Celebration to Remember


"Now we're getting comfortable!" Amy said. She took another drink from her glass of wine and then set the glass down. Then she lifted her body out of the water and sat half naked on the concrete edge of the tub. "I want to cash in on my favor," she said, parting her legs slightly. She shifted her weight and peeled off her soaked pink panties, revealing a neatly trimmed triangle of hair and her glistening lips. "Do you think you can handle that?" Amy spread her legs further and rubbed her right index finger against her slit.

Danny could not find any words, but his gaze remained fixated on her exposed snatch. "Stop wasting your breath and come here and suck on my pussy!" Amy cooed. With her other hand, she motioned for the awestruck Danny to move between her toned thighs.

Danny regained his composure and did as he was told. He waded across the steamy water and slid between her open legs. He ran his fingers up the inside of Amy's legs and slowly approached her twat. His cock was now rock hard and hovered just below the surface of the water as he leaned closer to her tender slit. Danny could see the glistening juices seeping from her pink lips. Her fragrant essence curled into his nostrils as he leaned closer, tongue extended, and parted her sex. He immediately dug his tongue deep into her snatch and started to eat her pussy.

"MMMmmmmm!" Amy moaned as he parted her lips with his stiff tongue. Danny ran his tongue up and down the length of her slit. "Mmmm, just like that," Amy purred. Danny spread her pussy with his hands, revealing her deep pink inside and her aroused clit. He dug his extended tongue further inside of Amy's snatch and flicked his tongue against her sensitive inner folds. He maneuvered his tongue and positioned the tip against Amy's g-spot. "Oh ooh ah oh Mmmm oooh oh god!" Amy muttered as her body shuttered with pleasure. "Right there! Oh yes, Mmmm, ah, oh yeah!" Amy squealed as she pulled Danny's face harder against her leaking twat

Danny's tongue worked overtime as he heard Amy moan. Her hips bucked involuntarily as his tenacious tongue danced against her stiff clit. Her juices coated his fluttering tongue as he devoured her tight young pussy. He pressed his agape mouth against her slit and siphoned her secretions down his throat. Amy squirmed as Danny sucked her pussy.

When the tangy taste started to overwhelm him, Danny came up for air and began to pleasure her with his fingers. "Mmmm, yes, oh just like that!" Amy begged as Danny rapidly rubbed his four fingers against her sex. Amy's pussy was well lubricated and her cunt continued to leak juices as Danny pleasured her. Without much resistance, Danny was able to slide two fingers in and out of her slick pussy. Although he could feel the tightness of her vaginal walls, his exploring fingers moved smoothly inside of her.

Danny gyrated his thumb against her g-spot as he finger-banged Amy's sweet pussy. "Oh fuck Danny!" Amy cooed as she clenched her eyes shut in pleasure. "Ahhhhhoooh oh yes! Mmm oh mmmm yes Ah ah oh Ahhhh oh fuck ah ah!" Danny could see Amy was about to climax and he once again dug his hot tongue into her muff and flicked it rapidly against her most sensitive area.

This drove Amy crazy and she clutched the back of his head as she moaned. "Oh yeah ah ah oh ahh oh yes ahhhh mmmm yea oh fuck oooooooohhh! Ah ehh ah ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhAh ahuh ah Ah!" Her hips thrust forward and her pubis bucked against Danny's mouth. "Oh fuck I'm cumming, oh I'm cum, Ah oooh, ah oh aha ah oh yes!" Amy screamed as her whole body shook. Her sex exploded and Danny's face was splattered with her warm juices. He plunged three fingers into her gushing cunt and Amy railed against his hand with pleasure. "OH god don't stop! I'm cumming, ah, oh, again, oh god Mmm yea!" Amy yelped.

Amy moaned as her body shook and she climaxed again. Euphoric waves of pleasure rushed across her whole body—from her aroused areola to her clenched toes. As her orgasm subsided, Amy grinded her leaking pussy against Danny's face. Amy's pussy juices ran down Danny's chin.

Amy needed no time for recovery and hopped back into the hot tub. She walked right up to Danny, who had stepped back to catch his breath, and wrapped her small hands around his bulging cock. She tugged at it underwater with both of her hands. "Come on Danny. Go ahead and hop up on the edge there. I believe in reciprocity in the workplace!"

He did not hesitate and quickly lifted himself out of the Jacuzzi. The concrete felt cold on his bare ass, but Amy's hands felt warm on his sausage. His cock was sticking straight up at full mast as both of her hands remained wrapped around his thick shaft. Just then, a single drop of pre-cum trickled from the tip of his penis and rolled down onto her fingers.

