tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrities Gone Wild Ep. 01

Celebrities Gone Wild Ep. 01


Celebrities Gone Wild: Episode One

Scene One: Shannyn Sossamon

My name is Lincoln Sparks, and for the past ten years I have survived Hollywood, becoming a pretty successful screenwriter in the process. If my name doesn't ring a bell, then you're obviously a person who doesn't stick around for the credits after the movie has ended, but I am not offended. Movies are meant to be enjoyed, and actors are meant to be idolized, but screenwriters are meant to be isolated from the glamour and the fame show business allows its stars to glow in.

Whether or not I am known or unknown, what I am about to confess will be appreciated by most of the people living outside the world of celebrities, and probably condemned by everyone living in the star coated galaxy known as Hollywood.

I was twenty-eight years old, and had been in Hollywood for seven years the first time I had a sexual encounter with a celebrity. The actress was a twenty-five year old beauty named Shannyn Sossamon. She was born on October 3, 1979 in Hawaii, and her full name was Shannyn Marie Kahoolani Sossamon, which is really hard to say five times really fast.

I had seen Shannyn in the movies: A Knight's Tale, 40 Days and 40 Nights, The Rules of Attraction, and The Order, and she left her impression in my mind. At the time, I was revising a screenplay I had sold, adding and deleting some scenes at the request of some jag-off director trying to make a name for himself, and thought Shannyn would be perfect for one of the parts in the movie. Because I had earned some respect, but mostly because my last movie had grossed 175 million dollars, I had the right to help choose the cast for my most recent purchased screenplay; it was obligated in the contract I signed.

I contacted Shannyn's agent, and set up a meeting for a Friday morning. I wasn't terribly excited about the meeting-I have met bigger and more stunning stars-but I was mildly nervous anytime I met anybody for the first time. For some reason I kept recalling a scene from The Rules of Attraction; a scene which Shannyn's character is on her hands and knees, getting fucked for the first time by a drunk townie, barely awake, then the guy goes and pukes all over her back. The image was glued to my brain.

I enjoyed the scene because there was a guy in the room, recording them as they had sex. I forgot many things about that movie, but this one scene wouldn't go away. It gave me ideas, crazy, unforgivable ideas. I had the technology to pull it off, and best of all, Shannyn wouldn't even know. I didn't need a second man in the room. All I needed was Shannyn's compliance.

For the next two days, I brooded over what I should do, wondering if I should take such bold chance with my career. The revisions to my screenplay were going nowhere, but writing was the last thing on my mind. I really wanted to experiment with Shannyn, to see if I could pull it off, or I could wait another day, hope for another attractive actress, and either do what I felt could be done, or pussy out like the coward I had become.

After hours of doubt and silent debate, I elected to take advantage of my technology. I was being presumptuous, automatically assuming Shannyn would want to have sex with me, but I also knew Hollywood entertainers well. My last movie had earned a lot of money, and actors and actresses took advantage of the people they considered to be on a roll. The second I contacted Shannyn's agent with a possible role, Shannyn understood sex was expected; if she wanted the part.

When Friday arrived, I had become a nervous wreck, and Shannyn had picked up on my vibes, but didn't say anything. She probably thought I was star struck. We discussed the character Shannyn would be playing, a depressed, young pregnant widow in love with another woman's husband. The woman is six months pregnant and eventually kills the woman, but falls in love with the cop conducting the investigation of the murder. It was a weird story, and probably wouldn't make 175 million dollars, but it would be well reviewed by the critics.

I remembered reading somewhere that Shannyn grew up in Nevada after her family left Hawaii, then she left Nevada with two friends after graduating high school to pursuit dancing careers in Los Angeles. She became a deejay, and was discovered at a birthday party for Jack and Gwyneth Paltrow while helping a friend deejay. The casting director called her six months later, offering a role in A Knight's Tale.

We talked for a few more minutes, about life in general while she smoked a Camel Medium and discarded the ashes on my oak desk, and I watched her defile my desk without a word of complaint. She wanted the part, and now it was time to earn it.

"Out of all the women I have considered, you are my primary choice," I explained. "I just want to make sure you're willing to give this performance all your devotion. I need to know how interested you are."

