tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Facials: Mariah & Reese

Celebrity Facials: Mariah & Reese

byJoseph Hunter©


BLOND HAIR AND A PERFECT smile, Mariah Carey was everything I wanted for my first photo shoot. It was the early days of June, Summer lurked right around the corner. My vision was finally coming true. I had foreseen this day many times in the past, but finally the day I arrived for real. Mariah and I were in a hotel room. Nobody in the world knew about are special meeting. On this monumental day in June, Celebrity Facials was born.

I was born Keith James back in September 15th, 1972, but when I turned eighteen I legally changed my name to Heath Saul. The name sounded cool to me. Anything sounded better than Keith James to be completely honest. Heath Saul is the name of a character in a story I wrote back in high school. The character was a great man who used his power to manipulate female celebrities. A perfect name for my new job. If my family could only see me now.

Mariah was wearing simple clothes for the photo shoot. She didn't want people to recognize her on the street. My trusted friend Phillip Craig was behind the camera. He was a highly regarded professional photographer who did work for National Geographic and Time magazines before a powerful cocaine addiction ruined his brilliant career. He loved my idea, my vision for the world to see. He thought Celebrity Facials was a great idea. I watched him look over Mariah. She was in a plain white shirt and shorts. She was smiling widely with her beautiful smile, her dazzling white teeth were sparkling in the early afternoon. She was staring back at the camera, looking past Phillip Craig.

I sat on the bed next to Mariah. She turned to me and gave me a nervous smile. I felt kind of bad for Mariah. We've known each other for the past couple of years, and during our friendship I've seen her fall deeper and deeper into her profound sadness. I wouldn't take advantage of a good friend. We were discussing our lives and plans in a fancy restaurant Mariah took to me too, and my idea for Celebrity facials accidentally came up. She surprised me when she said she wanted to be the first girl her posed for me. I couldn't believe my own ears, none of what she said seemed to register through my brain. She later added that she would love to have my cum all over her face. I developed an erection quickly, and spent the rest of the night trying to hide it from some of the world's most famous and powerful people.

"Are you nervous?" I asked her.

She ran her fingers through her blond hair. Mariah did look absolutely stunning, despite how plain and ordinary she was dressed. "You know, I've performed in front of millions of people in my life, I've done some pretty crazy things, and not once did I feel as nervous as I do now. I never thought I'd pose for erotic pictures.

But I can't say that I never wanted to do it. I want to be the first celebrity who does this for you. Maybe this will make my life feel a little less strange. I don't know."

Phillip Craig looked over the two of us from behind the camera. He was a small, chubby man with brown hair, a brown mustache, gray eyes, a comical little mouth and teeth so small and white they looked fake. "Are we almost ready to began?" he asked, almost impatiently. I could see something in his disturbing gray eyes. The cocaine had changed the once pleasant man. He was undressing Mariah with his eyes. I could sense this. I could almost stop the shoot, but I couldn't find the power to say the words. I really wanted to do this. Too launch Celebrity Facials.

"Have you ever done this before?" I asked Mariah.

"What? Receive a facial? Sure." Mariah smiled for me. "Derek used cum on my face every once in a while. It became an addiction later in the relationship. I didn't mind much. I don't mind a little cum on my face, Heath. I'm not afraid of what this shoot will do to my career. Stop acting so concerned. Let's just get on with this." She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. "Besides," Mariah added, "I really can't wait too taste that cock of yours."

I gave Phillip the thumbs up. He responded with the same gesture. He start talking to Mariah and I, telling us what he wanted in precise, clear words. "I want this first shoot to be easy and simple. I'm going to be behind the camera and watch you two crazy sex animals perform. I'm not going to interfere or make suggestions. Just give me something to work with. Mariah's a celebrity, so she should know how to give the people what they want. Okay? Are we okay? Perfect. Let's begin."

I laid down on the bed. Mariah was looking right into the camera. She slowly start taking off her simple white shirt. She loved too tease. She pulled the shirt half way off, then let slide back down. By the time she finally took off her shirt and showed the camera her delightful breasts, I was already hard as a rock. She casually slid down her pants and panties. Her pussy was perfectly shaved for the occasion. I saw

her lick her wide red lips for the camera, then she turned her attention to me.

Mariah was positioned between my legs, feeling my erection through a pair of navy blue jogging pants. She was licking her lips. She was pleased with what she felt under the pants, she mumbled her satisfaction under her breath. Gradually she

began to slide my jogging pants off. She pulled my boxer shorts down to my knees and began circling around my penis with her thumb. I dreamed of this moment so many times in my life, and when it arrived I was speechless. Mariah took my cock into her soft, gentle hand, made a fist with her cock and started stroking my cock, at the same time she was licking the head of my penis with the tip of her tongue. She was played with my testicles with her free hand. I looked over at Phillip Craig and saw jealousy in his gray eyes. I didn't feel bad for the guy.

