tagBDSMCedar Passage

Cedar Passage

bySlayers jewel©

T/they settle snuggly together on the couch unwinding after a long late summer day. Soft jazz drifting on the air as dusk turning to dark settles into the room. The temperature finally cooling as the fan above them softly brushes a soft breeze over them. She sits in His lap, His arms loose around her. One arm lies softly around her back, stroking the soft skin at her side carelessly playing with the side of her bra. The other hand rests lightly on her stomach as she plays with His hair.

Her fingers slide lightly through the dark hair just growing beyond completely tidy, happily mussing it and burying her face into His neck. She blows lightly in His ear murmuring small pleasing sounds, turning her body toward Him she slides her leg across and straddles His lap. Her soft cotton panties rub soft against Him as her dress gathers at her waist. Lightly licking and nibbling along His throat, her other hand strokes down the strong expanse of His chest through His shirt. Lightly, she traces around each nipple flicking her thumbs lightly across them as she wiggles softly against His bulging jeans in His lap on the pretense of getting more comfy, feeling it get larger as she does.

Stroking her hand down His chest she moves across His soft abdomen to brush lightly across His cock trapped inside His jeans, slowly sliding along His thigh before returning to the large firm bulge between them. Settling her hand firmly along its length she squeezes her hand and rubs along the warm ridge beneath. Smiling upon hearing a soft rumble of pleasure from deep in His throat she rubs more firmly, encouraged as His breath increases a little as she moves her attentions to His mouth kissing him lightly with biting little kisses and love bites, a quick teasing smile on her face…

His hands begin to roam familiarly over her breast and belly caressing and fondling her breasts softly. Her touch and kisses engrave themselves into His body, like a fiery brand, as the bulge in His jeans becomes more pleasantly uncomfortable. His breath quickens with the pleasant warm feeling growing in His groin as she deepens the kiss lightly playing with His tongue as if it were a new play toy. Her hand roams from His hair around His ear lightly twirling her finger over the sensitive skin sliding down to drag a finger over His throat feeling His intake of breath and quick swallow. her fingers find the small buttons on His shirt. Taking slow delight in teasing each button open with a practiced hand, she works her way casually down the front of His shirt.

Lightly she scratches and rubs down the center of His chest. Dragging her nails lightly over His suddenly goose fleshed skin loving the expanse of His chest… the dark springy curls she drags her nails through…the tight small nipples nestled there . . . her fingers tickle across to His nipples rolling them between two fingers softly before continuing with the buttons. The firm skin beneath her hand rises and falls heavily as she feels His heart beat beneath her hands… the scent of His cologne drifting staggering through her senses. Finally she reaches the bottom of the shirt to find she is sitting against the last button to be undone.

Grinning impishly she lifts and rocks her hips softly into His groin. The solid warmth of her breasts hanging heavy her nipples taut with her arousal sway slowly as she swings her legs over His lap and on to the floor between His knees to kneel softly where she might reach the last button. The soft skin under her arms rests warm against His thighs as her breast press firmly into His crotch. His hands falling from her body to rest relaxed on His thighs. Finally freeing the final fastening she spreads the light cotton of His shirt and runs both hands tantalizingly up the warm skin of His chest.

Flicking her thumbs lightly over both nipples as she leans against Him to lightly tease then lick across each one He mutters a soft groan as her teeth scrape over them before moving higher to kiss a trail of biting little kisses to His mouth. Her hips firmly pressing into His now obvious arousal stretched tight into His jeans as her soft belly presses into Him, molding to His arousal, spreading His thighs wider. Wriggling just a little against Him she hears His pleasantly rumbling sounds as she smiles up at Him with love and hunger in her green eyes.

She looks up to Him to meet His eyes with love so complete and trust so unwavering that His heart skitters in His chest. The longing in her eyes grows to encompass His as He takes her hands from His lap and pulls her to her feet catching her face gently in His hands He slowly lowers His mouth to take hers into a deep tender kiss. Pulling back slightly, He takes her hand and walks her silently to the bedroom stopping near the bed … staring deep into her eyes. She pulls her hand from His to slide the soft cotton shirt from His shoulders her nails lightly dragging down His arms as she drags the sleeves down … eyes roaming His body as she reaches for the snap on His jeans.

