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I had done a course on full body massage and have been practicing it from my massage clinic. Most people agree the best part of the massage is when the back is done but in case of ladies it is more appropriate to start with the back until she becomes less shy. I allow my male customers to wear knickers only but for the ladies I initially allow a bikini top or place a towel across the chest until that part of the massage arrives. When doing the front it is the choice of the lady to allow breast massage. While doing the back the ladies decide whether they want ass cheeks to be massaged, in that case I drop the underwear to do the ass cheeks. The only bits I don't usually do are the nipples and the pussy, not because I don't want but just to avoid being termed a stud.

For some reason it is almost always only the girls that want a man to massage them, the guys must think it queer or something. Most of my customers are women. While I know some of them, I do not have so far a celebrity customer. I have often fantasized about them in vivid details! Last Saturday I got a call on my cell phone from a popular movie star who is known for her beauty and fantastic figure but is very reserved and aloof with no rumors linking her to some hero or director. I was therefore very excited and immediately fixed the appointment even though I was also worried about her response to my massage. No massage by a man to a girl can be without a sexual angle, whether perceived or actually exhibited.

On the appointed date and time I reached her house, she had requested me to do a massage call rather than visit my clinic. She herself opened the door (so she has sent her maid out on some pretext?). She had arranged for a high table and had provided the necessary padding as per my instructions. She got out of her gown. She was wearing a two-piece bikini of thick silk material (no chance of a see through view?). I asked her to lie down face down while I also stripped down to my boxers.

I started from her lovely feet and moved gradually to the thigh. I did not proceed further but moved over to the top and massaged her hands and shoulders. This brought out the first moan from her and indicated that she is getting relaxed. As I reached her upper back I hesitatingly asked if I could untie the top.

She replied, "How else would you massage?"(Ice broken!).

I smiled to myself and started to massage the back. I touched, in the process, the side of her breasts but there was no adverse response. In fact I could here another soft moan.

I soon reached the top of her buttocks (they were so inviting!). Again I hesitated but then I decided not to ask her and just moved her panties down to just below her buttocks and started to massage the most delicious cheeks I had ever seen. They were round, full, smooth like velvet and pink. I spent a long time and she moaned all the time without any restraint and became fully relaxed. I avoided touching her asshole or the slit that was partially visible. I then moved to her inner thighs and instead of moving back the panties around her buttocks; I just pulled it down to her ankle. While massaging the thighs I also moved the legs a bit apart and that gave me a full view of her beautiful pussy and the lips. My cock had acquired pole position long back. It was now twitching to enter the cunt so invitingly opened in front of it.

I controlled myself. "Roll over," I said about twenty minutes in and rousing her from her state of total physical relaxation but sexual excitement. She turned over and her top just fell while I fully removed her panties. I did her feet, hands, and shoulders and then wanted to move to her breasts. They were two most beautiful globules I had sat my eyes on. Round, firm, smooth and with pink nipples that were protruding with lust.

"Should I?" I asked.

"Oh! Yes please. They are aching in the expectation of the touch of your experienced hands."

I needed no further invitation and commenced my journey of exploration of the two most beautiful breasts of a beautiful and already aroused woman. I gave individual attention to them and only at the end touched the nipples. This brought out a loud moan from her. I just could not stop myself from moving me mouth towards them. But then I stopped as I thought it was not right. She looked at me and pleaded with her eyes and also put one hand behind my neck to pull my face. There was no going back. I hungrily but with softness kissed them, took them in the mouth, sucked them, and pinched them while massaging the other breast. I don't know when one of my hand moved down to her bush at the same time. I also soon realized that another hand, this time it was not mine, had moved inside my boxer and playing with my hard and hungry cock. I started massaging around her pussy and then the lips as well as the clit. Two fingers moved in and out of her cunt making her cum twice in this entire process.

"Please massage my cunt now with your huge cock. Please do it with as much love as you have massaged my breasts with your hands."

"Sure my dear. I have often fantasized about this. I never thought I would be actually doing it. I also can not wait any longer."

"Please, Take me! I need you inside me!" she was almost begging.

I removed my boxer and moved inside her legs. She caught hold of my cock and brought its head to the entrance of her cunt. I moved it first on the slit up and down, kissed her a long passionate kiss, squeezed her breasts with the other hand and then slowly inserted bit by bit in her inviting cunt. Her cunt stretched around my cock slowly and I used very short strokes to lubricate and let her get used to the size. It took some time but eventually the head was fully in and I lengthened the strokes pulling all the way out each time. She was so excited that the mere full entrance brought her to a climax. I commenced a second slow and measured massage of the inner walls of her cunt after giving her time to recover.

With every stroke she cried out "Fuck me hard". Soon unintelligible words were flowing out of her mouth as the tempo increased. She chanted babble, mostly. "SO full. So hot. oh fuck. Yesssss."

I fucked her, I gave her all I had starting slowly and increasing pace until I was pulling out fully and slamming back in over and over. My cock felt like it was on fire and we were moaning and trying to be quiet while our bodies wanted us to scream. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and I knew it would not be long until I came.

She understood my predicament and shouted, "Fill my cunt with your delicious cum. Do not stop. Give it all to me. FUCK ME......FUCK ME......"

I was going in and out of the cunt of a beauty queen, a top class actor, and my favorite heroine.... Oh, I just could not believe my luck that here she is calling me to fuck her. I responded, "Sure my queen, my heroine, my fucking beauty. Here take my cum in your delicious cunt." With this I unloaded my cum in her in short spurts accompanied by shivering all over my body and her body. I remained inside her for long time and then withdrew slowly after kissing her with pure affection, a thankful acknowledgement of a wonderful and most satisfying fuck I ever had. On her part her eyes indicated a deep satisfaction and satiated sexual hunger of a grateful woman.

She extracted from me an assurance that I would spare one day to give her massage every month. Who was I to decline?

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