"So, you want the boss' daughter to suck your cock huh?" Amy said as she began to slowly move her hands up and down his shaft. He perky breasts jiggled gently as her pace heightened slightly. Danny stared down at her perfect tits bouncing back and forth. He saw Amy bite her lower lip lustfully and then look straight at him. "It's really bigger than I expected," she said looking down at his throbbing manhood. "It's so fat, I hope it will fit in my mouth!" Amy said smiling. Her hands were dwarfed by his impressive girth. He must have been at least seven or eight inches around and her grip could only clutch three quarters of the way around the solid flesh pole.

"I hope it will fit other places!" Danny said chuckling. Amy laughed too as she looked back down at his sizable cock. It was not only thick, but also almost eight inches long. She was a little intimated by the formidable erection, but she nonetheless lowered her mouth over the head of his cock and began to suck.

"Oh god yes!" Danny blurted out. "Oh that's it Amy; suck my fucking cock."

Amy pumped the base of his cock with both hands as she bobbed up and down on his rigid purplish knob. She took only a little of his cock in her mouth at a time, but she moved up and down rapidly and encircled the sensitive head of his cock with her tongue. Adam sighed and moaned as he shifted his wait around in pleasure. The way he was squirming, Amy was certain that he would blow any moment.

"Oh, yes, oh, mmm, oh, oh fuck, oh jeez!" Danny panted as the confident girl caressed his cock. She continued to jack him off with one hand, and rubbed his sack with the other, massaging his aching balls. "Oh that's it! Ah, oh you slut, oh, you're so good!" He had grown bolder by the minute and he reached up and placed his hand on the top of Amy's bobbing dome. He gently applied pressure to the back of her head, urging her to take more of his manhood into her mouth. "Mmmm, take a little more," he pleaded as he pushed more forcefully on Amy's head.

Amy was far from her gag reflex and happily accepted more of his cock down her throat. She sucked up and down on the top four inches of his cock and continued to play with Danny's balls. He grunted in appreciation and closed his eyes. Amy was certain now that Danny must be nearing his orgasm. His breathing was short and irregular and he seemed to be clutching his eyes shut trying to hold back his hot sticky load if only for another few seconds.

Plus, most of the guys Amy had blown had been very impressed with her skills and had climaxed quite quickly. Her first boyfriend Art had even cum once after she just touched his cock. He had a bit of a premature ejaculation problem and would never last longer than a minute before unloading in her mouth (even when they got that far). But Art wasn't built like Danny and she knew it wouldn't be that easy.

As she continued to blow her willing co-worker, Amy wondered how much longer Danny would last. She actively anticipated the feeling of warm cum coating the back of her throat, but Danny held strong. She took his meat slightly deeper several times in a row and then pulled his entire cock from her mouth. "I know you want to cum for me baby!" Amy said as she stroked the length of his shaft with her right hand. Her jerking motions became increasing faster as it seemed Amy was getting frustrated trying to pump the spunk from Danny's throbbing dick. She hissed and sighed as she jerked his aching cock, and her comments seemed to emulate the script of the last porn movie she had seen. "Oh that's good!" She moaned. "Just like that daddy, cum for momma!" As her arm started to tire, and she realized Danny was not going to submit so easily, Amy calmed her hand and took his cock back inside of her warm wet mouth.

Amy bobbed up and down on Danny's sausage once again, taking more and more of his eight inches down her throat. Then she got a brilliant idea as she felt Danny reaching down and playing with her stiff nipples. She came up for air, releasing his cock from her lips, and took a step closer to Danny. "Do you like my tits?" Amy said as she cupped her beautiful breasts and enhanced her bust.

Danny nodded without hesitation. They were very nice. About a c cup, Amy's boobs were perky and beautifully shaped. They seemed flawless atop her slender frame. Her small nipples were dark rouge colored and poked slightly upwards away from her body. Amy bounced her soft melons in her hands as she watched Danny drool.

"Mmmm, I just want to stick your fat cock between my tits!" Amy said as she leaned towards him. She gripped the base of Danny's cock and slapped the purple helmet against each breast several times. Then she positioned his aching cock in her cleavage, with her soft flesh pressing against his rigid shaft and her arms holding her boobs firmly together. Amy spit into her cleavage for lubrication and started to slide Danny's member through the tightly formed crevasse.