Shannyn put out the cigarette in the ashtray, and we locked eyes for a tense moment. She was angry because her body would once again have to be sacrificed to get what she wanted, although this time, there would be unforeseen consequences.

"I think I know what I have to do," Shannyn replied in a business like manner.

I smiled widely, showing some teeth. All the nervous energy which had worn out my nerves was deflating. I had never done anything like this before, but like drugs and crime, it was something most celebrities eventually did. Taking advantage of the people you shared the spotlight with was apart of the life.

"Are you going to take off those sunglasses?" she asked.

I shook my head. Shannyn shrugged her shoulders, already used to men doing strange things while they engaged in sex. I'm sure my sunglasses didn't even register on her weirdness scale.

"Do you want to get down to business?" I asked.

"Just remember. You get what you want, I get what I want."

"I know how it works," I assured her. I offered my best bullshit grin while I slid down the zipper on the pants, and fished out my cock with my soft hand. It was already erect. My eyes followed Shannyn as she made her way around to my side of the desk.


Shannyn's exotic beauty could be contributed to the combination of French, Hawaiian, Dutch, Irish, German, and Filipino ancestry. Although there is no one particular quality which can pin down the actress's appeal, the mesh of heritages is my favorite.

For a moment, my body began to feel weak and my heart began to stutter in my chest. Shannyn was looking down at my cock with no clear expression on her face. I assume she has seen many cocks in her day, and mine wasn't much different. At seven and half inches long, I had an average, forgettable dick, but my dick would eventually haunt Shannyn's career and reputation.

I admired her lithe physique, her strained pink lips, and her high cheekbones. I adored her short cropped brunette locks, fixed in a neo-pixie hairdo. The girl was definitely more beautiful than any girl I had ever had the pleasure of fucking. As she looked at me with her passionate hazel eyes, she took my cock into her right hand, and slowly slid down to her knees, never breaking the stare. I gulped loudly, hoping I wouldn't embarrass myself.

I could feel Shannyn's warm breath against my hard cock, which sent shivers down my spine. She unbuckled my pants, quickly slid them down to my ankles, then did the same to the boxers. I pulled off my own shirt. Sitting naked on the chair in my office while Shannyn stroked my cock, I felt above all creation.

Carefully she lowered her mouth over my cock-head, swirling her tongue all around the bulbous tip, then licking the V-shaped ridge under the head while keeping her hand moving up and down the base. I groaned in pleasure, reaping all the benefits my talent has allowed me to experience.

Shannyn became bolder, bobbing her head up and down with more aggression as the head hit the back of her throat. She easily managed to deep throat my cock, holding it in her throat while staring deep into my eyes, then slowly letting it slither from her warm mouth.

The sight of my cock disappearing between her pink lips and staring into those big doe-eyes as her head bobbed up and down was quickly putting me over the edge. I tried focusing on other things, thought about the script, thought about all the revisions which still had to be completed, tried hard not to cum after only two minutes of oral pleasure. The camera was rolling, and I needed to put on the performance of my life.

Shannyn pulled the cock out of her mouth with a loud pop, and began moving her tongue up and down the shaft, finally exploring my grateful balls, nibbling and sucking them greedily, making smacking sounds with her lips. She had one hand on my balls as the other one stroked my cock with its soft texture.

"Um baby," Shannyn said looking up at me as my balls draped her forehead. "You have a great cock, baby. I just love sucking on it. I love the way it feels in the back of my throat."

Her tongue moved away from my balls, moving back to the base, up the shaft, and over the head, slowly tonguing the head in a circular motion, licking the pre-cum from the piss-hole as though she were eating out a vagina.

"I love your pre-cum," Shannyn moaned in ecstasy. She blew her hot breath against the hard wetness, then took my entire length back in her mouth all at once. Her fingers continued to tickle my balls, her other hand rubbed my bony, hairy chest.

"Suck my dick," I said becoming braver. "Suck it you nasty bitch." I grabbed her by the back of the head, thrusting slowly into her mouth as she continued to administer the greatest blowjob I have ever felt in my life while I sat in my chair.

Shannyn's chin was rubbing against my balls. Her head was bobbing over all seven inches my cock, knocking against her tonsils, gagging her a few times, but not letting it get in the way of her skill. She pulled it from her mouth again, spit over the head, rubbed it in with her hand, and took it back in her mouth, licking the underside of his shaft as it slid between her lips.