Mariah slurped the head of my penis into her hot mouth. She tongue was moving harder around the head of my penis, and slowly began working downwards, licking the ridge below the penis head. She continued to stroke the rest of my penis in her gentle hand. Her eyes were looking into me. I wanted to believe she needed this as

much as I did. She moved up so that she was laying just over my cock. She held herself up with her left forearm. She gathered more saliva in her mouth, I felt her mouth get wetter. Mariah licked the ridge around my penis now, I could also feel her tongue sliding along my pisshole. I was living a dream, flying high, hoping this

beautiful adventure would never end.

Suddenly Mariah's mouth pushed further down my penis. My penis was shoved half way into her mouth. Her head slowly began moving up and down between my legs. Her thick lips tightened around the shaft of my penis. Her tongue was moving

a hell of a lot quicker. I grabbed her by the back of the head gently, running my fingers through her silky blond hair. Meanwhile, Mariah was pushing my cock deeper. She had seven inches of cock shoved down her throat. My penis is ten

inches long, and I didn't know if Mariah could deep throat me. But she surprised me with her oral talents. I felt the head of my penis slide past her tonsils. Her nostrils were crammed with pubic hair, but she hardly seemed to notice. I ran my other hand along her rosy red cheeks. She had my entire cock in her mouth. Mariah seemed to really love having my entire erected cock in her mouth. Three fingers were sliding in and out of her shaved pussy. To the left of me I saw Phillip doing his job, but it seemed wrong that he was in the room with us, sharing my special moment, seeing Mariah's first erotic shoot.

She was giving me the best blowjob of my life, and she did like a real friend. I'd began thrusting upwards into her mouth, holding on to the back of her head gently. Mariah was bobbing her head between my legs much quicker now, her forearm was sticking into my thigh painfully while she slurped away at my cock. No words

could express what this sensation felt like, which was why I kept my mouth shut. Words would just ruin the moment. I thrusted into her mouth a little harder, a little faster. I could feel the cum building in balls and wondered how much longer I was going to last. Somewhere in the room, though it seemed a million miles away, I

could hear the clicking of Phillip Craig's camera. Mariah licked all around my shaft and penis head. Finally I couldn't hold it. "I'm going to cum," I almost cried. "Here it comes. I'm gonna really explode."

Mariah took my cock out of her mouth herself and began jerking me off a few inches from her face. Right when the cum start spewing from my penis, she pulled it even closer to her face. The shot of cum caught her by surprise, however, taking

her right in the left eye. Her forehead also got blasted with the first quick gush. The cum kept shooting from me. I caught Mariah in the cheek, the other eye and the chin. I got a little cum in her hair and on her breasts as well. Thick gobs of cum ended up on her cheek and chin, the majority of the cum ended up on the right cheek down to her chin. When the shoot was over, Mariah and I laughed about all the cum on her face. She cleaned up, we sent Phillip away and we talked. She left the hotel room two hours later. She left me a happy man.


THE STAR OF LEGALLY BLONDE was sitting on a long black sofa waiting for myself and Phillip Craig to began the shoot. There was a huge smile on Reese Witherspoon's face as she watched the chubby photographer and I argue about the goals of our second photo shoot for Celebrity Facials.

"There should be some more action," I told Phillip Craig. "During the first shoot I was worried about Mariah and all, but this time we have Reese. Mariah sent her to us, and Reese is willing to involve herself with more hard-core action."

"Yes," Phillip partially agreed. "However, we are in a simple living room area. If you want a better shoot with more action we should have found a more suitable place for it."

"This place would be perfect. You're not taking photographs of the president of the United States or the queen of England. We're taking photographs of famous, celebrity women in sexually explicit action. Any location will do. Nobody at home

looking at these pictures is going to care if we take them in a living room or in a fucking zoo outside a monkey cage. They just want to see girls like Reese, sucking a little cock, taking it in some part of her body and receiving a load of semen on her pretty little face. Understand?"

The argument seized there. Phillip was a great photographer once upon a time, but his views were fucked up when it came to erotic photo shoots. He loved the idea of Celebrity Facials originally, but after the first shoot with Mariah Carey and as a couple weeks past afterwards, Phillip didn't like the control I had in the matter of the shoots. I had all the right to unleash my opinions and make them stick. I was the boss, I was paying for this, I was the one with the connections.

Reese was drinking fruit punch from a small bottle. Her golden blond hair was cut shorter than usual. She was wearing a black shirt and tight jeans. I suggest to the celebrities who do come for the erotic photo shoots that they wear casual clothes so they aren't recognized by the people outside. Reese was just the second to show

up, but quite a few have called to set appointments since Mariah's photo shoot.

I approached Reese Witherspoon smoothly. I didn't want to give her a misguided impression of myself. "Hello, Reese," I said and extended my hand. "My name is Heath Saul and this is my vision. You've already met Phillip Craig, he's takes the pictures around here." She looked a bit nervous. She feels at home being an actor, I

supposed, but this was a whole new world for her. "We are going to have a basic shoot today. I'm sure Mariah has explained what we do here." Reese shook her head nervously up and down. "We want to go further with this shoot then last time.

Do you have any problems so far?"

"No," she finally spoke. "I just feeling a little nervous right now. I'll get over it once we start."