Danny felt the warmth of Amy's flesh against his shaft as she bounced her rack up and down in his lap. She did not neglect an inch of his member, letting his entire length slide through her cleavage. When Danny's triumphant cock would emerge from between her mashed together titties, Amy would take the tip of his penis back into her mouth and suck on the head. "Oh god!" Danny moaned as she flicked her tongue against his tender opening. "Oh yes, mmm, ah, ah, oh, ooh oh god fuck!" Danny stammered as Amy continued to tit-fuck his rock-hard cock. "Oh god put it back in your mouth! I'm gonna, ah, oh yes, oh, just suck it Amy!"

Amy let his cock spring free of her cleavage and wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock. As she lowered her mouth onto Danny's member, Amy felt a hot liquid plaster the roof of her mouth. "Ughh oh, ah, ah oooh, oooh!" Danny grunted as she put more of his manhood down her throat. Amy felt another squirt of his warm jizz hit the back of her throat. "More, ah, a little more," he said as he once again applied pressure to the back of her head. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, pulling Amy's face down into his lap.

She gagged slightly as another rope of Danny's spunk clogged her throat. She pulled his pulsating member from her mouth but continued to jerk his cock with her hand. A last projectile of warm sticky liquid splashed across her face and all over her perky tits before Danny's orgasm subsided. His white creamy juices dribbled from the tip of his stiff cock as Amy's hand remained secure at the base of his shaft.

"Mmmm," Amy moaned as she wiped some of his ejaculate from her chin with her free hand. She had been surprisingly impressed with the sheer magnitude of Danny's eruption. Slowly, she licked her hand clean of the creamy substance, savoring his salty solution on her tongue. Then Amy looked down at Danny's cock in her hand. His member was still fully erect and throbbing ever so slightly within her grasp. She leaned back down and wrapped her lips around his rigid dick. She licked it cleaned and sucked the remaining juices from his cock.

When Amy finished, she let go of Danny's rod and let his penis slide out of her mouth. She took a step back giggling as his cock twitched in the cool night air. Then she leaned close and kissed Danny. She could feel his persistent member pushing against her toned stomach. She pushed her tongue inside of his mouth and Danny gently massaged it with his own.

Then, abruptly, Amy broke off their kiss. "I'm sorry," she said, once again taking a step back. "I bet that's pretty gross."

"What is?" Danny said confused.

"I mean because, you know, I just had your thing in my mouth and I just thought..." Amy trailed off as Danny interrupted her.

"Come here," Danny said smiling and motioning her closer. He couldn't care less about such a silly thing and he wanted to kiss her again and put her doubts to rest. As Amy slowly approached, Danny noticed the globs of his own spunk on Amy's perfect boobs. Before she could even react, Danny ducked down and started to suck on her succulent nipples. Then he licked her breasts clean of his jizz and collected as much as he could on his tongue.

It was the first time Danny had tasted his own sour spunk. He quickly leaned in pressed his lips against Amy's mouth, gently parting her soft lips with his extended tongue. Amy wrestled his cum covered tongue with her own. The salty solution jumped from tongue to tongue as the two passionately kissed.

Amy was feeling overwhelmed with pleasure as they kissed and Danny gently caressed her face with his hands. She reached down and felt her wet pussy with her right hand as she continued suck on Danny's tongue. Amy's saturated cunt was dripping with desire. She could feel the pervasive juices rolling down the inside of her thighs like beads of sweat. She moved closer to Danny and wrapped her arms around him. Once again, Amy felt his erect member poke into her toned stomach. Danny moaned as the heat of her flesh pressed up against the sensitive purple head of his hard cock.

. "It's still hard," Amy said as she glanced down at the mighty staff poking her mid section. Danny's formidable erection showed no sign of exhaustion.

"Well I told you I really liked you," Danny said smiling. His stiff cock flexed upwards against her toned abs. The tip of his elongated penis brushed playfully against Amy's skin. Her body felt hot against his sensitive cock. Danny could feel his internal urges growing stronger as he longed to slide his manhood between her legs. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down, but the feeling of Amy's soft grip around his throbbing shaft once again sent his heart rate skyward.

When Danny opened his eyes he noticed that Amy was intensely focused on the stiff cock in her hand. She stroked his member ever so slowly and moaned softly with her eyes fixed on his package. "I hate to see such a thing go to waste," she purred as she looked up at Danny.

He was speechless. Looking down at the girl of his dreams naked and stroking his cock. Her perky c cup breasts were giggling softly as she pulled on his aching dick. She moaned softly and batted her eyes up at Danny, begging him for more.