The fastening pops open as their eyes meet again. her eyes smoldering as the growing hunger shows within them, pulling the denim softly from His hips. Freeing His stiff cock from His underwear, they slide down His thighs. she lets the jeans fall to the floor as He steps from His clothes to stand naked before her. His pulsing straining cock brushes against the cloth of her dress as He presses against her to unzip the dress from her body. His hands pull at the material to let it softly drop to the floor in a flounce of fabric, leaving her standing in a satin soft slip, soft white bra and panties.

Her hands stroke and caress over His chest and belly drifting to stroke him softly in her hand as He slips the strap from her shoulders… eyes never leaving each other as the passion and heat are tempered by the tender moment. With soft smiles on their faces the slip joins her dress on the floor. Reaching behind her to undo the fastening on her bra she steps into His embrace her arms around him, her cheek pressing softly into Him breathing in His scent … man and sweat and Him… Sighing softly as the clasp is released her heavy breasts are freed from confinement. The sudden brush of the air causes her nipples to harden. Shivering she presses them in to His ...

He kneels down in front of her. His hands holding her hips as He kisses her belly. The sweet hot smell of her drenched heat, tantalizingly close, He moans softly losing Himself in her scent. Slowly He strokes His hand down her sides pulling her panties with Him. As the silky fabric is lowered so is His mouth as He kisses and licks His way down her abdomen to leave a single sucking kiss right at her clit the warm taste of her arousal on His tongue as the panties float to the floor. Rising again to His feet, He takes her hands and helps her step free from the scatter of clothing at her feet.

Sliding into bed together He lays on His back as she slides over to him. Kissing him full and deep as her hands roam over His ribs and chest. Feeling and exploring each inch as His hands move over those parts easily with in reach. Every favorite bit of flesh identified as she works her way to down His body to slip between His thighs. Kneeling up over Him her breasts hanging heavy over Him. Her nipples slowly pressing into Him as she leans down to kiss Him. T/their kisses turn to hungry drinks of each O/other as they exchange breaths.

She draws a shaky breath matching His as she moves slowly down His body. Small kisses echo over His flesh while she at first lightly teases and then bites at His nipples causing sharp pulls in His groin. Sliding her hand down His stomach, her hand presses against His belly as the softness of her hand grasps His cock firmly. She rubs her thumb lightly over the head of His cock, causing him to flex and pulse in her grip as His muscles contract

His fingers find their way to her lips, stroking lightly and teasingly, yet not quite sinking into her folds, brushing through the wet flesh soft enough to drive her mad with out letting her build too fast toward orgasm. Her need and excitement at pleasing Him arousing her fully as her drenched lips blossom bathing His fingers in her nectar. Fondling her breast He squeezes and massages them until they ache with need and desire. Wanting His mouth on them she positions herself so He might reach, whispering her need urgently into His ear.

Lifting one large breast to His mouth He gently takes the nipple between His teeth… holding it there, smelling the scent of her breast and His saliva as they mix through His system, sending electric shocks through His cock throbbing now beneath her soft hand. His tongue lathes over and around nibbling and sucking while her hand on His cock strokes with growing confidence.

She looks down to him with longing, joy, and lust in her eyes as she slowly moves down His body her heavy breasts swaying softly as her nipples, hard with desire drag slowly over His body. The sensations of the tightened sensitive nipples tingle as they scratch across the dark scatter of hair the softness of His belly slipping beneath her straining breasts. Trailing kisses down His belly as her green eyes sparkle even in the dark moonlit room. Her fingers flow along His sides, enticing a small shiver as she turns running soft gentle hands over His thighs and between them to cup His balls lightly in her hand. She caresses Him firmly up and down along the shaft of His rock hard cock.

His hand reaches and strokes softly against her ass presented perfectly for His view as she twists her body over Him, lifting each leg slowly scooting back carefully she kneels bending over beside Him her ass presented invitingly toward Him, the soft dew covered lips and the pink evidence of her desire even in the pale light slipping His hand slowly between her thighs, He finds her dripping slit and strokes softly into her. Occasionally dipping His long fingers inside to capture her wet clit between His fingers, He drives her slowly to moan and wriggle as she concentrates on her prize.