I understood. Reese was looking into the camera in front of Phillip Craig. Once those lights start flashing, the gorgeous blond actress would leaping into a brand new world. "We'll began simply," I said. "Just start taking off your clothes when Phillip over there says action." Reese nodded that she understood. I gave Phillip

the thumbs up. This meant we were ready. I moved off the sofa to give Reese some room to work with.

"Action," Phillip shouted. He ran his stubby fingers through his brown mustache.

Reese awkwardly slipped out of her black shirt. I could see her loosening up ever so slightly. The flash of the camera was sparking her sexuality. Her bra went next, falling to the floor. Her breasts sprang down. I watched on like the happier camper I could be when things went well. I approached the topless Reese Witherspoon and took her into my arms. My shirt was off also. I felt her breasts against my chest. She smelled so wonderful. I got down on my knees and took slid her jeans down to her feet. Reese was becoming more and more enticed with lust by the second. I felt her vagina through the silky material of her red panties. Timidly I began to pull her panties down to her feet to get a better look and the actress's shaved bald pussy. It

was already a little wet. Reese moaned when I shoved a few fingers from my left hand deep inside her. She rubbed her breasts passionately with her hands. I could hear the click of the camera in the background, but I was so high with lust it almost sounded like music.

For the next five minutes my tongue worked Reese's sweet pussy. My tongue was swirling around her delicate vaginal opening. I could feel her sweet juices flowing into my mouth. I slurped them down eagerly. Not to many people were able to see Reese like this, too experience her like this. Three of my fingers were still deep

inside her. The camera flashed a few more times, then I heard his voice.

"That's enough of that," Phillip said. He almost sounded disgusted. "If continue to eat the poor girl out there won't be enough film for you to do anything else." I could see his point, but at the same time I was almost willing to say fuck it, and

resume doing what I was doing.

Reese grabbed me by the arm and helped me back to my feet. She gave me a little playful punch on the cheek and whispered in my ear. "Now it's my turn." I saw her eyebrows raise up, then Reese went down to her knees. I felt her pulling my pants open. My pants were suddenly falling down my legs. They stopped at my feet, a thin material stuck at the ankle. She rubbed my penis and testicles through the material of my boxer shorts. I was reminded of Mariah. It was almost possible to forget there was a different celebrity in the shoot today. She pulled the boxer shorts off and immediately stuffed half my cock down her throat. I saw five inches of my

thick ten inch cock stuffed into her mouth. She was all the way relaxed now. She was really getting into the fun. Her lips wrapped tighter around my cock, I felt her bobbing her head between my legs. She pushed her head back and forth. I felt her tongue roll around the V-shaped ridge below my penis head. She pulled my cock

out of her mouth, taking a strand a pre-cum with her tongue. Reese licked my shaft up and down, using her tongue like a paint brush. Her tongue moved all the way down to my balls. She took turns licking each of my testicles, then moved her

tongue back my balls to the head of my penis. She licked between my pisshole and more pre-cum for her effort. "This is actually kind of fun," she said. Reese pushed the head of my penis back into her mouth and licked at it like an ice cream cone,

before devouring my cock deep into her mouth. I felt my cock sliding past her tonsils, I heard her gagging, then she relaxed her throat muscles and everything was fine from there.

Her nose was stuffed with my bush of pubic hairs. She actually sneezed a few times. She blew my cock as if she really were a pornstar and not an enchanting Hollywood actress. My testicles slapped against her chin. I ran my fingers through

her long, soft blond hair. I could see her fingering her cunt like there was no tomorrow. She becoming the slut she wasn't allowed to be. Her erect nipples were rubbing along my muscular thighs. I grabbed the actress by the back of her head and began pumping into her mouth. "Oh fuck yeah," I blurted. "This is how I like it. Let me fuck your mouth." Her lips pressed harder around my penis. I thrusted into her mouth as if it were a pussy. My grip on the back of her head got a little bit tighter. Reese was gagging a little now, but I couldn't stop. I pushed deeper and

harder. The sensation of her tight lips pressed around my penis was driving me over the edge. And finally I was about to blow.

"I'm gonna cum," I shouted loudly. I got the clicking of Phillip's camera as a response. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and began jerking off inches from Reese's beautiful face.

"Yes," she moaned back at me. "Blow your cum all over my face. I can't wait to feel it." She put her hands behind her back. I lifted her face up with my fingers. My cock exploded at the sight of her pretty eyes. I stream of cum connected with

Reese's chin and lips. A second blast of cum hit her across the bridge of her nose and along her left cheek. Cum also smeared the strands of her short blond hair. I shot more cum onto her chin and onto the button of her nose, all the way up to the area between her eyes. Some of my semen managed to land on her breasts and throat. When the explosion was over, Reese was more covered with my cum than she had originally thought she would be.

"Wow," she said, looking at herself in the mirror. "What the hell did you eat?" Phillip Craig was taking a few last picture of Reese looking at herself in the mirror. She touched her chin and her left cheek. She licked the cum off her lips and smiled one last time with cum on her face, then she cleaned up for the evening. The second shoot was a big success.

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