tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 02

Cemetery Summons Ch. 02


The following morning, Jack awoke to a gentle knocking at his apartment door. He sat up and glowered at the wooden portal as if the noise would stop with his doing so. Jack groaned as he pulled himself off the couch, a blanket falling from his body as he let out a heavy yawn. He shuffled over to the door and unlocked it, throwing it open.

On his doorstep stood his petite 'landlady' Melissa. She was wearing that black collar again and smirked up at Jack with a finger to his bare chest.

"You finally going to let me in?" she asked slyly. Jack shook his head.

"No, Melissa, and you can go away now if that's what you're after. What time is it? The sky's still red," Jack said, trying to change the sensitive subject. Melissa looked at her watch and stepped in beneath Jack's arm, as it was clutching the doorway for support. The teen groaned as Melissa looked around.

With a long sigh, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and shut the door behind her. He yawned again and sat down on his couch, splaying himself out upon it so that there was no room for her to join him. And much to his chagrin, she simply plopped herself down on his torso, curvaceous backside planted square on his stomach.

"So, I see you haven't changed this place since I was here last. You're still just clean enough to keep off my eviction list," she stated dryly, looking at her freshly-manicured nails without a single thought towards the person under her.

"It's been a week since you came to me for sex, Melissa. What are you trying to get me to do this time? Asphyxiation? You want me to kick you or something?"

"I want you to finger me today," she replied. Jack was surprised, quite frankly actually. Usually she had some kind of wild fantasy to enact upon him, or to have him enact upon her. Jack cleared his throat and she looked down at him, her eyes narrow slits.

"Well, because you asked so nicely, and because you've left me alone for a week..." As his words trailed off, Melissa's eyes went wide and she turned her head to face him directly. Jack felt a smug grin crawl across his features. "...No."

"What?!" Melissa yelled, grabbing his shoulders with both hands. She glared directly at him, eyes full of anger and surprise.


"Why? I've left you alone, and I've been extra nice to you this week! I even wore panties today!" she protested. Jack's face went slack.

"You don't wear panties when I find you in my apartment and coming on to me?"

"No, but I did today so you would finger me! Jack, this is the first time I've actually asked you for anything. Hinting doesn't work, and giving you a leash only gets you mad. Why won't you ever say yes?! Why do you always say no?" she whined, beating her hands against his chest now. Jack groaned and sat up. She fell onto his legs and looked up at him, teary-eyed.

"Because I don't like you. You may give me a place to live, but that doesn't mean that I owe you anything past rent, which I give you on time every month. Now get out of my apartment."

"If you don't comply today, then I'm going to evict you. You're going to finger me or I'm going to find a new tenant for this place," she rebuked, using her authority as his landlord as her shield. Jack stared at her, eyes filled with disbelief.

"Are you kidding me? You're going to kick me out?"

"I'm not joking. You're so mean to me, and I leave every time you ask me to. Finger me, or you're on the street by tonight," she threatened, sitting back up on his stomach again. Jack groaned and she turned so that her legs could intertwine with his. She leaned back and laid her head down on his chest. A black ponytail slid over Jack's shoulder as Melissa adjusted herself to lie flat out on his body.

Jack kept a growl low in his throat as he forced himself to comply with her wishes.

Meanwhile, Melissa pulled out a bottle of nail polish with one hand and set it on the nearby table, the other unzipping her shorts. Jack reached around her thigh and pulled down her panties, which proved to be more difficult than he had expected. Melissa helped him and her shorts were off in a few seconds, followed by her lacy black panties. Jack frowned when his hand returned to her dripping pussy.

"You gotta be kidding me," he grunted, removing a vibrator from her body. He dropped it to the floor and waited for her to finish with her fidgeting and moving. Jack could feel his hands trembling slightly, and his jeans had grown very tight in the few passing moments.

He had only a small idea of what to do. And though he had had a vivid dream about getting fucked last night by a demon, he still had very little experience with this sort of stuff. Melissa chuckled to herself briefly and then ground her smooth, bare skin against his rigid member.

"You're an ass man, huh? You're throbbing to hard right now, Jackie boy."

"Go fuck yourself Melissa. And quit rubbing me; I haven't even started yet."