"Suck that dick," I yelled. She blew me with no hands, putting them behind her back, and allowing me to thrust in and out. "Yeah," I moaned, "You like when I fuck your mouth?"


Shannyn wrapped her lips tight around my cock as I continued to slowly fuck her mouth, listening to the sweet slurping sounds as they escaped her mouth and filled my office. I used one hand to keep the hair out of her face while patting her distended cheek with the other. The intense friction of her lips against my cock created an intense pleasure, and once again I found myself on the verge of cuming.

Sensing my struggling from between my legs, Shannyn released the cock from my mouth seconds before I actually erupted. She smiled widely, revealing a perfect set of white, sparkling teeth. Drool was leaking out the corner of her lips, and had fallen over her tight black, sleeveless tank top. Her tight jeans were also a little damp from fallen saliva.

"Somebody's about to cum," Shannyn teased. "Do I even need to ask you how it feels?"

I laughed loudly, becoming aware of her hand lightly grasping my slippery cock.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Shannyn asked.

"Fuck yeah," I said.

I cleared off my desk with a swipe of a hand, knocking my screenplay and the other useless artifacts I have collected over the years and added to desk to the floor. Shannyn got up from her knees, and I sat up from the chair. I don't normally kiss a girl who had just sucked my cock, but this time I couldn't help myself. I pulled the tank top over her head violently, putting her small, ample breasts on display. I sucked, nibbled and licked her dark nipples, enjoying the reaction Shannyn made when my mouth pleasured her nipples. While I played with her breasts, Shannyn pulled off her pants.

Crazed in passion, I lifted Shannyn onto the giant oak desk, lied her down, yanked off her panties, and began furiously fingering her pussy. I felt the urge too taste her pussy, but Shannyn didn't seem interested in having a tongue explore her sensitive opening. She wanted me to fuck her, and expressed her opinion with loud, insistent demands.

Her slightly trimmed pubic hair exposed her swollen labia. I ran the head of my cock up and down between her lips as she held them apart with her fingers, then I shoved all seven inches inside her opening. Shannyn moaned in pleasure, once again demanding that I fuck her good. I placed my knees on the surface of the desk, lifting her legs in the air and grasping the ankles as I rocked back and forth heatedly.

Shannyn was lifting her clitoral hood as I pounded the shit out of her vagina. Her pussy was tighter than I had anticipated, but not exactly virginal. She hooked her legs over my calves, and forced herself against my cock as I slammed into her. My eyes wondered from her ample breasts as they rocked wildly, back to my cock as it slammed into her pussy with reckless abandon. I bit down on my lip, feeling the familiar sensation building in my balls. Slowing down, I moved my cock in a circular motion until the feeling went away, then felt Shannyn's legs wrap around my back.

My hand gripped her firm breasts as I drove myself back into slick opening. I moved my hands further down, placing them on her entrance, continuing to assault her pussy. Shannyn moaned louder and louder, piercing my ears, putting on a nice little performance of her own.

"I'm going to cum!" I shouted loudly; know longer able to prevent the inevitable. I drove my cock inside hard and fast, waited until the last second before pulling out. I quickly straddled her chest, the back my thighs pressing against her titties, and aimed my cock-head at her face. I came almost instantly, sending a long jet of cum across the left side of her face; a straight line which went from her chin to her forehead, and connected with her left eye, sticking to the lashes.

The cum seized for a second before burst from my cock all at once. Five jets of cum sprayed against the left side of her face, leaving the appearance of a deep cut made by vicious animal with sharp claws. The cum was thicker than what I was used to dispensing, mostly because I was so excited about my secret recording of this private moment. Cum pooled into Shannyn's eye socket, and blended into strands of her hair.

"I never came like that in my life," I admitted.

"Next time, give me a heads up," Shannyn said. After I got off her, Shannyn sat up, then slowly got off the desk; the cum from her face falling onto her breasts. The cum was pooling on her face, ravaging the intimate details of her face. "Nobody has ever cum on my face like this. Give me a towel or something."

The only thing I had was my shirt, so I gave that to her. She wiped the thick semen off her face, making disgusted moans of displeasure.

