but I couldn't hold back. I reached up and slowly ran the flat part of my hand up and down the bottom part of Hank's thick warm shaft curving my fingers around the bulbous head. There was some pre-cum so I spread it all around the tip. More pre-cum seemed to come out as I did this. The slit at the end was so big I could almost fit my little finger into it so I tried. When it got to my first knuckle, Hank jumped and moaned. I pulled my hand away long enough to taste the slick liquid, sweet. Boy, this was fun.

His cock was so smooth and soft, yet rock-hard underneath. I know what I like, so I just did what came natural. My hands grasped his cock and I noticed my fingers didn't go all the way around it. Shit!!

The purple mushroom head was really mushroom-like. Not like mine, which has just a little ridge. The flange of Hank's cock extended about a half inch from the shaft. Soon I had both my hands rubbing up and down his hot cock. I'd slip my thumb and forefinger over and back across the flange and sometimes just teased it softly.

Hank's hips were moving in harmony with my manipulations. I felt I had control, but I knew better that to assume that little old me could ever think of controlling a big man like Hank. I knew soon he'd tire of my teasing.

His ball sack was huge. I couldn't get my hand to hold it all. My hands were just stroking and grabbing and squeezing and I guess I was lost in the moment. After a while I looked up to see Hank just staring and smiling at me.

"God you are big Hank."

"Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle when the time comes."

Then he pulled me to him and kissed me. I still had my hands on his cock and as he kissed me I pushed my body forward and held his hot cock to my chest and gyrated my body so I was fucking him with my breasts. Or whatever us CD's call our chests. It was the first time in my life I wished I had real tits.

He put his hand on the top of my head and forced me down to his cock. I knew he was complying with my wishes to treat me like a slut, but it was still cool to be forced by this big strong alpha-male that would soon be my lover.

"Suck me baby." He demanded.

In front of me was my first real cock. I felt fortunate that my first cock was a big one and attached to a nice guy also. A guy that would let me play with it as long as I wanted.

With no hands, I snaked my tongue out as far as I could and started licking around the head like I was licking an ice cream cone. Tasting the collected pre-cum and coating the whole head with my saliva. I'd seen porn stars spit on their partner's cock and I figured out early that the bigger the cock the more saliva you needed to allow your mouth to slide up and down it while trying hard to swallow it, all at the same time. I had no illusions that it could be deep-throated, but I tried my best to get as much as I could down my throat being cautious to watch my teeth.

I could hear Hank moaning the whole time. He put both his hands on my head and sort of guided me as I pistoned my jaw up and down his long shaft. A couple of times Hank forced my head down on this cock and made me choke a little.

The first time he did it I got a little scared. But Hank would ease the pressure on my head the moment I started to gag. I realized this was his way of treating me like the slut I had dreamed of; but I also think it's the way a real man shows his dominance over his woman. Every time he did it I knew he was the one in charge and I also realized I liked the feeling of his superiority over me.

My cock is too small to do this with my wife so I have never had the chance to learn this aspect of sex. Speaking of my cock, the whole time I was sucking Hank I was laying on my stomach with my legs up. I kept rubbing my hard little cock on Hank's bed cover humping just like a slut. The friction against my silk thong was way cool. I know my bare ass was there for Hank to see the whole time I sucked him. Every once in a while, Hank would lean over and spank me. This would force my cock into the bed and every time he did it I squealed like a little girl from the pain and pleasure I got.

I added my hands to the mix and even with two hands I couldn't cover his whole cock. The parts that were exposed I covered with my mouth. I could really feel Hank's hips moving and I was having a hard time holding on. I knew where this was going and I felt if I kept up this pace I'd soon get my first mouthful of cum.

"Hold on baby," Hank said as he lifted me from his cock. "Your ass has been teasing me too long, it's time to give it up babe."

"What my little ass?" I teased as I jumped up to kiss him. I was hoping he wasn't shy about tasting his cock on my lips. I landed with my groin between his stomach and his huge cock. I could feel it riding up my butt crack.

There was no worry about Hank rejecting my kisses. He forced his tongue so far down my throat he almost choked me.

He had a hold of my hips and was working my ass crack up and down his cock. I was putty in his hands. My flimsy thong would hold no resistance if he wanted to fuck me now.

Reality instantly struck. Condoms. Safe Sex. Protection. As much as I wanted to try Hank bareback I knew I had to be very careful to protect me as well as my wife.

He knew me well already.

"Baby to be a trucker you have to take periodic physicals. I just had mine the other day and I'm clean if you want to do this the natural way?"

I pulled away and told him that I had never done this before, so I knew I was clean.

A silent conversation passed between us and we both knew it would be okay. I put my arms around him and gave him the hottest kiss I could to let him know I was now his for the taking. Complete submission is something you never get to feel as a guy. But when you're dressed and pretending to be a girl it's a way-cool feeling.

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