"Whatever you command...master," she purred seductively. Melissa began to paint her fingernails, coating them with pale purple liquid, each deliberate stroke somehow forcing Jack's mind to run about and think of dirty things. For Christ's sake, he was about to finger her! How had it come to this?

"Don't call me that."

"What? Why not?"

"Because I don't like it," snorted Jack in return, dipping two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh, that's the stuff. Get deeper, just like that vibrator," she whispered, flexing her intertwined legs. Jack tried to resist the urge to return the gentle rhythm of her moving hips. He briefly wondered whether or not last night had been a dream conjured up by his imagination. He supposed it could be, and that he was still a virgin. Melissa's irritated voice brought him out of the slight reverie.


"Hey, move your fingers more. I'm not here for the easy ride. Get me hot and bothered like normal. Make me feel abused," she demanded, blowing lightly on her freshly painted finger to help dry it.

"Whatever your wish is, oh mistress of my torment," Jack replied sarcastically, deepening each penetrating stroke into her body. Melissa bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, a low hum rising from her mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Keep going Jack, c'mon. Faster baby..." she whispered to no one in particular.


"Oh, oh God yes. Mmm, that feels so good. This is way better than a vibrator."

"That purple thing was bigger though," Jack deadpanned, hoping that he could maybe get her to use it again in place of his fingers. He unconsciously quickened the pace of his fingers. He could feel the heat of her body, her raw animal desires sticky on his fingers.

"Nothing compares to the bare flesh. That's why nobody likes condoms."

"I thought women like them because there's nothing to forget, no mistakes?" He raked his fingers across a line of nerves and Melissa's back arched. She opened her eyes and began painting her nails again.

"It may make a woman feel...ah!...more comfortable with sex. But it doesn't make her...feel the same pleasure." She admired her handiwork before blowing on the second nail.

"I thought it was just men that lost pleasure."

"Baby, everyone likes bareback more. Oh, there again Jack, please," she begged, arching her back. He rubbed a spot that his fingertips barely reached. Melissa arched her back even more.

"Did I find it?"

"Oh yes you did baby! Keep it up! Fuck me! Fuck me now!" she barked as his fingers delved a tiny bit deeper with every passing motion. Jack made no move to do anything further than what he was doing.

"After you reach your limit, you're leaving," Jack stated.

"You're fucking me or you're out of here before night," panted Melissa.

"I'm doing what you asked, and that's enough."

"Ah! No, I'm asking something new. Give me that dick, or you're leaving!" The tone in Melissa's voice was entirely serious. And even though Jack was throbbing at the chance to get past her simply grinding his cock, he didn't want to fuck her.

"You can't be serious..."

"I'm entirely serious. I've even got a condom," explained the woman as she grabbed her discarded shorts and pulled said item out of one of the pockets. She ripped the package open and unzipped Jack's pants. She slid the waistband of his boxers down beneath his swollen cock and pushed the condom down to its base.

"Damn it," grumbled Jack as Melissa slid her hips back and put the head of his cock against her hot core.

"Oh God, Jack, you're about to graduate from virginity baby. Don't act so cold," she scolded, pushing herself forward. He pushed into her pussy and gritted his teeth. It didn't feel like last night, whether than was a dream or not.

"You're so tight. The hell, did that thing not stretch you out?"

"Keep going, baby. Deeper," she said in scarcely more than a whisper. Jack pushed her down on his member and she let out a long, pleased sigh. She finished painting the fingernails on her left hand and stared at them idly. Jack felt a bit put-off by this. Was she bored already.

"You wanted deeper?" Jack asked, pushing her further down on his cock. Melissa's eyes went wide and her back arched greatly.

"There's my big boy. C'mon, fuck me like you know you want to. Ride me hard, baby." Melissa put away the fingernail polish and grabbed Jack's hands. She pushed them under her grey t-shirt and then up to her chest.

"Melissa..." Jack whimpered. The woman seemed not to notice his voice at all.

"Pretty nice tits, huh? Thirty six DD's when I last measure them. I'll let you fuck 'em if you ever want to, kay?"