"Come on bid daddy," she purred. "I want to feel you inside of me. I want you to pound my pussy like I know you want to!"

"As you wish!" Danny said with enthusiasm—he needed no further invitation. He picked Amy up out of the water and placed her bare ass on the hard concrete. He spread her legs and shimmied up between them, positioning the helmet of his cock against her glistening slit.

"Wait!" Amy said pushing back against his chest. "Not here baby, let's go inside." Amy hopped up and turned to walk inside. Danny nearly jumped out of the hot tub and followed behind her. Amy's flawless behind bounced back and forth as she skipped towards the glass doors.

Amy glanced back over her shoulder to make sure Danny wasn't too far behind. Her eyes became helplessly transfixed on his eight inch staff that bobbed up and down as he hustled after her. She turned back around and danced into the study.

When Danny entered the room, Amy had plopped down on the big leather couch next to the shelves of books. Before he could get two steps inside of the door, he heard Amy call out to him. "Do you have a condom?" She asked.

"Sure, let me grab that," he said, quickly retreating from the study. He headed across the hall to his room unsure of what he had just promised. He knew that he didn't pack any protection, but he hoped and prayed he might have a left over bag at the bottom of his DOB kit. He aggressively rummaged through his suitcase as if Amy's offer was going to expire. Just as he was about to relinquish his resolve, he felt the sharp aluminum packaging between his fingers.

It was an old ribbed codom that had probably been there for some time, but it still had yet to expire. He turned to rejoin Amy when he realized that it wasn't Amy's time table that he should have been concerned with. Even with a naked girl in the next room vying for his attention, Danny's erection was weakening and his semi-hard cock swung more liberally between his thighs. He frustratingly jerked his softening member, but to no avail. He couldn't recover to full mast.

When he re-entered the study with a frown on his face, Amy immediately sat up. "What's wrong baby, you couldn't find one?"

"No it's not that," he said. "I found one it's just..." Before Danny could finish his statement, Amy noticed the semi-limp member dangling between his legs.

"Oh I see," she said giggling. "Well don't look so glum! I'm sure we can fix that. Why don't you come over and let momma take a look?"

Amy slid off the couch and onto her knees before him. She placed her soft palms against his thighs and took his penis into her warm wet mouth. His cock was a mere five inches in its reduced state and Amy took the whole length in her mouth. She nestled her pointed nose against his finely trimmed pubic hair as she vacuumed his manhood for nearly half a minute. She slid her free hand down and started to massage his contracted ballsack. "Oh god!" Danny yelled as she sucked his cock back to life. Her suction on his knob remained strong and he felt the blood rushing back into his penis. Her soft hands tickled his balls and sent a tingling sensation up his spine. "Mmmm oh yeah," he moaned. "Oh god, just like that! Oh that feels so good, don't stop, oh god please don't stop your mouth is so nice!"

Amy continued to deep-throat his dick without coming up for air. She did her best to breathe through her nose as she felt his plump penis resting heavily on her idle tongue. Amy felt his shaft expanding and becoming more firm in her mouth. The tip of his cock extended and started to press against the back of her throat. She let a little of his stiffening cock slide out of her mouth so that she was more comfortable. She bobbed up and down on his cock and continued to fondle his balls. As his cock continued to expand, Amy could take less and less in her mouth. Before long she was only sucking the top half of his engorged member, which had regained its previous impressive dimensions. Her lips were wrapped snugly around his noticeable girth. So much so that it took some effort to slide his thick rod in and out of her agape mouth. His cock seemed even fatter than before.

"Oh god, oh..." Danny moaned. He unloaded a short blast of cum into the back of Amy's mouth. "Oh shit!" Danny blurted. "It's just precum," he insisted as he pulled his member from his warm mouth. AS he did this, Danny released another powerful blast that plastered Amy's face with his jizz. "Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh , fuck, ohhhhhh!" Danny moaned as he came all over Amy's face. He took a step back and looked down at Amy. "I'm so sorry," he said. "I thought I could hold it off."

"That's ok baby, I just hope u saved some for me!" Amy said wiping the cum off her face. She reached up and took the condom from Danny's hand. She tore open the packaging and took out the latex circle. She skillfully positioned the rubber in her mouth and once again closed her mouth over his erect penis. This time, she used her teeth to unroll the condom over his stiff rod. When she couldn't put any more of his cock in her mouth, she used her hands to roll the latex all the way down to the base of his cock.

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