Her hands explore lightly and tenderly as she licks her lips hungrily. Reaching with her tongue she licks tenderly at the opening at the tip of His cock before running it lightly all around the swollen head covering it in her wet mouth with a sucking kiss. she pulls her mouth away and looks at Him her breast hanging and swaying as she turn to look over her shoulder. He tips His hips toward her encouraging her to continue as she licks and tickles her way down the shaft to the base and back up to take it again into her mouth. Her teeth scrape ticklish sensations along the head of His cock.

Quickly she sinks her mouth wet and hot down in a long gasping suckle as He plunges two fingers suddenly deep into Her waiting pussy with a slurping sucking sound as He moves slowly in and almost all the way out. She can feel the head of His cock bump softly against her throat the head tickling her as her throat opens to accept it spasming lightly against it as it swells and throbs with in her mouth. He gives in to the urge to thrust as He moves softly in and out of her mouth. Pushing her self down onto His hand she hungrily sucks and licks up and down along His cock, massaging lightly over His balls, her desire and His growing hotter and closer. The fire in her belly threatens to consume her as He strokes her toward orgasm.

Pulling her mouth away she blows her hot breath over Him while she licks her way down His shaft her hands eagerly exploring the soft skin on the inside of His thighs. She reaches His balls and licks them both in turn taking them one, then the other to suckle them lightly in the heat of her mouth only to cause them to contract with the coolness of the air when released. her hand continues to stroke him, keeping the rhythm steady and building. Her moans and whimpers tell Him she is getting close and closer. His fingers twist slightly inside her as He rubs slowly at her clit with a thumb… As she pulls her mouth away panting her hand clutching at His cock, she whispers a single strangled "Please…."

He strokes her head and drags His fingers lightly into her hair, soothing and encouraging her at the same time. He slows His hand not allowing her that release. Then, firmly pressing against her clit, He keeps her at that constant edge that He knows she loves, as she works her way back to the head of His cock to take it all the way deeply into her mouth sucking harder as He thrusts more urgently to her. she moans making soft vibrating tickles against the hard cock buried now deep in her throat.

He groans softly a harsh rumble from His throat as she pulls Him quickly to His own release. Feeling His balls tighten and His cock swell slightly in her hand, she feels the sudden quickening throb of His cock. His hand wrapped now into her long hair pressing her urgently deeper… trapping Him deep inside her throat as He cums in hard torrid streaks. she swallows instinctively ... sucking and drinking every drop of His hot cum down into her eagerly waiting belly..

The hand on her head relaxes and she slowly suckles Him clean on her way up ... murmuring softly as her own need lays anxiously deep inside her, a rolling fire trapped still with in her belly, she smiles with the joy in the knowledge of pleasing her Master. He pulls His fingers from her with a sucking soft sound. Guiding her around into His arms, she rests panting, for He would not allow her to cum this time... as she lays back fitting perfectly into the hollow of His shoulder listening to His deep even breathing as He strokes her hair and kisses her head. For she never knows how or when He plans to let her cum for Him

Lying quietly together each lost in the loving moment, His breathing slows as He drifts off to sleep holding her close and warm against Him. she strokes her hand along His chest lightly playing in the hair there, relaxing and settling Him to His dreams as she joins Him there..


She stirs lightly as she feels a soft touch against her cheek. Opening her eyes she sees Him, His face inches from hers. His hand stroking her cheek lightly, waiting patiently for her eyes to focus, for her mind to return from her dreams.

“Good morning baby… come now… time to get O/our day started…” slowly His hand travels down her body caressing and lovingly stroking all her privately needful places. His thumb brushes arousingly across each nipple as He props himself up on an elbow… His dark eyes intent on hers, dropping His gaze to her breast as she sighs. He watches her nipples tighten to tiny peaks. Smiling He moves on, lightly stroking her body, bringing her need slowly awake. Brushing across her belly and down to her soft silky mound, His hand rests just lying splayed across her. He leans down and kisses her softly at first, then deeper and harder as His hand lowers to cover her slit completely.