"I don't care. Just...let's get this over with." Jack could feel a rhythm being formed with the movement of his slight thrusts and the rolling of her hips. In and out, sliding, grinding gently as she continued to pout and moan and make every noise imaginable.

It wasn't until a short while later that Jack realized that he was getting really into this. He had done away with her bra some time ago, and was fondling her tits roughly, squeezing and pinching. He realized also that he had begun kissing her neck, as short as she was, and he licked the shell of her ear with a long, slow lick. Melissa shivered as Jack gave her another hard thrust from his cock.

"Oh, baby, this feels so good! I'm coming back every day to do this with you! I don't care how much money I have to spend on condoms! Oh Jesus, please...more!" she screamed.

"You're not coming back every day, Melissa, no way in hell. Once every two weeks, and that's not negotiable."

"No, if you say that...I'm...kicking you...ah! Oh, I'm going...to...I'm going to cum! Harder! Harder Jack!" she cried, reaching back to grab two clumps of Jack's brown hair.

"Not until you agree to once every two weeks, Melissa. Or I'll go even slower." Jack ceased the motion of his body altogether. Melissa squirmed.

"No! You can't! I...I was about! No! Two weeks! Fine, just please keep fuck me Jack!" begged the woman, panting frantically. Jack nodded and thrust into her pussy again, pounding her body hard. Melissa threw her head back and arched her body. Her legs were flexed down to her feet and she trembled with anticipation.

"Get ready," Jack murmured, pulling back for another thrust as her body tightened and convulsed. He crushed her body to his and drove his cock all the way into her, feeling her climax.

"Fuck! Jack! I'm cumming! Jack!"

"Me too..." Jack announced through gritted teeth, feeling his own climax drawing near. Melissa rode out her orgasm while Jack managed to reach his peak. He squeezed her breasts especially hard and peaked, hard. Jack squeezed his eyes shut and waited for his body to finish, riding out waves of pleasure with small jerking motions.

After he was through, the two of them lay there, covered in sweat and panting like dogs. Melissa had a sweet, sickly smile on her face. Jack had no idea what his own face looked like. Maybe it was as content as hers? Maybe he was frowning? Who knew?

"Jack, that was a truly awesome fuck. Oh my God, that was amazing. You can't be a virgin. That's not possible. You made me cum on your first try. Jesus fucking Christ that was good. I'm so coming back tomorrow when you get back from school."

"No you're not, not for sex. You agreed that you'd come over for that once every two weeks. And don't try to weasel your way out of it. You made a deal," Jack snorted, pulling Melissa off his diminishing arousal. She turned around and straddled his hips, worry in her eyes.

"No! Don't make me wait that long! Please no! I...I can't wait two weeks!"

"Bullshit! Don't come back for sex for another two weeks! Now get out. I have school tomorrow and I don't want a dirty whore hanging around my apartment while I'm trying to get my shit together."

"Did you know that I love it when you talk dirty?" Melissa asked with a leer. Jack rolled his eyes and pointed to the door. His landlady put back on her clothes and left the apartment with a smile on her face. Jack didn't understand her at all. He moved to the door and slammed it shut, locking it.

And then it hit him.

What the fuck just happened?!

His landlady had come into his apartment, threatened to kick him out if she didn't get sex from him, and then taken his virginity. How in God's name had this happened? What kind of luck did Jack have that he would lose his virginity to a nutjob like her? Now she was going to hang around him all the time, and get too possessive, and his entire free life was going to run down the drain in nothing flat.

"How the fuck did she take my virginity?" Jack asked to nobody in particular.

"She didn't, Jack. Now stand up. You're still good to go," a familiar voice ordered. The teen raised his head and stared in disbelief at the succubus from his dream.

Another moment of sudden realization:

"You're real!"

"Of course I'm real! Don't you remember having your tasty virginity stolen from you last night in a graveyard? Or do you not recall exactly how horny you were?" Elassa lifted her breasts suggestively. "Or do you need a bit of reminding as to how hard you held my tits?" She smiled widely, lime green eyes laughing at him.

"No, I'm entirely fine. But, all that about being from hell or whatever, it was real?"