"That's so sick," she said. "I hate cum on my face." She looked down at my shirt and the semen she'd wiped on it, grimacing, then tossed it to the floor.

"I want to thank you for a lovely morning," I said.

"Just remember our deal," Shannyn reminded him, still looking down at my cum covered shirt.

A few minutes later, Shannyn was gone, and I was alone in my office. I took off my sunglasses, and carefully placed them on the empty desk. Inside the sunglasses was a small camera with amazing power. Every second I had spent with Shannyn had been recorded by the camera inside.

Scene Two: Eva Mendes

Three days later I was sitting in my office, watching the video Shannyn and I had made-without Shannyn's consent-on a big screen television. I felt like a brand new person, and to make things better, I was awaiting the arrival of my next possible victim, the lovely Eva Mendes.

Late the previous evening, I had been putting the finishing touches on my screenplay revisions when I got a call from an agent representing Eva Mendes. Apparently, Eva had heard about the screenplay from the asshole director of the film, and was interested in one of the parts. Fortunately, it wasn't the same part I had just promised Shannyn Sossamon. Eva Mendes wanted to play the sister of the pregnant, depressed widow who killed the wife of the man she thought she loved.

I quickly agreed to the meeting, unable to believe my good fortune. I wasn't familiar with Eva Mendes, hadn't seen many of her movies, couldn't even conjure a picture of what she might look like, but I figured she had to be beautiful. The meeting would be held at my place, at 2:00 in the afternoon. At 1:00 PM, on the day of the interview, I watched the Shannyn movie.

After I got the call, I did some research on Internet, downloaded a few pictures, and spent the rest of the night lusting over what I saw. I recognized her face and body from the movies: Exit Wounds, Training Day, 2 Fast, 2 Furious, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Stuck on You. I personally didn't understand what made her perfect for the movie I'd written, but neither did I care. Eva could have any role she wanted, as long as knew how to handle the negotiations.

The Shannyn movie was only fifteen minutes, and after watching it three times in the past hour, I was getting a little tired of it. I turned off the television, and waited at my desk until I heard the door bell ring. Five minutes later I was back in my office, and Eva Mendes and I had ourselves a little conversation.

I reviewed the research in my head while we spoke. Apparently, the Miami raised Cuban beauty was hardened on the streets. She had lived in both Miami and Los Angeles, and is a tough woman with a lot of attitude. She was thirty years old the day I met her, born March 5, 1974. I liked her instantly because she was funny, in complete control of her emotions, wasn't anything resembling innocent, and was capable of taking care of herself.

Eva's acting career started late in life, quitting Cal State in 1997 to pursuit her dream. Despite the late start, Eva had a lot of talent, and quickly earned success, and also did a lot of modeling. I literally prayed that I got the opportunity to fuck such an extraordinary woman.

The role was right up Eva's alley, and she badly wanted it. For this, I am eternally grateful to God, although I believe it may have been Satan at work that afternoon. She literally begged me for the part.

"I love this character," she explained. "I don't think anybody could do her justice like I would. Please! You got to give it to me."

I absorbed her pleas, enjoying them. I offered my smile, the one that came right out and said, "I am one sleazy bastard."

"I'd love to give you the part, Eva, but first I'm going to need something from you. And I think we both know what I need."

Eva stared at me for a long time, looking both outraged and disgusted. I stared back, slowly losing my nerve, but not showing it in my facial expressions. Had I not been wearing my special sunglasses, however, she would have seen the fear in my eyes, and everything would've been ruined.

She nodded her head up and down, a wounded smile on her face. "Okay," Eva said. "I thought Lincoln Sparks was different, but he's just like everyone else here. What the hell do you want?"

I smiled. Eva Mendes was angry, but she still wanted to be in the movie. A life of harsh lessons in the street may have sharpened her senses, and toughened her demeanor, but it hadn't prepared her for Hollywood; not completely.

"First," I said, loving the sleaze I had become in such a short time, "I want you to suck my dick, Eva."


For the second time in four days, I was taking advantage a mildly successful Hollywood actress, and recording every moment with a tiny camera in my sunglasses. I was standing proudly on the oak desk with my shirt off, and bony chest revealed. Eva was standing on the chair, squeezing my cock through the fabric of my pants. She avoided eye contact, and didn't really put much effort to making me happy or comfortable.

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