tagErotic CouplingsCee Cee Ch. 2

Cee Cee Ch. 2


Almost a week had gone by since my run-in with Cee Cee in the shower. Jerry and Cee Cee were fucking every night, moaning and screaming until all hours. By the third day the only time I saw Cee Cee in clothes was when she was headed out the front door somewhere. Seeing her beautiful naked body never failed to give me an instant erection and I was spending lots of time in the bathroom wacking off.

Thursday morning Jerry came downstairs as I was leaving for work. That was odd as he and Cee Cee usually slept till noon. We talked for a while and he said that he had promised a buddy that he would help him move and wouldn't be back till late. On the way to work I thought that this would be a good time to take a half-day off and head home early. If nothing else I would be able to sit by the pool and stare at Cee Cee's tits as she worked on her "no tan-lines" tan.

I got home around noon and found the house empty. Looking thru the sliding glass door onto the pool area I saw Cee Cee lying on her back sunning herself. I poked my head out of the door and shouted "Hi Cee Cee, be careful not to burn anything." She looked over at me, waved and lay back down. I went upstairs to change my clothes throwing on a T-shirt and pair of running shorts. I came down and made myself a sandwich, grabbed a beer and headed for the pool.

As I walked out onto the deck Cee Cee was gone. Her blanket was still on the grass by the pool but she was nowhere in sight. As I got closer I saw that she wasn't in the water either. This confused me because I didn't think she had come into the house and I figured she wouldn't head out into public wearing nothing but a smile. As I was about to sit down I heard a noise coming from the bushes that screened the pool from the rest of the yard. I put down my beer and sandwich and walked over to investigate. There was Cee Cee squatting down between several of the bushes peeing. Turning around I walked back to my lounge chair, sat down and began to eat my sandwich. A few minutes later she came out of the bushes, saw me, smiled and said, "OK, you caught me. What can I say I didn't want to take the time to run into the house." I laughed, "Doesn't matter to me, to be honest it was a nice view."

Cee Cee gave me one of her big smiles as she moved her towel next to my chair and lay back down. "Will you rub some of this on my back please? " In a heartbeat I dropped out of the chair onto my knees next to her, grabbed the suntan lotion and started to massage the slippery stuff onto her shoulders. Working my way down her back I was very careful to massage as much of her tits as I could get to. I stopped just before I got to her butt I moved to her feet and worked my way up her legs. I was amazed at the muscle tone in her legs they felt fantastic. By now my cock was pushing out the leg of my running shorts. When I finally got to her ass I made sure there was no spot that went un-oiled. The more I rubbed the oil into her tanned butt and played with her cute ass hole the more she started to squirm. Both of us were breathing hard when I finally said, "OK, all done".

She looked at me, "Like hell you are, you're only half done" and she flipped over onto her back. "You're just getting started. I'm just starting to feel good."

I stared at her hot body; her nipples were rock hard and standing straight up. There was also a trace of fluid dribbling out of her cunt. I groaned and tried to move around to adjust my cock without Cee Cee noticing but it was no use, I'd have to take off my shorts to get any relief and I wasn't about to take my hands off her soft skin for anything. Starting at her feet I massaged my way up her legs. I continued to marveled at how taught they were. I could feel her muscles contract as I moved closer to her pussy. I stopped when I got to her thighs and moved to her neck and face. By now I could see that she was getting excited, her breathing was becoming ragged and her face was flush. Lightly brushing my fingers across her cheeks I used my index finger to outline her mouth; then up and around each ear lobe. Cee Cee began to moan low in her throat. Her legs opened and closed stimulate her now streaming cunt. I moved to her chest, working on each tit, rubbing the oil into it, pinching and teasing her nipples.

"Oh yes. Your hands are making me feel SSSOOOO good," she said as I moved to her belly. I rubbed the oil into her abs making sure with each stroke I either teased one of her tits or moved closer and closer to her now very wet pussy. I squeezed a puddle of oil into my hand and grabbed her cunt with it. Cee Cee's eyes flew open as I shoved two fingers into her while massaging her clit with my thumb. "Shit don't stop! I'm almost there," she said as her legs clamped around my hand. "Of fuck, suck my tits you son of a bitch. I've got to cum."

Lowering my head I sucked one of her eraser like nipples between my teeth and gently bite her. She was gone – her body went rigid, her butt came up off the grass to meet my hand as she said" OF FUCK I'M CUUMMIINNGG!!!" She stayed like that for what seemed like 15 minutes. I swear I could have picked her up by her toe she was so stiff. All the time I kept working on her clit while I tried to shove my fingers further and further into her tight cunt. Finally she couldn't take it anymore. "STOP! I'm going to explode." she screamed, pushing my hand away from her now over-flowing cunt as she folded up into a ball.

I moved back into my chair and stroked my cock thru my shorts while I watched her as she recovered from her intense orgasm. "Damn I love your hands. No one has ever made me cum like that with just their hands. You've got to teach Jerry how to do that," she said as she noticed the head of my cock sticking out from the leg of my shorts she sat up, leaned over my knee and began playing with my dick.

"I'd be happy to but what do you think my son would say about old man playing with your pussy?" I asked. Cee Cee cocked her head to one side as she thought about my question, then said, "He'd probably really get off on it." I didn't know what to say I hadn't expected her answer. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open as she began to laugh and snaked her hand inside my shorts to grab my over-heated cock.

"Shit, you're bigger than I remember", she said. My mind was still reeling from her answer to my smart-ass question. Images of Jerry and I fucking her in every conceivable way spun around my head. I looked down into those deep green eyes as she slowly stood up grabbed my hands and pulled me up with her. "You don't need these", she said as she pulled my running shorts and T-shirt off. She stood on tiptoes wrapped her arms and legs around me and started rubbing her hot cunt against my hard cock. I looked down at her, "Cee Cee If you don't stop I'm going to throw you onto that towel and fuck your brains out."

Looking up at me with that cute smile she shook her head, "promises, promises, promises…"

The next few minutes were a blur. I grabbed her around the waist and dropped to my knees carrying her with me. Cee Cee was off balance and it was an easy thing to lay her on her back, throw her legs over my shoulders and shoved my 8" cock into her hot cunt in one hard push.

She screamed, "OH GOD YOU'RE BIG! Fuck me you son-of-a-bitch. Fuck my pussy and make me cum." I didn't need any encouragement; I wouldn't have stopped even if she wanted me to. All I could think of was how tight and hot her cunt felt and how badly I wanted to shoot my cum into her. My balls slapped against her ass as I shoved my cock into her. We were fucking so hard I was actually pushing her across the grass with each thrust. I couldn't take it anymore, "Here it comes, I'm gonna cum till it pours out your ears."

"Harder God damn it" was all she could say as she raked her fingernails across by back and then grabbed my ass to help shove my cock into her even harder. It felt like my brain was going to be sucked thru my cock and shot into her womb. I shot spurt after spurt into her grasping cunt. Finally I fell on top of her, out of breathe, my head spinning. Cee Cee had cum again too and was as exhausted as I. We laid there for an hour in each others arms before I got the strength to get up, move my chair under the umbrella and sit down. "Cee Cee, you're amazing", I said. Looking at me thru half closed eyes she just smiled. Within a few minutes she was asleep.

Yes, this was becoming an AMAZING summer...

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