Her free arm raises to His hair .. Holding him to her mouth. Sinking into His kiss. Feeling her body rouse to His touch. Slowly He strokes her soft lips open. His fingers moist with her heat as He opens her slowly. Rubbing softly against her clit every so often … she mewls soft little sounds into T/their kiss. His hand disappears a moment and she whimpers, arching her hips toward His retreating hand. Soon she feels the press of a small plastic egg. He slips it softly past her folds and into her tight opening. Following it with His fingers inside her to rest deep with in her where she can’t even feel it. Stroking her g-spot a moment as she starts to moan softly around their eagerly exploring tongues before with drawing His fingers.

Suddenly she feels the vibration deep inside her as He gently rubs across her clit. Her heart jumps and liquid fire seeps through her and the vibrating egg rumbles deep inside. Holding the remote in the hidden hand … slowly He works her higher and higher. she moans and writhes, pressing her hips up into His working fingers..

Taking her cue He presses harder as He rubs, watching her reactions, waiting for her to get to that sweet treacherous edge. Finally as her cries mount He clicks the vibrations off and pulls His hand away all in one movement. she whimpers and begs “Please love.. Let me cum for You… please?”

Smiling down at her He shakes His head. “Not just yet precious… soon… come on… get up… get ready… we are going up to the park today remember?” With a final kiss He climbs out of the bed. Leaving her to come down on her own, slowly regaining her mind.

Pulling the covers from her naked body she dresses carefully in a black bra and panties, a soft plaid flannel and snug fitting jeans. She heads to the bathroom… emerging a few minutes later brushed and ready for the day..

Driving through the winding roads He keeps her lightly on edge... switching the vibration on occasionally ... smiling at her as she squirmed happily in the seat beside Him as He runs a hand softly over her thigh. Reaching the park they climb out of the car grabbing the nap sack He had packed with a lunch while she is busy fixing her boots. Pulling a case from the back He pulls out His camera and drops a few rolls of film into the knapsack… Seeing her bent over... her ass firmly framed in the tight jeans.. Shapely thighs her long dark hair swinging lightly in the breeze as she ties her boot..


She hears as He focuses on her through the view finder.. Rising.. she turns to Him.. Grins “What was that for?”

Smiling back... “I couldn’t resist… that ass was just soo lovely looking..”

Giggling she looks back over her shoulder at her bottom. “naaa nothing special there…”

Stepping close He raises her chin with a finger. Brown eyes stare into her green ones.. “I’ll be the judge of that. Understand Me?”

“Yes love... ” she whispers... Swallowing hard. “I understand…”

Nodding His head... “Good.” His smile returns as He takes her hand and they head off toward the trailhead. The old growth forest in front of them as they walk toward the well traveled trail to the falls. The cedars and pine rise tall and majestic as the green cast of moss and fern tinge the very air a light green.

As they step into the forest the temperature drops several degrees the light darkens as she steps down the trail. He follows a few paces behind her watching with intense interest the soft sway of her hips the flow of the thighs and ass flexing and un flexing as she hikes the trail.. her long auburn curls bound loose and swinging softly with her steps. The knapsack slung over her shoulder catches her hair pulls the curls free to softly flow with the slight breeze. The dappled sun shining through the soft curls.

Her eyes slowly adjust to the dimmer light the cool breeze and temperature blow across her neck causing a soft raise of gooseflesh as her nipples contract lightly.. showing tiny peaks through the soft flannel of her shirt. The ground dark and rich beneath her feet is covered in pine needles and crushes softly. Off the trail a thick carpet of deep green moss covers almost every surface along with lacy ferns, shrubs and fallen nurse logs..

Her shoulders rise as she breathes deeply the oxygen thick air filling her lungs. The biting scent of decay mingles softly with the pine and cedar of the ancient old growth. Watching her take in the glory of her new environment He presses the button on His small remote control. Her stride slows and a startled look crosses her face as arousal grows and shines in her eyes. The vibrations deep within her kindle the fire rumbling deep in her belly

Looking to him with a question in her eyes. Smiling He focuses the camera to capture the change of her face from awe in the beauty of the forest to desire


Shaking His head He lowers the camera “No baby, just enjoy it… feels good?”

A slow blush creeps over her cheeks shining on the skin of her sun dappled face. “Yes , love, very good thank You”

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