"Of course it is! I wouldn't lie to you Jack. You did summon me of your own free will after all, and you're managed to make me all wet again. I'll need you to clean me up now, with your tongue of course. I'm not going to be satisfied with just two little fingers like she was just a few minutes ago. Or you could drill me again, either your tongue or your cock work," Elassa suggested with a shrug.

"Oh fuck you! I'm not having sex back-to-back, succubus. Get off my back for now," Jack barked in return. One side of Elassa's mouth turned upward into a smile. The other half stayed in a neutral position.

"It almost seems as if you couldn't pitch a tent with your cock right now," she said offhandedly. Jack looked down and flushed bright red as he saw his manhood staring him in the face. He ignored it and managed to get his boxers and jeans in order without zipping himself up in the zipper like he had done a few times before.

"Damn it. How the hell did you get in here? And why didn't you do something earlier? And why the hell are you still naked?!" Jack stood up and walked into his bedroom, throwing open the closet door to find a suitable shirt to wear. Elassa followed him.

"I came home with you last night, and you told me that I could stay here as long as I wanted to. And why I didn't do something? Do you know what that crazy woman would have done if she had seen me? I'm a demon, and most people frown upon that, Jack. I think it's better that only you know what I am for the moment," replied the succubus.

"And the exposure problem?" Jack pulled a white muscle shirt over his head and then down over his chest. He cracked his neck and Elassa grinned at him cunningly.

"You never asked me to wear any. Frankly, I thought that you preferred me naked for easy access, to right here, see?" she teased, sitting down on the bed and spreading her legs out suggestively. Her pointed tongue darted out from between her lips.

"Put these on and I'll take you to get some clothes at the mall. Jesus, women are still too hard to deal with at home. Why couldn't you have been a ghost or something that nobody else could see?" Jack mused to himself. He tossed her a pair of his old girlfriend's shorts and a black shirt that had a skull where a front pocket would have been on a polo-shirt.

"I don't think this is going to work," Elassa stated. Jack turned around and rolled his eyes.

"You're right. Can you, you know, hide those wings or something?"

"That's not what I meant," she scolded. Jack arched a brow and then found out what it was that she was trying to convey. Her nipples stuck out, quite noticeably too.

"I have medical tape in the bathroom. Could we maybe wrap that around you until I can get you a bra or something? What size are you anyway?"

"You're asking the wrong person, kid. This is the first time I've been to the human world in a decade. I have no idea how to judge bra sizes." Jack threw her comment aside and stepped into the bathroom, opening every drawer in the room to find the medical tape. The best he could come up with was athletic tape. But, what the hell, it would work too, right?

Jack looked at himself in the mirror for a moment and sighed.

"This is way too surreal," he said to himself. He felt hands on his shoulders, smooth and slender. They ran under his shirt and roved over his chest, spreading their fingers wide and outward as they traveled southward.

"Me?" cooed Elassa from just over his shoulder. Her huge chest pushed against his back.

"You, last night, today, everything! What the hell is happening? My sex life went from never existing to never ending! You're a succubus, I somehow summoned you, and then Melissa forced me to fuck her today! Now what? Sasquatch going to appear on my doorstep looking for a place to do a photoshoot for National Geographic?"

"Just forget about the details, master. I'm here to help you with all your needs."


"Nothing Jack. Quit whining and find something to cover me up with," she demanded.

"I already found some tape. Now take off your shirt," Jack replied. Elassa stripped off her clothing and smiled at him coyly, a finger to her pouty lips. Jack ignored the seductive gesture and moved behind her. He unraveled the roll of black tape and placed the end on her left breast. He wrapped it around her chest and then her back, making sure to cover her nipples.

He repeated the process of wrapping tape around her until about a quarter of the roll was used up and Elassa had an artificial bra of sorts containing her breasts.

"My tits feel so repressed Jack. Can't you loosen this up a little?" whined Elassa as she poked at his handiwork. Jack snapped at her as he set the tape down.

"No, and quit touching it damn you. Hey, where'd your wings go?"

"Oh, I made them retract into my body. I can't hold them in for more than a day or so, because they're part of my natural form. We're okay for now, that is until you start fucking me. Then I'll lose it and they'll come back out."

"Whatever," Jack yawned. "Let's go now. Before that tape rips and your cleavage comes spilling out."

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